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What are the most useful accessories on a bicycle?

Sep 21,2023 | David

The bicycle is becoming a widely used means of transport on a daily basis. Whether in rainy or sunny weather, it is essential to properly equip your bicycle. Indeed, cyclists must ensure their safety as well as that of pedestrians. That's why it's worth choosing quality bicycle accessories. Overview of the equipment that will be useful for your cycling trips!

Essential accessories for cycling

Whether to go to work or go shopping, the bicycle becomes a very popular means of transport both for its ecological and economic side. In any case, safety is a very important element for cyclists. It is indeed essential to be visible and careful to avoid accidents.

Here are some examples of bicycle accessories to protect yourself in the city:

Head protection

The helmet is undoubtedly a real must-have to ride serenely on a bicycle. However, it is important to choose a model that is comfortable and adapted to your driving style.

Cycling Accessories to be visible

Just like the helmet, accessories to be perfectly visible are extremely important. Indeed, headlights and lights play an essential role since they make cyclists visible to different road users. There are currently several types of lighting with a large light range in broad daylight. For night outings, the ideal is to equip yourself with a good front light. This type of luminance allows, among other things, to avoid holes in the road. More effective than reflective strips, fluorescent yellow accessories are also recommended to be remarkable in broad daylight.

Protective goggles and gloves

It is essential to wear sunglasses or protective glasses to ride a bike well in broad daylight. They protect the eyes against light reflections as well as aerial debris that can limit vision.

As for gloves, they protect cyclists' hands and cushion shocks. When it is hot, you can opt for models made of an absorbent fabric. In winter, the ideal is to wear a pair of warm gloves that let the hands breathe.

The bicycle bell and the rear-view mirror

The bicycle bell, whether electronic, mechanical or air, is essential to be heard. Today, cyclists also have the choice between them, and find a practical bicycle bell for yourself. The air bike bell that recharges in air emits a very powerful sound.

The rear-view mirror is also one of the essential accessories for cycling since it allows cyclists to easily manage and anticipate situations. You can choose between a mirror that attaches to the helmet, hanger, handlebar horns or handlebar tip. There are even mirrors that incorporate the function of turn signals.

The padlock

It is essential to equip your bike with a good padlock to optimize its protection. To do this, it is recommended to buy two U-shaped padlocks. One will serve to attach both the frame and the front wheel of the bike to the bracket while the other will attach the rear wheel with the frame. Also, don't skimp on the strength of the padlock so that it's hard to remove.

The bicycle Toolkit

To deal with a possible mechanical problem, it is essential to equip yourself with a tool kit that will contain an inner tube, a multi-tool and a repair kit.


Trek Commuter Pro RT Front Bike Light

Good bicycle accessories for night riding

It’s a powerful enough and all-around front light for cycling. The Kindbeam keeps more light onto the road ahead while avoiding oncoming riders’ eyes, making the light bright without blinding other trail users. Featuring a visual fuel gauge that clearly displays available battery life of the paired lights, it also has a wireless connection to the tail light.

This headlight can be used as a battery pack can support back charging, and with the USB-C charging port, you can charge your smartphone and headphones for riding anytime and anywhere. Rounding out an industry-leading set of features and make this the best front bike light option.

Oakley Men's Sutro Rectangular Sunglasses

Good bicycle accessories for sunscreen and windproof

Oakley Plutonite lenses offer 100% UV protection, filtering out all UVA, UVB, UVC and up to 400mm of harmful blue light.Oakley's lightweight Plutonite lens material provides superior comfort, clarity and protection against impact and UV radiation. PRIZM Road Jade Everyday Lenses are designed for medium to bright light conditions, making environments appear more vivid and natural with greater detail.

Featuring Oakley's high-definition optics, they provide superior optical clarity and sharpness vision at every angle. The accessory comes with a soft vaulted sunglasses case, micro-pouch storage and cleaning cloth for cleaning and storing your Oakley sunglasses.

OTTOLOCK Sidekick Compact U-Lock

Good bicycle accessories for anti theft

From the makers of OTTOLOCK, the Sidekick brings innovation to the traditional U-lock with a compact and lightweight design that prevents opportunistic theft without weighing you down. A U-Lock for your convenience, the portable Sidekick is easy to use and carry, and can easily fit into many backpacks, bags or pockets.

