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Noise Canceling Over-Ear Wireless Headphones:Skullcandy hesh anc review

Nov 28,2023 | David

In recent years, with the popularization of Bluetooth headphones and the continuous development of audio technology, consumers have higher and higher requirements for Bluetooth headsets. The Hesh series from the American Lifestyle headset brand "Skullcandy" welcomes new members, which is the active noise reduction version of Hesh ANC.It is worth mentioning that Hesh ANC is equipped with active noise reduction function, which can bring users their own quiet space. The emergence of this headset is to provide an unprecedented wireless experience for consumers who pursue high-quality music.There are many review articles about it on the Internet, but they are all third parties. In this article, we will review it from a new perspective: the real review of users. Because only people who have used it know how it actually feels.

Product parameter:


Package Dimensions:9.13 x 7.48 x 5.59 inches
Item Weight:1.3 pounds
Item model number:S6HHW-B957
Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Battery Life:22 Hours
Number Of Items:1
Form Factor:Over Ear

Skullcandy hesh anc review from users:

Product name:Hesh ANC Price: $119.69
Rating: 4.1 Where to buy: Amazon or official website.


User review 1:
User:Art Nation:United States
“The Skullcandy brand has always been associated with music, fashion and action-oriented lifestyles. Now they are improving their quality game with higher-end noise-cancelling headphones. I always judge headphones from the standpoint of a creator and composer. The Skullcandy Hesh ANC Over-Ear Wireless Headphones have been an absolute game-changer for my music analysis process. The high-quality audio, backed by 40mm drivers, is noteworthy, delivering not just powerful bass but also a dynamic range that helps in dissecting intricate musical elements. When it comes to battery life, it delivers a respectable 22 hours even with active noise canceling on. ANC is impressively effective, thanks to its 4 Mic digital system, allowing me to focus solely on the music without any exterior disturbances. Comfort hasn't been compromised either, with a soft headband and plush ear pads providing hours of comfortable usage. The foldable design enhances portability, making it an excellent travel companion. Adding to my peace of mind is the Tile tech, ensuring I never misplace these gems. I had no issues activating the built-in tile and linking with my iPhone. Finally, the inclusion of a USB-C cable improves the charging experience. Exceptional audio quality, impressive noise cancellation, and unmatched comfort make these a musician's dream headphones.”

User review 2:
User:Reviewer73 Nation:United States
“The Skullcandy Hesh active noise cancelling headphones are very good quality at this price point. The headphones offer excellent battery life and very quick charge times. The sound quality was above average and at or near the top when tested against the competition in this price category. I do not think it would be fair to put these against headphones costing 2x, 3x or even 4x the price. These do offer Tile technology built in, but I cannot see subscribing to the Tile service to keep track of a big set of headphones that I would be hard pressed to misplace enough to need their service. The highlight of these headphones is their active noise cancelling which works rather well and noticeably removes most outside noise, so you just hear the sound you are interested in. Again, not top of the line noise cancelling but excellent quality at this price point.”

User review 3:
User:ComputerGeek Nation:United States
“Removed 1 star for the ridiculous 2-inch USB charger that limits headphone charging to a laptop. Removed 1 star for a consistent twitching sound I hear every 2-3 seconds when nothing is playing in the headphones. Headphones are not easily adjustable and the ear cups are tough on the ears. The buttons on the side are difficult to figure out the turn on/off button.

The earphones work and does cancel noise. Recommended for occasional use”

User review 4:
User:Ron Killian Nation:United States
“Scullcandy has been around for a long time and I've used their product sin the past. For me they are good value. Not the highest quality but good for the money. And these are on par with that, in my opinion. These are good looking and well made. Very comfortable on my head and ears with soft padding. I wish they were more thin as far as form factor, but they are not huge by any means. If that makes sense.

Turned on my walkman, powered on the headphones, set pairing on my walkman and they showed right up and paired instantly. I've reviewed many headphones, often off brand, and these have been one of the easiest get up and running. Also, nice it comes up with their name and not some BS nonsensical gibberish like other brands.

