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What Are Bone Conduction Earphones and Can Their Damage Hearing?

Feb 20,2023 | David

What are bone conduction earphones?

Bone conduction earphones are headphones in which the sound generating unit is attached to temples. Their vocal units convert sound into mechanical vibrations, which cause bone vibrations, and transmit the sound to the auditory nerve.

How do bone conduction earphones work?

Before understanding the principles of bone conduction earphones, we need to review our middle school physics to understand the three mediums for sound transmit: air, solids, and liquids. Air conduction is what we know most about, such as ordinary conversation is the case that sound transmit through air. When your place ear to the railway, and when a train comes in the distance, you can hear the sound, which is the case of sound transmission by solid. When we dive, we can hear the sound of the engine of a ship in the distance, which is the case of sound transmission by liquid.

Can bone conduction earphones damage hearing?

Bone conduction earphones are usually less harmful to the ears, but if used for a long time and at excessive volume, hearing damage can occur.

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