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Are Bone Conduction Headsets A Stupid Tax Product and How Do They Work?

Mar 06,2023 | David

Bone conduction headsets are undoubtedly the most favored electronic products in the past 2 years, and their popularity speed is much faster than people's expectations. Whether you're running, cycling, or working out, you always see some people wearing bone conduction headsets to enjoy music while exercising. So, this popular product, does it have to be a good product? Or an stupid tax product?

Are bone conduction headsets a stupid tax product?

First of all, the conclusion is that bone conduction headsets are not stupid tax products, they are indeed a revolutionary product. They and traditional headphones have a huge difference in sound transmission method. And this difference makes them more suitable for wearing in sports.

(1) Revolutionary sound transmission method: We all know traditional headphones rely on air to transmit sound while bone conduction headsets rely on bones to transmit sound, and their sound transmission path is shorter ,and that they are better for the ear.

(2) Revolutionary wearing method: We no longer need to stuff the headphones into the ears, nor to put them to cover the ears, but to hang the headphones on the pinna. This wearing method is more comfortable, and better protects the eardrum and ear canal.

(3) Suitable for more scenes: listening to songs during exercise, but at the same time also sensing the surrounding environmental sounds, avoiding danger.

The above characteristics show that bone conduction headsets are indeed another kind of headphones different from traditional headphones, their working principle are unique,and they do create new value and are not an stupid tax product.

How do bone conduction headsets work?

Bone conduction is actually a very mature technology. The famous pianist Beethoven used bone conduction technology to compose music as early as the eighteenth century. He was deaf in both ears and could not hear music with his ears, which was a fatal blow to his music composition. Later, perhaps it was God's will, he found a magical method, that is, biting a stick connected to the piano while playing, so as to hear the music from the jawbone, which is the principle of bone conduction. Generally speaking, the principle of bone conduction is that sound waves transmit the sound to the inner ear through the vibration of the head bones such as the skull and jaw, and finally allow the wearer to hear the sound.


Bone conduction headsets are a new type of headphones made with bone conduction technology. Compared with common headphones, they do not need to be worn in the ear. Their main principle is to convert sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies, and transmit them through the human skull->bone labyrinth->inner ear lymph fluid->spiral organ->auditory center. Compared with traditional headphones, the sound transmission path of them is shorter, and it no longer needs to transmit sound through air and eardrum vibration, but directly transmits sound to the inner ear through bone vibration. This also makes bone conduction headsets one of the healthiest headphones, and they have become popular this year.


Bone conduction headsets are becoming more and more popular among young people,and more and more brands join this field.So, which brand is the best?In my opinion, those brands that have accumulated technology in this field are trustworthy.Below, I have sorted out some good Bluetooth bone conduction headsets brands, and recommend them to you. I hope they can help.


1. Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headsets


Recommended reason:

Wissonly team has relatively strong technical strength. They have 10 years of experience in bone conduction product research and development, which is the basis for making good products. Wissonly focuses on the concept of healthy enjoyment of good sound quality. The headphone brand features no harm to the ears, and it is also the first brand to propose the concept of not listening to songs in the ear. Wissonly’s completely not-in-ear design reduces the damage to the eardrum. Its surface is made of silicone skin-friendly material, which is very safe and comfortable to wear.

Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headsets have made a lot of improvements in sound quality and anti-sound-leakage. The official claimed that its sound quality has reached the Hi-Fi level. I have measured it and think that the sound quality is indeed good, but that it does not really reach the Hi-Fi sound quality, and that it can only be said it is very close the level. Such sound quality,in the field of bone conduction headsets,it is good enough that I have not yet encountered a product that can surpass it in sound quality. In order to solve the problem of sound leakage, Wissonly developed fully closed anti-sound-leakage technology. It improved the vibration unit, body design, software optimization and other directions, and finally it reduced the sound leakage effect by 90%.

Other performance are also very good, such as its 32G memory, IPX8 waterproof level, 5.0 Bluetooth connection protocol, 10 hours of ultra-long battery life, etc.. You can go to its official website for this.


2. Philips A6606 bone conduction headsets


Recommended reason:

The A6606 uses a titanium alloy frame. It is very stable to wear during running and has less shifting, helping you to exercise without feeling weight. The unique way of transmitting sound of bone conduction headsets bypasses the air, reduces noises, but is most afraid of having stethoscope effect. The A6606 is designed so that the frame of the headphones does not touch the back of the head, avoiding the "stethoscope effect" during exercise, so you can hear more precise and clear sound details.


3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO bone conduction headsets


Recommended reason:

Openrun PRO gives people the first impression that it is very light and almost forgets the feeling of existence. In terms of battery life,its continuous playing time can exceed 8 hours, which can be said to be a very strong bone conduction. AfterShokz brand is mainly developed for sports, but the only drawback is that the sounding unit is very slim, and it will feel a little oppressive when worn for a long time.

The function has IP67 waterproof coefficient, daily outdoor exercise, no fear of sweat, and normal washing.

4.Earsopen peace tw-1 bone conduction headsets


Recommended reason:

PEACE TW-1 bone conduction headsets have a small and exquisite appearance. The surface is made of high-grade soft silicone material, and the weight is only 9g. You only need to hang them on the ear like earrings, they are more comfortable to wear and will not cause allergies. At the same time, they also have IP67 waterproof grade, and direct rinsing after exercise is not a problem, but they are not suitable for swimming. The sound quality and anti-sound-leakage performance are not bad, and the daily sports use can be satisfied.

The disadvantage is the clip-on wearing method, and wearing it for a long time may cause discomfort.

5.vidonn F3 bone conduction headsets


Recommended reason:

Vidonn F3 bone conduction headsets weigh only 29g and are very comfortable to wear. All aspects of performance are good. For entry-level headphones, its sound quality is acceptable for daily use. After all, it is difficult for you to ask an entry-level bone conduction headsets to have too good sound quality. It is worth mentioning that its exterior design is sporty and fashionable in color, which is very suitable for young people.

Among the several bone conduction headsets recommended above, my favorites are Wissonly and Philips. Philips is a famous brand. The quality of its products is good, but the cost performance is poor. Wissonly is a fast-growing brand created by senior engineers. Their team has more than 10 years of technology accumulation in this field,their products are well configured and cost-effective.