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What are the benefits of using a bone conduction headphone?

Oct 01,2022 | Wissonly Brand

  Bone conduction headphone is a new, practical and innovative audio accessory. The difference between the bone conduction headphone and the traditional earphone is that it does not block the ear canal. As the name suggests, it leans on the jaw bone, sends out vibration, and then transmits to the inner ear (cochlea). Follow this guide to learn what you need to know about bone conduction headphone.


Why buy bone conduction headphone?

  The bone conduction headphone has many advantages. Its outstanding functions make your life easier. Here we list many good reasons for choosing this particular gadget.


#1. Keep in touch with the surrounding environment

The bone conduction headphone provides us with many advantages, but most importantly, it allows us to listen to music while listening to other external sounds. Therefore, they can be used for many purposes: listening to music through the built-in microphone and making hands free calls.


#2. Athlete comfort

Audio accessories enable athletes to motivate themselves, which is an essential accessory for sports. As for the bone conduction headphone, it is worn around the ear and is completely fixed in place,It won't fall off easily. As mentioned above, the function of bone conduction headphone is different from traditional headphones. It is located on the side of the face and uses bone sound or bone conduction technology to transmit sound to the inner ear. In fact, it allows athletes or cyclists to enjoy their playlists while hearing the sounds of their surroundings.This is very safe for outdoor sports.


#3. Protect your eardrum

Bone conduction headphones can also protect your hearing health, because sound does not pass directly through your ears. Speakers placed on your cheekbones will transmit the vibrations of the music you hear to the bones of your chin and temples. Then the sound travels around your eardrum to your inner ear. Your brain will record vibrations as sounds, and you will be able to enjoy clear music.


#4. For people with hearing problems

The bone conduction headphone is also designed for those with hearing impairment. It transmits sound directly to the cochlea while keeping the ear free. This is also a perfect solution for those who have hearing aids or are deaf.


#5. Clear voice

Have you ever heard of HVAC or clear sound capture technology? This is a noise suppression technology that uses sound processing algorithms to suppress background noise and provide clear sound quality in a noisy environment. The bone conduction headphones integrates HVAC technology. In this regard, bone conduction headphones will enable you to listen to music and make phone calls with the best sound quality.


Which bone conduction headphone to choose?

In various models on the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose your right bone conduction headphone. Here are some suggestions for you.

Before purchasing, be sure to determine your needs in advance. If you like the classic design and only use it for daily use.Wissonly bone conduction headphone is your right. Because of their perfect sound quality and lightweight design, they are very suitable for daily use.

However, if you are looking for an audio accessory specifically designed for all extreme activities, Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphone is the best one.

As a manufacturer and innovator of bone conduction technology, wissonly brand provides athletes with well-designed bone conduction headphones. Wissonly bone conduction headphone has high performance autonomy and crystal stereo. Most importantly, they are completely waterproof, resistant to sweat and immersion.It has 32G built-in memory,you can store 5000 songs.In fact, it is both a Bluetooth headphone and an MP3 player.