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Sony WH-XB910N Bluetooth wireless headphones review:Are they suitable for workout?

Oct 10,2023 | David

Sony WH-XB910N Bluetooth wireless headphone is a new product launched at the end of 2021 by Sony's product series"EXTRA BASS", aiming to provide a new choice for users who like bass. In appearance, the connection structure between the head beam and the headphone has been changed from seamless docking of the previous generation to interspersed docking, and the overall look and feel is relatively more lively and youthful. In terms of configuration, the headphone is equipped with a 40mm moving coil unit, which has a larger dynamic model and brings strong bass performance.So,are they suitable for workout?Only people who have used it know. Therefore, this article collects some real user reviews to answer that.

Basic information of Sony WH-XB910N:
r/HeyNewGadget - Sony WH-XB910N Bluetooth wireless headphones review:Are they suitable for workout?

Product Dimensions:7.8 x 2.6 x 10.3 inches

Item Weight:8.9 ounces

Fit Type:Over Ear


Item model number:WHXB910N/L

Batteries:1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


Charging Time:3.5 Hour

Item Weight:252 Grams

Units:1.0 Count

Number Of Items:1


Sony WH-XB910N Bluetooth wireless headphones review from users:

Product name: WH-XB910N  Price: $148

Rating: 4.5    Where to buy: Amazon or official website.

User review 1:

User:JF Nation:United States

“I tried these out, was hoping they would be the upgrade to my older model MDR xB950B1.

I didn't like the fit on my head, there are gaps between the head band.

These could be great for people workout as it lets air through.

The bass is ok but not deeper than my older model. However, they do sound a bit sharper on the highs.

The ear cushion seemed nice during my short time with them.

I didn't like the touch pad controls, I kept selecting the wrong task, maybe more practice with them could avoid user error.

I still prefer my older Sony model with the bass effect button and better fit head band.”

User review 2:

User:Hasan Osama Nation:United States

“If you are Hip-hop, Rap, R&B and Rock listener don't hesitate getting this product as from its name "EXTRA BASS" you can expect the quality of base you be getting. Sound quality is awesome (as you will expect from Sony's).

Now when it comes to the noise cancelling these are not a top teir they are good so don't expect a noise cancelling as perfect as the Sony's M4/M5 or the Apple AirPods Max Pro cause these are top teirs when it comes to noise cancelling.

Moreover, you will need to play with the equilizer from the app a lil bit in order to get the better version of your headphone (my recommendations are shown in the pictures). Custom 1 is my go to when am listening to R&B and Custom 2 is my Rap/Hip-Hop settings.

In addition to that, it's a light weight headphones so they are suitable for the gym but the only down side is they might be lil bit uncomfortable during certain workouts such as dumbbells shoulder press as your arms might touch the headphones ears.

Finally, this review is my opinion and opinion only and for the type of music I listen too they are more than perfect (hip-hop, rap and R&B).

P.S: got these on a 50% discount so for the price I paid they are MORE THAN PERFECT.”

User review 3:

User:Cailey Nation:United States

“I bought these specifically for the noise canceling aspect as i have sensory issues when it comes to noises. I was mainly planing in using these without any music playing and just the noise canceling feature activated. But these honestly were a sensory overload nightmare! While they definitely filter out noises like the car ac blowing and gentle mechanical hums, they didn’t block out ( or significantly dampen) the house ac and a fish tank. What really drove me nuts is that they seem to amplify and distort voices. It would focus on my husband talking in the other room making his voice seem louder yet so distorted i couldn’t tell what he was saying. Another thing to note, the clamp force was on the stronger side for me and the cups sat on my jaw in a way that made it ache (i do have a fairly small head and ears, for reference the xm4’s are far to large for me). Even when music was playing it wasn’t necessarily a more enjoyable listening experience compared to Airpods. If you don’t need any super effective noise canceling then i would say they’re worth the $130… definitely not the full price of $250 though.”

User review 4:

User:Simply perfect Nation:United States

“Sony's products in audio and video never disappoint me.

I got a galaxy s23 ultra

Tidal hifi plus

And absolutely enjoy the 360 reality audio with LDAC codec.

If ur an ANDROID usser this are the best option under 200 bucks.”

r/HeyNewGadget - Sony WH-XB910N Bluetooth wireless headphones review:Are they suitable for workout?

