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Best Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones Review:Wissonly Hi Runner

Mar 20,2023 | David

The wireless Bluetooth bone headphones we are featuring today are the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conducting headphones.Wissonly did send the headphone to me at no cost in order to make the product review(with video and articles) for you guys, but they're not paying me in any way to make this review,so they don't influence what I say about the headphones. If at the end of the you're interested in picking up these headphones, I will have links below. 

So what are wireless Bluetooth bone conducting headphones? These are special Bluetooth headphones that actually send the audio through your cheekbone instead of sending the audio through the air now.This could be beneficial for people in a lot of different ways, the main way is safety because this is not an in-the-ear headphone, there's no chance of damaging your hearing. Over prolonged periods of listening to music, the other thing which is great for our communication is the music go through the bone and not the ear, this leaves your ears open to the world around you.Therefore, you can maintain your attention to the sound of the surrounding environment, which will ensure your safety.Below, I will conduct the product reviews in six parts: Build Quality,Comfort,Features,Sound Quality,Price,Audio Quality.You can also learn about the process of product reviews through the following video

Build Quality of Wissonly Wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

The Wissonly Hi runner this is a fantastic set of headphones .Let me tell you the first thing that's very impressive about Hi runner Bluetooth bone conduction headphones.That is the construction,They're made with a titanium alloy so they're very strong but also super flexible the other nice thing is they fit my big head.

It is not very often that something like bone conduction headphones actually fit

on my head and are comfortable.

Comfort of Wissonly Wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

On my head they're nice and secure which is great because these are considered sport headphones. So they need to stay on there without

moving around, they're also very comfortable they don't pinch or cause any uncomfortable pressure. 

Features of Wissonly Wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

It’s battery life up to 10 hours of continuous music playback with the headphones. They also do quick charging which can charge fully in two hours. They have a unique magnetic charging plug which makes it super easy to charge. Especially,the headphones have low vision full tactile buttons here to control your music playback or to answer the phone. They also have a microphone so you can answer phone calls with it. They are IPX8 waterproof which can work 20 meters underwater. So you can actually go swimming with these headphones or even just take a shower with the headphones listening to your music. The coolest thing is Wissonly Hi Runner is not just a Bluetooth headphone but it also has a built-in MP3 player.It has 32G storage which means you can put on around 5 000 songs so that is really really cool especially if you do want to use these for some type of sport like running or track and field or swimming, obviously you don't want to have a big phone in your pocket bouncing around while you're running or swimming. Of course it's not very easy to take a cell phone into the pool with you, so to have a built-in MP3 that you can just load in all of your songs or your podcast or your audio books and then just use this independently of itself without needing to connect it to anything. That is fantastic definitely one of my favorite features. 

Sound Quality of Wissonly Wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

The company claims it have Hi-Fi sound quality, they claims that not very many bone conducting headphones have as high a quality music sound coming out of them as the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones do. Is that true? I'm not sure. I will say that the sound quality is pretty good compared to other bone conducting headphones I've tried.

Since these aren't headphones that are in your ear or covering your ear, some of the sound may be heard by people just standing around you, maybe sitting next to you on a bus. So let's see how much of that sound does actually get out all right music is playing microphone is only about less than three feet away

from me,but others can’t hear the sound.

When compare with in-ear headphons,obviously headphones that go into your ear or project the sound right into your ear. It's just gonna be a louder brighter more clear sound the bone conduction headphones, it's not muffled but it's not

as crisp and clear of a sound as bright of a sound it claims to be Hi-Fi High

Fidelity sound.Personally, I would choose the inner ear just for pure sound quality now. However, bone conduction headphones can meet the needs of other scenarios, and they also have other functions that common headphones cannot do.

Price Wissonly Wireless Bluetooth bone conduction headphones

The price for the Wissonly Hi Runner wireless Bluetooth bone conduction  headphones is $99, under 100 basically. This is a very reasonable price, which makes it very cost-effective.


If you are interested in Wissonly Hi Runner, here is the shopping link on the official website.