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9 Dimensions to Help You Choose Waterproof Swimming Headphones in 2023

Sep 04,2023 | David

Looking for waterproof headphones for swimming? These 9 selection dimensions will guide you in choosing the best one. From water resistance to sound performance, point out everything you need to know.

 First of all, waterproof performance is one of the key characteristics of waterproof swimming headphones. You'll want to make sure the headphones you're shopping for are properly waterproof to protect the internal components from water. When selecting headphones, it's important to consider their IPX rating and sealing performance.

 Second, comfort is an important factor in waterproof swimming headphones. Wearing comfortable headphones will allow you to enjoy swimming better. Choosing the right earplug type and ear pad material can ensure the comfort of the headphones and reduce discomfort when wearing them.

 Sound quality performance is a factor to consider. Good sound quality allows you to enjoy a clear and lifelike music experience while swimming. Understanding the headphone's driver unit and frequency response can help you choose waterproof swimming headphones with good sound quality.

 Wireless connectivity is a important to the convenience of waterproof swimming headphones. Bluetooth version and signal stability are factors that affect connection quality. Choose headphones with a newer Bluetooth version and good signal stability to avoid dropped connections and lower sound quality.

 Battery life is also a factor to consider. Choosing headphones with a longer playback time can avoid the trouble of frequent charging.

 Ease of handling is also an important factor. waterproof swimming headphones are usually equipped with physical buttons or touch controls, so choosing the control method that suits your habits can improve the convenience of use.

 Design style and headphone stability are also factors to consider. Different design styles and fixing devices can meet different needs and ensure the stable use of the headphones in water.

 Additionally, price range and brand reputation are also factors to consider. Budget setting and brand background can help you make better choices among the many options.

1. Waterproof performance

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(1) IPX rating

In waterproof swimming headphones, the IPX rating is an important indicator. A higher IPX rating means a higher withstand water intrusion, providing a more reliable experience. Knowing the IPX rating can help you find the right headphones for swimming. Generally speaking, headphones with a waterproof level above level 8 are no problem for swimming.

(2) Sealing performance

The sealing performance of waterproof swimming headphones is also one of the considerations. Good sealing performance can ensure the stable use of the headphones in water, effectively isolate the entry of water, and protect the internal components of the headphones.

2. Comfort

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(1) Earplug type

When using waterproof swimming headphones, it's important to choose the right ear tip to avoid discomfort. Soft earplugs are a good option as they can adapt to different ear shapes and provide a comfortable fit.

(2) Ear pad material

The material of the ear pads also affects the wearing comfort. When choosing headphones, it is very important to consider the material of the ear pads for your wearing experience. Some materials can be less irritating to the skin and provide better sound insulation.

(3) Wearing method

waterproof swimming headphones are available in a variety of wearing styles, such as over-ear or in-ear. Choosing a suitable wearing style can provide a more comfortable wearing experience and ensure the stable use of the headset in water.

3. Sound quality performance

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(1) Drive unit

The sound quality of headphones is affected by the drive unit, which is a crucial component.  Larger drivers produce better bass, while smaller ones are better at delivering mids and highs. You can choose the drive unit that suits your sound quality preferences.

(2) Frequency response

When choosing headphones, pay attention to the frequency response range to get a better sound quality experience. The frequency response range describes the range of audio frequencies that the headphones are capable of playing. A wider frequency response generally means that the headphones can reproduce more detailed audio.

4. Wireless connection

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(1) Bluetooth version

The Bluetooth version used by the swimming headset will affect the stability of the connection and the transmission of sound quality. Newer Bluetooth versions generally have better signal coverage and lower latency. When you choose, you need to make sure to choose a headset that supports the latest Bluetooth version for a better connection experience. Typically Bluetooth 5.0 is also generally good enough without lagging and lagging.

(2) Signal stability

In addition to the Bluetooth version, the signal stability of the headset is also very important. Certain headsets are equipped with technologies that enhance signal stability, such as a dual-antenna design or technologies that reduce interference. Choose headphones with better signal stability to avoid dropped connections and lower sound quality.

