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7 Facts About Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headset Phones and How Do They Work?

Feb 25,2023 | David

In the past two years, Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones have been the hottest electronic product and are very popular among sports fans. We often see people wearing them when running, cycling, and exercising. But about bone conduction headphones, everyone's understanding is different. To help you better understand them, I sorted out some facts about this type of headphones.

7 facts about Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones


1. Bone conduction headset phones is a kind of headphone that transmits sound through bones. The process of transmitting sound does not need to pass through the air and eardrum;

2. They are generally ear-hanging type, it does not need to plug the earplugs into the ear or cover the whole ear;

3. Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones cause the least damage to the ears and are the healthiest headphones. They can also keep the ear canal clean;

4. Bone conduction headset phones are very suitable for wearing when exercising. They can not only let you hear music but also hear the sound of the surrounding environment, which is safer.

5. The sound quality of Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones is slightly worse than that of traditional noise-canceling headphones, but the sound quality is fine when listening to music or talking on the phone; They have a slight sound leakage problem.

6. Bone conduction headphones are all waterproof, and some are even professional IPX8 waterproof.

7. Bone conduction is a mature technology that has long been used in the military, firefighting, hearing aids, and other fields. Headphones are a new application of this mature technology. The reliability and safety have been tested and can be used with confidence;


How do Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones work?

The production of sound is a kind of vibration, and the sound source can cause air, liquid and solid to vibrate.

There are two main types of sound that we usually hear: air conduction sound and bone conduction sound. "Air conduction sound" means that the sound source vibrates and transmit to the ear through the air, and "bone-conducted sound" means that the sound source vibrates transmit to the ear through the bone.

Sounds such as human voices and TV sounds vibrate the air around you. The vibrations are collected by the pinna and transmitted through the ear canal to the eardrum. Sound transmitted to the eardrum is transmitted through the auditory ossicles to the inner ear, where the vibrations are converted into electrical vibrations that are recognized as sound. The sound we hear through this path is "air conduction sound".



"Bone conduction sound" does not pass through the pinna, external auditory canal (outer ear), or bone ossicles (middle ear). Instead, the sound source vibrates in resonance with the skull, and the skull vibrations are transmitted directly to the inner ear, where the vibrations are converted into electrical signals and perceived as sound. This is how bone conduction works.

Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones are headphones based on bone conduction sound transmission. When they work, they only need to attach the sound unit to the temple. The vibration of the sound source drives the vibration of the skull, and the skull transmits the vibration to the inner ear. The cochlea completes the perception of sound and transmits it. Give the auditory nerve and auditory center, and finally the cerebral cortex allows us to "hear" the sound after comprehensive analysis.


They unique way of their wearing method bring them more prominent advantages, such as being safer, healthier, more hygienic, and more comfortable to wear. These advantages make it popular among young people.


So how to choose Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones? I think you need to pay attention to three key points: sound quality, sound leakage reduction and comfort.Here are some excellent headphones recommended to you.

1. Wissonly Hi Runner Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones


Reason for recommendation:

This is the fastest growing brand in the past six months. It may not be much famous, but in the field of bone conduction headphones they are proper technical experts. Their team began to develop bone conduction headphones that do not hurt the ear as early as 10 years ago. With an excellent bone conduction vibration unit optimization program, It became famous very soon in the field of bone conduction. It has been recommended by the majority of otologists!

Due to the particularity of the technical principle, Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones are more difficult to be improved in sound quality. Wissonly Hi Runner team subverted the traditional sound quality scheme, made a breakthrough to use large wire-frame vibration unit. They through structural optimization improved the effective vibration area, thereby improved the vibrator sound efficiency, made the sound more shocking and powerful, they optimized the sound transmission direction, reduced the sound loss during sound transmission, and made the sound quality more concentrated. In terms of comfort, the overall body of the Hi Runner is made of high-tech hypoallergenic silicone material, which does not contain chemical components to avoid allergies. The overall feel is as silky as baby's skin, avoiding uncomfortable wearing for a long time.

In terms of functions, as the flagship model of Wissonly bone conduction headphones, Hi Runner has an IPX8 waterproof grade which is higher than the industry standard. It is equipped with 32G body memory, and uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which makes the connection more stable. The battery life is also very good, lasts 8-10 hours of continuous playback at normal volume, and supports magnetic fast charging. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge.

2.Philips A6606 Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones

Reason for recommendation:

The Philips A6606 that weighs 35g is light and compact in the palm of the hand. With the skin-friendly material on the surface of the body, there is no pressure to wear on the pinna. It is equipped with LED night running lights on both sides of the rear end of the body. It can be worn in night walking and low visibility scenes and illuminate the road behind, so that the people around can perceive your own position and respond in time in the face of emergency situations. The safety factor for outdoor wearing is relatively high. It also supports IP67-rated water resistance and can support 9 hours of continuous music playback time, which is also good overall.


3.AfterShokz OPENRUN PRO Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones


Reason for recommendation:

Openrun PRO gives people the first impression that it is very light and almost forgets the feeling of existence. In terms of battery life,its continuous playing time can exceed 8 hours, which can be said to be a very strong bone conduction. AfterShokz brand is mainly developed for sports, but the only drawback is that the sounding unit is very slim, and it will feel a little oppressive when worn for a long time.

The function has IP67 waterproof coefficient, daily outdoor exercise, no fear of sweat, and normal washing.

4.Earsopen SS900 Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones

Reason for recommendation:

The fuselage is equipped with BoCo's bone conduction vibrator technology, with AVV's precise vertical vibration transmission technology. It has good lower potential and a wide sound range in low-frequency performance. The Bluetooth version of 5.2 helps it to maintain the stability of the connection within 10m. The weight of the body is 8g,it is light when clipping to the ear, but the wear method of the ear clip is not suitable for long-term wear.

5.Haylou PurFree Bluetooth bone conduction headset phones


Reason for recommendation:

Haylou PurFree uses Qualcomm QCC3044 chip to make Bluetooth connection more stable, and also supports dual-device connection. And it also has microphone call noise reduction technology to make people's voices clearer. It is very light and is an open headphone, which also makes it have a better wearing experience. It is IP67 waterproof grade, and general sweat does not affect its work. It just cannot be used in swimming. It doesn't have built-in memory and can't be used when there's no cell phone signal, which is perhaps one of its drawbacks.

Among the above five bone conduction headset phones, Wissonly and Philips are most recommended. These two brands have the strongest technical strength and the best product quality. Among the two brands, Wissonly will have a higher cost performance.