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Best swimming gear list for summer personal use!

Sep 04,2023 | David

Many swimmers often ask me in the community: Can you recommend some swimming gear? What style of swimsuit should I buy? What brand of swimming goggles to buy? Which training equipment is better to use?

How to choose the swimming gear? swimming gear, the main purpose is to protect personal safety:

Here I have sorted out a detailed "good things list" for swimming enthusiasts. The items in it are swimming gear and training tools that I often use and recommend to many students to buy and use and give good feedback.

I hope this selection guide can provide reliable equipment for many swimming enthusiasts.

The article divides into three parts: three major items (swimwear, goggles, swimming cap), training equipment (kick board, paddle palm, flippers, etc.), and smart devices (swimming headphones, smartwatches, underwater cameras, etc.).

Three Necessities

Swimsuit, swimming trunks

For swimming, it is impossible and mandatory to hang around in the swimming pool naked. When girls go swimming, they care most about wasn't whether they can learn well, but whether their swimsuits look good and whether they are beautiful enough to take pictures. Good-looking swimsuits are suitable for playing in the water, and practical swimsuits are the first choice for swimming and fitness.

For the choice of swimsuits and swimming trunks, we might as well divide them according to the swimming crowd. It is worth mentioning that economical one-piece swimsuits do not come with coasters!


People who play in the water: those who occasionally swim once or twice or are just learning to swim, the choice of swimsuits can be more casual. Skirt suits or two-piece suits, both can be used for swimming if you prefer.

Swimming enthusiasts: People who often swim should try to choose styles suitable for swimming training. Competition style, shorts style, square style, triangle style, except for shorts, I recommend others. The reason for not recommending them is that they are not suitable for swimming practice, on the one hand, they will pocket water, and on the other hand, they will rub against the legs. Of course, if some reserved men can’t accept boxers and briefs, it’s okay to choose shorts!


The reason for recommending YINGFA Swimsuits (female): close-fitting, durable, suitable for training, high quality, and low price.

Reminder: Don't choose to lose size, as a slight deliquesce will result in water. After being soaked in water, water immersion accelerates deliquesce and reduces service life.

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The reason for recommending YINGFA Swimsuits (male): It’s an old brand with a long history, the training choice of professional athletes, easy to use, and not expensive.

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Amateur athletes: There are more and more amateur swimming competitions. If you're a competitor, a competition swimsuit is a must, part of the "I can live without, but can't live without" collection.

The reason for recommending the Speedo competitive half-piece swimsuit: the combination of design and technology reduces resistance during swimming. The best price and quality for adult swimmers.

Reminder: The size of the competition swimsuit should be tighter, otherwise it will lose its advantages; at the same time, the durability of the competition swimsuit is not high, it is only designed for competition, it is easy to deliquesce, and it is not recommended for training.

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Swimming goggles

If the water quality is poor, swimming goggles are a must, they can prevent red eye. The choice of swimming goggles is also recommended for everyone to buy. There are more brands to choose from, but for beginners, you can choose according to your own economic situation.

We classify swimming goggles according to different styles.

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Large frame: suitable for soaking and beginners. Many people who are new to swimming will basically choose a large frame, but the large frame is more "cumbersome" to wear, "bulky" and not fit enough, so it is not recommended here.

Small frame (thin rubber ring)

Reasons for YINGFA’s recommendation: civilian price, an old brand with a long history, quite satisfactory.

Speedo Recommended reason: perennial bestseller, classic among training models.

Arena's reason for recommendation: The stand-up work "Cobra"

Swans Recommended reason: more suitable for Asian face shape, comfortable to wear.


Frameless (no silica):

The savior for those with apron silica, the favorite of professional athletes. They have a better fit and a greater field of view.

Reasons for Arena's recommendation: I recently purchased both styles, and they look great. If you have long eyelashes, please choose style 2.

Reasons for recommending swans: swans have been my favorite for the past two years. Its design, appearance, and quality are comparable to international brands, but the price is more affordable. I strongly recommend it. (Myopia is optional)

Reminder: People who are used to wearing apron swimming goggles may not be used to it at first, but I still recommend everyone to try it, because it is really easy to use, and frameless has always been my favorite choice.


Swimming cap

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This is dispensable for people with short hair, and it looks more handsome when worn. But the hair is long, so it is necessary to avoid the hair sticking to the face after getting out of the water!

When choosing a swimming cap, appearance is very important. In addition to the loose use of fabric swimming caps, it is not recommended to buy, you only need to buy the basic silicone and helmet models according to the pattern you like.


Reasons for recommending arena swimming caps: The quality is guaranteed, and the material is thin and elastic.

Reasons for recommending Michael Phelps: Michael Phelps's own brand, which has been used by many swimmers. The steel helmet fits the head better and helps reduce water resistance.

Training equipment

Swimming ring

This is still useful for those who take a bath in the swimming pool. For beginners, it is impossible to learn this thing. For those who can't swim, this is a life-saving artifact, and it is the favorite of children.

