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[2023] 16 Recommended Waterproof Headphones for Swimming, Showering

Sep 05,2023 | David

Waterproof headphones are designed to be used in environments such as rainy weather, showers, and swimming pools. In this article, we will discuss how to choose waterproof headphones and recommend some products.

 We carefully selected products from popular manufacturers such as Sony, Anker, and Wissonly! If you're interested in using headphones while swimming, keep on reading.

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Table of Contents

1. Check the Waterproof Performance First

2. How to Choose Waterproof Headphones

3. 16 Recommended Waterproof Headphones

   3.1 9 Recommended | Truly Wireless

   3.2 5 Recommended | Neckband Style

   3.3 2 Recommended | Bone Conduction

4. Q&A: Common Questions about Waterproof Headphones

First, Check the Waterproof Performance!

 Waterproof headphones are safe to use during activities like running, outdoor adventures, and water. The waterproof rating is usually indicated by "IPX" followed by a number from 0 to 8. For example, IPX0 means no waterproof performance, while IPX8 means the headphones can be fully submerged in water without damage. Let's take a closer look.

 "IPX4" and above suitable for everyday waterproof use, even in the rain.

"IPX4" is the rating for everyday waterproof use and protects against water splashes from any direction. "IPX6" means it can withstand strong water jets from all directions, making it suitable for rain and light water washes.

If you encounter sudden rain while running or get a little water splashed from a river, the waterproof performance of "IPX4" and "IPX5" will be sufficient. However, it's important to note that the waterproof performance only applies to fresh water, and there are no specifications for sweat, seawater, or salt-containing detergents.

 "IPX7" and "IPX8": Suitable for swimming pools and bathrooms.

If you want to use headphones in scenarios where they could be submerged, such as in a pool or bathtub, choose "IPX7" (able to withstand temporary submersion under constant water pressure) or "IPX8" (able to withstand continuous submersion). "IPX7" and "IPX8" are designed for situations like accidentally dropping them into the water, being immersed in water for cleaning, or in rivers and bathtubs. "IPX8" is sometimes referred to as fully waterproof. However, strictly speaking, it does not cover exposure to seawater, detergents, or hot springs.

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How to Choose Waterproof Headphones

 Let's look at the basics of choosing waterproof headphones. Here are the key points:

1. Sweat and Rust Resistance

2. Check the Sound Quality through Codecs

3. Consider the Headphone Design

4. Look at the Bluetooth Specifications

 By considering these points, you can have a more specific understanding of the features you desire. I will explain each point in detail.

 [1] Check for Sweat and Rust Resistance

 So far, we have focused on the "IPX" protection rating, which applies only to clean water and does not cover sweat or seawater. There is currently no unified industry standard for the amount of sweat during running or the degree of rust when immersed in seawater. However, some headphone manufacturers claim that their products have sweat and rust resistance features. If you want peace of mind, let's take a closer look at the waterproof performance of the products.

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[2] Check the Sound Quality through Codecs

 If you want to listen to music, of course, you would prefer headphones with better sound quality. Wireless headphones are typically connected to audio devices via Bluetooth. During this process, music data is compressed and converted using a mechanism called "codec" or "audio compression/transformation method." Sound quality can vary greatly depending on the performance, so I will introduce six commonly used codecs in the following.

 "SBC": Standard type, widely used for various devices.

"AAC": Compatible with iPhone and offers better sound quality and lower latency than SBC.

"aptX": Mainly used for Android devices, strikes a good balance between sound quality and latency.

"aptX LL": LL stands for Low Latency, the type with the minimum latency, suitable for activities like gaming and video watching.

"aptX HD": HD stands for High Definition, indicating high-resolution audio.

"LDAC": A format originally developed by Sony that supports high-resolution audio sources. It is compatible with some high-end Android devices.

 Check if your music player, including your smartphone, supports the same codecs as the headphones.

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[3] Choose Based on Headphone Design

 Waterproof headphones come in three designs: "True Wireless" with separate left and right earbuds, "Neckband Style" with integrated left and right headphones hanging on the neck, and "Bone Conduction" that transmits sound through bone vibrations and eardrums. Let's take a closer look at each design:

 True Wireless Headphones

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"True wireless headphones" refer to wireless headphones with separate left and right earbuds that do not require a cable connection to the audio source. Many products come with a dedicated charging case for convenient charging and storage.


