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【2023】Best Cycling Accessories Must Have List

Oct 27,2023 | David

In order to safely enjoy cycling road and off-road bikes, you need a lot of accessories in addition to preparing a bike. We have divided them into four sections, which are indispensable accessories for cycling, essential accessories to protect the body, essential accessories to repair bicycles, essential accessories to maintain bicycles, and electronics to prepare as needed.

There are many things to keep in mind when preparing these accessories, such as compatibility with your own bicycle, differences in fit when worn, and how difficult and troublesome it is to install, so to consult these questions in detail before purchasing equipment for riding would be a good start .

Indispensable accessories for cycling

In daily life, cycling brings us great benefits, for example, we can ride a bicycle to work when traffic jams are occurring frequently, or go outdoors in our free time to enjoy music and relax while cycling. Below are the cycling accessories that must be equipped with road bikes, off-road bikes, mountain bikes, or other sports bikes when driving on public roads.

【Front light】

You need a light with white light and a white reflector. Whether driving in dark environments with little traffic or in urban areas with heavy traffic, the role of headlights changes. Ideally, two headlights should be used: one to illuminate the ground and the other to improve the visibility of others.

【Rear light】

In addition to the red light, it would be safer to have a red reflector. It is important that at night, you can make the vehicles behind you recognize you and walk far ahead of you. Many cyclists flash taillights even during the day, because during the day when the car does not turn on the headlights, the reflector is completely useless.

【Key and Lock】

If you use a bicycle to commute to work, you may have to leave your bike for about 10 hours at a time. Considering the possibility of theft, we recommend using a thickened lock that is slightly heavier and not easy to cut. Attach the cable lock to fixtures such as frames and posts to reduce the risk of being carried away. There is also a key that can be stored in the bike with just one touch.


Trek Commuter Pro RT Flare RT Bike Light Set

Reasons for recommendation:

Daytime running light visibility paired with bright commuter Pro RT headlights makes it a ready-to-use light kit. The Kindbeam provides more light on the road ahead while avoiding the sight of oncoming riders, so bright light doesn't blind oncoming riders. It is equipped with a visual fuel gauge, wireless connection to the taillights and a charging function that allows the lights to be used as a battery pack to charge gadgets. All of these go well with the Flare RT, a top of the line light kit for any ride.

Day or night, this light set has everything you need for every ride. The Flare RT provides extreme visibility for any road, city or path, with specially designed focus and range flash modes for daytime visibility of up to 2 km. The lamp is Blendr-compatible and integrates into compatible Blendr mounts, helmets and helmet mounts, and can be charged via the included USB-C and micro-USB cables.

Essential cycling accessories to protect the body

Even if you think you're safe because you don't ride recklessly, danger can come unexpectedly. In the event of a fall or accident, it is best to feel that you are wearing them and be glad that you put them on.

Additionally, the breeze will cool you when you're riding, but it's an exercise where you sweat a lot before you know it. Therefore, it's best to carry with you supplements that hydrate and hydrate.


You can refuel while cycling! It is very important to stay hydrated while riding. Unlike plastic bottles, where you can rehydrate with one hand while riding and the key to our body's effective absorption of water is small amounts multiple times. Plastic bottles can only be drunk when parking, and if they are not replenished frequently, they will lead to dehydration, or drinking water in large gulps, which cannot effectively absorb water, resulting in unnecessary going to the bathroom.

【Bottle cage】

A bottle cage is an item used to secure a bicycle water bottle to a bicycle. They are made of a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and carbon fiber. And the appearance varies from material to material, but the function is basically the same. You can choose according to the design and color, and there is a wide variety to make your bike for riding more beautiful. In addition to bottles, it can also be used to store toolboxes.


A helmet is essential cycling accessories, and even if you don't think you need to wear a helmet in that you won't ride recklessly, however, danger can still come unexpectedly. Whether you are glad that you wore a helmet when you fall or have an accident has a big impact on the rest of your life. For the sake of your loved ones, colleagues and friends, and for yourself, cherish life.

Most helmets are lightweight, weighing about 200 to 300 grams, and are comfortable to wear because they are sturdy and well ventilated. Wearing a helmet in summer can keep you cool away from direct sunlight, and wearing a hat under a helmet in winter can block the wind.


A necessity to prevent eye diseases and injuries caused by UV rays, it's not just a matter of lens color. Like camera lenses, lenses with high optical performance minimize the refraction of strange light, so they have excellent ability to describe contours, perspective, and different tones, allowing them to read information accurately without fatigue.

The lenses themselves contain materials that block UV rays, which block almost 100%. Another feature of sunglasses is that the lenses are not made of glass, but of a soft material to prevent damage to the eyes and other parts of the body.


The three-dimensional cut and naturally curved fingers allow you to operate the lever and handlebar effortlessly. Gloves with cushion cushions are perfect for beginners who are easy to lean on the handlebars or for long rides. It also helps protect your hands in the event of a fall.

【Energy Supplement】

Cycling is a rare sport that consumes food during competitions, which requires a lot of energy and calories. Energy supplements are designed in different sizes and shapes so that you can recharge your energy while riding. Some can be eaten directly, while others can be dissolved in water and taken with liquids.

Running out of energy during cycling can make it difficult to concentrate, and if you are hungry, you can't enjoy riding. Since they are not bulky, it is a good idea to carry them in the pocket of their jerseys.


Bontrager XXX WaveCel Road Bike Helmet

Reasons for recommendation:

It is the most important personal accessories for cycling.The Bontrager XXX WaveCel offers high-performance protection as well as optimal aerodynamics and comfort. WaveCel is a revolutionary helmet technology unique to Trek and Bontrager helmets designed to absorb linear impact and rotational energy. It is designed to be more effective at preventing some ride-related injuries than traditional foam helmets and weighs only about 260g.

