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5 Best Waterproof Headphones for Swimming Pool and Gym !

Sep 04,2023 | David

Are you looking for waterproof headphones to use in swimming pool and gym?

Many manufacturers have released completely waterproof headphones and suitable for underwater sports, allowing you to enjoy swimming while listening to your favorite music without worrying about water damage.

Therefore, we will explain how to choose waterproof headphones that can be used in the swimming pool at the gym and recommend products that are easy to use after a comprehensive evaluation. In this article.

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1. How to choose headphones for use in swimming pool and gym

(1) According to the waterproof performance selection

(2) According to the shape of the headphone selection

(3) According to the RAM capacity selection

2. The benefits of listening to music while swimming with headphones on

(1) Relax and learn to swim

(2) Can keep up with the rhythm

(3) Can be used as earplugs

3. Precautions for using headphones in swimming pool and gym

4. Recommended waterproof headphones for swimming

(1) Wissonly Hi Runner

(2) SONY NW-WS413

(3) Tayogo

(4) SYRYN Swimbuds


5. Enjoy swimming while listening to your favorite music

How to choose headphones that can be used in swimming pool and gym

First of all, let's take a look at how to choose comfortable headphones in swimming pool and gym. And how to choose the comfortable headphones for you.


1. According to the waterproof performance selection

Using headphones in swimming pool and gym (especially underwater) requires headphones with high waterproof performance.


The waterproof performance of headphones is indicated by "IPX~", with higher numbers indicating greater waterproofing. The highest level is "IPX8".

The IP codes for waterproof performance are shown below for reference:

IPX0: This is not specially protected.

IPX1: Water droplets falling vertically will not harm it. (Drip-proof Type I)

IPX2: Water droplets within 15 degrees from vertical will not harm it. (Drip-proof Type II)

IPX3: Water droplets within 60 degrees from the vertical will not harm it. (Rainproof Type)

IPX4: No harmful effects from splashes from any direction (Splash-proof).

IPX5: No harmful effects from jets of water from any direction (Spray-proof).

IPX6: No harmful effects from strong water jets from any direction (Water Resistant).

IPX7: The interior will not be submerged even if it is temporarily submerged under constant water pressure (Seepage-proof Type).

IPX8: Even if it is continuously immersed in water for a while, there will be no water immersion inside (Submersible Type).

First, determine the level of waterproofing required for the sport you are going to do, and then choose the corresponding level of waterproofing.


If you're going to swim with your headphones on, you'll need to choose a higher number, such as "IPX8"

If you use it for underwater walking, the underwater walking headset will not be completely submerged in water, it only needs to meet the requirements of anti-splash water droplets. Then choose a lower number, such as "IPX4" which is sufficient.

The price of headphones tends to increase with the waterproof level, but don't worry, the price range doesn't change much.


If the headphones are not suitable for submersible headphones, if they are submerged in swimming pool and gym, they cannot be restored after being damaged, so even if the price is a little high, it is recommended that you choose the highest level of "IPX8" waterproof headphones as swimming pool headphones use.


2. According to the shape of the headphone selection

The shapes of swimming headphones can be divided into the following categories, each with its unique characteristics:

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(1) In-ear headphones: These headphones are designed like traditional earbuds that are inserted directly into the ear canal. The earbuds provide good sound quality and volume for swimming and are relatively waterproof. They generally come in earplugs that are adjustable in size or in sets of multiple different sizes of earplugs to fit different-sized ears.

(2) Neckband headphones: These headphones feature an elastic neckband that connects the two headphone units, which can be secured at the back of the neck for a stable wearing experience.  This design is particularly useful for swimmers and those engaging in vigorous exercise or needing to wear headphones for extended periods of time.

(3) Bone Conduction headphones: These headphones operate on a unique principle called bone conduction. Sound is transmitted to the back of the temporal bone through vibration, allowing swimmers to enjoy music and ambient sounds without directly inserting earbuds. They are a good option for swimmers who need to maintain their auditory perception or those with ear problems.

(4)  Headband headphones: These headphones have a headband that places the headphone unit above the ear. They can provide a stable wearing feeling and good sound quality and are suitable for high-intensity swimming training or competitions. Some headband headphones are also waterproof performance to protect the headphones from water.


Each shape of swimming headphone has its unique characteristics and applicable scenarios. Choosing the comfortable swimming headphone should take into account personal preference, comfort, sound quality needs, and the requirements of the swimming environment.