Three categories are recommended. The first category is swimming gear tied directly to the hand, which is cheap and high-quality.

The second category is the traditional swimming ring, which is most seen in swimming pools.

The third type of follower, which is more targeted, is mainly suitable for adults to ensure the safety of long-distance swimming and fitness in the wild. It is a must for outdoor swimming. The double airbags I bought can hold mobile phones, slippers, towels, etc.

The style is not recommended here, you just choose the style you like and buy it. It should be noted that when choosing a swimming ring, you must pay attention to the size, otherwise, it will be embarrassing if the scene cannot be inserted or leaked out!


No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

Floating boards are divided into A boards and large boards.

Kicking with kickboards is one of the regular exercises when performing leg movement exercises.

It is recommended that you buy the A board because the big board is too big and inconvenient to carry; moreover, it has high buoyancy, so it is not as good as the A board for kick training on the kick board.

Basically, as a junior swimming enthusiast, these things are enough to cope with the current training.

The brand and appearance of the A board do not affect usability, and the price varies according to different needs.


Reasons for recommending YINGFA: The price is low, and you don’t feel bad if it’s lost or broken.

Decathlon Recommended Reason: Appearance! Exterior! Exterior! The red ones look best.

Speedo Recommended reason: big brand, more expensive, but it can be said to be a symbol of status.

Breathing tube

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There are two types of breathing tubes, the front tube, and the side tube. The front tube is for swimming and the side tube is for diving.

I only recommend swimming dry snorkels here, it will take some getting used to initially.


Reasons for YINGFA recommendation: Basic equipment, low price, no difference in use.

Decathlon Recommended Reason: Appearance! Exterior! Exterior!

Reasons for Michael Phelps' recommendation: The equipment in the long-term training camp of the Swimming Training Group. The appearance is very good, the handle is very good, the mouthpiece is soft and comfortable, and the price is a little expensive, but I strongly recommend it!

Reminder: There is a choice of size, please consult customer service before purchasing to choose the appropriate head size.


No alt text provided for this image

As for leg strength training and targeted training equipment, it is not recommended to buy at the stage of kicking for beginners. Once you have a solid foundation in your kicks, fins can be added to your swimming gear.


Reasons for YINGFA’s recommendation: basic equipment, affordable price, training equipment for youth long-term training teams.

Reasons for Speedo’s recommendation: Self-use equipment, compared with YINGFA, long-distance kicking does not rub your feet, and the appearance and quality are good.

Reasons for Michael Phelps' recommendation: Not particularly recommended, because I unilaterally think they are a bit ugly, so I named them "green frogs". The fins are very lightweight, suitable for amateurs, and long training camp team equipment.


In fact, paddling palms can lead to movement deformation and sports injuries.

It is not recommended for amateurs to use paddle palms when their strength is insufficient. If your arm movements are not standard, please don’t wear paddle pads lightly, it will make your movements worse! It is not suitable to wear paddling palms until your arm movements are completely standard, increase resistance, and perform arm strength training.

There are basically three kinds of paddling palms, arranged according to the degree of difficulty: hand webs, round palms, and axes. (Half palm will not be mentioned for now)

The hand webs have only come out in recent years. I think they are not very practical because they only increase a little resistance, which is not very helpful for strength training.

Many beginners will buy them to increase the effectiveness of strokes and make themselves appear faster, but this is meaningless. Anyway, I think it's useless.

If your arm strength is weak, as a transition, I think the half-palm is more suitable.

For round palms and axes, for hobbyists, I recommend round palms.

Because even the smallest size of the ax is very large, it is basically used by professional athletes, and it is really difficult for most enthusiasts to stroke.

It's better to buy a round palm first, practice it, and when you can master it, change to an axe.


Speedo Half Palm Swimming Palm Recommended Reasons: Half Palm Swinging Palm can still be recommended. If you insist on buying a Swinging Palm, then I recommend this one. The resistance is suitable for amateurs.

Bath towel

The focus of buying bath towels is to be easy to carry and not take up too much space in the swimming bag.

Reason for a recommendation of YINGFA Absorbent Towel: It is standard equipment for athletes. It is compact and does not take up space when folded, and does not need to be dried. I have been using it in my previous athletic career, and it dries my hair easily.

Recommended reason for Decathlon quick-drying towels: Folding is as compact as absorbent towels, but it makes up for the shortcomings of absorbent towels. It is colder to use absorbent towels in winter, and quick-drying towels are more effective in keeping warm.

Wrap it around your body after getting out of the water, and dry yourself without catching a cold. I ditched the absorbent towels after retiring and have been using quick-drying towels.

Reminder: There are s, m, and L different sizes to choose from, it is recommended that you choose the larger one!

Swimming dechlorination 

Swimming enthusiasts, the frequency of swimming in the water in a week is amazing, and some even swim every day, do you believe it?