Weighing only 750 grams, or about 1.65 pounds, the Sidekick locks a single-tube bicycle to a post or pole at a fraction of the weight of a traditional U-lock. The body of the Sidekick is coated with high quality silicone that won't scratch or damage your bicycle frame.

In addition, it features a double shackle 12mm hardened steel and anti-rotation deadbolt for security and durability. The Sidekick Compact U-Lock comes with three keys and is compact sizes and colorful options, making it perfect for cyclists who want to protect their bicycles.

Useful accessories for cycling

Apart from good tires, other accessories are important for going on a cycling tour.

Bicycle touring bags

More practical than the backpack, the bike bag attaches easily to the front and back of the bike. It thus makes it possible to distribute the weight while offering a large storage space of up to 25 liters. It is less exhausting to carry a bicycle bag than a backpack. In addition, this type of bag is usually equipped with reflective elements.

For a ride over several days, the ideal is to opt for a saddle bag that is easily mounted. This accessory can accommodate your clothes, some repair tools as well as dishes and provisions.

The bicycle helmets

For a ride, it is best to choose a special helmet designed for a practical road route. This type of equipment includes thermoformed padding that provides a warm and soft feel. It is also important to option for a helmet equipped with a good visor that protects you from the vagaries of the weather.

The bicycle luggage racks

The luggage rack is a useful accessory for cycling long distances. Securely installed, it allows cyclists to ride comfortably.

In addition to these accessories, it is essential to choose your saddle well to optimize your comfort. The ideal is to option for a model with a wide seat and which is adapted to its morphology. Namely that today there are fully ecological bicycle saddles.


LUMOS Ultra Smart Bike Helmet

Good bicycle accessories for packing items

The Lumos Ultra is one of the most supported items in the Bike helmet category. With bright front and rear LED lights, this helmet gives your bike helmet an extra layer of protection that can be controlled by a wireless remote on the handlebars, letting the person behind you know which way you're turning. MIPS helmets feature an ingenious safety design that protects your head by allowing the helmet to absorb rotational impact force.

This customizable helmet LED light pattern also allows you to adjust the brightness, and you can track your ride all from your phone. It has up to 10 hours of battery life and uses a universal USB Type-C charging cable. The Lumos Ultra is guaranteed to draw a huge smile on any cyclist, and you may never need another brand of helmet again after cycling with Lumos Ultra.


RHINOWALK Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag

RHINOWALK specializes in developing waterproof bike pannier bags. This bag is made of 1000D polyester material and double-sided waterproof PVC layer, super durable and completely waterproof, as well as anti-tear, wear resistant and heat resisting.

The pannier bag has a large capacity of up to 27 liters and unfolds fully to hold even more. It can be easily mounted on the rear seat trunk rack, which designed bike bag carry handle for easy carrying. The accessory has an adjustable nylon shoulder strap in the packing with easy locking clips on both sides. It can be installed easily and remove effortless, and you can also carry the bike bag on your shoulder while not cycling.

WITTKOP Waterproof Bicycle Saddle

Whether you prefer a regular bike or an e-bike, the special memory foam layer of the saddle conforms perfectly to your body and ensures a comfortable seat after decompression.

This unisex bike saddle provides an ergonomic seat so you can enjoy your ride for hours and hours without pain. It offers with a width of 6.7 inches not only perfectly optimized fit, but is also 100% waterproof thanks to the extra welded seams.


Some innovative gadgets for cycling

Apart from the essentials, here are some innovative bicycle accessories:

The bicycle computer

Do you want to account for your performance? There is nothing better than the bicycle computer to calculate the distance traveled, the calories expended or the heart rate. To do this, simply set the date, time, body data and those of the bicycle. This high-tech accessory also makes it possible to calculate the cycling route of its destination.

Phone holders

The smartphone holder becomes a very popular accessory for cyclists since it firmly holds the phone on the handlebars. It allows you to pedal quietly while enjoying the music or GPS functions of the device.

The mudguard

A mudguard is essential for cycling to work. Indeed, it will prevent clothes from getting dirty and staying dry during rainy weather.

The bicycle sweater or jersey

The jersey is useful to avoid friction or friction thanks to its cut specially adjusted to the position of the body on the bicycle. In addition, this type of clothing releases moisture released by the body. Wearing a bicycle sweater is more comfortable since it sticks to the skin. Note that this type of jersey has small pockets to keep with you the essentials such as a phone or money.

