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Best walking earbuds:Sony linkbuds s Truly wireless earbuds review

Nov 11,2023 | David

Speaking of Sony Audio's main product in 2022, Link Buds is well deserved. Prior to this, Sony launched a LinkBuds with extraordinary design, followed by a new product Link Buds. But when everyone thought that the new product would keep the futuristic design, Sony used another form to bring us different new ideas. They made a true wireless noise-reducing earphone-Sony comfortable in-ear true wireless noise-reducing earphone Link Buds, which is a true wireless noise-reducing earphone featuring light and comfortable wearing and all-round noise reduction performance.This review article aims to analyze“whether linkbuds s is worth buying”by collecting some real customer reviews.

Product information:
r/HeyNewGadget - Best walking earbuds:Sony linkbuds s Truly wireless earbuds review

Product Dimensions:1.69 x 2.36 x 1.09 inches

Item Weight:0.176 ounces


Item model number:WFLS900N/B

Batteries:1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Battery Life:6 Hrs (20 Hrs with case)

Water Resistant/Splash Proof: IPX4

Date First Available:May 18, 2022


Item Weight:5 Grams

Units:1.00 Count

Number Of Items:1


Sony linkbuds s Truly wireless earbuds review from users:

Product name:sony linkbuds s   Price: $128

Rating: 4.2 Where to buy: Amazon or official website.

User review 1:

User:Ryan Nation:United States

“I have only ever used the original AirPods design since they came out. I enjoy how they can sit in my ears without causing them to hurt after prolonged listening. But they let in many sounds, and it's not worth using outdoors or in noisy conditions like a college dorm.

So that is when I looked at Sony's LinkBuds S. They were on sale for around $148 at the time of purchase in August, and I sprung for the deal!

The noise canceling is pretty decent; it's my first experience with ANC, but I was slightly underwhelmed. But I don't expect every sound to disappear at this price point.

The Buds' sound is excellent and crisp. I personally noticed a little less bass when listening to music. Still, I downloaded the Sony app and tweaked the EQ settings to my style.

When purchasing these, I was tempted to wait for AirPods Pro 2, but I needed something relatively new for college.

The right side Bud does hurt my ear; I think it is because my right ear may be shaped differently. Not sure. I kind of ignore the uncomfortable feeling. I had another set of cheap silicone-tipped earbuds, and they did the same thing in my right ear, so I think this discomfort is just for me or other people with different shaped ears. And yes, I did try different silicone ear tips, but it didn't work. I might have to experiment with that a little more.

The case and buds look very cool, especially with the mate feeling, unlike the AirPods case, which is slippery and scratches easily. I think you do not need an exterior case for the case, as it will barely show wear and tear.

I'm very surprised by Sony's packaging. They created a box to use the space as much as possible. Very little to no plastic use, very cool, in my opinion. They are doing more than Apple or Samsung in the " Eco-Friendly " department in this technology era.

Battery life is excellent, although I don't use them for that long anyways at a time. I don't walk everywhere with earbuds in my ears.

Overall, I recommend these buds for people who may go between "ecosystems" like windows, iOS, etc. These buds can be paired to (but not connected to at the same time) up to 8 devices. Unfortunately, they do not offer multiple device support (connected to 2 or more devices simultaneously). This may be inconvenient, but switching between devices takes less than a second, but you have to do it manually.

However, seeing the price back up near $200, my recommendation lessens. I would say go for it if they stayed at $140-$150. Not sure If I can recommend them when they are so close to AirPods Pro Gen 2 earbuds.

But despite the price, good overall experience with my first Sony product. They will probably go down in price this year, hopefully.”

User review 2:

User:Katie Rausch Nation:United States

“I have been using my Skullcandy wired earbuds for as long as possible but it came time for me to find a true wireless earbud to wear to the gym/on the Peloton. I tried my husband’s AirPods and 1. They felt like they were going to fall right out of my head and 2. They hurt that little cartilage spot right before the ear canal entrance. Ppl with small ears… you know the spot I’m talking about! Instant pain and pressure spot. So we tried the other brand owned by Apple started by one Dr. Dre. Cool colors, but still hurt my sad little ears. The search continued…

