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Best Running Headphones: Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds Review

Oct 30,2023 | David

Jaybird, as a brand that produces and sells sports wireless headphones and sports watches, has a variety of products that are loved by runners, especially the Jaybird Run wireless Bluetooth earbuds have received a lot of media attention and reports recently, so how is the actual experience of using it? Only users who have used it know the answer. Therefore, this post collects some real reviews from users on Amazon to answer the question for reference.

r/HeyNewGadget - Best Running Headphones: Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds Review

Product Information about Jaybird Run:

r/HeyNewGadget - Best Running Headphones: Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds Review

Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds Reviews from Users

Product name: Jaybird Run

Price: $96

Rating: 3.7 (out of 5)

Where to buy: Amazon.com or Official Website

Review 1: ★★★★★

These air buds are great , stay in as I cross train running biking and push ups an hour long session and they stay in my ears with no slip. I have read reviews saying they cut in and out, I’ve used these while listening to sound cloud for two hours with no interference or cutting out while running. I used them while listening to music on you tube and cut out twice for a second I hit pause on the app / you tube then play and both buds resumed . I feel it’s the you tube app cutting in and out not the buds , highly recommend as I researched this product for a month before my purchase.

Review 2: ★★★★☆

These are the best true wireless headphones that I have tried so far for running. The fit is awesome. I have a bit of cauliflower ear so it hard to not have a pair that don't attach to my head in some way. The sound is great for running once you customize it with the app. The auto sink option is cool, but it does not work for people who use the buds on multiple devices. The case is tight on the buds so that the pressure always pushes them correctly in place to always charge. The case button is too sensitive though. It opens in my pocket sometimes an then auto sinks to my phone. Battery life is great for my life. I don't use them for long periods of time when I put them on. It's more an hour here. 30 mins there. I love them.

r/HeyNewGadget - Best Running Headphones: Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds Review

Review 3: ★★★☆☆

Sound quality is not good, but I bought these because of the high waterproof rating. After just over one year I started running again, and after just a month or so the left earbud stopped charging, likely because of water damage. Very disappointed that the IPX10 "sweatproof" rating did not hold up during running.

Review 4: ★★☆☆☆

Don't typically write reviews. The earbuds are OK. They come with a lot of attachments for different size options and the sound quality is fine for my running, nothing special. I had my buds for about 2 years. All of a sudden the left ear bud wouldn't charge. The LED indicator light on the case would light up for the case and the right bud, but not the left bud. I e-mailed JayBird and they gave me instructions on how to clean and reset the buds. After all attempts failed, they made me send pictures of the serial number, the case, the buds, etc. After many e-mails they said there's nothing they can do and won't send a replacement. They offered me a discount coupon for another order, like I would give them my business again for my running.

Review 5: ★☆☆☆☆

These headphones are advertised for runners, however i cannot wear them with any impact activity. They fall out of my ears while i am standing still, and i have tried all combinations of attachments. The headphone cut in and out often, and disconnect any time someone runs between me and my phone. The headphones will disconnect if i am more than 5 ft away from my phone while running. I am incredibly disappointed in this product. My $30 pair of wireless headphones work much better.

Review 6: ★★★☆☆

I really loved these earbuds for running or walking. Six months ago (when they were a year old), I would have given them five stars. I couldn't have told you how long the battery lasted, but probably at least two hours. But now, 18 months into owning them, the battery only lasts about 45 minutes. I can't even complete my beach run or gym routine without the battery dying on me. When I first take them out of the case, they say "Fully Charged" and about 45 minutes later, they say "Battery Low" and cut themselves off. Great product at first, but too expensive to only last 18 months.

r/HeyNewGadget - Best Running Headphones: Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds Review

Review 7: ★★★★☆

Basically the sound is good for running during workouts, you get different size sleeves to adjust fit, but they don't always connect easily to my phone's bluetooth even after re-pairing and if you only want to use one bud at a time for running, it always has to be the right one. If you want to use just the left one, then you have to keep the right one in a pocket or somewhere but not in the recharging case. I'm guessing the right one is the master for the bluetooth connection.

Review 8: ★★☆☆☆

I bought these as back up to my Jaybird Vista 2s used for running. These sound terrible, are unstable (pairing), and fall out of my ears. The vistas are much better. I have worn those daily at work and running on the weeking without issue. Get the Vista 2s instead of these. They are more expensive but worth it. These are not.

Review 9: ★★★★★

I was a little hesitant after reading some reviews about the bluetooth connection..i guess different variables come into play depending on your surroundings while running...well i live in a land of monsterous 2 story skyscrapers so interference is not an issue...the sound quality, once you find what you like through the app, is mind blowing to me while running outdoors but i am hard of hearing...

r/HeyNewGadget - Best Running Headphones: Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds Review

Review 10: ★☆☆☆☆

Go ahead and buy Skullcandy's new buds, take the extra $80 you saved, exchange it for pennies. Put them in a sock. Smash your new Skullcandy buds to pieces. You now have an equally functional set of earbuds for running. These things are the worst buds I've ever experienced. They shut off if you sweat, which is problematic for runners. They freeze all the time and don't shut off or turn on. They require a bulky case to reset and fix this. I can't say how many times 2 miles into my running the just stop. Waste of cash and customer service was no help.

For most of the users, these earbuds make them feel satisfied, but this earbuds also make some users feel disappointed because these earbuds are not fully waterproof when worn for running, which is inconvenient for runners. And there are also problems with the charging device of these earbuds, which does not last exceed two years of use. Therefore, these earbuds are not recommended for running.

Alternatively, for runners, you can find a suitable sports headphones in the electronic market. We recommend more practical and affordable alternatives to bone conduction headphones, and the Wissonly Hi Runner is a good 1 recommendation!

r/HeyNewGadget - Best Running Headphones: Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds Review

Recommended reasons:

Wissonly bone conduction headphones are recognized by the market with its leading bone conduction vibrator technology. Their team has accumulated more than 10 years in the field of bone conduction technology, which has been affirmed in terms of product quality and hearing protection effect.

Wissonly Hi Runner is the bone conduction headphones with an ear-hanging design that weighs less than 30 grams and does not feel a sense of burden when worn for running. Its surface is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material that is very safe and comfortable. Plus, its overall frame is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel material, which is strong in bending resistance, firmly worn, and will not easily fall off when running. It can be well worked with sunglasses and sun cap for running.

r/HeyNewGadget - Best Running Headphones: Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds Review

These headphones also support dual playback of Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode. If you have no signal on your smartphone or if it is inconvenient for you to carry it while running outdoors, you can use it completely as an MP3 player to enjoy music. It has a very powerful performance, with 32GB of large memory, which can store 5000 songs and is compatible with IOS and Android systems.

It also has an IPX8 waterproof rating and can be used normally during running when it rains or sweats. It allows you to run without the headphones being unusable due to sweat erosion, giving you a better experience. If you are looking for a pair of headphones with strong battery life, the Wissonly Hi Runner is a good choice for you as it can listen to music continuously up to 10 hours at a normal volume and is suitable for hours to hours outdoor running.

r/HeyNewGadget - Best Running Headphones: Jaybird Run Wireless Earbuds Review

Besides, the open-ear design of this headphone allows you to hear the surrounding sound while running outdoors or in gyms, making it safer and more hygienic. The only downside is that it is easy to hear wind noise while running. However, safety is the most important factor for runners, and bone conduction headphones do that very well. Compared to other brands of headphones, these headphones are high cost performance and worth buying at only $99.99.