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Best gym earbuds:Sony wf c700n earbuds review

Nov 14,2023 | David

Sony introduced the entry-level noise-reducing earbuds -WF-C700N. As an upgraded version of WF-C500, it supports noise reduction. With Headphones Connect app, it can realize the adaptive sound control function based on body movements and geographical location. Sony also equipped it with intelligent pick-off technology, so you can quickly switch to the ambient sound mode without taking off earbuds.So what is its actual use experience? Only used users know the answer. Therefore, this article collects some users' real use reviews for reference.

Product information:
r/HeyNewGadget - Best gym earbuds:Sony wf c700n earbuds review

Product Dimensions:3.91 x 2.13 x 3.16 inches

Item Weight:1.09 ounces

Water Resistance:IPX4

Form Factor:In Ear


Item model number:WFC700N/W

Batteries:1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


Item Weight:31 Grams

Units:1 count

Number Of Items:1


Sony wf c700n earbuds review from users:

Product name: wf c700n  Price: $119.99

Rating: 4.3 Where to buy: Amazon or official website.


User review 1:

User:Rick Nation:United States

“I typically run anywhere from 20min to 1 hour several times per week. I also sweat very heavily. To the point where clothes and towels are soaked.

After trying half a dozen ear buds... The Sony c700n is the only one that stayed in my ear the whole time without falling. And they did so comfortably. The fit, comfort and grip is just phenomenal. It's almost as if Sony designed these for my ears. The default ear tips they came with the buds miraculously worked and I didn't even have to try the others.

Some of the grip and stability is probably due to the weight of the buds as they are very light and sit very well in your ear.

Flagship models are obviously fine but they have a huge disadvantage to runners since they are a lot bigger and heavier and therefore lose some grip and stability.

The sound quality on the C700s is excellent as compared to my Galaxy Buds Pro 2. Honestly I can't tell the difference in quality. Even without the advanced codecs.

ANC is probably where I see a difference compared to my Galaxy Buds. The Samsung ones are better but not by leaps and bounds. Id call the Sony c700 adequate and works sufficiently well at the gym to block most noise. With music on you won't hear any outside noise.

Phone calls is an are where these struggled for me. I can hear other people just fine and clear... The issue is other people cannot hear me... Complaints I often hear is that I sound very far away and the noise cancelling for some reason does not work well during calls. Calls I made in moderately loud places were a near disaster. If you're in a quiet environment maybe they will work better. Hopefully they can fix this with a software update.

I can't fault these buds though... I got them for sports/running and good audio quality... And for my use cases I am blown away! Especially at the price point.

I prefer the push button interface rather than touch sensitive while running. This is because sometimes I need to adjust the buds without activating any commands. Touch sensitive earbuds are annoying for this matter. Sony designed the buttons well and they are easy to operate. It goes without saying that I can adjust the earbuds without accidentally activating any commands.

The case could not be better for gym and sports. It is small, light and minimalist. Love the texture and they are small enough to keep in my pocket without noticing. Given the price point of the buds, I also wont mind if they get scratched of dented. The design is very practical and the "rough" plastic texture looks very nice to me.

The app is very simple and works well. Besides software updates you can also adjust EQ to your liking. The app is very minimalist but gets the job done. I haven't explored the additional app features yet mostly because I don't think I have a use case for them.

Buy these for the gym, very good audio quality and adequate but not stellar ANC. Do not buy these for personal or work phone calls.

For the price, it is hard to believe the value these buds offer.”

User review 2:

User:david kaplan Nation:United States

“Severely made one of my ears sore! And yes I tried all the sizes of ear buds. It was the housing that rub against my inner ear causing pain.

Noise cancellation did not work period I received a defective pair. I returned the Sonys and got the Beats and what a difference! The Beats pro fit buds are comfortable. I recommend the Comply memory foam ear bud replacements they are superior and provide more isolation!”

User review 3:

User:Amazon Customer Nation:United States

“I have owned the WF-1000XM4s and I think these are competitive, especially for the price and features. I feel like the noise cancelling is better on the WF/700Ns because they use silicone tips opposed to memory foam ones which gives a better fit. The only thing I would change is to add wireless charging and more battery life because the case is a little bigger than the xm4s, but at this price point they are definitely far from deal breakers. Easy to recommend”

r/HeyNewGadget - Best gym earbuds:Sony wf c700n earbuds review

User review 4:

User:Oluwapelumi Nation:United States

“ I use these headphones almost everyday in the gym and on machinery plant floors