So I turned to Amazon, Reddit, Target, Best Buy, pouring over each review section in search of some clues for a review about each bud and their compatibility with small ears. Knowing that Sony is an old standby for most, I just went ahead and added them to the cart along with a Soundcore pair. The package arrived, the Souncore buds with stems hurt even more than the AirPods did. NEXT! The Sony packaging was fairly nice, recycled materials which I appreciated. Once I slipped them in **cue a chorus of Heavenly Host**. At last! A relatively secure earbud that didn’t hurt my ear cartilage! I downloaded the app and paired them to my phone and Peloton with just a tidbit of troubleshooting research. The sound coming through was almost as good as the Beats I tried. Certainly more than adequate bass for the size. The app has an equalizer option but right off the bat is was fairly well balanced for listening to Fred Again.. . Not too tinny at all. The touch commands are also intuitive! Touch the left bud and it changes from noise cancelling to ambient. Touch the right and it plays/pauses the music. I don’t have anything to say about talking on phone calls with them it’s just not what I need them for. I need them for exercise.

Why I reduced a star: I really wish I could give it 4.5 stars honestly, and here’s why:

  1. The pairing wasn’t exactly intuitive. You have to have one bud in, have the other one in the case, have the case open and long press the case button to get it to pair to secondary devices (such as the Peloton).

  2. It makes a click when I’m running.

  3. The case just doesn’t have that satisfying heft that other bud cases have. And the plastic is rough feeling. Does that matter? Absolutely not. But if we’re rating overall experience it’s worth mentioning.

So if you have small ears and have yet to find the right pair of true wireless earbuds, do yourself a favor and get these. Are they the best on the market? No. But they don’t hurt! And that’s the BEST selling point.”

r/HeyNewGadget - Best walking earbuds:Sony linkbuds s Truly wireless earbuds review

User review 3:

User:Just A Monkey On The Vine Nation:Canada

“The notice cancelling earbuds from Sony are impressive. The packaging is not wasteful yet protective. My first time trying the headphones I was doing work on the computer, relaxing, listening to music. While my wife was apparently calling my name from the other room. Only finding out once she stood up waving her arms frantically with a not so impressed look on her face.

I can’t use them at work with the noise canceling function on as I constantly have people coming to my office. So I am currently use them when I go on walks as you can really block out ambient traffic and background noise. That being said if you are using them outside. Pay attention to your surroundings! They do a really good job at canceling incoming noise.

They have clear highs and lows with good bass. I like that you can also turn off the noise canceling function in case the situation doesn’t allow for it. You can also hold down the left ear bud to pause the noice canceling function until released. They also stayed very well in my ear without falling once so far

I feel $299.99 ($338.98 taxes in) is very expensive for earbuds you can only use in certain situations. However if your in need of some serious noise cancelling earbuds and price isn’t a concern I say go for it!”

User review 4:

User:Al Nation:United States

“I like them much. They are nice and small, the case is nice too. They have a long battery (I use them to work out 5 times a week and the case needs to be charged every other week). They are comfortable (although you couldn't sleep on the side with them), the noise cancellation is very good and I like that it auto-adapts to walk/stay/run. The only con is that you cannot use them to work out. Once you sweat and they are humid, they slide out of the ear! Every time I run, I have to remove one after 15 min ish because it goes away. Same if you do some yoga or stuff when head is down and you sweat, then they don't stick in your ears....”

User review 5:

User:Amazon Customer Nation:United States

“I am very pleased with these earbuds. They were very easy to set up. They fit in my ears very comfortably and I am very happy with the sound quality. The ANC is not bad but it's not the same as over the ear headphones. I don't think this is what I will be using on a train or plane but they are great for walking around the house and going outdoors.”

User review 6:

User:Iridescent H2O Nation:United States

“I walk my dog everyday so I need earbuds that stays in place and a decent ambient sound. Sony LinkBuds S does exactly that. I charge the headphones every other day and the battery life hasn't hit below 80%.”

User review 7:

User:Andrea Short Nation:United States

“I really enjoy these earbuds. They cancel out the river I walk by every day while having amazing sound quality. I can control how much sound I let through and how much bass I can add in the app. The battery lasts exactly as long as advertised. However, the earbuds don’t control anything except letting some external sound through if tapped. My previous earbuds could stop, start, skip, and adjust volume while the earbuds were in my ear. I miss this feature in the Sony LinkBuds S. But overall, happy with my purchase.”

