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11 Best Swimming Headphones | Waterproof/Underwater/Wireless/All-in-One

Sep 05,2023 | David

Do you want to listen to music while exercising in the swimming pool with headphones on? You can use waterproof wireless headphones connected to a music player via Bluetooth to listen to music while swimming. This time, we will introduce headphones recommended for use in the swimming pool that have waterproof features for underwater use.

Table of Contents

1. How to Choose Headphones Suitable for Swimming in the Pool

2. 11 Headphones for Swimming in the Pool Recommended

3. Comparison Table of Recommended Headphones for Swimming in the Pool

4. Conclusion

How to Choose Headphones Suitable for Swimming in the Pool?

After becoming a working adult, opportunities to exercise decrease significantly. You may have more office work or simply no time for physical activities. That’s why more and more people go to the gym after work or on their days off.

While there are various exercises you can do at the gym, walking and swimming in the pool are stable and popular because you can exercise without excessive movement due to buoyancy.

If you can listen to your favorite music while swimming or walking in the water, just like when walking or running, you will enjoy exercising more and be able to relax both physically and mentally.

What kind of headphones should you choose to listen to music in the pool? Next, we will introduce the features of headphones suitable for use in the pool.

Feature 1: High Waterproof Performance for Pool Use

When it comes to the features of headphones suitable for the swimming pool, the first thing to mention is their waterproof performance. Many headphones are waterproof even for daily use, but there is a difference in waterproof performance between headphones that can be used in the pool and those for regular use. The waterproof performance of music players is usually indicated by “IPX○”.

This may not be commonly known, but headphones with waterproof capabilities have this indication. The digit corresponding to ○ represents the level of waterproof performance, with a higher number indicating better waterproof performance. For example, with an IPX7 waterproof performance, even if they are “temporarily immersed in water,” they will not be submerged inside.

With IPX8, even if they are “continuously immersed in water,” they will not be submerged inside. Therefore, if you want to swim in the pool, it is more appropriate to choose a product with a higher number. If it’s just for walking, it is sufficient to have the performance of being able to be temporarily immersed in water. First, determine whether you want to swim in the pool or engage in activities like walking in the water, and then choose swimming headphones with waterproof capabilities. If you want to start with walking in the water and try swimming later, I recommend buying products with higher numbers.

Feature 2: Headphone Shape Varies Based on the Intensity of Movement

There are various headphone shapes available on the market today. You can see people wearing different types of headphones when riding the subway. For headphones used in daily life, everyone can choose the shape they like or the shape that fits their ears without any problems. However, when using headphones in the pool, it is more reliable to choose headphones based on the application.

This is because the environment where headphones are used during water walking and formal swimming is different. There is a saying, “The right person in the right place,” and the same applies when choosing headphones for use in the pool. You need to choose headphones based on the level of activity to ensure that you can hear the music even after purchasing the headphones.

If it’s just water walking, even separate music players and headphones can be used. However, for swimming, it is best to use an all-in-one product with a music player and headphones integrated.

Regarding swimming, the depth of submergence is important. If you separate the music player and headphones when the water is deep, even if the inside is not submerged intermittently, the wireless signal may not reach, and you may not be able to hear the sound. Therefore, if you want to swim, I recommend first checking the water depth of the gym or facility swimming pool you use and then purchasing the appropriate headphones.

Feature 3: Unique Functions of Headphones for Pool Use

By choosing headphones with unique functions for pool use, you will be able to easily see your exercise data and maintain high motivation.

What are the unique functions of headphones for swimming pool use? The unique functions of headphones for pool use refer to the ability to record swimming distances, calorie consumption, and other functions, just like a pedometer. If you can see these numbers, you can set goals more easily and plan your workouts.

When you know you are making progress step by step, you will enjoy water walking and swimming even more. Headphones that not only add music to otherwise monotonous underwater walking and swimming but also help you achieve your goals can be like your personal cheerleader, encouraging and supporting you.

Exercise is exercise, no matter how light the burden is. Swimming can be said to be a lonely battle in a sense, but by adding music and visible numbers to swimming, you can continue to exercise.

Precautions for Using Headphones in the swimming Pool:

We’ve already covered the features of headphones suitable for swimming and water-based activities, and now we’d like to address some important considerations when using headphones. Before purchasing headphones and getting ready to use them, it’s crucial to be mindful of your surroundings. If you’re heading to the gym or the swimming pool, make sure to check whether these places prohibit or restrict the use of headphones.

If you’re using the pool alone, then there’s no problem. However, in gyms, the facilities are shared spaces, so some places may have rules against using headphones while swimming. I understand why you might think it’s not a big deal, as you may not be playing music loudly. However, some people might worry that electronic devices being submerged in water could lead to electrical shock or that lubricants from the devices could leak out.

In such situations, it’s essential not to only consider avoiding being caught but to comply with the gym or facility’s rules and restrictions. The key is not only to enjoy your workout while listening to music but also to ensure that others around you can exercise comfortably.

