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Best running earbuds:Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 review

Oct 30,2023 | David

When it comes to noise-reducing earphones, Bose is definitely a brand that cannot be ignored. As early as 2022, Bose released the Quietcomfort earbuds 2, which is not only small and portable, comfortable to wear, but also has stronger noise-reducing ability. At the same time, it has added a brand-new intelligent in-ear sound stage adjustment technology, which can automatically optimize the in-ear sound stage according to your ear canal structure, optimize the noise-reducing performance and sound quality, and make it match your ears. So what is the specific performance of Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II? Next, through some real user review to analyze.

Product parameter:

r/HeyNewGadget - Best running earbuds:Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 review

Product Dimensions:2.34 x 1.05 x 2.61 inches

Item Weight:8 ounces


Item model number:870730-0020

Batteries:3 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Fit Type:In-Ear

Water-resistance Rating:IPX4


Charging Time:1 Hours

Item Weight:227 Grams

Units:1 Count

Number Of Items:1

Bose quietcomfort earbuds 2 review from users:

Product name: Quietcomfort  Price: $299

Rating: 4.1 Where to buy: Amazon or Official website.

User review 1:

User:ssgneill  Nation:United States

“I'm in Awe. Everytime I put them in a jet engine running at full throttle is literally gone when noise canceling kicks in. Nothing but you and your music. And do I mean music, sound like it's live. No to be used jogging on a crowded street while not paying attention to your surroundings because we will read about your stupidity later on.”

User review 2:

User:CjbSD  Nation:United States

“The sound quality is great, but there are two serious problems for runners or anyone who sweats while working out.

  1. Even with maximum noise-cancelling activated, I could hear my footsteps when running on sidewalks or the treadmill; in fact, it sounded like the sound was being amplified. I contacted Bose and was told to reinstall the firmware. That did not help, so I exchanged my original purchase for another set. The replacement pair had the same problem. I then compared them in real time to Airpods Pro Gen 2, which aren’t quite as good for low-end sound but are superior for noise-cancellation when running. I eventually returned my replacement Bose set too. (And before I did, I verified that the noise-cancellation settings were correct, so this was not user error.)

  2. I sweat a lot during exercise and had a hard time keeping the pair in my ears when sweaty. I had the same problem when running for more than 30 seconds. The silicone fittings are comfy but did not keep the pieces in my ear very well during even moderate exercise. When I compared the Bose to Aipods Pro Gen 2, I did not have the same problem with the Apple product.

For the price, the Bose products should stay put and not let the sound of footsteps come through. In the end, I was very disappointed.”

User review 3:

User:David A. Kingston  Nation:United States

“I'm one of the few people for whom Apple Airpods Pro don't work. I love the sound and the tight integration with iOS, but they just don't stay in my ears. I tried the Beats Fit Pro -- same complaint. They sounds great, but don't stay in. Then I tried the Bose. I have the original QC Earbuds and love them; I just wanted something smaller. I never should have strayed.

Bose QC Earbuds 2 are just amazing. With the medium tips and the medium "wings", they just lock into my ear holes. I wore them for about six hours straight with no discomfort. I wear them daily while running for more than an hour. I sweat a *lot*. Earbud stay locked in.

The noise cancelling is awesome. Just as good as Apple Airpods Pro. The sound? They're Bose. The sound is superlative. They connect right up to my phone. Battery life is as advertised.

My only complaint is that the case doesn't have wireless charging, which is a very minor ding from me. So 4.96 stars. :)”

User review 4:

User:nidhi jha  Nation:United States

“I love the new Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Il with custom tune technology. It provides a unique listening experience just for you by determining your ear canal's unique shape. No one works better than u/Bose TheQuietComfort Earbuds Il for the noise cancellation that’s adjustable to the Quiet Mode to silence sound quality.

I love the triple black with a sleek design with more than 6 hours of battery life—the perfect running partner.”

r/HeyNewGadget - Best running earbuds:Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 review

User review 5:

User:TheShelbiNicole  Nation:United States

“These are the most comfortable earbuds I’ve ever tried. I was previously using the air-pods and I end up having to take them out after awhile because they start hurting my ears and when I run they’ve fallen out. The Bose earbuds have addressed all the issues I had with other earbud brands. They came with different sized rubber pieces so you can get an exact fit and I could wear these all day and they dont hurt my ears. When I run they stay in place and wind doesnt effect the sound. When you have them in they sound like you’re at a concert. The noise cancellation technology on them is the most shocking! You can’t hear outside noise it is incredible!! I could go on and on, but the bottom line is I’m very impressed with these. Would recommend and think they’re the best I’ve ever used, oh and the bass sounds fantastic! Great Job Bose!!! Very quality product!”

User review 6:

User:Shavonne Smith  Nation:United States

“I purchased the First Bose earbuds and was disappointed. In 1 year the sound blew out of the right ear bud and even with size adjustments, they kept falling out my ears. Very frustrating.

