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Best Wireless Headphones for workout: surpass yourself in music

Sep 06,2023 | David

Here are the most powerful and balanced audio companions to enhance your athletic performance.

Does music motivate you? Go beyond yourself with these headphones and earbuds perfectly adapted for workout.

The first advice we can give you is to choose equipment according to your sporting activity. Thus, runners and swimmers will favor a more tenacious grip, while gym enthusiasts will prefer a more pronounced active noise cancellation to drown out ambient noise.

Finally, if the budget is still an important criterion, we recommend more comfortable devices to wear, which do not hurt your ears after 30 minutes.

How to choose the best wireless workout headphones and earbuds in 2023?

Why can you trust us? Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best one for you.

Therefore design is the first purchase criterion to take into account when choosing a headphones or earbuds 100% dedicated to exercise activities. Especially if you need an audio companion with an IPX rating - essential if you're taking your headphones to the pool. You should make sure your new headphones have at least an IPX4 or better waterproof rating, which means they'll be able to handle a bit of sweat and a downpour.

Comfort is also very important: are you looking for on-ear headphones that stay in place during light exercises, or compact in-ear headphones that never move? Do you prefer the security of wired headphones so you don't risk losing them or the freedom of wireless headphones? Do you want to be aware of your surroundings when training on the road or in public spaces, or do you want to totally escape the outside world with one of the best noise canceling headphones?

Finally, do not neglect the battery life of your future headphones or your next wireless headphones. Consider how long your training sessions usually last: do you need to recharge between training sessions, once a week? Or do you use it on your daily commute?

Here are the basic questions. Note that some of the best headphones for workout include specialized features, such as include heart rate monitors or personal trainers in the form of artificial intelligence. You can utilize them.

Our Selection:

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1. Wissonly Hi Runner

The new standard in wireless workout headphones!


Weight: 27g 

Autonomy: 10 hours

Heart Rate Monitor: No 

Touch controls: Yes


+Precise and comfortable fit

+Comes with 32g of memory to use as a music player

+Ultra-light weight for all-day wear

+IPX8 waterproof rating for use up to 20 metres underwater

+Magnetic charging, safe and hygienic


-Not non-in-ear headphones so no noise cancellation

Hi Runner is a waterproof and open bone conduction headset that is certified with IPx8 waterproof rating and can still work under 20 metres of water. Its excellent water and sweat resistance makes it suitable for swimming, running, exercising, cycling, hiking, diving and other workout activities.

These bone conduction headphones are left and right one-piece, using "ergonomic three-point support structure", the three points are the temple, auricle and the back of the head, wearing stable. So not only do not have to worry about one side of the headphone fall caused by the loss of the whole body to wear the degree of solidity is very good. The main body is about 27g, and the body is made of skin-friendly material, long time wearing neither pressure nor discomfort.

Outdoor sports may encounter rain, or running to the place where there is no signal, this is also completely no need to worry about. IPX8 waterproof in addition to can deal with raindrops splash, this headset can be in the underwater 20 metres of the normal use of the place. The 5.0 Bluetooth for daily outdoor workouts allows it to connect with your smartphone to play music without any lag. Underwater Bluetooth can be connected to a range of 15m, so even raindrop splashes do not affect the Bluetooth connection at all. If you are exercising in a place with poor signal, you can download the music first. Yes, this is not only a Bluetooth headset, but also an MP3 with a memory of up to 32G. 32G of memory is able to hold 5000 pieces of music.

Charging is done by magnetic charging technology, fully charged in 2 hours. Battery capacity is 230mAh, can play music continuously for 10 hours.

Open-ear design allows you to easily hear car engines and human voices. Easily observe your surroundings while exercising.

The new standard for running and wireless workout headphones! If you are hesitant about bone conduction headphones, this is it!

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2. JLab Go Air Sport

Impressive on all levels, even on their price


Weight: 6.2g (per earbud), 57.5g (charging case)  

Autonomy: 8 hours (headphones), 32 hours (charging case)

Heart Rate Monitor: No 

Touch controls: Yes


+Precise and comfortable fit

+Outstanding sound quality and value for price

+Impressive autonomy

+Volume control


-No active noise reduction

-The microphone function a little weak

While high prices are often seen as a sign of quality, JLab is a brand that is making a name for itself on the wireless headphone market, offering quality entry-level models at very low prices. And the brand is no exception to the rule with the JLab Go Air Sport, earphones dedicated to athletes who want to pay attention to their budget, without making any concessions on the sound.

