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Best headphone for swimmers:Shokz openswim review

Oct 14,2023 | David

When it comes to bone conduction headphones, we have to talk about the leading brand Shokz, which has many bone conduction headphones in different usage scenarios.Among them, shokz has a swimming headphone — OpenSwim, which is very popular among swimmers. Many people may already know about it, but today this article will analyze this earphone from a new angle-user real use review.


Basic information:

Product Dimensions:6.65 x 5.31 x 2.76 inches

Item Weight:1.06 ounces

Units:1.0 Count

Item model number:S700BK

Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.(included)

Battery Life:8h

Fast Charging:No

Sweat Resistancy:IP68

Connectivity:Bluetooth not Compatible

Manufacturer:Shokz Limited Corporation


Shokz openswim review from users:

Product name: shokz openswim Price: $149.95

Rating: 4.3 Where to buy: Amazon or official website.

User review 1:

User:Natalia Nation:Spain

“it’s just can not be replaced.

I have been looking for one for swim .

I tried a lot of brands , and it’s the best I tried.

Down the water , the sound is even better .

I am so happy . Thank you”


User review 2:

User:alvin Nation:United States

“Wow! I’d been using the OpenRun for my phone and have been very satisfied, so I decided to get the OpenSwim to use for swimming, and wow I’m impressed! Great sound (gets better when under water), easy to use controls, and easy to wear without encumbrance. I don’t usually use earplugs when swimming, but since these came with earplugs I decided to use them and it made for a total immersive experience. My swim workout flew by. Also, pretty easy to upload music files.”

User review 3:

User:lo Nation:United States

I just purchased these and downloaded some songs to try these out. Mind you I am just a beginner swimmer that after 3 months average 50 laps per hour and have swam enough for the day. I used these yesterday and swam 92 laps in 75 minutes and felt I could of kept on swimming but didn’t want to overdo it to be sore the next day. These took the boredom out of the equation and made it a lot more fun. They did make behind my ears slightly sore but nothing too painful to not use daily.

User review 4:

User:Kenneth J. Merenda II Nation:United States

“The sound is very tinny when you’re above water, but going underwater kicks in the bass and makes it very comparable to traditional headphones. My only complaint is the lack of Bluetooth support. I understand the problems with wireless signals underwater, but I’d like to be able to try and connect to my smart watch. I’ve shifted to Apple Music, and there isn’t a way to cache songs from that service onto the device.”

User review 5:

User:DBake Nation:United States

“These headphones are absolutely amazing. Swimming to music is so much more enjoyable and so much easier than swimming without. The headphones are easy peasy to use, and setup is a breeze. The sound quality of the headphones is excellent in the water. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a waterproof solution.”

User review 6:

User:Bombastic Bushkin Nation:United States

“Bought from Amazon. Transferred songs no problem. Worked great while swimming. Very happy…the first few times I used them. Then I went to use them again and it told me “no files available”. Chatted with “Ed” from Shokz support. Tried a few things but no success. Even tried to erase and re-format. Nothing. The drive icon should have been titled “OpenSwim” instead it was “Unknown”. Opened it and the songs were there but they weren’t recognized when turned on the earphones. “Ed” sent me a new pair no charge. I liked “Ed”.”

User review 7:

User:Samandodo Nation:United Kingdom

“So just received the new headset to find that there’s 147 songs on there!! Pretty sure that’s not meant to be the case. I didn’t get it from Amazon warehouse so bought as brand-new product. So have contacted company and let’s see what they say. Edit: I got an email back from them saying “Please be assured that the songs in the headset are the factory default song list for our Openswim, so it is brand new and unregistered.”

Anyway, I tried it during my swimming session and it was probably one of the best sessions I’ve had! Sound was crisp clear below water and changes slightly when above but still loud and clear. Can’t believe I’d never come across these before! Worth the money”


User review 8:

User:Victoria Anderson Nation:United States

“Great sound! However, with my swim cap on top of it, it does start to hurt the top of my ear where it pushes against it. If I try on the outside of my cap then the sound quality isn’t as good and it doesn’t have a good hold to stay on.”