Bone conduction headphones

Unlike in-ear earbuds, bone conduction headphones work by emitting vibrations into the inner ear. This unique design reduces trauma to the ear caused by earbuds going in and out of the inner ear. Additionally, many cyclists believe that this open-ear design improves safety and avoids danger. But don't worry, you can still feel the rhythm of the music and enjoy your favorite content in a whole new way.

It is a good bicycle accessories for music.

The best bone conduction headphones on the market have been selected through real testing and research, and the Wissonly Hi Runner has been recognized by many sports enthusiasts for its excellent sound quality, lightweight form factor, and ample battery life. Read on to find the best bone conduction headphones for you.


WISSONLY Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

The Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones support dual playback in Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode, which provides great convenience for sports enthusiasts. If your smartphone doesn't have a signal or you can't carry it conveniently while cycling, you can use the MP3 mode of the headphones.

It is the wireless ear-hanging headphones with very powerful performance, having 32G internal memory is one of its main features, which can store 5000 songs. Its weight is very light, only 28 grams, wearing it will not have a sense of weight. In addition, the surface of the headphones is made of soft skin-friendly silicone material, which is very safe and comfortable to wear.

I also relished the long battery life of the headphones, you can listen to music for 10 hours continuously, which is suitable for hours and hours outdoor sports. Its overall frame is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel material, which can be adapted to different sizes of head circumference.

One thing I liked about the Hi Runner headphones was how well they stayed in place during cycling. I have had issues with other sports headphones slipping or falling out during a ride, but I never had to readjust the headphones once when cycling, and it can cooperate well with the helmet used for cycling.

It’s important to highlight that the Hi Runner headphones have impressive waterproof capabilities, rated at IPX8, which allows you to have a better experience while cycling as the headset will not malfunction due to rain or sweat erosion.

The product embraces the essence of its surroundings, ensuring that you remain attuned to the lively atmosphere, particularly the delightful sounds of cycling in bustling areas. While the sound quality on the Hi Runner headphones was outstanding, the open-ear design of the bone conduction headphones leaves it shortcomings, as it is easy to hear the wind noise during cycling. However, most users comment on the headphones as high quality and low price, the advantages of this headset outweigh the disadvantages.


ELEMNT ROAM automatically generates turn-by-turn prompts for routes and file types, with top LEDs and audible alerts that let you know briefly what the next turn is or if you're off route. Once it's synced with a GPS-compatible account, your saved routes are automatically or wirelessly downloaded to the ELEMNT ROAM, and your completed cycling routes are automatically uploaded to all authorized third-party accounts.

The computer allows you to create a route with turn-by-turn directions by selecting a location directly on the ELEMNT ROAM map page, using its pan and zoom feature, or by selecting a location from your saved locations. Provides on-screen pop-up alerts and LEDs on iOS and Android to notify you of incoming calls, texts, and emails.

Pair your ANT+nbsp;Rear View Radar to yournbsp;ELEMNT ROAM to get thenbsp;real-time proximity of vehicles approaching you from behind. When paired with the ROAM, youll see vehicles and LEDs directly on thenbsp;screennbsp;of your computer, alerting you of cars approaching or if the lanenbsp;is clear.

ROKFORMnbsp;Adjustable Bicycle Phone Holder

Featuring the innovative Roklock quarter turn system and Roksafe magnetic technology, this phone holder keeps your smartphone safe and secure while cycling on the roughest trails or roads. The viewing angle can be adjusted to suit your needs, allowing you to view and access your phone while cycling.

It's great for listening to music, checking texts and calls, and using GPS. With up-to-date smartphone coverage close at hand, it can be difficult not to have them around when you need them most. It's made from durable 6061 T-6 aircraft grade aluminum with stainless steel screws to stand up to daily use and abuse, yet it's surprisingly lightweight.


So here we go, now that you have a lot of options and these are more useful accessories for cycling. If you love cycling as well, then you would definitely want to try listening to music while cycling.

It may pose a threat to your life and safety if you are using the traditional in-ear Bluetooth headphones. You can try to get the bone conduction headphones, especially the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones, which will surely give you a good experience when cycling.