I got the Bose II with a purchase protection plan for Christmas gift. I must say that I am very impressed! Bose must have listened and has corrected the flaws. The Bose II has better sound then the first one, there are also more sound mode choices on how u want to listen to your music. The best part is they stay in my ear especially when I run and exercise. I recommend Bose II Earbuds!”

User review 7:

User:5759alext  Nation:United Kingdom

“So when I first received these , one (right ) earphone was making a very loud hissing / crackling noise before even started playing any audio . I contacted Bose and they were very helpful and sent me free post label to return them and they would send me replacement set . They did say it could take 3 weeks so if you’d paid full price for these and they weren’t working that would be frustrating .

However the update took ages to complete (via app on your phone ) and then all of a sudden they were working fine again !

I’ve tested few times since and they’ve been fine. I’ve been for a run wearing these and they didn’t move at all .

Comes with different tips and band to customise for .

The noise cancellation is seriously impressive ! Also has different modes so can choose how much outside noise to block.

Very impressive overall . I’d not pay £279 for them but people do spend this on earphones etc so I’d say it’s prob worth it for them.”

r/HeyNewGadget - Best running earbuds:Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 review

User review 8:

User:Moe  Nation:United States

“My office neighbor is very very very loud. I can’t hear him anymore, just my audiobooks. For music I am hearing parts of songs I didn’t appreciate before because I couldn’t hear it with poor quality headphones. Game changer worth the money because my quality of life has improved. Also they hold a charge for a long time, stay in my little ears and don’t hurt after wearing. Stay in when I’m running and working out too!!!”

User review 9:

User:Kristy McMahon  Nation:United States

“These headphones have restored my sanity and possibly saved my relationships with everyone in my family. Anyone with small children will understand. The noise canceling is the best experience I’ve ever had with any brand. They fit snuggly in my ears and I was able to use two different attachments that it came with for the perfect fit. Who would have thought my ear holes are two different shapes and sizes? It had never crossed my mind that would be a possibility. They never fall out at the gym when I’m lifting, sprinting, doing burpees, etc. Finally! There’s an app that allows you to customize the noise canceling and awareness modes so you can stay safe walking or biking with them in. The app also tells you if you have a good seal when fitting the aforementioned attachments. The sound quality is perfect for me (admittedly not a sound connoisseur) for my Jesus jams and podcasts. Also, the battery basically never dies. The charging case Kees recharging them and i just leave them in my gym bag often. I’m always surprised when I put them in and they tell me in my ear that they are still at 100% battery! Amazing! I cannot recommend these gems enough. This pair is worth EVERY PENNY and I could not be happier with my purchase. Seriously. Buy them ASAP. And I am not getting paid for this review. I just love them this much.”

User review 10:

User:Carolyn N  Nation:United States

“I'm a huge bose fan. I had the previous generation of these and they were amazing. However I really have a hard time with the fit on this new model. When walking or running I have to constantly push them back in my ears. I've tried all the different sized adapters and different combinations but nothing works.”

The above is the real user review of Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2. Generally speaking, it is a good completely wireless headphone, but its disadvantages are obvious. After all, it is an in-ear earbuds,wearing it for a long time will still cause discomfort to the ears, not to mention using it in running or other workouts. Therefore, if you want a comfortable wearing experience, Wissonly Hi Runner sports bone conduction headphone with open ear design and high cost performance are recommended.

Reason for recommendation:

r/HeyNewGadget - Best running earbuds:Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 review

I noticed Wissonly bone conduction headphones when they were first crowdfunded online. And later, I saw that some otologists were recommending them on online forums, so I bought them. This Hi Runner is their flagship product whose overall functionality is also the most perfect. The headphone use the latest research from the Wissonly lab. It increases the vibrating area of the vibrator by 35% and optimizes the direction of sound transmission to make the sound more concentrated, resulting in a wider range and more spatial of the music. The brand claims that its sound quality is HI-FI level, and I actually tested it myself. I thought that the sound quality was very close to HI-FI level, but it did not reach this level. Of course, the current sound quality is satisfactory enough.

The Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphone has both Bluetooth and built-in storage playback modes. The new Bluetooth 5.0 chip has stronger anti-interference ability, which can easily cope with a variety of complex outdoor scenes and ensure that the good mood during sports is not interfered with by broken lines. At the same time, the stable connection also brings low latency performance, listening to music, watching TV, playing games are no problem. What's more, they have 32 gigabytes of internal memory, which can store 5,000 songs.

r/HeyNewGadget - Best running earbuds:Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 review

In terms of comfort, the Wissonly Hi Runner performs well, it is very light, only less than 30g, and it does not feel any weight to wear. The body is made of titanium alloy which makes it have a good fit, and you don't need to worry about their falling off during sports.

The waterproof of the Wissonly Hi Runner deserves special mention, and it is IPX8 grade. It means that you can carry it underwater for up to 20 meters and still use it normally, which is crazy!