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【2023】The Best Bicycle Accessories: Cycling Safely in the City

Sep 21,2023 | David

Cycling in the city is not easy. Locks, helmets, lighting and traffic lights... Here is our selection of accessories for electric bicycles, to improve your safety or simply make your life easier!

Aware of the ecological issues at stake, cities large and small are becoming increasingly bicycle-friendly. It is now widely recognized as an alternative to the car or public transport. Fast, practical and environmentally friendly, cycling is also a great way to get regular exercise.

But between cars, other bicycles, pedestrians, scooters and electric scooters, the life of an urban cyclist is no picnic. While the widespread use of bicycle lanes brings greater comfort and serenity to everyday life, they are also victims of their own success.

To make cycling as safe as possible, we've selected and tested a whole range of accessories for use with your bicycle.

Accessories to protect yourself on a bicycle

Lumos Matrix Helmet: security, yes, but with a geeky twist.

The front light of the Lumos Matrix Helmet is very efficient.

A helmet is essential on a bicycle. The Lumos Matrix helmet exudes solidity in its construction, and it perfectly encompasses your entire skull. With 9 foam reinforcements placed inside, comfort during your journeys is assured without your head heating up.

On its rear face, a panel of 77 LEDs is placed to display light animations, either to indicate the direction in which you are turning, or to display a Pac-Man or a Santa Claus for example also among others. The Lumos Matrix Helmet is a bicycle accessory that works with the Helmet app. This allows you to customize the front and rear LED panels to your liking. It's a shame, however, that the customization is very limited.

However, the helmet is not within the reach of all budgets. The Lumos Matrix starts from 249 euros or 279 dollars.

R-PUR Nano Light Helmet: limit city pollution by bicycle

This helmet designed and manufactured in France offers a modern look and manages to perfectly cover the face, while remaining breathable. It incorporates 5 layers of filtration which, according to the manufacturer, are 10x higher than the FFP3 standard. It will therefore protect you from exhaust gases, odors, pollen, bacteria or even fine particles present in the air.

The mask comes with a filter, which must be changed every 5 to 15 weeks depending on how you cycle in the city. R-Pur has chosen to offer masks for the health crisis, the product is out of stock at the time of publishing this article. You will have to pay 129 euros or 167.25 dollars once the restocking has arrived.

Overade Loxi Secure bag: keep your cargo safe

Available in two sizes, 4 L and 9 L. The Loxi secure bag is a foldable, waterproof bag, but above all resistant to cutter blows. It incorporates a 12 mm thick lock with a four-digit code. Loxi protects the content from theft, both static and on the move, and can act as an additional anti-theft device. Of course, we don't recommend leaving your bag full for too long, but for the time of a race it's very practical. It is offered between 90 and 110 dollars approximately, depending on the size.

Accessories to enjoy yourself on a bicycle

Decathlon Cycling Smartphone Mount: the classic

While playing with your phone while cycling is a really bad idea, having access to your smartphone can be handy, especially for GPS or sports tracking apps. In these cases, support is essential.

If you want to make it simpler and cheaper, you can option for a classic universal phone holder. Decathlon offers one that turns out to be very reliable and won't risk letting your smartphone slip away, whether it's placed in portrait or landscape mode. The advantage: it is compatible with all devices thanks to its screw system, but also all handlebar sizes.

Sold for less than 24.99 dollars on the Decathlon website or in online store, this support is the least expensive option available to you.

Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones: the best choice

If you like to listen to music while cycling, but you are still struggling with what kind of headphones you should buy, then bone conduction headphones are the best choice for you.

It is the wireless ear-hanging bone conduction headphones with very powerful performance, having 32G internal memory is one of its main features, which can store 5000 songs. It supports dual playback in Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode, which provides great convenience for sports enthusiasts. If your mobile phone doesn't have a signal or you can't carry it conveniently while cycling, you can use the MP3 mode of the headphones.

The Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones have a great battery life, you can listen to music for 10 hours continuously, which is suitable for long-term outdoor sports. Its weight is very light, only 28 grams, wearing it will not have a sense of weight. In addition, the surface of the headphones is made of soft skin-friendly silicone material, which is very safe and comfortable to wear. Its overall frame is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel material, which can be adapted to different sizes of head circumference to ensure that it is worn firmly. It will not fall off easily when cycling, and it can cooperate well with the helmet when cycling.