- Comfortable and wireless usage

- Extended usage time with the charging case

- No touch noise

- Currently mainstream products with a wide range of options


- Many higher-priced products

- Requires charging

- Earbuds are separate, easy to misplace


Neckband Style Wireless Headphones

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Neckband-style headphones are worn with a neckband connecting the headphones, eliminating the need for a direct connection to an audio device.


- The connecting cable includes a microphone and remote control for convenient operation.

- Can be hung around the neck when not in use (no need to carry a charging case)

- Left and right connection, less likely to lose them


- Can generate touch noise

- Few products have noise-canceling functionality

Bone Conduction Headphones

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Bone conduction waterproof headphones transmit sound through bone vibrations and eardrums. Since they don't block the ear canal, you can "listen while listening," making it easier to be aware of surrounding sounds. They are great for activities like running, at the gym, as well as work and household scenarios.


- Listen to music while being aware of surrounding sounds

- Less sensation of pressure

- Less ear fatigue during extended usage


- Sound leakage

- Inferior sound quality

[4] Confirm Bluetooth Specifications

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Have you ever experienced intermittent sound when using headphones on a crowded train? This phenomenon occurs due to interference from surrounding radio waves. To mitigate audio interruptions, it's a good idea to choose headphones that support the latest Bluetooth specifications. The higher the number, the better the performance, and the latest specification is 5.3.

If you want to avoid audio interruptions, it is recommended to look for headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 or higher. This ensures stable communication and also helps save battery power.

 Checking the "class" of communication range is also necessary. For instance, if you place your phone in the living room and use wireless headphones in the bathroom, communication may not be possible if the "class" is low. The "class" is divided into three stages, each with different communication strengths. Class 1 has a maximum communication range of up to 100 meters, Class 2 has a maximum range of up to 10 meters, and Class 3 has a maximum range of up to 1 meter.

 Class 2 is sufficient for commuting purposes, but if you frequently use it in situations far away from your smartphone, it is recommended to choose headphones that support Class 1!


16 Waterproof Headphones Recommended

Here are a few recommended waterproof headphones:

  9 Recommendations | Completely Wireless

5 Recommendations | True Wireless

2 Recommendations | Bone Conduction


9 Recommendations | Completely Wireless


First, let me introduce some completely wireless headphones.

Recommendations | Completely Wireless waterproof headphones

 SONY "WF-1000XM4"

They are equipped with powerful noise cancellation for a high-resolution audio experience!

Featuring the "Integrated Processor V1" and industry-leading noise cancellation, they allow you to fully immerse yourself in music. In terms of audio quality, they support high-resolution audio with "LDAC," providing an exceptional audio experience. They also support quick charging, where 5 minutes of charging gives you 60 minutes of use. Since they have an IPX4 water resistance rating, you can use them without worrying about rain or sweat.

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Bose "QuietComfort Earbuds II"

They are the culmination of Bose's proud noise-cancellation technology!

This model features Bose's most advanced noise cancellation technology, "CustomTune," which suppresses noise based on the shape of your ear. In addition to adjustable noise cancellation levels, it enhances voice calls for clarity. With IPX4 water resistance, a battery life of up to 24 hours when used with the charging case, and touch controls for easy operation, it simplifies your daily usage.

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These waterproof headphones emphasize audio quality.

Equipped with True Response transducers that reproduce natural mid-range and delicate high frequencies. They utilize a codec that supports high-resolution audio sources, delivering impeccable sound quality. With an IPX4 water resistance rating for everyday use, they offer outstanding noise isolation through adaptive noise cancellation and hybrid noise cancellation, which automatically adjusts based on environmental noise levels. Their minimalist design, honored with the 2022 Red Dot Design Award, is highly attractive.

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ANKER "Soundcore Liberty 4"

They feature a 3D sound system.

