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Our Commitment of Sustainability

Wissonly is a bone conduction headphones brand on mission:to be the best for our customers, producers and the planet. We are of the opinion that if we can do it better, and kinder, we will.

Our commitment to sustainability is in our DNA. Our products are designed and produced following the 3 guiding principles of sustainability: the health of people, planet, and equity in profit.


Health of People

Our factory offer health insurance for all workers, fair wages and a free lunch, every day.Our factory has no forced labor, no excessive overtime, and no child labor.Its pioneering ethical practices help to safeguard and improve the wellbeing of the workforce while sustainable production processes produce excellent quality products without compromising the environment or our brand values. 



Our products are made of environmentally friendly materials, more than 90% of which are biodegradable. We use the most streamlined product packaging to save packaging materials and reduce resource waste.


Reasonable profit

We believe that reasonable profits are very important for sustainable development. Only when brands, consumers, supply chains and service institutions all obtain reasonable profits, the brand companies can achieve sustainable development.


Wissonly is a sustainable bone conduction headphones brand,sustainability is in our DNA.If we can do it better, and kinder, we will.