It has a waterproof rating of IPX8, which allows you to have a better experience while cycling as the headset will not malfunction due to rain or sweat erosion. As the flagship model of Wissonly bone conduction headphones, the open-ear design allows you to hear the sounds around you while cycling, making it safer and more hygienic to use. The open-ear design leaves it shortcomings, as it is easy to hear the wind noise during cycling. However, most users comment on the headphones as high quality and low price, the advantages of this headset outweigh the disadvantages. If you're picking the practical bone conduction headphones, you might as well try to get this one!

See and be seen on a bicycle: the best accessories

Knog PWR Rider: light and battery

If you drive in poorly lit areas at night, a powerful front lamp is a real advantage, both to be seen by motorists and to be able to spot obstacles. A multitude of models exist, but we really appreciate the Knog PWR Rider.

In addition to its power of 450 lumens and its neat design, this lamp is distinguished by its integrated 2200 mAh battery. The latter not only powers the lighting, but can be used as a power bank for any USB device. Perfect for avoiding your phone running out of fuel when you have to call someone or look at your GPS. Funny detail, it is possible to create a flashing lighting profile on your PC if the integrated ones are not enough for you.

Ebuyfire smart bike tail light: always visible

While rechargeable lights aren't exactly new, they're still handy for not having to deal with batteries. But where this model stands out is the addition of an accelerometer.

This not only allows it to light up automatically when you start moving, but also to vary the light intensity when you brake.

The result is much better visibility and drivers who pay attention to you. The light itself sits firmly on the saddle and can easily be unscrewed if you don't want to leave it lying around in the street. Add to that the fact that it is sold for a pittance and you have a must.

Galanck Galuchon bag: the smartest bag on the market

Even if it means carrying a backpack on your bicycle, as much as it contributes to your safety. Galankck Galuchon is a waterproof backpack with an elegant design, available in 13 L, 25 L and many colors. Find the one that best suits your style. The dose of technology is in the straps. Back and front, they light up via a set of customizable LEDs from the app.

In automatic mode and associated with Google Maps , the backpack shows you the route to follow by vibrating the left or right strap to indicate where to turn. The LEDs then light up automatically to signal your next turn. A button on each strap allows you to activate the indicators manually.

Salzmann 3M Ray Reflectors: shine in the dark

Reflectors are mandatory on your wheels, but there are prettier and more visible choices than those dastardly bits of orange plastic. Covered with ultra-reflective materials, these small tubes are clipped onto the spokes of your wheel.

The efficiency is simply formidable at night and you will be visible from afar. A box of 36 only costs 12.9 dollars and will be enough to equip two or three bicycles. Really an essential accessory whether you are a fan of night outings or not.

Locks and GPS: how to protect your bicycle

Kryptonite Evolution Series 41090: the flexibility of a bicycle chain

If they are a little less secure than U-locks, chains are however more flexible in their installation. A particularly practical point in cities where bicycle parking is not always available and where you have to use street furniture to secure yourself.

Many models exist, but Kryptonite's Evolution 41090 represents an excellent compromise between security and portability. Yours truly has been using it for a few years now and it has survived half a dozen attempted robberies. It sells for about 110 dollars.


Invoxia Bike GPS Tracker: find your electric bicycle

Behind this simple reflector hides a weapon that is not there to prevent theft, but to facilitate the recovery of your steed. Install it on your bicycle and with the Invoxia application, you can geolocate it at any time. Its two great strengths, the absence of a SIM card. It uses the LoRa low-power network. The acquisition of a GPS bicycle tracker can be useful to protect your vehicle on a daily basis.

Its autonomy exceeds 6 months, LoRa covers the territory very well and sends its position to your smartphone without using a mobile phone network. It is accurate and above all usable in many white areas of the mobile network. The product is offered at 149 euros or 167.22 dollars and includes 3 years of subscription, beyond that, you will have to pay 25 euros per year.

The tools for your bicycle

If you're a daily cyclist or going on a long ride, we highly recommend getting yourself a small tool kit that will cover most roadside repairs. Whether it's to tighten a saddle or repair a puncture, it will always come in handy so you don't have to walk long miles home.

