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Do Bone Conduction Headphones Leak Sound Badly and Are There Any of Them with small sound leakage?

Dec 13,2022 | Sylvia

Bone conduction headphones generally have sound leakage, which is related to its sound production principle and it is unavoidable. But in most cases, the sound leakage phenomenon of bone conduction will not be very serious, and the protection of privacy is still in place. Under normal circumstances, only when the volume reaches 85% or more will there be serious sound leakage.

Why do bone conduction headphones leak sound?

Because bone conduction headphones generates sound through the vibration of the vibration unit and transmits the sound through the bone. When it works, the shell of the headphone will vibrate with the sound unit inside. The enclosure then vibrates the surrounding air, which creates sound leakage. Once the volume is relatively high, the vibration force of the bone conduction vibration unit is strong, and the shell also vibrates greatly, and the sound leakage will be more obvious. It can be said that the shell of the bone conduction headphone becomes the "amplifier speaker" of the headphone, spreading the sound to the surroundings. This kind of sound leakage is completely caused by the principle of bone conduction and the design of the headphone itself, and there is almost no way to avoid it.

Most bone conduction headphones on the market cannot avoid the problem of sound leakage. However, with the advancement of technology, some slightly better headphones have appeared recently, which can reduce the problem of bone conduction sound leakage to a very low level, and some can even avoid 90% of sound leakage. Although there are more or less sound leakage problems in bone conduction headphones, bone conduction is still worth recommending for everyone to use. Bone conduction headphones do not need to transmit sound through the ears so they will not irritate the eardrum, which can protect hearing from damage and will not In-ear headphones may hurt after wearing them for a long time. It's hard to find bone conduction headphones that don't leak sound completely, so we can only figure out which brand has made better improvements to the sound leakage phenomenon. Now let's take a look at the better bone conduction headphones on the market that deal with the sound leakage problem.

1. Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

The team of Wissonly bone conduction headphones began to study bone conduction acoustics as early as 2012. They are a team that is good at technology and have accumulated very good technology in the field of bone conduction.

In terms of preventing sound leakage from bone conduction headphones, Wissonly Hi Runner adopts Wissonly sound leakage reduction 3.0 technology. They use the fully closed design of the fuselage to reduce the direct sound transmission of the bone vibration unit to the air, and also use high-quality cushioning materials to minimize the vibration of the fuselage, thereby reducing the sound leakage by more than 90%. I have done a test, when I turn on the Hi runner and adjust the volume to 70%, the sound inside the earphone will not be heard at all within a distance of 2 meters. This kind of anti-leakage performance has made Wissonly receive unanimous praise from users since it released the anti-leakage technology, and it's said that this technical solution is the best anti-leakage sound among bone conduction headphones at present.

The body of Wissonly Hi Runner is made of memory titanium material, which can self-adjust the contact area to ensure a good wearing experience of the headset at any time, taking into account more users with different head circumferences. In terms of configuration, Hi Runner can be said to be very sincere: it is equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which makes the connection more stable, and can realize quick connection and switching of multiple devices. This bone conduction headset has built-in 32G memory, which can store 5000 songs. When you go for a run, you can enjoy music without your phone. Its battery life is also very good, with more than 10 hours of continuous playback at normal volume, which is friendly to me because I go outside on the weekends and often the whole day.

2. AfterShokz Openrun Pro Bone Conduction Headphones

 Recommended reason:

Openrun Pro is their flagship product. It is equipped with PremiumPitch 2.0+ technology, and the overall sound quality is relatively good. The sound transmitted by the headphones is rich in low frequency, delicate in intermediate frequency, and strong in high frequency! It’s also IP67-rated for water resistance, so it’ll perform just fine even if you’re wearing them for your daily workouts and getting sweaty.

3. SEEAI bone conduction Bluetooth headset

Recommended reason:

The material of SEEAI bone conduction headphones belongs to memory titanium alloy, which can dynamically adapt to the shape of different head sizes and twist at will. The most important features of sports headphones are stability and lightness. The titanium alloy material makes it very stable, even if it is thrown violently, it will not fall off. The whole headset weighs about 30g, which is very light and can well meet the needs of sports. In addition, it also has MP3 playback function and is equipped with 8G independent memory. Its disadvantage is that the sound quality is average, and it can only be regarded as a qualified entry-level product. Of course, if you don't have much demand for sound quality, this one is ok.

4. Philips TAN6605 bone conduction headphones

Recommended reason:

The biggest feature of Philips TAN6605 is that it holds the night running light function. The warning lights built into the back of the ears are very effective with 3 flash modes: fast flash, slow flash, and constant light. Users can choose the mode according to their needs. The main function of this night running light is to remind people around when exercising at night, which greatly improves safety. The headphones are made of titanium alloy, so it is no fear of bending or twisting in daily use. They also have IPX5 waterproof and sweatproof protection, and they can work well on washed and rainy days. However, the effect of this sound quality is still somewhat not good enough.

5. NANK Runner CC2 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

The Runner CC2 is an entry-level bone conduction headphone. It has a bit of sound leakage but is not particularly severe. This headset has a battery life of up to 6 hours, and the body is only 29 grams, which is very light, portable, and comfortable to wear. IPX6 dustproof and sweatproof, daily waterproofing can be done perfectly. And it's generally good being an entry-level product.