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The Story about Wissonly


  Wissonly, exploring the right way to enjoy music!


  In the past 10 years, as engineers and designers, we have provided ODM products for many brands, including many famous first-line brands. They have all achieved great success, but success is theirs and we have nothing.


  In the past two years, we have always had an idea in our hearts. If we leave the world now, what will we leave for the world?Some ODM products?No! These products are designed and manufactured by us, but not ours.


  We must have our own products!Inject our talent and experience to make our own products.So we created the wissonly brand.


  As mentioned above, wissonly team is mainly composed of engineers and designers. It is a team with a strong geek style. We believe that a good product & a good user experience is the core pillar of a good brand. Therefore, we are very strict with every product feature and NEVER SETTLE with product quality.


  Our weakness is very obvious, that is, we are not good at marketing, and sometimes even look a little clumsy.We just hope that our users can tolerate us and give us opportunities. Let time bring rewards to the team that only knows how to make products.



                                                                                                                                                                   Wissonly team