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Are Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones A Stupid Tax Product and What Are The Harms of Them?

Mar 06,2023 | David

Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are undoubtedly the most favored electronic products in the past 2 years, and their popularity speed is much faster than people's expectations. Whether you're running, cycling, or working out, you always see some people wearing bone conduction headphones to enjoy music while exercising. So, this popular product, does it have to be a good product? Or an stupid tax product?

Are Bluetooth bone conduction headphones an stupid tax product?

First of all, the conclusion is that Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are not stupid tax products, they are indeed a revolutionary product. They and traditional headphones have a huge difference in sound transmission method. And this difference makes them more suitable for wearing in sports.


(1) Revolutionary sound transmission method: We all know traditional headphones rely on air to transmit sound while Bluetooth bone conduction headphones rely on bones to transmit sound, and their sound transmission path is shorter ,and that they are better for the ear.

(2) Revolutionary wearing method: We no longer need to stuff the headphones into the ears, nor to put them to cover the ears, but to hang the headphones on the pinna. This wearing method is more comfortable, and better protects the eardrum and ear canal.

(3) Suitable for more scenes: listening to songs during exercise, but at the same time also sensing the surrounding environmental sounds, avoiding danger.

The above characteristics show that Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are indeed another kind of headphones different from traditional headphones, and that they do create new value and are not a stupid tax product.Some people worry about their harms,this is completely unnecessary.

What are the harms of Bluetooth bone conduction headphones?

Conclusion first, Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are almost harmless, they are one of the healthiest headphones. I analyze the impact of bone conduction on hearing, the brain, bones, and other aspects.

1: damage to hearing? rumor!

Bluetooth bone conduction headphones damage hearing, this is a complete rumor! In fact, they can be said to be the headphones with the lowest hearing loss. They do not need to pass through the eardrum to transmit sound, and there is no damage to the eardrum. Their vibration waves are gentle and stable, and will not harm the cochlea.

2: damage the brain? rumor!

Bluetooth bone conduction headphones can damage the brain, another big rumor. It is believed that there are electromagnetic waves in the headphones, and electromagnetic waves will inevitably cause damage to the brain nerves. In fact, electromagnetic waves are ubiquitous in nature. Any electronic product has electromagnetic waves, and high-intensity electromagnetic waves will indeed cause damage to the auditory nerve and brain nerves. However, the electromagnetic waves of bone conduction headphones are very weak, which is comparable to the strength of electromagnetic waves that exist in nature, so they will not damage the brain.

3: damage to bones? rumor!

They transmit sound by bone vibration, but the vibration intensity is so small that it will not damage the bone at all. At present, there is no record of any Bluetooth bone conduction headphones damaging bones.

4: lead to temple pain? there are individual differences

Some people have mentioned that their temples are sore after wearing Bluetooth bone conduction headphones for a long time. This situation has a lot to do with the wearer's physique, mainly trigeminal neuralgia caused by the individual's physique.

Therefore, Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are not harmful to health, on the contrary, they are the healthiest headphones. They are also safer and more hygienic to use and more comfortable to wear, which is why they have become more and more popular in recent years.


Bluetooth bone conduction headphones are becoming more and more popular among young people,and more and more brands join this field.So, which brand is the best?In my opinion, those brands that have accumulated technology in this field are trustworthy.Below, I have sorted out some good Bluetooth bone conduction headphones brands, and recommend them to you. I hope they can help.

1. Wissonly Hi Runner Bluetooth bone conduction headphones


Recommended reason:

Wissonly team has relatively strong technical strength. They have 10 years of experience in bone conduction product research and development, which is the basis for making good products. Wissonly focuses on the concept of healthy enjoyment of good sound quality. The headphone brand features no harm to the ears, and it is also the first brand to propose the concept of not listening to songs in the ear. Wissonly’s completely not-in-ear design reduces the damage to the eardrum. Its surface is made of silicone skin-friendly material, which is very safe and comfortable to wear.

Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones have made a lot of improvements in sound quality and anti-sound-leakage. The official claimed that its sound quality has reached the Hi-Fi level. I have measured it and think that the sound quality is indeed good, but that it does not really reach the Hi-Fi sound quality, and that it can only be said it is very close the level. Such sound quality,in the field of bone conduction headphones,it is good enough that I have not yet encountered a product that can surpass it in sound quality. In order to solve the problem of sound leakage, Wissonly developed fully closed anti-sound-leakage technology. It improved the vibration unit, body design, software optimization and other directions, and finally it reduced the sound leakage effect by 90%.

Other performance are also very good, such as its 32G memory, IPX8 waterproof level, 5.0 Bluetooth connection protocol, 10 hours of ultra-long battery life, etc.. You can go to its official website for this.


2.Philips A7607 Bluetooth bone conduction headphones


Recommended reason:

The sounding unit of the 7607 bone conduction headphone use a 17mm vibrator, which makes its sound have good penetrating power. What makes me even more surprised is that Philips A7607 is equipped with LED night run lamp at the rear of the its body, which has three kinds of brightness that can be switched. It is suitable for wearing at night, which can make people around you perceive their own position and further increase the safety factor. The waterproof performance of IPX6 grade is fully qualified for waterproof work in daily life, and even can withstand a small amount of rain intrusion.

3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO Bluetooth bone conduction headphones


Recommended reason:

The body of the Openrun Pro weighs only 26g, and it adopts Qualcomm QCC3024 low-energy chip +PremiumPitch 2.0 improved double suspension vibration transmission system and suspension damping technology, CVC call noise reduction algorithm and double silicon microphone. The battery life lasts for 8 hours, and the charging method is magnetic charging. The charging interface has a liquid residue detection function to ensure that it has a good waterproof performance. Its waterproof grade is IP67, and there is no problem with normal sweat. A short period of rain can be used, but it can't be used for swimming.

4.Earsopen peace tw-1 Bluetooth bone conduction headphones


Recommended reason:

The wearing style of Peace TW-1 bone conduction headphones is very unique. It adopts a clip-on wearing method, has a certain stability in wearing, even if in strenuous exercise it can be stably clamped on the auricle. The weight of the body is 9g, during the wearing process, it will not feel heavy. IP67 waterproof rating helps it to be worn outdoors in rainy days easily, and daily sweating is not a problem at all to it, but it can not be used in swimming.

The disadvantage is that its clip-on wearing method may cause discomfort after wearing it for a long time.

5. vidonn F3 Bluetooth bone conduction headphones


Recommended reason:

The weight of this bone conduction headphone is only 29g, and there is comfortable when it is used, whether it is hanging on the neck or hanging on the ear for a long time. The charging port of F3 headphones is a universal standard MICRO-USB interface. The charging port is waterproof with a soft rubber plug, which is not connected to the body, so there is a risk of loss. The disadvantage is that the sound quality is average, and the sound leakage is serious.

Among the above five Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, Wissonly and Philip are my favorites. Their products are of excellent quality. In contrast, if I have to choose one, I will choose Wissonly because it has better cost performance.