Besides these tools, it is always recommended that you have a spare inner tube with you. It's bulkier than a patch, but it's much easier to replace at the roadside. We focus here on tools that are easy to carry in a backpack or saddle bag.

Wera Bicycle Set 1: the little key

We'll start with this little tool kit from Wera, which offers a small ratchet and all the heads needed for 99% of bicycles. As a bonus, the wrench is extremely handy for tinkering in tight spaces. The small cover is very practical and makes it easy to store patches and tire levers.

Topeak Mini PT30 Multi-Tool: Swiss army knife style

If you are more of a multi-tool, the Topeak Mini P30 will fit in any pocket, but will be a little less flexible than a dedicated tool.

Pedro's Tire Levers: The Ultimate Tire Levers

If you hope never to have to use them, tire levers are essential for changing or repairing an inner tube. Signed Pedro's, this model is simply the best and will last a lifetime.

Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor Mi Pump: it pumps on its own

Xiaomi is everywhere and even where you don't expect it, like with this very practical electric pump capable of filling a bicycle tire in three minutes. It is even powerful enough to adjust the pressure of a car or motorcycle tire. Very practical therefore, but on the other hand quite heavy with its 450 grams. Better to leave it at home or carry it in a backpack despite the small cover provided with it.

Supplied with a needle to also re-inflate your balloons, this pump will take care of adjusting your tires to the required pressure on its own. Extremely practical so that you no longer have to pump.

Understand everything about bicycle accessories

Is a helmet necessity on a bicycle?

Wearing a helmet when you are cycling can reduces the risk of serious head injury by 70%. A fall, even at low speed, against the edge of a sidewalk can cause damage. A helmet is therefore simply necessity, if you care about your physical integrity. Also, don't forget the gloves to avoid turning your palms into ground beef.

How to choose the right bicycle helmet?

First step: precisely measure your head in the middle of the forehead with a tape measure or a piece of string which you then measure. A helmet that is too big or too small will be uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. 

Also be careful to take a helmet that meets the safety standard. For a little more security, you can opt for a helmet using MIPS technology which reduces the impact on the brain during an impact.

Let's finish with the form: from the point of view of security, it does not matter. So it's more of a matter of taste than anything else. It should be noted, however, that so-called "city" helmets, which are often closed and smoother, are less well-ventilated than their road or mountain bicycle counterparts. They are certainly often prettier, but risk leaving your hair sticky.

Do you need to know the highway code when cycling?

Movements in the public space are standardized and simply correspond to the highway code. You don't need to know it by heart if you're cycling around town, although it does help. However, it is imperative to know your priorities, the road signs, the information given by the lines on the ground according to their color. Add a bit of good manners and the city will be safer.

How do I ensure the safety of my bicycle?

It must be realized that a lock will never prevent a motivated thief from acting. Its role is to make the operation more complicated, longer. It must therefore be thick, solid which generally implies a weight in agreement.

Also consider a GPS tracker system to find your bicycle in case of theft or loss. There are many models, forget those that only work in Bluetooth, the range is too small. Option for a system with a wireless connection via mobile network or low-power network such as LoRa. As long as your bicycle is in a covered area, it will be geolocatable.

How can I be better seen on my bicycle?

The first way is to wear bright colors, which can be seen from afar. Avoid the dark if you ride at night. There are clothes or accessories to put on your jacket that reflect light. You can also add additional lights if your bicycle does not have them or if they are too weak. Another solution: have a helmet or a bag with LEDs to be even better identified. If you're broke, the good old yellow vest will do just fine. It's yellow but it can save your life.

How can I safely indicate my route changes?

No traffic lights on a bicycle, in general, a cyclist extends his arm in the direction he wants to turn, to inform other road users. For more visibility, and stability for the less skilled on a bicycle, there are backpacks with integrated signaling lights or light modules to install on your helmet or behind your bicycle.


These are some of the accessories that we have carefully selected and tested for use in cycling, we hope that the article is useful for you. We appreciate every cyclist and every brand that makes products for cycling with heart, such as Wissonly, Xiaomi and etc.

Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones are now also recognized and loved by many people, because it allows you to enjoy music while cycling. When we ride a bicycle, it can exercise and relax our brain, which is good for our physical and mental health. I hope more and more people can try it and get the benefits it brings.