There are many types of headphones, in general, the "headphone integrated type" is more suitable for use in swimming pool and gym. Because the type of headphone has "stable underwater wearability", "uninterrupted sound" and "not falling off easily".

For Bluetooth-connected headphones, the smoothness of listening to music depends on the distance between the swimming pool and the paired device. If the distance is too far, the sound may be interrupted. With independent headphones, the headphones may fall out of the ears during exercise and cause headphones to be missing. So underwater headphones can store music, and the best choice is to have both earbuds connected.

Listening to music underwater, initially, you may worry about the headphones will be damaged if submerged in water, but after using them, you will be surprised by the stability of the headphones underwater and the clarity of the sound you hear.

3. According to the RAM capacity selection

The key to choosing headphones with built-in RAM is the RAM capacity of the headphones’  internal memory.

Because if the number of music tracks accommodated is low, it will not be satisfactory for those who are in the pool every week.

But if you change your music frequently, this isn't an issue.

Normally, it is best to have a larger memory capacity, so that you don't need to download frequently.

The benefits of wearing headphones to listen to music while swimming

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Let me explain the benefits of swimming while listening to music with headphones on.

(1) The advantage of listening to music while swimming is that it helps you relax and therefore swim better.

If you swim hard all the time, you will get tired very quickly. To swim long distances with ease, it's important to relax while swimming. Therefore you can relax by listening to music, to gain greater physical strength and swim farther.

You may think that wearing headphones underwater may be uncomfortable and hinder swimming, but in fact, choosing the right headphones for you will not be uncomfortable or hinder your performance in the water.


(2) The rhythm of the music allows you to find the rhythm of swimming

It is very important to maintain a stable rhythm during exercise. Only rhythmic exercise can continue to exercise smoothly for a long time.

If you swim hard and bump around, you will lose the rhythm of breathing and exercise, then gradually becomes breathless, so start by relaxing and maintaining a steady rhythm.

While listening to the music in the headphones, observe the rhythm of your swimming in your mind according to different music types. Observing your rhythm with the music helps to maintain a precise rhythm.

Senior swimming may feel tired if swimming for a long time, but listening to music with headphones can keep swimmers motivated while swimming, so it is highly recommended for those who want to increase their exercise distance.

(3) The waterproof headphones can also be used as earplugs in the swimming pool

It's surprising how many people don't wear earplugs when swimming in swimming pool and gym. Wearing earplugs properly while swimming can prevent water from getting in your ears and reduce your risk of otitis external and other ear problems.

No matter what activity you do in the gym, the most important thing is to keep yourself from trouble and from getting hurt.

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Precautions for using headphones in the gym pool

The main issue to be aware of when using headphones in the gym pool is that they can be distracting and make it difficult to hear your surroundings. So avoid using headphones when the swimming pool is crowded.

In addition, you need to be extra careful if you go to the gym in the morning or exercise when you're starving. If you exercise when your body lacks the energy it needs, exercising will further deplete your energy. Especially swimming involves both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, so make sure you get adequate nutrition before exercising.

Recommended waterproof headphones for swimming

Now let us introduce some recommended products for use while swimming. We've carefully selected models that are easy to use for swimming, and these headphones might be very different from the ones you use as daily basis headphones.


Wissonly Hi Runner--best choice

Wissonly bone conduction headphone is one of the few headphones with core bone conduction technology. Hi Runner has the best listening experience with clear sound and powerful volume. Built-in reverse sound wave system and fully enclosed design reduce 90% sound leakage. With IPx8 waterproof level certification, it has excellent waterproof and sweatproof performance, and it can normally work under a water depth of 20 meters. The headphone provides Bluetooth 5.0 connection and has 32g of RAM, which can store a large amount of music more than 5000. It is very friendly to trainers who don't like to download songs frequently. The battery capacity is 230mAh, which can play music continuously for 10 hours, and train with music for a whole day. They adopt magnetic charging, which is easy to clean, safer than USB charging, and more reliable.

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The headphones have ambient sound mode, and you can hear external sound even if wear headphones, so you can talk to a friend or coach while listening to music. It is undoubtedly very safe to use in a crowded environment. Waterproof IPX65/68 levels, suitable for many different sports scenes. But you must use the included swimming earbuds for the waterproof design to work properly. The battery life is 12 hours.