The chlorine dioxide used for disinfection and cleaning in swimming pools will cause "cumulative" damage to human skin and hair, resulting in dry and yellow hair, and dry and itchy skin, so people who swim for a long time need to choose professional swimming care products.


Thailand's three-in-one swimming dichlorination recommendation reason: I have used it for a long time, pure natural, concentrated, and the best dichlorination effect has been tested in practice (I have used similar products).

The most important reason for the recommendation is three-in-one, washing hair, face, and body, one bottle is better than three bottles, and liberates the swimming bag.


Swimming bag

The most important thing to choose a swimming bag is its large capacity, reasonable layout, and separation of dry and wet.


Reason for Speedo recommendation: This is the training bag I have been using since I was an athlete. It has a large capacity and separates dry and wet. It holds kickboards, fins, snorkels and all your training gear and is of good quality. Its disadvantage is that there is no reason to change the package after buying it.

Reasons for arena recommendation: If you dislike the Speedo bag being too professional and high-profile, you can choose this model, which is low-key, atmospheric, and high-end.



After thinking about it, I always have to buy slippers, and I happen to have something I can recommend, even if it is included in the equipment.

Reasons for Havana recommendation: There is always one you like in various colors, non-slip, and high quality. I have been wearing it for 4 years, and the pattern has not fallen off much, let alone the embarrassing situation of the toe post falling off. Buy it!

Smart device

Swimming headphones

No alt text provided for this image
No alt text provided for this image

It is suitable for swimming enthusiasts who are not in the learning stage because listening to songs will distract them and affect their concentration in learning.

Reason for Wissonly recommendation: I have always wanted to buy a headset that can listen to music while swimming, but I have seen several models, and they all have various shortcomings and defects.

Later, a friend in the same industry recommended Wissonly to me, and I couldn't put it down! They are well-made, feel great in the hand, and are comfortable to wear. There will be no obvious difference between water and water when wearing them for breaststroke. All in all, the best swimming headphones!

This headset is IPx8 waterproof certified, has excellent waterproof and sweat proof performance, and can work normally at a depth of 20 meters. So for swimmers, whether it is occasional water play or long-term training, there is no problem. They have a battery capacity of 230mAh, can play music continuously for 10 hours, and continue to train all day without stress!

In the process of my actual use, there is no delay or disconnection on their Bluetooth connection, and the official description of their memory can support the download of 5,000 songs. I haven't tested their capacity, but it's no problem to download thousands of songs, and there is no lag in the whole process of underwater swimming for 2 hours, amazing!

They use a built-in reverse sound wave system and a fully enclosed design, which reduces sound leakage by 90%. The sense of bass sinking is very good. Even if I am underwater, it will not be affected too much, and there will be no buzzing noise. If you pay attention to sound quality, Wissonly Hi Runner is a very good choice!

If you need it, buy it! Try it yourself, it's great!


SONY NW-WS413 Recommended reason: These are Sony headphones, and the sound quality is not bad. This headset can be regarded as Sony's popular sports headset, and its sales and reputation are very good. The weight of 32g is still light, it has an ergonomic design, and it is relatively stable to wear and can keep you comfortable for a long time. Used with professional swimming earplugs, their water resistance can reach level eight. Coupled with the built-in 4G memory, it is no problem to swim with them. Their battery life of 12 hours is higher than that of the Wissonly.

The downside to this headset is that you must use the included swimming earbuds and the waterproof design to work properly. And they don't have Bluetooth, so they can only be used as MP3 players, which is not convenient for listening to new songs in daily use.

Generally speaking, they are swimming headphones with balanced performance and relatively high-cost performance.


Someone always asks in the chat group: Do you have any recommendations for watches and bracelets suitable for swimming?

My suggestion is to play the watch, not the ring. Generally, after buying a bracelet, you still have to upgrade and buy a watch at the end, it is better to do it in one step.

Garmin swims 2 Recommended reason: Garmin is a symbol, expensive, and easy to use. If you only wear it for swimming, then the Swim 2 smartwatch is the perfect choice.

Its measurement is relatively accurate and powerful. It looks great, and the app works well. Compared with similar Garmin, the price is moderately low.

Underwater camera

Taking videos for self-taught swimmers is the most important shortcut to progress. Only by discovering mistakes can they be solved.


GoPro 9 Recommended reason: a professional brand of sports cameras, the front, and rear screens are more convenient for selfie viewing.

All aspects are impeccable, but the replacement is fast, which leads to the loss of value of second-hand products.

Osmo Action Recommended reason: the light of Chinese products! Recently the price is very low! And its second-hand products are more valuable than GoPro!


Comes with a recommended selfie suction cup for selfie needs

Reason for recommendation: It’s only a few dollars, and it’s easy to use! Can absorb mosaic tiles.


The above are the recommended items for this year! These are all equipment for my own use, not advertising (welcome the above product vendors to discuss cooperation, haha), I hope this buying guide can help you.