5. Battery life

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(1) Charging time

The charging time of the headset will affect the convenience of use. The short charging time means you can get your headphones fully charged faster to keep enjoying your music. When choosing a headset, it is important to pay attention to the charging time for your usage needs.

(2) Playing time

Battery life is another factor to consider. The long playback time ensures that you don't need to recharge frequently. Choose headphones with longer playback times for a longer-lasting experience.

6. Ease of operation

(1) Physical buttons

waterproof swimming headphones with physical buttons enable easy song switching and volume adjustment while in the water.

(2) Touch control

Some headsets offer touch control, allowing users to tap or swipe the surface for a button-free experience.

7. Headphone stability

(1) Fixing device

The secure fit of your waterproof swimming headphones is also a consideration. Some headphones are equipped with special attachments such as ear clips or earbone sensing technology. Choosing a more stable headphone can prevent the headphone from falling during swimming.

8. Price range

(1) Budget setting

Budget setting is an important consideration when shopping for waterproof swimming headphones. You can set a reasonable price range according to your budget to enable you to do something, and find the most suitable headphones for you under limited economic conditions.

(2) Special offer

Be on the lookout for discounted swim headphones based on location and timing.

9. Brand Reputation

(1) Customer evaluation

Knowing what other customers have said about different brands can help you judge brand credibility. By reading customer feedback and ratings, you can get important information about the quality of the headphones and after-sales service.

(2) Brand Background

Considering the background of the headphone brand is also an important consideration. Some well-known brands have a long history and good reputation in the field of waterproof swimming headphones and are trustworthy.

 When buying waterproof swimming headphones, consider these 9 dimensions to find the best fit. Weigh each according to your preferences and needs to choose comfortable headphones that enhance your swimming experience.


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1. Is there a recommended waterproof swimming headphone brand?

I recommend trying some well-known waterproof swimming headphone brands such as Wissonly, essonio, Sony, and Shaoyin. These brands have good reputations and rich waterproof swimming headphone products.

 2. What is the price range for waterproof swimming headphones?

The price range for waterproof swimming headphones varies by make and model. Generally, they cost between $50 and $200.

 3. Will the swimming headset stay stable in the water?

waterproof swimming headphones are designed to be waterproof and stable in the water, but proper use is necessary for optimal stability.

 4. How about the sound quality of waterproof swimming headphones?

The sound quality of waterproof swimming headphones varies by make and model. Some waterproof swimming headphones use specially designed drivers to provide good sound performance. It is recommended to choose headphones with clear sound and rich details.

 5. How to charge the swimming headset?

waterproof swimming headphones are usually equipped with a charging case or charging cable, which can be charged through the USB interface. Please follow the instructions on the headphone manual to charge.

How to choose waterproof swimming headphones?

 To choose the best waterproof swimming headphones, consider waterproof performance, comfort, sound quality, wireless connection, battery life, ease of control, stability, price, and brand. Prioritize according to your needs and preferences.

 You may be even more distressed when you see so many dimensions of trade-offs. It is too nerve-wracking to compare so many waterproof swimming headphones on the market.

Here I evaluate several waterproof swimming headphones based on the official website data, and you can choose according to your needs.

 1. Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended index: ☆☆☆☆☆

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(1) The Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones excel in features, sound quality, comfort, appearance, and battery life. These sport headphones implement innovative bone conduction technology, allowing you to enjoy high-quality music without inserting anything into your ears. The headphones also feature a non-porous sound leakage body design and exclusive fully closed 2.0 sound leakage reduction technology, reducing sound leakage by 90%. The bone conduction sound vibration is effectively decreased while sound quality is improved without changing the volume. Equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, IPX8 waterproof performance, 32G large memory card, and 16mm dynamic unit, these headphones provide exceptional value. With a weight of only 28 grams, new generation vibration reduction technology makes them comfortable to wear.

(2) And the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones have also made efforts in terms of comfort. They specially invited more than 300 athletes to carry out the test, continuously adjusted the details for different sports scenes, cooperated with the military-grade plastic silicone material technology, and carried out an ergonomic memory elastic design according to the shape of the head shape. At the same time, to prevent falling, they created the ultimate sports performance. The ear hook adopts an exclusive golden ratio beveled ear design, plus a baby-grade high-activity nano-silica gel material, which can effectively improve the wearing comfort while increasing the anti-drop stability factor by 38%. This design technology directly won the famous industrial design award!