The JLab Go Air Sport are the headphones that currently offer the best value for money. For less than 40$, they offer optimal comfort, precise adjustment, control commands and impressive battery life.

They also easily meet the expectations we have of a wireless workout headphone model, namely support and comfort throughout a sports session. For several hours, the JLab Go Air Sport stayed in place despite various tests (hiking, dancing, running). Last but not least, the JLab Go Air Sport earphones are incredibly light and comfortable, better than the Beats Fit Pro.

And if you thought that JLab had bet everything on design and comfort, think again! The JLab Go Air Sport once again perform very well in terms of sound quality, which is not only good but rather excellent for entry-level headphones.

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3. JBL Reflect Aero

One of the best waterproof headphones of the moment


Weight: 13g (per earphone), 45 (charging case)

Autonomy: 8 hours (headphones), 24 hours (charging case)

Heart Rate Monitor: No

Touch controls: Yes


+Very good sound performance

+Good sealing

+Amazing touch controls

+Good in-ear detection


-ANC barely works

-Not the best for phone calls

The JBL Reflect Aero are very high quality headphones, which have the particularity of being water resistant, while offering exceptional sound quality. This is a notable advantage, especially most waterproof models tend to offer rather weak sound performance.

Therefore they are rthe ideal solution for music lovers looking for wireless workout headphones. Thanks to their IP68 protection index it not only can accompany you to the gym and resist your sweat, but also can immerse in water for swimming sessions. They resist immersion at a depth of 1.5 metres for 30 minutes.

And the qualities of the JBL Reflect Aero headphones don't stop there. They also feature a fin design to help keep the headphones in place at all times. It offers amazing touch controls, many great features, and also have active noise cancellation.

And icing on the cake is that the JBL Reflect Aero are available at a very affordable price.

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4. Beats Fit Pro

The most immersive headphones


Weight: 5.6g (per earbud), 55.1g (charging case)

Autonomy: 6 hours (headphones), 18 hours (charging case)

Heart Rate Monitor: No

Touch controls: Yes


+Active noise cancellation

+Spatial Sound on Apple Music

+Exceptional autonomy


-No wireless charging

With the Beats Fit Pro, Apple now delivers the best headphones for workout, at least for those who train regularly. These noise-cancelling headphones take the performance of the Airpods Pro and adapt them to your sessions, thanks to wing tips that keep them in place and a custom-designed speaker for deeper sound.

These Beats headphones feature a new sound profile with high treble and bass and good overall clarity. When we put them to the test with Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow's track INDUSTRY BABY , we found they delivered a catchy and immersive bassline. They're Dolby Atmos compatible, giving you spatial sound if you have an Apple Music account. If you want to live the experience of a live during your race, you will be delighted here.

They don't support wireless charging like the AirPods Pro. But, they make up for it with around 6 hours of listening time per charge (if you have ANC enabled), plus 18 hours with the case on.

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5. Adidas RPT-01

The best wireless headphones for gym goers


Weight: 209g

Autonomy: 40 hours

Heart Rate Monitor: No

Touch controls: Yes


+Robust design

+Great autonomy

+Simple controls


-The design is basic

You might opt for a classic pair of headphones when you want to get away to music in the gym workout, but if you prefer something more substantial, the Adidas RPT-01 might be the best headphones around - especially if you perform relatively static exercises like lifting weights.

Of course, not everyone wants to bother with over-ear headphones while working out, but the 'breathable' design developed by Adidas means you won't risk overheating your ears. In addition, this headset offers much longer battery life than True Wireless headphones.

The headband and pads can even be removed and washed after particularly strenuous and sweat-rich sessions. Although the sound quality is not pushed to its climax, the RPT-01 delivers music loud enough and generous in bass, so that you can fully enjoy any genre.

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6. JBL Endurance Peak 2

Almost perfect sports headphones.


Weight: 13g (per earphone)

Battery life: 6 hours (headphones), 30 hours total

Heart Rate Monitor: No

Touch controls: Yes

Waterproof: Yes


+Affordable price

+Very good fit

+Good sound quality with pronounced bass

+Intuitive touch controls


-Limited features

-Average autonomy

The JBL Endurance Peak 2 earphones are quality earphones, intended for serious sportsmen. They offer a fit and comfort that will allow you to perform any exercise without having to adjust them, and the quality of the sound, with its powerful bass, will know how to motivate you during your training sessions.