As for the sound, they do sound good, quite good. The sound is very clear and as far as I can hear, everything is covered. I played the same songs I always use for testing headphones and earbuds and they all sounded good. Bass is not super deep but it is there. Mids, highs, it's all there. Only possible criticism on the sound, is that these do not get real loud, not as loud as other headphones and earbuds I have. Plenty loud enough, just not super loud if that matters to you.

Once thing that is slightly disappointing, while they do include instructions, they are VERY limited, too limited for such a big company. They cover the basics, but that is about it. Just excepted more.

An odd thing, these headphones are suppose to have a mic, but that is nothing about it in the instructions of on the box. Why? Weird. If you are pushing a feature, why wouldn't you tell your customers about it. Does not even tell you where the mic is. There is a small hole in one of the phones, so guessing that is the mic. Course, this not a gaming type rig, but for calls and such, will work.

Overall, these are good headphones, nice clear, complete sound. Just could be better in some ways for the price, but that is only my opinion. Would recommend though, they do sound good.”



User review 5:
User:Dr. Mommy Nation:United States
“Very easy to pair to a device. Good sound quality. Most impressive feature is the noise canceling technology. You won’t hear a thing under normal circumstances when it is on. Has the ability to turn noice cancelling on or off and control volume from the headset. Quick charging and long lasting battery. Very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Highly recommended.”

User review 6:
User:C Nation:United States
“Using these headphones is like sitting in a surround sound theatre. The music just sounds…better. And the noise cancelling is the real deal! Not only that but they’re very comfortable. With the Sony headphones I was using my head would hurt a lot from the fit, these are so much for comfortable!”

User review 7:
User:J. Miller Nation:United States
“Thrilled with these headphones. Active noise cancelling works great. Sound quality is absolutely what I would expect from headphones at this price point. Highs and lows were both crisp and pleasing. Rock, Country, Jazz, and Classical all sounded marvelous. Paired immediately to my phone. Battery life consistent with what is advertised.”

User review 8:
User:Doug Outt Nation:United States
“I have been using a pair of Behringer BH470NC wireless headphones to listen on my Mac. These were made for gaming and have a good low end bass response, decent mids and highs, but a short range on Bluetooth. It also has noise cancelling that I don't use ( don't really need it), as it will drain the battery faster. I've heard of Skullcandy products, but never used or tried them.
When I opened these the first thing I noticed was how light they are. Unlike the Behringer, they are made of mostly plastic, but they fit well when fully expanded, and are lighter in weight. I first tested them with my new MP3 player with the stereo cord supplied. I was pleasantly surprised on how much better the sound was compared to the earbuds that came with the player. I didn't have to power it up either.
I then tried it with the Mac, along with the Behringer. After pairing it, I listened to some music in my library. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. While the sound level itself was a little lower in volume, the sound quality is much cleaner. It has a better frequency response, with a more balanced bass, and crisp, clear mids and highs. The wireless range is much longer as well. I can go all around the house without signal loss. I also noticed that it has a better sound with the noise cancelling turned off, I assume due to the noise cancelling process itself. I like how easy it is to turn on and use, but the noise cancellation also turns on automatically and I have to remember to turn it off. I also like how the battery level is shown on my Mac. I've been using it every night for a week and I show a 90% charge right now. I really am happy with these as I don't get ear fatigue while or after wearing them, as they're very comfortable and light. Having a built in microphone is handy, the Tile app helps keep track of them, and there is a charging cable and carry bag too.
These are a good value for the money and now I know why Skullcandy is highly rated.”



User review 9:
User:Matt Nation:United States
“These are AWESOME! They are super comfortable! The ear pads are large enough that even my big ears fit well in them. I usually don't like how these types of headphones squish my ears, but these don't do that at all. They charge really quickly and last a long time, even with the active noise cancelling on. They have great sound and really do block out all the sound around you. They are well made and I love them!”