2. Sony NW-WS623 Sports Headphones

Recommended index: ☆☆☆☆

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 This Bluetooth headset doubles as an MP3 player with 4GB of storage, providing convenient and versatile use.

 (1) The device is rated IP65/68 for dust and water resistance and comes with swimming earplugs, allowing for swimming while wearing it.

(2) The Sony NW-WS6 series headphones offer high-quality sound and are highly waterproof. One of my favorite items in this series is the MP3 headset with the plate number WS623. Their memory 4G is neither too big nor too small, and it can hold hundreds of music, which is enough. The device supports both Bluetooth and NFC connections.

(3) As an amphibious sports headset, the WS623 Bluetooth mode can last up to 4 hours in a single battery life, and the MP3 mode can run for 12 hours. This parameter can be said to be very good. It supports fast charging, lasting 1 hour after just 3 minutes.

(4) One user-friendly feature of WS623 is the ambient sound button, allowing communication without removing headphones. The only thing that makes me feel inadequate is that the headphone cavity of WS623 is relatively large, and the overall weight is 32g. During exercise, the ear may feel heavy and uncomfortable after prolonged wear. Finally, the over-the-ear design may not be suitable for people who wear glasses, but overall these headphones are excellent.

 3. Mojawa

Recommended index: ☆☆☆☆

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(1) The highlights of this headset are quite a lot. With 32GB of RAM, this device can store more than 2,000 songs and numerous audiobooks. I was pleasantly surprised that the power didn't go out during my weekend pool day.

(2) The design of the fuselage is a longitudinal cabin and ergonomic ear hooks. This cabin layout can provide an extra support point on the ears, and the overall wearing stability is greatly improved, even in the water resistance when swimming freestyle acceleration. It is also not easy to fall off.

(3) You can adjust the equalizer through the app and replace the sound with an underwater effect. Currently, the broadband vibrator and directional sound technology have the potential to significantly improve sound quality.

(4) In addition, this model's versatility is excellent. After swimming, these headphones stay in place during running and reduce wind noise while cycling. They excel in most sports settings, surpassing other headphones.

(5) However, this model is not without its disadvantages. It is used to listen to music while swimming. First of all, the ambient noise is a bit loud, so you should wear earplugs when swimming. Moreover, in the water, there may be phenomena such as accidentally touching the headphones to adjust the volume, cutting the playback order, etc. I thought about this for a while, it should be because this headphone is touch to adjust the volume to cut songs. But for this problem, I found that I can prevent accidental touches by adjusting the volume without touching the headphones (maybe because of the memory of the sensor?).

 4. essonio bone conduction headphones

Recommended index: ☆☆☆☆

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(1) They are Bluetooth headphones, using the 5.0 Bluetooth solution; microphones with DSP noise reduction technology; The frame is made of a memory titanium alloy, enabling it to maintain its shape even when twisted.

(2) Their biggest feature is that they have 8G memory and a decoding chip. In other words, it is equivalent to an MP3 player, and users can listen to songs without taking a mobile phone while wearing it. Is it more convenient to run and exercise like this? Their waterproof rating is as high as IP68, which is rare in current consumer electronics products, let alone headphone products. In addition to the first function that is used without a mobile phone, you are not afraid of water or Bluetooth signals when you swim with it, and in the purchase evaluation, you can see that someone wears them for diving.

 5. Shokz OpenSwim bone conduction swimming mp3 headphones

Recommended index: ☆☆☆☆

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 (1) Shokz OpenSwim is positioned as an MP3 player for swimming. You can think of it as a Bluetooth function removed, a built-in MP3 player, and an IP68 waterproof rating. You can dive for 2 hours at a depth of 2 meters with it on.

(2) Lightweight and comfortable is its biggest selling point. At 30 grams, it's the lightest swimming headset you'll find on the market. Structurally, they have been perfected after several generations of evolution, and you can easily ignore their existence after wearing them for a long time.

I hope this article is helpful for you to choose waterproof swimming headphones, to choose a comfortable headset, and to exercise rhythmically.