Part of the reason we call them near perfect is the lack of features, and the fact that they're not the most comfortable if you're planning on listening for a long time.

Given their attractive price, they are still easily recommended headphones, whether you are a fan of running or swimming!

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7. Beats PowerBeats Pro

The best headphones for running


Weight: 20.3g

Autonomy: 9 hours

Heart Rate Monitor: No

Touch controls: Yes


+Good sound

+Impeccable fit


-The cover is quite bulky

-Limited sound isolation

If you want to boost your run without getting caught up in your headphone cable, the Powerbeats Pro are the perfect alternative. There's something special about Beats' latest wireless earphones: they're extremely comfortable, deliver decent sound and - best of all - never drop out.

You can run for as long as you want, they won't get in your way thanks to their snug fit ear hooks and IPX4 sweat resistance rating. As well as nifty additions like a pressure-reducing barometric vent. Cherry on the cake: their lifespan and their sound quality are clearly superior.

Depending on your taste, you might be disappointed to learn that the Powerbeats Pro don't come with active noise cancellation, which means they won't block out ambient noise. On the other hand, if you absolutely want to listen to your music without being disturbed, choose the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, the best noise-canceling wireless headphones you can buy.

Note: If you regularly race, remember that many competitions require you to be able to hear marshals' orders and spot traffic on the open courses. If you favor shorter circuits and need music no matter what, look for a pair of bone conduction headphones like the Wissonly Hi Runner.

 How do we test the best headphones and earbuds for workout?

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We've selected the headphones and earbuds in this guide based on which we think are best suited for certain workout activities, whether it's running, yoga or swimming.

To make these choices, we put them to the test by exercising. It's the only way to be sure that the best training headphones provide the perfect fit while you're pounding the pavement, the best swimming headphones are fully waterproof and sound good while you glide through the water. water or the best yoga helmet that stays in place during downward facing dog.

For this reason, the best headphones for workout on this list are not necessarily the best audio products you can buy today, but rather are included for the unique features they offer sports enthusiasts.

That said, most of the headphones and earbuds featured here are suitable for all types of environments, meaning they're good value for money whether you're wearing them for running or concentrating at work.

Is it better to exercise with headphones or earbuds?

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Whether you workout with headphones or earbuds is totally up to you and your preferences. Some people still prefer the comfort of headphones no matter what they're doing, while others enjoy the immersive sound of the best over-ear headphones.

That said, some activities certainly lend themselves to different styles. For example, some headphones will stay in place while you run, such as the Adidas RPT-01.

You'll likely find headphones or bone conduction headphones to be a much safer and more comfortable option, especially ones with an ear hook, like the Wissonly Hi Runner.

How to find the best headphones and earbuds dedicated to your workouts?

To find the best wireless workout headphones, you need to consider what you will be using them for.

For example, if you're running or doing a high-intensity workout, your top priority is to make sure your headphones stay in place. On the other hand, if you are looking for headphones for swimming, optimal sealing is essential.

Most sports earphones come with some water resistance, but you should check the specs. Many say they can resist water and sweat, which may be fine if you use them for light workouts. However, if you want the best protection, choose those with an IPX4 or higher rating. IPX7 means completely waterproof, so that's what you're looking for when swimming.

While you should consider your training mode, for value for money you should also consider whether they will work in other environments. To be honest, most of the best headphones for working out will be great for the office and commuting too - don't be put off by the sporty design or the "sporty" label. But it's good to consider how you like to listen to music in other environments.

For example, if you're eyeing a pair of headphones for running but prefer the immersive sound of over-ear headphones, you might have to compromise.

If you choose wireless headphones or earphones, consider the controls. It's probably best if they have an in-line remote or easy-to-use touch controls. So you won't have to pick up your phone to skip a track.

But more than anything, we recommend you consider comfort. The best audio quality or the fanciest features don't matter if they aren't comfortable or if they slip out of your ears. Look for recommended styles for your favorite sport, plus things like customizable ear tips and ear hooks to keep them in place.

Comprehensively choosing wireless workout headphones need to consider waterproofness, wearing comfort, ease of operation, and whether they are suitable for a wide range of places. I've picked out a good bone conduction headset, the Wissonly Hi Runner, firstly it doesn't plug into the ear, so it has the highest permeability of the headphones. Secondly, the body is made of comfortable skin-friendly material, so it's comfortable to wear all day long. Besides swim, Hi Runner can be used in multiple scenarios, in addition to fitness, running, swimming, cycling, hiking, and so on, which is very practical.