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MP3 player for swimming:Sony walkman nw ws413 MP3 player review

Nov 02,2023 | David

Listening to music during exercise is a good way to relieve fatigue, but we are often restricted, such as it is difficult to bring the player into the water when swimming.Therefore,Sony WALKMAN has “slightly innovated” a wearable waterproof audio equipment NW-WS413 by combining ear headphones and portable players, so that people who love sports can better pursue unfettered freedom and enjoy the sports mode vividly.So what is the specific performance of this Sony walkman nw ws413 MP3 player? Let’s take a look at some real user reviews.

Basic parameters of Sony walkman nw ws413 MP3 player:


Item Weight:1.13 ounces


Item model number:FBA_NWWS413B

Batteries:1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Memory Storage Capacity:4GB

Connectivity technologies:Wired

Special features:Sports-and-exercise, Sweat-proof, Water-resistant, USB connectivity

Audio Jack:Usb

Form Factor:In Ear


Sony walkman nw ws413 MP3 player review from users:

Product name:FBA_NWWS413B  Price: $139.89

Rating: 3.8  Where to buy: Amazon or official website.

User review 1:

User:alan smith Nation:United Kingdom

“Swimming laps is good for you but very boring! I bought these to listen to podcasts when on holiday and doing daily laps in the hotel swimming pool.

They worked great although sound quality drops when you get too far from your phone. Best to place the phone halfway up the pool as opposed to one end.

Happy to recommend them.”

User review 2:

User:Parvina Akilova Nation:United States

“They are amazing! First I thought it is impossible, like how can the water not get inside headphones? But, indeed, I was able to listen music while swimming in the pool. Even diving under water! Fantastic!

Thank you!”

User review 3:

User:Amazon Customer Nation:United Kingdom

“Fabulous product. I had two concerns, they wouldn’t stay in my ears and two they wouldn’t be loud enough. I’ve been for a swim with the hot tub bubbling away tight next time me and the sound is excellent. I disabled the AVLS setting, in the order set out, press the pause button, then the sound up, then the forward track button. Do it in that order or it doesn’t work. If you hear the beeps when you turn the music up it’s worked. Fab headphones, deffo recommended.”

User review 4:

User:christian halsey-solomon Nation:United States

“Looking for IEMs to use in the pool (physical therapy). Got these. Not for me.

1. I don’t have a huge head, yet these are tight on me, and overall uncomfortable

2. The software is outdated. You need software to transfer files from your computer, and that software is touch-and-go, even though it only does one thing, transfer files (something you can do from your PC desktop without using any software). Even though it’s a one-trick pony, I had to restart-reconnect a couple of times for it to work. By the way, I usually check for firmware updates, just in case. Can’t do it in this situation, the software doesn’t provide that option. Unbelievable.

3. Horrible (actually non existing) user interface. Yes you can play/pause,, and fast forward, but that seems to be it. Once you load song files, you can’t chose them, so while I might have 100 songs, it seems to start from the first one you uploaded, and go from there every time. I suppose you can shuffle, though even that is not self-explanatory.

4. Beware: this works only with Mp3 files. I have none, as all my music is either streamed or in high definition Flac files. Honestly I haven’t even seen a Mp3 file in years… but that might be me, not sure if this is a problem for others. Worth noting though, as I don’t think Mp3 files are fashionable these days.

5. They don’t play very loud, and I mean not at all. If you like or need good volume (not excessive, just … you know… not soft :), these are not for you. And I haven’t even tried in the water, I noticed this in my (silent) office…

They were probably a good solution in the 90’s. I suppose that the word “Walkman” should have told me something. This being 2023, I am returning them.”

User review 5:

User:Oliwia Nation:Germany

“I bought these because they were recommended to me as the best option to swim with.

First element: I thought they had also bluetooth. Turns out, not, which means they can’t replace my other headphones I use with my phone. Not an issue in itself, but worth knowing beforehand.

I had read in the comments that they weren’t loud enough under water. It is kind of true. I tried listening to an audiobook with the sound set to max: absolutely not an option, one can’t hear good enough. For music however, it was loud enough for me. Listening music while swimming gave me some extra energy, so I’m happy enough.

The fit of the earbuds has to be really perfect under water, otherwise they slide. I had the right size for my right ear, but not for the left ear, and it slid quite soon after I started swimming, and would stay in place properly the whole time.

Learning how to use this walkman without a screen also took me some extra effort. There are actually a lot of different functions & modes, which can be activated and deactivated by pressing for shorter or longer or multiple times the buttons. The paper user manual provided doesn’t mention them. I had to look up on the internet to find all I needed. That will need a bit of getting used to, but I’m sure once it’s mastered, it’s just fine.

I bought it as an amazon deal, so for me it was worth the price.

As a conclusion: So far so good for music under water — which is what I was aiming for in the first place. Let’s see how it holds with time. But not good for audiobooks.”

User review 6:

User: VLSMITHMD Nation:United States

“A friend of mine swore by these, but he warned me downloading songs was cumbersome… he wasn’t wrong! Once I figured out how to do it (needed to down load new software on my iPhone to start the process) it turned out most songs on my workout playlist were not compatible with the earphones. I needed to reformat them from iTunes to mp3 format, which I’m not sure can even be done. At the end of the day, I never used these in the pool. They just didn’t work for me.”