User review 10:
User: Emerald Nation:United States
“First off, they are very comfy. However, a few things to note: the controls are pretty hard to use seamlessly and quickly. The buttons don't seem to be working right when I try to skip; it just keeps turning the volume up instead. There's no quick pairing for Apple, which is somewhat annoying, but they are much more affordable, so it's not awful. The noise cancellation feature ok. I don't expect it to be perfect by any means, but unless the volume is at 80% or higher, I can still hear everything.. I am wondering if I was shipped the wrong pair and just didn't notice? I'm not sure, but I thought the noise cancelling would be better without being super loud. On a different note: I really like that the headphones swivel and bend. It means I can walk around with them comfortable around my neck, which is great. Unfortunately, they are too circular around my neck and catch my hair a lot, so having them around my neck means pulling out hair to get unstuck, which really sucks. Unrelated, the somewhat suede back to the headphone aspect shows grease/wetness a lot, which is not very attractive. That's just a personal opinion, though. Overall, I think these are pretty good for the price.”

Most of the user reviews in this article come from Amazon and Best Buy platform, which has certain reference value.The Skullcandy hesh anc over-ear wireless headphones performed well, with a total score of 4.1 out of 5, indicating that it is an good headphone.Among them, its noise cancelling function and sound quality performance are particularly satisfactory to users.It can be well used in various scenes such as traveling, commuting and studying.However, its thick earmuffs may not be suitable for sports, because it is easy to make your head and ears feel stuffy and uncomfortable, and it is easy to fall of.And its waterproof performance is poor, which means that it can't resist sweating well when you sweat during exercise.Sports has become an indispensable part of many people's daily life. Therefore, if you also like sports, it is necessary to choose a pair of sports headphones that are comfortable and stable to wear and have good waterproof performance as the second pair of essential headphones, such as Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphone.


Wissonly's team has been researching headphone products that don't hurt the ear as early as 10 years ago and introduced bone conduction technology into the field of headphones. Their products have powerful performance, high-cost performance, and are very strong in core performances such as sound quality, sound leakage reduction, and waterproof level.

Hi Runner sports bone conduction headphones are open-eared and worn directly on the temples, so your ear canal is completely open, which makes it easy for you to hear the sound of cars and traffic lights outdoors in sports scenes such as running and walking, making you safer to use.

In terms of fit and comfort, the whole frame of Wissonly Hi Runner is made of adjustable aviation grade titanium steel, which can adapt to different sizes of head circumference and ensure the stability of wearing. Its earphone surface is made of high-tech low-sensitivity silicone material, which contains no chemical components to avoid allergic phenomena. The overall touch of the earphone is as silky as baby's skin, avoiding uncomfortable situations when worn for a long time. Moreover, its weight is very light, less than 30g, and it will not feel heavy when worn. After wearing it, I took it off at the end of the run. This Hi Runner didn't let me have any extra adjustment. As the flagship model of outdoor sports of Wissonly brand, it is the most comfortable and cost-effective one among all bone conduction at present.


When you sweat a lot when running or doing other sports, or when it suddenly rains when you run or exercise outdoors, then the waterproof performance of sports headphones is very important.As the flagship model of Wissonly,the waterproof grade of Wissonly Hi Runner Sports Bone Conductivity Headphone reaches IPX8 waterproof grade higher than the industry standard. It allows the wearer to work normally when swimming or diving, not to mention sweat prevention or ordinary waterproof.

It is also equipped with 32G body memory, which can store 5,000 songs, and supports Bluetooth and MP3 working modes. You can use it as a Bluetooth MP3 player for underwater sports or scenes without a mobile phone.

Hi Runner is the flagship product of Wissonly, and its overall function is also the most perfect. In terms of sound quality, this bone conduction earphone uses the latest research results of wissonly laboratory, which increases the vibration area of the vibrator by 35%. At the same time, it also optimizes the sound transmission direction to make the sound more concentrated and the music more spatial, and it has a good performance in both high and low notes.

Wissonly has made a lot of efforts to reduce its sound leakage. Its all-wrapped design reduces the vibration of the shell, and through structural optimization, the sound waves of the sound leakage are cancelled, thus avoiding 90% of the sound leakage. Wissonly Hi Runner's sound leakage performance is much better than that of the same gear bone conduction headphones on the market.