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How Do Bone Conduction Headset Work and Best Bluetooth Headsets in 2023

Feb 24,2023 | David

Bone conduction headset is becoming more and more popular among sports enthusiasts. Driven by them, more and more people are interested in this new type of headphones. To help you better understand them, here are some facts about this type of headset.


1. Bone conduction headset are new headphones developed using bone conduction technology, which transmits sound through bones;

2. They do not cover the ears, nor do they need to be inserted into the ears;

3. They will not damage the ears, they are the healthiest headphones for the ears. Because their sound transmission does not require the use of the eardrum, damage to the eardrum and auditory hair cells is minimal.

4. Bone conduction headset are not noise-canceling headphones. They don't sound as perfect as traditional noise-canceling headphones. But if you're using them for normal music listening, their sound quality is perfectly fine.

5. Bone conduction is a mature technology, bone conduction headset is a new application of this mature technology, and you can use it with confidence;

6. Bone conduction headset is not headset with external speakers. It relies on the vibration unit to generate mechanical vibrations, and the sound is transmitted to the inner ear to make people hear the sound.

7. Bone conduction headset generally have better waterproof performance. Their sound generation and sound transmission methods make them not need to reserve holes in the fuselage, and the entire headphone can be integrated.

8. They will have a slight sound leakage problem. But some better products handle sound leakage better.

How do bone conduction headset work

To understand how bone conduction headset work, we must first understand how we hear sound.

Simply put, sound is a vibration, and the source of sound can cause air, liquid, and solid to vibrate. The sound we hear everyday is this vibration into the ear, so the eardrum vibrates. The vibration of the eardrum passes through the ear ossicles to the part behind the ear called "cochlea". The cochlea then transmits sound information from the cochlea to the brain center, and finally we hear it. The process by which we hear sound includes both air vibration and solid (bone) vibration.

The working principle of bone conduction headset is that they transmit sound not through air vibrations, but all through solid (bone) vibrations. The sound unit is usually attached to the temple, and emits mechanical vibrations. The skull transmits the vibrations to the cochlea that in turn transmits the sound information to the brain center, so the sound is heard.


The sound transmission path of bone conduction headset is that: sound waves, skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph, spiral organ, auditory nerve, cerebral cortex auditory center. Compared with our traditional way of hearing sound (that is air conduction method), their transmission path is shorter, where air and the eardrum are no longer needed. So they can play a significant protective role to the eardrum, and are a very healthy kind of headphones.

The unique working principle brings many advantages.They are safety,healthy,and hygienic.However, how to choose the right headset is another problem.Here are some excellent Bluetooth bone conduction headsets for you.

Best Bluetooth bone conduction headsets in 2023

1. Wissonly Hi Runner Bluetooth bone conduction headsets


Recommended reason:

Wissonly bone conduction headsets, the product I use the most, is the first brand I started to contact. When they were crowdfunding online, I participated.

The sound quality is what I am most satisfied with. I am not a professional music player, but from my personal experience, Wissonly Hi Runner is the best sound quality bone conduction headsets I have ever used. It uses a large-sized 360-degree bone conduction vibration unit, and through structural optimization, the sounding area is increased by 35%, so that the sound range is wider, and the stereo feeling and shock of sound are stronger. Its anti-sound-leakage treatment is also very good. The whole body is completely sealed, and the algorithm is optimized to minimize the leakage of sound. I have tested it myself, and at a distance of 2 meters, the volume is turned on at 60%, so I can't hear the sound at all.

Wissonly Hi Runner’s body is made of memory titanium, which can self-adjust the contact area. It can ensure a good wearing experience of the earphone at any time, taking into account more users and usage scenarios.

Hi Runner is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and the connection is more stable. It also has IPX8 professional sports waterproof +32g internal memory to swim in the water. The battery performance is also good, and it can play music continuously for 8-10 hours.

2. Philips A6606 Bluetooth bone conduction headsets

Recommended reason:

The A6606 has a skin-friendly material on its surface, which greatly increases its wearing comfort. It adopts a 15mm size sound unit, which produces better sound and is more suitable for noisy environments. Its bass effect has also been improved. The waterproof level of A6606 reaches IP67 level, not to mention rain, even direct rinse is no problem at all. But after all, it is not professional-grade waterproof, it cannot be used in swimming or diving.

3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO Bluetooth bone conduction headsets

Recommended reason:

Openrun Pro bone conduction headsets have IP67 waterproof rating, they are waterproof, sweatproof, and dustproof. They are no problem to get caught in the rain or splashed with water. Even in outdoor sports, when encounter bad weather, you will be not afraid at all, they let you enjoy the fun of sports all the time.

In addition, the headphones do not need to be plugged into the ears. Their comfort is just amazing. Their is no need to poke the ear like a drill any more. And you do not have to worry about that after you wear them for a long time, your ear canal will itch and be uncomfortable, and as well as breed bacteria. The whole body surface is silicone material, their net weight is 28g, and they are comfortable and lightweight.

4.earsopen FIT BT-1 Bluetooth bone conduction headsets

Recommended reason:

Earsopen FIT BT-1 bone conduction headset, the new favorite of Japanese headphone industry, has an open listening experience and can also accept external sound. It has the BONE AUDIO feature with super telepresence, which has better listening effect.It adopts the exclusive latest AVV technology, with its correct vibration earsopen device, and improves the bone conduction ability by leaps and bounds.It also has fashionable and high-quality streamline design,it use light body material and weight of only 34g. Its waterproof, dustproof and anti-skid performance is also good.

It can be safely used indoors and outdoors, and it is comfortable to wear and moves freely.

5. vidonn F3 Bluetooth bone conduction headsets


Recommended reason:

The weight of this bone conduction headset is only 29g, and there is comfortable when it is used, whether it is hanging on the neck or hanging on the ear for a long time. The charging port of F3 headphones is a universal standard MICRO-USB interface. The charging port is waterproof with a soft rubber plug, which is not connected to the body, so there is a risk of loss. The disadvantage is that the sound quality is average, and the sound leakage is serious.

The five best bone conduction headsets in 2023 have their own characteristics and can meet the needs of most people. Among them, Wissonly and Aftershokz are the two brands with the best technical strength and deserve to be recommended. If you want to choose one of these two brands, I recommend Wissonly because it is more cost-effective.