User review 9:

User:Tom Nation:United States

“Good battery, easy to switch playlists and songs, good audio underwater for music but it’s really horrible for podcasts, you can’t understand anything being said, otherwise great product.”

User review 10:

User:NYCtoRVA Nation:United States

“First things first: this is a review of Shokz specifically for swimming purposes. If you want to use these for more general workouts, I wouldn’t get this OpenSwim model — it doesn’t have bluetooth, and the music controls are limited. Now that we have that “how do these compare to normal headphones” out of the way, they’re actually a solidly good (not perfect) set for swimming. WHAT I LIKE: I swim recreationally for exercise and generally don’t wear a swimming cap so I was worried that these would move around on my head, but I have had no issues with that, even when I do turns at the end of laps. The headphones are very light weight, and come with a handy neoprene storage bag that allows air in so the wet headphones can dry out in my gym bag. The sound quality is actually pretty solid underwater too, especially if you use earplugs for swimming (which I do). Without ear plus, I noticed the sound quality dropped quite a bit since the ambient noise of water etc competes with the music. WHAT I DON’T LIKE: The charger for these OpenSwim headphones is a bit clumsy to use, it’s a little plastic box you have to clip around the headphones, and doesn’t seem very well made. Since the charging points are proprietary (not standard like micro USB) if this charger breaks — and it seems like it easily could in the near future — it’s probably an expensive replacement cost. You also have to use the charging box as the connection cord to move mp3 files onto the headphones, which is a bit clumsy especially for Mac users like me who need an adaptor for the charging box USB port to a USB C port. I also wish the music button controls made it easier to skip forward for songs. You have to hold the sound + or — button for two seconds to skip forward/back songs, and that’s a little tricky to do underwater while swimming. The mode button you have to tap to switch from normal to shuffle mode is also difficult to reach while you’re wearing the headphones. BOTTOM LINE: Compared to what I had before for swimming (literally nothing), I’m very happy with these OpenSwim headphones. The sound is decent, they’re comfortable on my head and don’t slide around when swimming (which is a huge win!), and the battery life lasts well past my workout time. But I do wish they had bluetooth capability so I could use them outside the pool, and I wish the charging box was better made. For swimming specific headphones, they’re worth the price. If you swim rarely and want these for a mix of a little swimming plus more general workout use, then I wouldn’t recommend them.”

Most users have praised shokz openswim. But there are still some problems, such as no Bluetooth mode, low cost performance and so on. There are few headphones that can really be used in the water, and there are even fewer swimming headphones that have both MP3 storage mode and Bluetooth mode.Among them, Wissonly Hi Runner is highly recommended.


The first thing to consider about swimming headphones is undoubtedly the waterproof level.Although the name of Wissonly Hi Runner is Hi Runner, it also has an IPX8 waterproof rating higher than the industry standard, which allows it to work normally during swimming and diving,which it is a swimming headphone that deserves its name.

Hi Runner uses a 5.0 Bluetooth chip for smoother connectivity.However,when you use Bluetooth mode while swimming, because there is still a certain distance between the connected device and the headset,so the connection may be poor and the sound will be intermittent.Don’t worry,Hi Runner equipped with 32G built-in storage, which can store 5000 songs, and supports two working modes of Bluetooth and MP3. In the scene of underwater sports or without a mobile phone, you can completely use it as a Bluetooth MP3 player.


When it comes to fit and comfort, the Wissonly Hi Runner features an adjustable aerospace-grade titanium frame that can accommodate different head sizes and also works well with swimming glasses and swimming caps, ensuring a stable fit. The headphone surface is made of high-tech, low-sensitivity silicone material, free from any chemical components, to avoid allergic reactions. The overall feel of the headphones is as smooth as a baby’s skin, preventing discomfort during extended wear. Moreover, weighing less than 30g, they are lightweight and won’t feel burdensome.

It is a headphone that needs to be charged,so you may worry about whether its battery life is strong enough.Its battery life is very strong, it can be used continuously for 10 hours, and it supports magnetic fast charging,which takes only 2 hours to fully charge.As a result, it is able to accompany the swimmer throughout the swim.


Its price is $99.99, which is the most cost-effective product among swimming headphones with the same performance.