As the flagship model of Soundcore, this headset offers exceptional functionality. It supports high-resolution audio and uses a gyroscope sensor to detect head tilts, providing a cinematic and immersive sound experience. With features like noise cancellation, ambient sound mode, and IPX4 water resistance, it is perfect for daily use.

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They have IP57 dust and water resistance!

With an IP57 rating, they are protected against dust and can withstand short-term immersion in water without damage. In terms of water resistance, they can be used for up to 30 minutes at depths of 15 to 100 centimeters, making them ideal for activities near water. The sound quality is well-balanced across the bass and treble, supporting various music genres such as jazz, rock, and pop. Additionally, it embodies the sophisticated design that Danish brands are known for.

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NUARL "N6 mini2SE"

They feature IPX7 waterproof and immersive sound quality!

Despite their compact size, they have high IPX7 water resistance. They also feature a unique "game mode" that achieves low-latency communication.

Furthermore, with the patented "HDSS" technology that reproduces immersive sound, you can enjoy three-dimensional and natural audio. With the charging case, they can be fully charged three times, providing up to 32 hours of playback!

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They provide customizable sound to suit personal preferences!

Equipped with high-performance 11mm audio drivers, they deliver clear highs and powerful lows. They allow personalized customization through 7 levels of noise cancellation, adjusting the level according to different scenarios. In addition to supporting fast charging and Qi wireless charging, they offer sound customization through a dedicated app and can simultaneously connect to two devices, making it a highly versatile option!

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AVIOT "TE-D01q2"

They feature the advantages of noise cancellation and long playtime!

With noise cancellation capabilities, they suppress environmental noise, allowing you to focus on the music. Despite being completely wireless, they offer continuous playback for up to 11.5 hours, so you can use them without worrying about battery life. They pay attention to earbud design and come in four sizes (SS~L) for excellent wearing comfort. Suitable for different ear sizes, you can enjoy music comfortably without worrying about discomfort or ear pain!

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They harness the technological expertise of a musical instrument manufacturer!

Featuring the unique "TRUE SOUND" that evokes emotional connections, they represent the highest level of products from Yamaha, a renowned musical instrument manufacturer. They incorporate the technical expertise possessed by instrument manufacturers, delivering the best sound quality for your music. With an IPX5 water resistance rating, they can be used without any issues even in rainy weather.

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Recommended 5 | True Wireless waterproof headphoens

Next, we will introduce some true wireless earbuds, which come in a pair so you don't have to worry about losing one. If you want to enjoy music while running or cycling, you can choose bone conduction-headphones that don't block your ear canal.

 SONY "Wireless Headphones (WI-C100)"

The most cost-effective true wireless option!

These headphones come with a long battery life, providing continuous playback for up to 25 hours without frequent charging. They support quick charging, with just a 10-minute charge giving you 60 minutes of playback. With an IPX4 rating for everyday water resistance, you can safely use them even in unexpected rain showers. Using the dedicated "Headphones Connect" app, you can customize the sound quality to your personal preference or enjoy immersive 360 Reality Audio. They are excellent value for the price.

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Captivating rugged design and deep bass!

They have a unique Xtreme Deep Bass Port that produces powerful sound and also features a bass boost mode, perfect for those who enjoy extra bass. They have a high durability factor and offer daily water resistance equivalent to IP55. It is ideal for users who prefer heavy usage.

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SONY Float Run (WI-OE610)

Lightweight and comfortable fit for enjoyable music!

With a truly wireless design and 16mm audio drivers, you can experience wide and immersive sound. They provide a gentle and almost pressure-free fit. They are suitable for long-duration use, making them perfect for remote work or household chores. With an IPX4 water resistance rating, you can use them while jogging.

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Jaybird "JBD-TR-001NGJ"

Designed for sports with sweat and water resistance!

These wireless earbuds are water-resistant with an IPX7 rating. Through unique evaluation standards, they achieve outstanding waterproof performance. Originally designed for sports and outdoor activities, they can deliver stable performance even in harsh conditions.

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radius "HP-S100BT"

IPX6 is rated to withstand unexpected harsh weather and sweat!

