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Difference Between Bone Conduction Earphone and Air Conduction Headphone:Sound Transmit Way,Wearing Method

Mar 01,2023 | David

The difference between bone conduction earphone and air conduction headphone

Literally understood, their main difference is in the way of sound transmission. bone conduction earphone use the skull as a medium to transmit sound, while air conduction headphone use air as a medium to transmit sound. The reason why some people mistakenly think that air conduction headphone are an upgraded version of bone conduction earphone is mainly because some air conduction headphone are cleverly designed to look the same as bone conduction earphone and wear the same way. Once the manufacturers of air conduction headphone carry out large-scale publicity, consumers will be misunderstood.

What is the working principle of bone conduction earphones?

Before understanding the principles of bone conduction earphones, we need to review our middle school physics to understand the three mediums for sound transmit: air, solids, and liquids. Air conduction is what we know most about, such as ordinary conversation is the case that sound transmit through air. When your place ear to the railway, and when a train comes in the distance, you can hear the sound, which is the case of sound transmission by solid. When we dive, we can hear the sound of the engine of a ship in the distance, which is the case of sound transmission by liquid.

What are the advantages of bone conduction earphones?

First of all, because they use the principle of bone conduction to transmit sound instead of air conduction, most bone conduction earphone do not affect the acquisition of ambient sound by both ears when used. Therefore, it is very safe when you use it outdoors, and you will not ignore the possible dangers because you are immersed in the music when wearing it.

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