It is worth mentioning that It’s cool-looking and maybe you can often see it in swimming pools.

When designing the neckband shape, the resistance to water flow is taken into account, as well as the ergonomics, so it is comfortable to wear underwater and can be worn for long periods to remain comfortable. Besides the wireless and fit body, the Sports Walkman is guaranteed not to fall easily, even during the most strenuous physical activity. The NW-WS413 is small in size and easy to carry. Store hours of music with 4 GB RAM. Designed for athletes of all sports, it can be used in both salt and fresh water up to two meters deep. In addition to being sweat and dust resistant, it’s built to withstand the toughest workouts.

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The waterproof MP3 player of Tayog bone conduction headphones has 8GB of RAM and is a dedicated sports headphone for swimming, running, etc sports. These headphones use bone conduction technology which means use the ear bone part instead of the eardrum to hear the sound. In noisy places, it is necessary to use sponge earplugs to isolate the surrounding sound.

Tayogo bone conduction headphones have Bluetooth version 5.0, the transmission is more stable without delay, and it is compatible with IOS and Android OS. It has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. This is an all-in-one headphone, which is worn behind the neck. The skeleton lightweight headphone weighs only 32 grams, so you can wear it for a long time without felling uncomfortable. It is very suitable for long-distance swimming. And the headphones with excellent flexibility it can be highly adapted to the skull.

The international waterproof level is IPX8, so you don't have to worry about waterproofing in the swimming pool. Equipped with multi-function buttons for easy control of play, pause, skip, activate voice assistant, and answer calls. Built-in 200mAh large-capacity rechargeable battery, with up to 360 hours of standby time, 8 hours of talk time, and the charging time is only 2 hours.

This brand may be relatively unknown to everyone and rarely seen in gym pools, but it is a professional model with a good balance between price and performance.

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SYRYN Swimbuds

SYRYN Swimbuds sports headphones have excellent waterproof performance so they can work underwater. It uses special waterproof material and a sealed design to prevent moisture from penetrating the inside of the headphones providing stable sound quality and durability.

The headphones are equipped with a variety of sizes and types of ear tips. This heartful design is friendly to users of various ear shapes, ensuring comfortable wearing and a secure seal. You can choose the right earplugs according to your ear size to get the best sound quality and waterproof effect.

The SYRYN is a compact neckband headphone and easy to use. The waterproof level is IPX4, the headphones come with a convenient remote control, which allows you to easily control music playback, volume adjustment, and track switching underwater. It's also light in weight, so you can wear it without any pressure, even if you wear it for a long time in the swimming pool, your neck will not feel tired.

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The true wireless Bluetooth sports headphones launched by Beats, the white one has  good-looking, and the ear-hook version will not fall off easily. It is the best smart interaction among the three models. Equipped with an Apple H1 chip, it can perfectly match the iPhone, and Siri can also respond to the control. It can be said to be a simple sports version of Air pods, such as iPad and Mac. Voice calls, buttons to adjust the volume, and switching songs, it is easy for Apple mobile phone users!

Non-slip ear hooks, the ear hooks are adjustable, and can be matched with earplugs of different sizes. For users with small ears, the in-ear headphones usually wear out, and it is easy to replace them with these small earplugs + ear hook adapters.

In-ear sound quality is fair, and compare with the non-in-ear bone conduction it can cancel noise so the sound will sound clearer. However, if compare with others like AirPods, the sound quality is relatively average, to be honest. It still depends on what your needs are for buying headphones. After all, this is designed for sports.

However, it’s waterproof only IPX4, and it only supports Bluetooth mode and doesn’t support MP3, so it cannot be used for swimming. It is only a good choice for walking in the water.

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Enjoy swimming while listening to your favorite music

Waterproof headphones are the perfect pool goody for those who like to swim longer distances.

Waterproof headphones are also recommended when exercising in swimming pool and gym, such as walking in water, and are recommended for leg and foot rehabilitation.

I think if you listen to the music you like, you will be able to rehabilitate your back pain and knee pain more easily(rehab for back pain and knee pain more easily.)

Why not go to the gym pool for a change of normal life while listening to music?

Enjoy a elegant moment of exercise while following the rules of the gym.

Tip: Some gyms ban headphones to prevent problems. Check with your gym ahead of time if you can use headphones before you even consider using them.

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