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Can Bone Conduction Headphones Damage Hearing and How about The Advantages of Them

Dec 17,2022 | Sylvia

From the earliest wired headphones to Bluetooth headphones, headphones have almost become an indispensable item for young people. This year, it became popular to wear bone conduction headphones. They are a new product,so people will always have various questions. Among all problems, the most question is whether bone conduction headphones will damage hearing and whether it is safe.

Can bone conduction headphones damage hearing?

The answer is that bone conduction headphones do not damage hearing, in fact they are the least ear damaging headphones. Compared with traditional in-ear headphones, they are healthier and safer for the ears. They can well protect the eardrum, keep the ear canal clean and hygienic, thereby minimizing ear diseases such as otitis media.

So, why do bone conduction headphones protect hearing? Let’s start with its principle.

The principle of bone conduction headphones

The biggest feature of bone conduction headphones is that they convert sound waves into mechanical vibrations of special frequencies and use human bones as the medium of sound transmission. Without passing through the external auditory canal and eardrum, sound waves are transmitted directly to the ossicles. The ossicles then transmit sound waves into the labyrinth, and the labyrinth finally transmit the sound waves to the cochlea and auditory nerve. Then sound signals are perceived from the brain center. In the entire sound production and sound transmission process of the bone conduction headphones, sound does not pass though the ear canal, which reduces the damage inside the ear canal.

We can clearly find that bone conduction headphones are the headphones with the least damage to the ear canal. Having Understood the principle of them, let's take a look at the benefits of wearing this type of headphones.

Advantages of bone conduction headphones

1. Safety

Since bone conduction headphones transmit sound through bones, they are usually designed with open ears. You can clearly perceive the surrounding sounds in daily wear, So as to make timely response to emergencies and ensure that there will be safety.

2. Hygiene

Bone conduction headphones adopt the wearing method of hanging ear. The sound does not need to be transmitted through the eardrum, but through the skull to the inside of the ear.This is very helpful in maintaining internal hygiene of the ears. Even after a long period of exercise, they will not cause a large number of bacteria to grow due to sweat blocking the ear canal, making the ear canal more hygienic.

3. Health

Bone conduction headphones directly conduct sound to the internal nerves of the ear, do not damage the eardrum, do not damage the ear canal. The impact on ear hearing is minimized, so they are the healthiest headphones. Therefore, they have been recommended by many professional otologists.

4. Stable wearing

Bone conduction headphones generally adopt the hanging ear mode that is designed in human bionic technology. They have a certain anti-shake effect, are not easy to fall off. So in the field of sports, bone conduction headphones users are many.

After knowing so much about bone conduction headphones, maybe you will choose them if you want to buy new phones. When you buy it, it is best to choose the most technically mature brand. The mature brand will have better product performance. Here are a few bone conduction headphones with high performance.

1 Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones

Wissonly is one of the few headphones brands with bone vibrator technology and it is also one of the best bone conduction headphones in terms of sound quality. Deep technical strength is also the main reason for their rapid growth in the past six months.

Wissonly has been researching in the field of bone conduction acoustics for many years. Hi Runner adopts the latest bone vibrator technology solution, which increases the vibration area by 35% in all directions. And with the help of fully closed sound leakage reduction technology, the sound leakage problem of it is mostly improved. The sound quality has also been greatly improved, and the official claims it reach the HiFi level. In my personal experience, it is indeed one with the best sound quality among several bone conduction headphones I have tried.

Wissonly Hi Runner is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which can easily cope with various complex outdoor scenes. The anti-interference ability is also strengthened, which ensures that it will not be affected by Bluetooth disconnection during sports. In addition to Bluetooth mode, it also has 32G built-in storage, which can be completely used as an MP3 player.

Another feature that needs to be noted is that it has the highest IPX8 waterproof grade. It can be used in swimming, and even it can normally work in water depths of 20 meters. For those who love water sports, you will find out how fantastic this is.

2 Philips TAA7607 bone conduction headphones

IPX6 waterproof performance can make Philips TAA7607 well resist the invasion of daily sweat and even the washing from rain in a short time. The 17mm vibration unit helps the Philips TAA7607 to generate no noise during sound transmission. The unique night running lights helps you to remind the surrounding pedestrians to pay attention to your location when you are running at night, which greatly improves safety.

3 Aftershokz Openrun Pro bone conduction headphones

OpenRun Pro adopts the magnetic charging method to avoid the problem of holes in its’ body caused by other charging methods. Thereby the waterproof of the headphones is improved. Its body is only 26g and it is very light to wear, without any sense of weight. And the structure continues the style of Aftershokz, which can be hung well on the ears to ensure the stability of the wear.

4 Aftershokz OpenSwim bone conduction headphones

OpenSwim is equipped with MP3 mode with 4G memory, so you can easily enjoy music even when you are not with your phone. It is also equipped with IPX8 water resistance for people to listen to music underwater.

The sound quality is also excellent, with clear bass and attractive treble even underwater.

The only drawback is that it is a little expensive.

5. Nank Runner CC3 bone conduction headphones

Runner CC3 is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 chip, which can achieve stable connection during exercise. Even in the mountains with poor signal, there will be no disconnection when you are running.

It is also equipped with MP3 mode with 4G memory, which allows you enjoy music when the phone is not with you . The Runner CC3 weighs 28g, and is compact and very comfortable to wear.