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Best bone conduction headphone:aftershokz opencomm review

Sep 06,2023 | David

As one of the head brands in the bone conduction earphone industry, aftershokz has been focusing on the sports earphone market since its birth, and has long been the focus of sports people when buying headphones. After successfully exploring the market of bone conduction sports headphones,aftershokz also began to focus on other fields. This product called OpenComm is a professional bone conduction communication headset for business people.So, is this headset good? This article sorts out some real user reviews to help answer.

Parameters of aftershokz opencomm:


Product Dimensions:6.65 x 5.31 x 2.7 inchess

Item Weight:1.16ounces


Item model number:C102

Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.(included)

Charging Time:1 Hour

Fast Charging:No

Item Weight:33 Grams

Units:1.0 Count

Number Of ltems:1

Manufacturer:Shokz Limited Corporation

Aftershokz opencomm bone conduction headphone review from users:

Product name: aftershokz opencomm Price: $159.95

Rating: 4.4 Where to buy: Amazon or official website.

User review 1:

User:David J. Dunn Nation:United States

“MacBook owner who uses Google Meet. I loved the quality of these headphones. Very comfortable, great noise cancelation with the mic. About perfect! Except that it did not work. Recording something solo, super. Using Google Meet or Google Voice resulted in (1) random beeps every 5 seconds, (2) random mutes that were not fixed by a power cycle, (3) sometimes not even connecting. I saw that Shokz has an issue with random mutes on iOS, so it may be a Mac thing or a Google thing. Sadly, whatever the case may be, this headset’s got to go back.”

User review 2:

User:Richie Nation:United States

“The water resistant quality is phenomenal, and I can work twenty feet away from a screaming industrial generator without having to shout, or repeat myself on a call.”

User review 3:

User:Quinton Anderson Nation:United States

“Ok so I have tried a few different bone conduction headphones, SHOKZ by far is absolutely awesome. At this point in time I won’t use or buy anything else. Comfortable to ware all day, really recommend for anyone who hates have things in their ear,”

User review 4:

User:Villanelle Nation:United States

“Maybe, only maybe, not for zoom calls, I see 1 star reviews. Otherwise fantastic from day 1. Connected to my iPhone 11 and TV no problem at all. They are snug right by the ear lobe and a little looser when I have them over my ears. I think I love them. Reasonably priced for the technology. 5 stars.”

User review 5:

User:brandie sheetz Nation:United States

“I absolutely love shokz bone conduction headphones I use these for work as I can connect 2 devices I am having issues with them they are statically a lot while talking or listening to music. The walk away from your phone distance is horrible maybe 50 feet away and it wants to disconnect I have to take phone with me at all times due to missing work calls so very disappointed in that. I also have the after shokz open move without the microphone attached like these and have had them for over a year now they are amazing I can leave my phone on my desk and walk away with a distance of like 200 feet and don’t have any disconnect issues may go further just have not tried. I do highly recommend SHOKZ well worth the money and a 2 year warranty I will be contacting them on these particular open comm ones due to the price being double to my first pair”

User review 6:

User:Will L. Nation:United States

“This headset provides great clarity on voice calls/chat, and the sound quality is fantastic. However, this bone conduction headphone has absolutely no adjustment other than its flexibility. So if you have a large head (hat size 7.5 or larger), these probably aren’t for you. I constantly find myself having to push the conductor down to make full contact with my head, or trying to get it to rest on my ear at a better angle. They start to get painfully uncomfortable after about an hour or two.”

User review 7:

User:Lucy R. Nation:United States

“So far is working for me. The curve around the ears does not hurt like other earphones. I work in customer service for more than ten hours a day. You have to get used to the vibration from outside the ear when it rings and while in conversation. But you get used to it quickly. I’ve had it for over a month. It charges quickly, and you can hear clearly without difficulty. I would recommend it!”

User review 8:

User:Joshua F Nation:United States

“This is my third aftershocks product, the previous generations didn’t have the wand microphone. When walking outside, this one picks up my voice so much better, people have told me on the phone then I’m much easier to understand. Four stars only because I wish it had a little bit more wind protection, such as a foam or soft cover to dampen wind noise.”

User review 9:

User:Chris Nation:United States

“Battery lasts more than the work day from when I turn them on at 7, and when I turn them off at 10pm, I can’t comment on the mic quality, but I haven’t had anyone tell me I’m quiet.

The speakers don’t really like being above 70% volume on when playing music, but it works really well for calls which is my primary use. I receive many calls throughout the day as IT”

User review 10:

User:Stefan T. Nation:Italy

“The quality of the input audio was reported to be excellent to me.

As for the quality of the output audio, we are not there, in the car (company car quiet, but not perfectly isolated) at high speeds, the audio appears to be too low even at best (wearing the headphones correctly).

As for battery life, the first few days were excellent, but after 2 weeks they turn off at random, the charge lasts less than an hour and the headphones report a charged battery, only to turn off in less than an hour.

It’s probably a defect in my device, I don’t think it’s a general experience, but my specific experience disappointed me.

I’ll try another model.”

Judging from the above user review of Opencomm , it is a very good and practical earphone for business people. But its shortcomings are also obvious, such as too expensive,the external microphone is too bulky and not suitable for other scenes. Therefore, if you expect to find a bone conduction earphone that is suitable for a variety of scenes and cost-effective, the Wissonly Hi Runner is highly recommended.

Recommended reason:

When Wissonly bone conduction headphones started crowd funding online , I started to pay attention to them. Later, I saw on some online forums that all otologists were recommending them, so I bought it. This Hi Runner is their flagship product, and its overall function is the most perfect. This headphone uses the latest research results of wissonly Lab. It effectively increases the vibration area of the vibrator by 35%, while optimizing the sound transmission direction, making the sound range wider and the music more spatial. The brand claims to reach the HI-FI sound quality. My own actual test shows that the sound quality is very close to the HI-FI level, but it doesn’t reach this level indeed. Of course, the current sound quality is satisfactory enough.

Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones are also equipped with a new Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which has stronger anti-interference ability, and can easily cope with various outdoor complex scenes, so as to ensure that the good mood during exercise will not be disturbed by disconnection. The stable connection also brings ultra-low delay performance. Listening to songs, chasing dramas and playing games meet all the daily demands for headphones. What’s more, it has 32G of built-in memory, which can store 5,000 songs, which allows you to enjoy music without your mobile phone when you are outdoors.The microphone of Wissonly Hi Runner is a internal microphone, which is very convenient for daily calls. 

Wissonly performs well in terms of comfort. It’s very light, less than 30g, and you don’t even feel like you’re carrying it when you wear it. The headphone body is made of titanium alloy, which makes it fit well. There is no need to worry that it will fall off any circumstances.

The waterproof of Wissonly Hi Runner needs special mention. It reaches IPX8 grade, which means that you can carry it under water for 20 meters and still use it normally. It has such a powerful performance, but it only costs 99.99 dollars, which is cost-effective!