User review 7:

User:Pjegy Nation:Germany

“I bought this walkman as I’m swimming three times weekly. It became a bit boring counting all those pool tiles, so I decided to try making it more interesting with some music. Plugs are a bit uncomfortable, and somewhat hard to adjust but I realize that it is hard to have all the components (mp3 device and headsets) in ear without being a bit heavier so I decided to get over it. :)

You get used to operating quite easily and sound it good, considering it is under the water.

I would definitely buy it again.”

User review 8:

User: NMC Nation:United States

“The design of a standalone MP3 headset is quite nice. Convenient around the gym or when doing other activities. The software is similar to itunes, but needs improvement. Two problems with this device: (1) You can’t tell which songs you’ve added to your playlist already, so it allows you to add the same song multiple times. (2) There is no equalizer, so everything is played with flat settings. It sounds rather tinny and could definitely use some bass enhancement.”

User review 9:

User:David Nation:Spain

“Good grip when it comes to cutting and exercising, it doesn’t move, in the pool or beach without problems if you put the water headset on, a good idea to have a microphone to hear noise from outside so you can hear vehicles coming or if someone or the coach is talking to you while you’re exercising.”

User review 10:

User:avis Nation:United States

“I chose this device to make my swimming training more varied. While there are many different sports MP3 players, it becomes very manageable when it comes to waterproof devices.

The quality of the Walkman is very good, as you would expect from Sony in this price range. There are 4 different pairs of earplugs in different sizes (and color markings). For water, 4 more pairs of waterproof earplugs are included, which have an additional membrane for sealing.

The operation is clear. Sony recommends Media Go to manage music/podcasts, but MusicBee also works without any problems.

It is best to plug in the Walkman when dry. After that, the ears are pretty tight (if it fits) and you hardly hear any outside noises anymore. If you are interested in the outside world, you can quickly switch on the outdoor microphone at the push of a button. I find this very practical, especially since it always takes a while to plug in/out properly.

My only major criticism is the lack of volume. With the included dry plugs, the volume is usually more than sufficient even when the volume limit is activated (can special key combinations be switched on/off). But the water-ear plugs are significantly quieter, which makes listening to music/podcasts while swimming usually pointless. “Mostly” because I noticed that some tracks did sound okay in terms of volume, which is due to the MP3-internal volume level. If I increase this volume level with the appropriate tool (such as mp3gain), the pieces are also acceptable with a water plug. This means that after every filling of the Walkman, I now go over it again with mp3gain. For me as a technician, that fits, but I’m sure not everyone is in the mood for that.

Update after 2 months of use: The low volume is more annoying than expected at the beginning (and mp3gain only helps a bit). Therefore from 4 to 3 points.”

Through the real user review of Sony walkman nw ws413 MP3 player , it can be seen that it is a good audio product for swimming.However, its disadvantages are also obvious. Its price is a little too high,and MP3 doesn’t have Bluetooth connection mode, so it can’t replace other headphones.Therefore, its usage scenarios are limited and it’s not so convenient to use. If you want to listen to any audio you want during swimming or daily exercise, a pair of swimming headphones with both Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode is a good choice. There are many headphones on the market, and the most comfortable design is bone conduction headphones, because it is not plugged into your ear, and it is also suitable for many sports. Therefore, if you want to find a headphone that is more comfortable to wear and more free to use, Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphone is a good substitute.


Hi Runner is a bone conduction headphone.The advantage of this type of headphone is that the ears are free and you can hear the surrounding noise. Safe, light, comfortable, sound quality, easy to use … It is really an ideal headphone for sports and daily life.

Wissonly is the fastest-growing brand in the past six months. Their team is a technical expert in the field of bone conduction headphones. As early as 10 years ago, it began to develop bone conduction headphones that do not hurt the ears. With the excellent bone conduction vibration unit optimization scheme, it has been recommended by many ear doctors and has been recommended by many YouTuber.

Wissonly is a wireless bone conduction headphone with Bluetooth and MP3 modes. You can use the Bluetooth mode when you are in a place with a Bluetooth signal, and you can use the MP3 mode in places where it is not convenient to carry a mobile phone such as underwater sports. They are also very powerful in MP3 mode. They have 32G built-in memory and can store 5000 songs. Their battery life is strong, and they can listen to music for 10 hours, which makes up for the disadvantages of wireless headphones.

In terms of fit and comfort, the overall frame of the Wissonly Hi Runner is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel, which can adapt to different sizes of head circumference and ensure the Fit and comfort of wearing. The surface of their headphones is made of high-tech hypoallergenic silicone material, which does not contain chemical ingredients to avoid allergies. The overall touch of the headphones is as silky as a baby’s skin, which avoids uncomfortable situations when worn for a long time. And they are very light, less than 30g, and they will not feel heavy when worn.


When you sweat a lot when running or doing other sports, or when it suddenly rains when you run or exercise outdoors, then the waterproof performance of sports headphones is very important.As the flagship model of Wissonly,the waterproof grade of Wissonly Hi Runner Sports Bone Conductivity Headphone reaches IPX8 waterproof grade higher than the industry standard. It allows the wearer to work normally when swimming or diving, not to mention sweat prevention or ordinary waterproof.

Due to the special technical principle of bone conduction headphones, it is more difficult to improve the sound quality. The Wissonly Hi Runner subverts the traditional sound quality solution and uses a large wire-frame vibration unit as a breakthrough. Through structural optimization, the effective vibration area is increased, so that the sound has a good performance in both treble and bass.