Some things I like about these headphones are that they fit nicely into my ear and don't necessarily fall off. The app used to control them is nice and flexible. It allows you to choose the function of each ear. So I can use the left ear to pause and play music, switch between ANC vs ambient vs off, or control the volume of whatever I'm playing. This is honestly nice so that even if one is lost, the headphone's functionality isn't totally lost

Some things that could be better:

It is honestly hard to tell the difference between noise canceling and off. When I put on the headphones, they block out a good amount of sound and I honestly wouldn't advise using both of them when riding a bike or walking on the street. I know it throws off my balance because the ambient sound is almost totally gone. I have used the headphones a couple of times for a Teams call and the sound quality is piss poor. With every word someone says there's a static that follows even though this isn't the case with a regular phone call/facetime. The app feels very invasive as well; asking about location details and access to background noise for the adaptive sound control. For this feature, it wants to hear everything in the background so it can adaptively switch the sound mode. I don't think I want another piece of technology eavesdropping on my conversation lol

The battery life is decent, I think the first few times I used it, it kept asking me to charge the case with the slightest drop in battery percentage but I haven't seen that as frequently now.”

User review 5:

User:watts Nation:United States

“Use these at the gym while working out. They stay secure in my ears and have a nice sound. The app really allows you to customize the earbuds which is kind of a cool function. Yes you have to create an account to take advantage of a lot of the settings/functionality, but it is worth it. Lots of video reviews and and how to's available for Sony earbuds. I like the full sound from a pair of earbuds.”

User review 6:

User:bananana Nation:Australia

“I've had these for almost 2 months and use them at the gym. I've switched to the largest ear tips and they do a good job cutting out most of the background noise including music they play at the gym.

Comfort and fit is fine. They're lightweight and don't fall out even when I'm doing weights and working up a sweat.

Sound quality is good, but not amazing. If you want better sound quality you'll need to spend more or buy headphones.

I think these are only useful if you want the noise cancelling. I've found the ambient mode tends to amplify background noise too much for me. That said, the Sony Headphone app may help, but I haven't tried it yet.”

User review 7:

User:Jenni Nation:United States

“I say it’s complicated because there’s an app and a pretty big learning curve. I haven’t had a chance to really learn the ins and outs but I’ve used the earbuds a lot for basic listening and phone calls. Phone calls are clear on both ends. They can hear me and vice versa. I use it a lot in my car since my Bluetooth is outdated and have no problems with background noises, using just one earbud. For music, I’m disappointed that the music doesn’t automatically pause when you take the earbuds out. But overall, they are really comfortable…more so than AirPods and the sound is really good. I’ve been using on and off for a month and have not had to charge them.”

r/HeyNewGadget - Best gym earbuds:Sony wf c700n earbuds review

User review 8:

User:JKhan Nation:United States

“These work, they really work, but you absolutely have to be careful. When they're in and on, I can't hear anything except what I'm playing. Seriously, nothing else. This has to be the top when it comes to sound cancelation. If you have to hear other noises, kids, cars, etc., make sure you turn on the ambient noise.

This is not a criticism, but a slight warning on the effectiveness of the product. If there's a crying kid on a plane, pop these in...sound gone.

One cool feature Sony instilled is automatic ambient switching. If you choose to allow location access, the app will turn on ambient noise when in motion or in specific locations. So far, it has work fairly well in my usage, but not perfect. I'm sure they will update over time.

Now, for the most basic feature needing review, the sound. In typical Sony form (my experience), they sound great. Excellent bass response, clean highs and mids with no distortion at high volumes, which by the way, I usually don't need to go too high to get comfortable listening. The app gives eq options, but I didn't need to switch anything as I loved the sound right out of the box.

Same for the fit. Snug and comfortable right out of the box. Worn around the house and in the gym, same level of comfort often forgetting they are in.

Battery is typical, and gets through several workouts without needing to charge up. No complaints here.

In summation, great sound with excellent noise cancelation. Ambient switching is a nice feature, but needs minor refinement. But, they indeed serve their purpose!”

User review 9:

User:MariaM Nation:United States

“The sound is good quality. It cancels out most noise, such as someone talking on a speakerphone, you would just hear muffled noise. However, if you are using them to go to the gym they might fall out easily if you sweat a lot. Overall, they are pretty comfy. Most of the time I forget I have them on, or think I have them on when I don't. Also, I love that the app tells you the battery life for both earbuds and the case.”

User review 10:

User:Joe1015 Nation:United States

“The Sony WF-C700N earbuds with noise canceling deliver good performance for the price. I have them in sage color that is soft on the eyes and gives them a more modern look.