User review 5:

User:Christopher Nation:United States

“Excellent noise cancellation for the gym, sound quality is bang on...as Sony never lets you down. Battery life is very good, we workout for 2 hours and lots of life left. They fit perfectly over the full ear and the padding makes them very comfortable.

**If you have a very small head they will be loose and move around when you bend down.

Otherwise and very good purchase!”

User review 6:

User:JPizzly Nation:United States

“ I'll get straight to point: Buy these at the current discounted price. These headphones are worth the original price tag but, if I would've known they'd be on sale, I would've waited just a little longer. The noise cancelling paired with the Bass make these a solid choice for the price. I use these at the gym and I definitely disassociate from reality at least once every 15 minutes during my workout. The ear pieces do get a little warm while working out but you're at the gym. Lets be real now.  Aside from that the headphones are definitely worth the discounted price tag. Save yourself some money and lets work on preserving your hearing because only god knows how loud your music was during middle school.”

User review 7:

User:Maroui Nation:Canada

“I was looking for a good mid-price headphones with good bass to be completely immersed during my workout. I got a random pair for $40 that did not do the trick for me. The Sony headphones are exactly what I was looking for. The noise reduction is top notch. The settings from the app are eazy to use. The only thing I now hear during my workout is my music - Im more than pleased with my purchase.”

User review 8:

User:AverageJoe Nation:United States

“Overall. Best headset I own thus far. Over the ear makes this comfortable and the sound is simply amazing. Battery last 3-4 days with heavy use. it is a bit pricey but worth it in my opinion.

Build. It does have a plasticky feel and construction. but most of the headsets are now the same. the band does seem to have some metal to allow more flex.

Wear. The foam on the ear is soft and comfy. but can be a little warm over time. it covers my ears completely and does not press on any part of the ear. it allows adjustment for larger heads.

Function. Simple to use Noise Cancellation/Ambient button. I like that the side peices does not have any markings on them. as it makes it very simple to look at. The functions are pretty simple and intuitive to use. however, I did have to read the manual to make sure I am doing it right. Hold the side to turn on ambient is cool when walking outside.

Software. Download the app and use it to customize the settings. including the equalizer. this really makes a huge difference to the bass sound.

Sound. I truly amazing sound with Noise cancellation on. I can totally lose myself with music. with the equalizer I can also boost up the bass. I can't heard anything else but the music. make music really enjoyable.

Battery Life. I can't believe this thing can last me almost 4 days even with noise cancellation on. it charges so fast as well.

Carrying case with 2 cables is included. audio cable and charging cable. Both are too short, not long enough to use on air plane rides. The case is also hard cover which gives great protection to the headphone.

One main flaw is that this headset does not have a mute button on the headphones for mute.”

r/HeyNewGadget - Sony WH-XB910N Bluetooth wireless headphones review:Are they suitable for workout?

User review 9:

User:V Nation:United States

“My first headphones.

I mainly bought them for travels, and they do their job perfectly. I slept well with the noise cancellation and could also watch movies without turning the volume to a maximum. But be aware - in normal, quite surroundings people might be able to hear the noises from your headphone, even if it's not turned on a massive volume.

The fit is nice, I do not feel any pressure after the adjustment of the connecting piece. They come with a case, an AUX-to-AUX cable (one angled, one straight) and an USB-C to USB charger, as well as the case. The volume control with the touchpad on the right site seems to be a little bit delayed or slow, but I think I might be able to adjust that through the app (haven't read the manual yet).

I don't know how they - especially the pads - would perform with an excessive use during workout. So far, they seem to be quite scratch resistant”

User review 10:

User:Evergreen Nation:United States

“I got these over-ear headphones after using nothing but my Airpod Pro for the past ~3 years. I have a lot to say about these, but tl;dr I would have been very very unhappy and instantly returned them IF I had paid full price. At half price, these are alright, but purchase with caution.

It's worth noting I'm not an audiophile of any sort, but I spend a good 70-80% of my waking hours with headphones in so I'm pretty picky when it comes to headphones.

I'll start with the bad, which is basically these headphones summed up.