Featuring IPX6 water resistance, they prevent sweat and sudden rainwater from entering the earbuds. What's also appealing is that you can control the volume, skip tracks, and even answer calls directly on the earbuds themselves. Additionally, they have magnets, allowing you to hang them around your neck when not in use to prevent loss. They can be paired with up to 8 devices, making them perfect for those who want to use them flexibly with different devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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Recommended 2 | Bone Conduction waterproof headphones

Next up is waterproof bone conduction headphones introduction.

 Wissonly "Hi Runner" Bone conduction headphones

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These headphones transmit audio through the cheekbones, protecting your hearing without damaging the eardrums. Compared to traditional headphones, they have an open-ear design that helps users maintain awareness of their surroundings, ensuring a safer experience. Additionally, they weigh only 27 grams, highlighting their lightweight design. The earpiece material is made of soft and skin-friendly materials, ensuring comfortable long-term wear. With three contact points that conform to the skull (temples, earlobes, and the back of the head), they offer exceptional stability, even in turbulent water where they won't easily fall off!

Sound quality is a concern for some people, but the Hi Runner model provides an optimal listening experience with clear sound and powerful volume. With a fully enclosed body design and a reverse sound wave system, they reduce sound leakage by 90%. They have an IPX8 water resistance rating, allowing you to use them up to 20 meters underwater. The earbuds offer Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, with a range of 15 meters underwater. Bluetooth is known to have unstable signals underwater, and when swimming away from the connected device, the Bluetooth connection may be interrupted. In such cases, the MP3 mode is useful as they allow you to listen to downloaded music from the earbuds, unaffected by distance, ensuring stable sound. With 32GB of memory, they can store over 5000 songs, providing ample space for all your favorite tracks. The Wissonly bone conduction headphones have a battery capacity of 230mAh, offering up to 10 hours of continuous music playback. They also feature magnetic charging technology, fully charging within 2 hours.

 Shokz "OpenRun Pro"

Bone conduction headphones that allow you to hear ambient sounds!

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These bone conduction-headphones allow you to enjoy music without blocking your ears. They incorporate the latest bone conduction technology, delivering deep bass and clear mid-high frequencies. In addition to being able to hear ambient sounds, they also feature IPX7 water resistance, making them ideal for workout scenarios. With a maximum battery life of 8 hours and support for fast charging (90 minutes of playback with just 10 minutes of charging), they provide a convenient listening experience.


 【Q&A】Common Questions About Waterproof Headphones

 Can waterproof headphones be used in the bathtub?

Waterproof headphones can be used in the bathtub. However, when using them in the bathtub, please choose headphones with a waterproof rating of "IPX7" or higher.

It's worth noting that the waterproof rating indicates durability against pure water and does not take into account the resistance to cleansers such as shampoo. Please be sure to use them safely.

Using headphones with lower waterproof performance can not only cause damage but also pose risks such as electric leakage and electric shock. Therefore, it is important to be cautious!

 What type of waterproof headphones do you recommend?

We recommend choosing headphones that meet your needs by checking the "IPX~" value (ranging from 0 to 8) in the waterproof rating. For example, if you only need mild waterproof performance, a rating of "IPX5" or below is sufficient. On the other hand, if you want the performance of a daily waterproof rating, "IPX5" or higher is recommended. Additionally, if you plan to use them in a swimming pool or bathtub, then headphones with an "IPX8" rating are most suitable. The article has introduced some recommended products, so you can serve them as references for selecting the appropriate product!


【Summary】Choose the Suitable "IPX Value" Based on Usage Scenarios

This article has provided methods for selecting waterproof headphones and recommended products. When choosing waterproof headphones, it is important to pay attention to the differences in waterproof ratings. The "IPX~" value is the criterion for judgment.

Carefully consider your usage scenarios, confirm if the required "IPX value" is sufficient, and ensure that the headphones meet other needs such as sweat resistance, dust resistance, and stability. Choose waterproof headphones that are suitable for you.

Among the three types of waterproof headphones recommended in this article, bone conduction headphones offer the best waterproof performance, wearing experience, and underwater sound quality, making them highly recommended. The Wissonly Hi Runner, with an IPX8 waterproof rating and features like an MP3 mode (built-in 32GB storage), is an excellent choice.