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What is the difference between bone conduction earphones and common earphones,How About Their Advantages

Feb 28,2023 | David

In the last 2 years, bone conduction earphones are becoming more and more popular. Whether you go out for running, cycling, or going to the gym, you can see someone wearing them. As a star technology product, they are very different from common earphones. Undoubtedly they are not another earphones, but another kind of earphones.

What is the difference between bone conduction earphones and common headphones

Their biggest difference is the way to transmit sound. bone conduction earphones use bones to transmit sound, while common earphones are air conduction earphones that use air to transmit sound. To understand this difference, I did a test. First put on bone conduction earphones, and then plugged my ears with my fingers, at this time I found that the sound became louder rather, which is amazing! But when I wear the common headphones, when I do the same action, I find the sound becomes smaller.This is the secret of bone conduction transmitting sound!


The difference in sound transmission mode makes that you do not need to stuff the bone conduction earphones into the ear and only need to attach the vibrating unit to the temple to allow the ear to hear the sound. This feature also gives more design space for the headphones, and designers design them as hanging-ear type or clip-on-ear type so that they are more comfortable to wear. And because bone conduction earphones do not need to transmit sound through the air, their body do not need to leave holes for sound waves to enter and exit, which also allows them to have a better waterproof level.

They unique way of wearing bring them many advantages.


Advantages of bone conduction earphones

It does not occupy the ear canal when in use. In addition to hearing the sound in the headphone, it can also hear the sound of the outside world, so that you are not isolated from the outside world, which can ensure your safety. For example, if you wear headphones when crossing the road, you won’t be in danger because you can't hear the horn. That means if you often exercise outdoors, you can avoid dangerous situations. It allows you to listen to all directions while listening to music, protecting yourself without hindering others. Safety is the most prominent advantage of them. Because of this advantage, bone conduction earphones are very popular among sports fans.


Bone conduction earphones do not need to be tightly plugged into the ears, they are very comfortable to wear. It perfectly avoids ear pain caused by wearing in-ear earphones for a long time. The comfort of wearing is a near-perfect advantage for sports fans who need to wear it for a long time. To further improve wearing comfort, mainstream brands of bone conduction earphones also make the fuselage very light and use soft and skin-friendly materials for the fuselage surface. Companies like wissonly and Aftershokz have made great efforts in this regard.

Bone conduction earphones have another advantage: Since the headphones do not need to be plugged into the ear when worn, it is very helpful to maintain the internal hygiene of the ear. It will not cause a lot of bacteria to accumulate in the ear canal due to sweating for a long time during exercise. Compared with common earphones, it is more hygienic and healthy.

Of course, bone conduction earphones also have some disadvantages. For example, the sound quality may not be as good as traditional noise-canceling headphones, such as more or less sound leakage problems. These two problems are mainly caused by the sound generation principle of bone conduction earphones, and they are difficult to solve to a 100% extent. However, some excellent bone conduction earphones have made a lot of efforts to solve these two problems and they achieved good results. The sound quality of these headphones is generally very good, and the sound leakage problem has almost been solved.


In general, wireless bone conduction earphones have more advantages than disadvantages, which is why they are becoming more and more popular. Now, I will recommend some excellent earphones.


1. Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction earphones


Recommended reason:

Wissonly bone conduction brand insists on technological innovation, its bone vibration technology is relatively leading. The team has 10 years of technical accumulation in the field of bone conduction. So they have mastered the core technology of the field, which is very important for the quality of the product.

Wissonly has exclusive sound leakage reduction technology and bone vibration technology, which are all applied to Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction earphones. They can effectively reduce the problem of sound leakage by 90%. The latest bone vibration technology improves the overall sound quality performance of the headphones to make sound more spatious sense, and the sound quality characteristics are more prominent.

The overall body of Hi Runner is made of memory titanium that can self-adjust the contact area. So the headphones give people a good wearing experience and more users are taken into account.

As the core component of the product, the headphones chip plays a key role in the experience of the product. Wissonly Hi Runner are equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip for a more stable connection. They also have 32G of built-in memory which is very important to me. I use the headphones completely as an MP3. They can store 5000 songs, which is crazy!


2.Philips 7607 bone conduction earphones


Recommended reason

Its sounding unit adopt a large-size vibrator of 17mm, which makes it have the effect of high, medium and low triple-frequency balance in sound quality performance. The low-frequency dive is sufficient, the medium and high frequencies are clear and not harsh, but there will be some missing sounds. It is also equipped with an intimate LED night run lamp at the rear end of the body, which can turn on the LED by turning on the key three times in a row. It also has three modes, which is suitable for wearing at night, so that people around it can perceive their own position and ensure their own safety factor to a certain extent.Its IPX6 waterproof rating is not afraid of sweat in daily wear.


3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO bone conduction earphones


Recommended reason:

Openrun PRO gives people the first impression that it is very light and almost forgets the feeling of existence. In terms of battery life,its continuous playing time can exceed 8 hours, which can be said to be a very strong bone conduction. AfterShokz brand is mainly developed for sports, but the only drawback is that the sounding unit is very slim, and it will feel a little oppressive when worn for a long time.

The function has IP67 waterproof coefficient, daily outdoor exercise, no fear of sweat, and normal washing.


4.Earsopen PEACE bone conduction earphones



Recommended reason:

Unlike other bone conduction earphones, this one has a charging case. The "T" shaped structure makes it stable as long as it is clamped on the ear. But due to the design of the clip ear, it may be a little uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time. It adopts the Bluetooth version of 5.0, can connect stably in a short distance and without obstacles. It reaches IPX7 level in waterproofing, can be immersed underwater for thirty minutes. In terms of sound quality, the sound quality of the human voice is clear, and the extension of the high tone is also good, but it will still appear turbid at the low frequencies.


5.Moing bone conduction earphones


Recommended reason:

It weighs only 30g, so it can be worn for a long time without burden. Streamlined sinking design is adopted, which fits the ear shape when wearing. Its body is made of memory alloy material, so you don't have to worry about deformation after bending for many times. The overall configuration of Moing is good, Bluetooth 5.0. Titanium alloy frame, built-in power capacity of 200mAh, and it supports 6 hours of battery life.


Among the several bone conduction earphones recommended above, my favorites are Wissonly and Philips. Philips is a famous brand. The quality of its products is good, but the cost performance is poor. Wissonly is a fast-growing brand created by senior engineersTheir team has more than 10 years of technology accumulation in this field,their products are well configured and cost-effective.