11 Headphones for Swimming in the Pool Recommended

Here are my recommendations for waterproof music players suitable for the swimming pool. I hope you can consider the price, performance, and design to find the product that best suits your preferences.

Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction swimming headphones

Wissonly’s bone conduction headphones are meticulously designed by their team of engineers and designers to conform to the natural shape of the human skull. These open-ear headphones feature three anchor points that fit snugly around your temples, earlobes, and the back of your head, ensuring a secure fit that won’t easily come off while swimming. Utilizing the latest bone conduction technology, they transmit audio through the cheekbones rather than the air, protecting your hearing without damaging the eardrums. The Hi Runner model provides an exceptional listening experience with clear sound and powerful volume. Equipped with a reverse soundwave system and a fully enclosed body design, these headphones reduce sound leakage by up to 90%.

These open-style Wissonly sports headphones hold an IPX8 waterproof certification, making them suitable for swimming, running, exercising, cycling, hiking, diving, and other outdoor activities. With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, they can easily pair with most brands of smartphones and computers, and their effective underwater connection range is 15 meters. As we know, Bluetooth signals can be unreliable underwater, and when swimming, as you move away from the connected device, the connection may drop. This is where the MP3 mode comes in handy, allowing you to listen to music downloaded onto the headphones’ 32GB of memory without being affected by distance, ensuring stable sound. The 230mAh battery capacity of Wissonly’s bone conduction headphones allows for continuous music playback for up to 10 hours. They charge using magnetic suction technology, taking only 2 hours to fully charge, and are also waterproof and dustproof.

Weight: 27 grams

Type: In-ear

Waterproof Rating: IPX8

Sony NW-WS623 swimming headphones

As Sony’s waterproof music player, these are all-in-one headphones that can be used while swimming and also supports Bluetooth connectivity. This means you can not only play music from their built-in storage but also listen to music from your smartphone or tablet. With long battery life, they can play for up to 12 hours, and just 3 minutes of quick charging gives you 1 hour of playback time. A full charge takes 1.5 hours, and they can be used in extreme temperatures from -5 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius, as well as being submerged in water up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes. Additionally, they are equipped with a microphone for calls, allowing you to enjoy hands-free conversations by connecting them to your smartphone. These headphones are not only suitable for use in the pool but also for everyday use, making them a good choice for those who don’t want to buy headphones exclusively for sports.

Weight: 32 grams

Type: In-ear

Waterproof Rating: IPX5/8

H2O Audio TRI swimming headphones

The H2O Audio TRI is an MP3 player that connects via Bluetooth and boasts an IPX8 waterproof rating. It supports both MP3 mode and Bluetooth connection and can play music continuously for 6 hours. You can wrap the flexible neckband around your neck to provide stable support and prevent them from falling off during any movement or exercise. Featuring an open-ear design and the latest bone conduction technology, the H2O TRI headphones provide all-day comfort while helping you stay aware of your surroundings and achieve your training goals.

Type: In-ear

Waterproof Rating: IPX8

Sony NW-WS413 swimming headphones

The Sony NW-WS413 is a USB-rechargeable in-ear swimmer’s headphone with an IPX5/8 waterproof rating, suitable for swimming, surfing, and other water activities. However, you must use the included swim earbuds for the waterproof design to function properly. With 4GB of memory, a full charge provides up to 12 hours of use. These headphones have a unique shape but offer a lightweight and comfortable fit due to their soft and lightweight materials.

Their distinctive digital music player is perfect for active lifestyles, whether you’re working out at the gym, enjoying outdoor adventures, or even swimming. With a wireless and hands-free experience, you can fully immerse yourself in the moment without distractions. The ergonomic design ensures long-lasting comfort, and they are guaranteed never to fall off, even during intense physical activities. These sporty Walkman headphones can be used in both saltwater and freshwater, even in depths of up to two meters. In addition to being sweat and dust-resistant, these sports-style Walkman headphones can endure the most rigorous training.

Weight: 32 grams

Type: In-ear

Waterproof Rating: IPX5/8

Tayogo All-in-One Waterproof MP3 Player Headphones

Tayogo has produced a headphone and MP3 player all in one. They are of the behind-the-head type and almost weightless when worn. Not only are they waterproof, but they are also dustproof and heat-resistant, making them a great option for those seeking a durable product. They are equipped with LED lights, providing clear battery level indication when low.

Due to their behind-the-head design, you may need to raise your arms a bit while playing or skipping songs, which may be slightly inconvenient for those with limited mobility.

Weight: 32 grams

Type: Behind-the-head

Waterproof Rating: IPX8

NUARL Wireless swimming Headphones NT01A-BG

Through Bluetooth connectivity, you can listen to music stored in NUARL’s wireless headphones from music players, smartphones, or tablets. They have a slightly lower waterproof rating of IPX4, but they can handle a bit of wetness, such as when you have wet hands. If you’re not into swimming but enjoy water activities like water walking, these headphones would be a good option.