- Build/overall design: These headphones are UGLY. They're chunky, unfashionable, and the headband part is very flat, which creates a huge gap between your head and the band. The headphone is basically 100% plastic, making them feel very undurable and look cheap. They do not look like they deserve to be priced at $150, much less their original price of $248.

- Noise cancelling: As someone who's coming from using the Airpod Pro exclusively, the noise cancelling of these headphones are AWFUL!! They don't cancel anything, from someone speaking next to me or even from a room away. I can hear the truck from across the street drive by. You can consider these headphones to not even have noise cancelling, that's how bad the feature is. I can't even tell the difference between Ambient Sound and NC and I have pretty bad hearing.

- Touch control: Ok, the touch control (basically swiping for next/last song, volume up/down, double tap for pausing) is pretty cool, but it would be cooler if they worked perfectly. More often than not, I'll try to raise the volume and the song will restart instead. It's very frusturating so while it's a cool feature, it's not that accurate even when I'm swiping up and down instead of left and right.

- Multiple connection: Basically, these can connect to 2 devices, one for listening to music and one for taking calls, which is pretty cool. It works pretty well most of the time, but often times (much more often than I'd like) the headphones just lose connection between both/either device and I have to restart my headphones and turn off/on my bluetooth completely on both devices, which is very, very irritating.

Now for the pros--

- Sound quality: Very good, especially the bass comparable to the Airpod Pro, if not better.

- Sony's music app: The feature of using Sony's app to make your headphones sound exactly how you want them to is a really great touch.

- Noise leakage: There's little to no noise leakage so I can wear these at the library.

- Comfort: As someone who wears glasses, I wear these for 5-7 hours at a time and they are very comfortable.”


Through the real review of the above users, Sony WH-XB910N Bluetooth wireless headphones is a good product, which can satisfy users. However, it may not be suitable for workout. First of all, its earmuffs are too thick, which can easily cause oppressive feeling to ears and head after wearing for a long time, and it will be sultry in summer. Secondly, this headphone has no waterproof performance, which means that if you sweat during workout or in your daily life, the headphone will be damaged by sweat.There are headphones on the market that are more comfortable, stable and powerful, such as Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphone, which is a good substitute.

r/HeyNewGadget - Sony WH-XB910N Bluetooth wireless headphones review:Are they suitable for workout?

Wissonly is definitely a brand you can trust.Their team is a technical expert in the field of bone conduction headphones. As early as 10 years ago, it began to develop bone conduction headphones that do not hurt the ears,and it mainly produces high-performance bone conduction headphones. The products have good sound quality, low sound leakage, high waterproof level, High comfort, high-cost performance, and other features, that received support from sports fans.

Hi Runner is the flagship product of Wissonly.As you can tell from the name, it's perfect for sports.The overall frame of it is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel, which can adapt to different sizes of head circumference and ensure the stability of wearing, so that you don’t have to worry about the headphones falling off during exercise. Its weight is very light, less than 30g, so it will not feel heavy when worn.The surface of its headphones is made of high-tech low-sensitivity silicone material, which does not contain chemical ingredients to avoid allergies,which avoiding discomfort when worn for a long time.

r/HeyNewGadget - Sony WH-XB910N Bluetooth wireless headphones review:Are they suitable for workout?

In terms of wearing, it is open-ear design. This means that it can be worn directly on the temple, so your ear canal is completely open and you can hear the surrounding sounds. Let you can rest assured in the outdoor running, walking.

When you sweat a lot while running or doing other sports, or when it suddenly rains while exercising outdoors. At this time, the waterproof performance of sports headphones is very important.The Hi Runner sports bone-guide headphones are waterproof to the industry-standard IPX8 rating, allowing the wearer to function properly while swimming or diving, not to mention sweat - or general waterproof.

It also equipped with 32GB of built-in storage, which can store 5,000 songs and supports both Bluetooth and MP3 modes of operation. When exercising underwater or you don't want to bring a smartphone, you can use it as a Bluetooth MP3 player. It's really very convenient!

Since it is a wireless sports headphone that needs to be charged, you may be concerned about its battery life. Yes, exercise is a long process, especially if you are hiking or running a marathon for a long time, then you have to consider battery life. The Hi Runner's battery life is so strong that it can listen to music for 10 hours straight, making up for the shortcomings of wireless headphones.