User review 8:

User:JIsa Nation:United States

“Reduced one star because the switch for noise cancellation is too sensitive. It will for sure bother you if you have long hairs. The noise cancellation was turned on and off by my hair for at least 6 times during a 10-minute-walk today. Very annoying.”

r/HeyNewGadget - Best walking earbuds:Sony linkbuds s Truly wireless earbuds review

User review 9:

User:California Rose Nation:United States

“I normally like to use Beats Flex earbuds for their convenience, sound, and find-ability through Find My. However, my cat loves to snuggle up to my head while I’m sleeping and start chewing on the wire. That’s it. 10 seconds of chewing and they’re done. Finally I gave up buying new ones, and spent the money on these. Absolutely do not regret. The sound is the best I’ve heard. One feature I like is that it will work with just one of them in my ear. I leave the other one sitting on the case, but not specifically in the charger. These are definitely noise canceling, so at home I can hear my surroundings if I’m only using one of them. I am an audiobook fanatic, so I can feed my addiction with these. Did I mention how comfortable they are? Oh yes, no ear fatigue with these. I took off a star because of my own habit of losing ear buds, and these lack the Find My feature. Other than that a five star product!”

User review 10:

User:Javier Ruiz Nation:United States

“I have downgraded my review from 3 to 1 stars, because in the short (and I mean really short) time that I have owned them, I find that they keep disconnecting from my phone at odd

times. Today, for example, I was on a FaceTime call and my buds decided to disconnect halfway through it. Mind you, they were fully charged. This is unacceptable. The earbuds I had before stayed connected the entire time I was using them, not to mention their ANC and battery life was about on par with the Sony’s, but they were half the price of these!

Another reason to dislike these: you will NOT get any notifications from Siri on these . The only assistant that will work with them is Alexa. At first it did not seem like such an issue because I usually activate Siri from my phone. But not being able to get actual, verbal notifications from Siri through these earbuds is amazing, considering the price. Again, my old buds did this too. I only replaced them because I lost them And stupidly, I thought these would be an upgrade. Goes to show that price is not always an indicator of quality. It used to be that when you bought something from Sony you knew you were getting a quality . But more and more these days, what you are paying for is the brand name recognition. That’s it.

As for me, I think I will keep these for limited uses for the next year or two, and then I will dispose of them like the e-waste that they are. Seriously. Over $150 with taxes for a device to have such glaring omissions and poor quality, when other companies produce much better devices for a lot less? That’s unconscionable.”


These user reviews show that Sony linkbuds s is a goodearbuds. But there is no absolutely perfect headphone in the world, and it still has some shortcomings, such as high price, unstable wearing and so on.If you want to find a substitute with similar performance at a lower price, it can be achieved. The Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphone is recommend,which only costs $99.99.

r/HeyNewGadget - Best walking earbuds:Sony linkbuds s Truly wireless earbuds review

First of all, explain to people who don't know much about the working principle of bone conduction headphones.Bone conduction headphone is a headphone based on a "bone conduction" mechanism. Bone conduction is a mechanism that transmits sound to the auditory nerve through vibrations in the skull bone rather than through the eardrum.Because they transmit sound by vibrating bones, they don't need to cover the ears like regular headphones.The design team of Wissonly bone conduction headphones began to study bone conduction acoustics as early as 2012. Their technology accumulation in the field of bone conduction is excellent, and they are a team that is good at technology.

r/HeyNewGadget - Best walking earbuds:Sony linkbuds s Truly wireless earbuds review

Wissonly Hi Runner is a wireless headphone with a weight of only 30g. They are ear-hanging type, and the headphone frame is made of memory titanium material, which can adjust the contact area by itself, so as to ensure a good wearing experience of the headphones at any time, and can also take into account more users with different head circumferences.Its open-ear design allows you to wear  for a long time without discomfort, and easily hear the surrounding sound. In general, it's very clean, sanitary and safe

In terms of sound quality, it is also excellent, with a good performance on the treble and bass. In terms of leak-proof sound, it did the best. They use a fully closed headphone body design to reduce the sound transmission of the bone conduction vibrator to the air, and use cushioning materials to reduce the vibration of the headphone, thereby reducing sound leakage by more than 90%.

Their performance is very powerful, equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, making the connection more stable. Built-in 32G memory, can store 5000 songs. The battery life is good, with more than 10 hours of continuous playback. They also support IPX8 waterproof and can be used normally while swimming.