These small headphones offer up to 10 hours of continuous playtime, making them perfect for listening to music during your commute and then going for a water walk afterward. However, they are on the higher-priced side, so consider your purchase carefully.

Weight: 220 grams

Type: Wireless

Waterproof Rating: IPX4

JBL Endurance Race swimming headphones

JBL PURE BASS SOUND wireless headphones feature 6mm dynamic, drivers, delivering bold sound and rich bass. They come with multiple earbud sizes for the best fit. With a battery life of up to 30 hours, the headphones provide 10 hours of playback, and the charging case offers an additional 20 hours of playtime. A quick 10-minute charge gives you an extra hour of workout time.

Waterproof and comfortable, these Bluetooth headphones are certified with IP67 dust and water resistance, allowing you to move freely from the beach to the boardroom. They are fully waterproof and can withstand immersion up to 1 meter. Moreover, they have twist-lock enhancers to ensure the earbuds never get damaged or fall off, even during the most rigorous activities. Additionally, they come with a microphone and voice assistant, enabling perfect stereo calls through dual beamforming microphones.

Weight: 57 grams

Type: In-ear

Waterproof Rating: IPX7

Shokz OpenSwim swimming headphones

Shokz OpenSwim holds patents for its bone conduction technology, which transmits audio through the cheekbones, allowing for comfort and awareness of the surrounding environment, both in and out of the water. Using 4GB of built-in MP3 storage space (enough for up to 1,200 songs), you can load your favorite tunes and dive into your workout. One drawback is that they are not compatible with Bluetooth or audio streaming services.

With a continuous 8-hour high-quality audio experience, the Shokz OpenSwim headphones are completely waterproof, working both in and out of the water. You can wear them while diving up to 2 meters deep for 2 hours. Their open-ear design provides a headphone-free listening experience and keeps the earbuds securely in place with every stroke.

Weight: 376 grams

Type: In-ear

Waterproof Rating: IPX8

FINIS Duo swimming headphones

The FINIS Duo has 4GB of internal memory, allowing you to store up to 1,000 music tracks. It lacks Bluetooth connectivity and can only play music files directly transferred to the headphones, making it suitable for standalone use while swimming. They have an IPX8 waterproof rating, allowing them to be used in depths of up to 3 meters. With a battery life of up to 7 hours and excellent audio quality, the headphones feature simple buttons on the top for easy control of music playback, track switching, and volume adjustments during swimming or other water activities. However, they lack Bluetooth connectivity.

Weight: 46 grams

Type: In-ear

Waterproof Rating: IPX8

Mojawa swimming headphones

These headphones boast 32GB of memory, capable of storing over 2,000 songs and dozens of audiobooks. Their design consists of a longitudinal cabin body and ergonomic ear hooks, providing additional support to the ears for improved stability, even during freestyle swimming at high speeds.

You can adjust the EQ equalizer through the app and switch to underwater sound effects, enhancing the overall sound quality with their wide-frequency diaphragms and directional sound technology. Moreover, these headphones have good versatility, remaining steady when used for running or riding a bike, effectively reducing wind noise. Overall, they can handle nearly all sports scenarios, making them a rarity among headphones.

However, they do have some drawbacks. When listening to music while swimming, the environmental noise can be quite significant. You need to wear earplugs while swimming; otherwise, the noise can make it challenging to hear the music. The sound quality is still acceptable with earplugs on. Additionally, there might be instances of accidentally adjusting the volume or changing the playback order underwater.

Weight: 28 grams

Type: In-ear

Waterproof Rating: IPX8

H2O Audio Sonar PRO swimming headphones

The H2O Audio Sonar PRO boasts a large battery capacity, providing over 7 hours of playback time. With the H2O Audio app, you can manage your music, podcasts, and recordings, either through the app or by dragging and dropping from your computer. They seamlessly connect to any Bluetooth device (iOS and Android), with a wireless Bluetooth range of approximately 3 inches underwater. However, they are on the heavier side, offering slightly less comfort for extended wear, and they must be used with goggles as they cannot be worn on the ears.

Weight: 141.7 grams

Type: In-ear

Waterproof Rating: IPX8


Today, music players can cater to various music experiences in different scenarios. In the past, the idea of swimming while listening to music seemed unimaginable. However, with the availability of waterproof MP3 players and waterproof music players that offer excellent waterproof performance, you can now fully enjoy music during water activities with some research. If you have a computer or a smartphone, finding the necessary information becomes easy.

When choosing swimming headphones, consider three key factors: waterproof performance, shape, and functionality. Add the price into the equation, and you can find the perfect waterproof music player or waterproof MP3 player that suits your needs. Remember to adhere to the guidelines and restrictions in certain places, so you can make the most of your swimming and water activities with music.

For me, choosing from all four, I chose the Wissonly Hi Runner it’s can suit all the occasions I needed.