Setup requires downloading the Sony earphones app. Instructions are easy to follow and Bluetooth connection was problem free. The app is easy to navigate. Lots of options to configure the sound with an equalizer and other digital sound processes, and to customize the buttons. I quickly felt comfortable navigating the app and customizing the earbuds to my liking.  

The case is rechargeable through a usb-c connection; no wireless charging is offered. You can monitor the charge on the app. It charges the  earbuds quickly. From my experience, I was able to do about five full charges of the earbuds when they were running very low.

The earbuds sound really good for the price. I own some high-end earphones and they come close; the highs are clear and not too straining, the mids are not too present and the bass is solid. I also listen to podcasts and they reproduce the vocals quite well. The noise canceling feature works great and mutes the outside distraction effectively. I use them more at work and wear them most of my workdays. I play different kinds of music and podcasts at 60% volume between 5 to 6 hours at a time. The batteries handle that easily; I usually have about 25-30% of charge left after those marathon sessions. They’re light and sit well outside the ear canal and are comfortable to wear for long hours. Those are regular earbuds and not made for gym. They sit tight in your ear but they will fall off if you keep moving your head abruptly. Overall, the sound performance is solid.

The only gripe I have is that they require registration and music streaming subscription to take advantage of the Sony 360 Reality Audio. Music streaming such as Amazon Music and Tidal are compatible with the 360 Reality Audio. My subscribed music streamer does not support it unfortunately and I’m not able to experience it for now.

To conclude, I will say that besides not being able to exploit the full capabilities of those earbuds, I’m impressed with their sound quality, battery and noise canceling performances. I would describe the Sony WF-C700N earbuds as mid level earphones at an accessible price that deliver close to high end performance.”


From the above user review, it can be seen that most users are satisfied with Sony wf c700n earbuds. Its overall performance is good, but the only drawback is that it is not stable and comfortable to wear,the ears will feel tired and painful after wearing it for a while.Therefore, if you expect to find a more comfortable and stable gym headphone with similar performance to replace Sony wf c700n earbuds, Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphone is worth a try.

r/HeyNewGadget - Best gym earbuds:Sony wf c700n earbuds review

A bone conduction headphone is a headphone based on a "bone conduction" mechanism. Bone conduction is a mechanism that transmits sound to the auditory nerve through vibrations in the skull bone rather than through the eardrum.Because they transmit sound by vibrating bones, they don't need to cover the ears like regular headphones.

The Hi Runner Bone Conduction headphones are designed to be open-ear, sitting directly on your temples, allowing your ear canals to remain fully open,make you wear it for a long time and your ears will not get tired. This enables you to easily hear outdoor sounds like cars and traffic lights while running or walking, ensuring a safer experience.It is also especially recommended for those who like to listen to music at work but need to pay attention to the voice of their boss's colleagues.Therefore, this bone conduction headphone is not only suitable for you to use during sports, but also suitable for daily life.

When it comes to fit and comfort, the Wissonly Hi Runner features an adjustable aerospace-grade titanium frame that can accommodate different head sizes, ensuring a stable fit. The headphone surface is made of high-tech, low-sensitivity silicone material, free from any chemical components, to avoid allergic reactions. The overall feel of the headphones is as smooth as a baby's skin, preventing discomfort during extended wear. Moreover, weighing less than 30g, they are lightweight and won't feel burdensome. As the flagship outdoor running model of Wissonly, it is currently the most comfortable and cost-effective bone conduction headphone available.

r/HeyNewGadget - Best gym earbuds:Sony wf c700n earbuds review

When you sweat a lot while wearing your headphones or it suddenly rains when you are outside, then the waterproof performance of the headphones becomes crucial.The Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction headphones, as the flagship model, boasts an IPX8 waterproof rating, surpassing industry standards. This ensures they can function properly even during swimming or diving, not to mention ordinary sweatproof and waterproof.

It also equipped with 32GB of built-in storage, capable of storing 5000 songs, and supporting both Bluetooth and MP3 modes, you can use the Wissonly Hi Runner as a Bluetooth MP3 player for underwater running or scenarios where you don't have your phone with you.It has a long battery life, can play 10 hours of music continuously and supports magnetic fast charging, effectively making up for the shortcomings of wireless headphones.

Bone conduction headphones have greater challenges in terms of improving sound quality due to their unique technological principles. However, theWissonly Hi Runner revolutionizes the traditional audio solution by ingeniously adopting large diaphragm vibrating units. Through structural optimization, it enhances the effective vibrating area, resulting in excellent performance in both high and low tones. Additionally, their sound leakage prevention technology is more mature, providing better sound leakage prevention compared to typical sports bone conduction headphones.