The BOA® Fit System makes it easy to secure and adjust the helmet fit with just one hand, and its additional NoSweat pad with silicone channels keeps sweat out of your eyes so you can always keep them clear. During the first year of purchase, in the event of a collision, the helmet can be replaced free of charge.

Oakley Men's Sutro Rectangular Sunglasses

Reasons for recommendation:

Oakley Plutonite lenses offer 100% UV protection to filter all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400 mm long. Oakley's lightweight Plutonite lens material provides superior comfort, clarity and protection against impact and UV radiation. PRIZM lens technology is designed to enhance color, contrast and detail, allowing athletes to perform in any activity.

Designed to help you see subtle changes in road texture in medium to bright light conditions and quickly spot hazards such as rocks and potholes, Prizm Road sports lenses are ideal for cycling and running. The non-slip Unobtanium nose pad provides better grip in wet conditions for a stronger fit. Comes with a miniature pouch for cleaning and storing your Oakley sunglasses.

Indispensable cycling accessories to repair bicycles

If you get a punctured tire while cycling, replace the inner tube yourself and start riding again. Always keep what you need in your saddle bag for cycling, and remember to learn how to replace an inner tube or fix a faulty bike before the ride starts.

【Portable inflatable pump】

It is a small portable inflatable pump that can be mounted on the bottle cage base of the bike frame. CO2 cylinders are also compatible with high-pressure setting tires that use cylinder pressure, making them smaller and more convenient to use. Not only a must-have for cycling competitions, but also for commuting to work or school. It can be fixed to the bike, easy to carry and not bulky.

【Tire lever】

Even if the tire is punctured in an accident, you can easily remove it. They come in sets of 2 to 3 pieces for easy portability. As long as you master the use of tire tie rods and some skills, anyone can change tires or tubes. They are small and easy to carry, so it's best to keep them inside your saddle bag.

【Inner tube】

French and American bicycle tubes are the most common for sports bikes. In the event of a puncture, replacing the entire inner tube is more time-consuming and efficient than finding it repaired. You may also need to choose the length of the inner tube based on rim height and other factors. When buying an inner tube, make sure it is the right type, length, diameter, and thickness.

【Tire patch】

Emergency tire patches are suitable for when the replacement tube runs out, such as multiple punctures. If the tire is damaged, the patch can be attached to the bottom of the tire as an emergency measure. When cycling long distances and traveling, it is best to have tire patches ready.


Although it is not commonly used, it is also a must-have for cycling. If you fall while cycling, or the bike that is supported may fall over, causing the angle of the handlebars to change.

You may also need to change settings such as seat height or handlebar angle on the way. In this case, you should prepare one such tool. In fact, a 5mm hex wrench and a Phillips screwdriver are enough.

【Saddle bag】

This is convenient for us to store tools and supplies for punctures and other unexpected problems. We can attach the saddle bag to the back of the saddle without affecting pedaling. You can put all your inner tubes, tire levers, and multi-tools inside. It can also hold smaller keys and other cycling accessories so you can ride alone. The saddle bag has a ring on the back to install taillights.


Bontrager Ultra-Lightweight Latex Presta Valve Bicycle Tubes

Reasons for rsecommendation:

Bontrager's Latex Tubes are the ideal solution for riders who appreciate the convenience of clinchers but want the soft feel of an inner tube. The latex material reduces rolling resistance, while its elasticity increases puncture and flattening resistance.

This bike tube for cycling, made of ultra-soft and lightweight latex and had a wall thickness of 0.7 mm, making it very thin. Each inner tube is equipped with a removable spool, 100% inspected, and quality assurance, you can buy with confidence.

Essential cycling accessories to maintain bicycles

It's a bicycle you've worked so hard to buy, so take care of it. Regular maintenance extends the life of parts and makes it easier to notice any subtle changes in them, and washing your bike is one of the charms of cycling.

【Lubricating oil】

Bicycles with more metal parts are not conducive to moisture protection, and chains and other parts require special lubricants. You can choose the type according to the weather and the conditions of the ride, such as oil that will lubricate long even in rainy days or low-viscosity oil that is not easy to stick to dirt. In addition, there are direct application types and spray types, so they can be used according to the maintenance method.


Clean before lubrication. These chemicals break down grease and remove dirt. There are two types: one is a neutral cleaner that can be used on painted surfaces such as frames. The other can only be used on metal surfaces such as chains and cassette sprockets. If you want to clean the entire body of the bicycle, you can use different types of cleaners depending on the part. Since they are highly volatile, they should be maintained in a well-ventilated place.

【Protective coating agent】

It is suitable for all materials of sports bike frames, including carbon and aluminum alloys. Spray it on the frame without staining on the brakes or other parts, and polish it with a clean cloth. It makes the frame surface shiny while protecting the painted surface to prevent rain and dust from entering the frame.


The structure of the bike used for cycling is very simple, and some parts are very fine and difficult to reach. Dirt can be easily removed with a special brush or chain cleaner, and it can also be cleaned better by using an oil remover and rinsing with water. It is recommended to work outdoors as dirt on the brush may be scattered.


WEND Wax-On Liquid Lube Wet Formula 4 oz

Reasons for recommendation:

WEND liquid oil formulations have been developed to be easy to use while maintaining long lubrication life. The formula for this bike lubricant is basically a mixture of water emulsion that effectively penetrates the surface of all parts. Because of the addition of some chemicals, this lubricating oil has the characteristics of low coefficient of friction, excellent wear resistance and excellent water resistance.

Liquid lubricant products are very easy to use because they are low-viscosity water-based emulsions that dry to form a lubricating film. They do not contain petroleum solvents and are easy to clean up after use. They're formulated to perform well in all conditions, a perfect cycling accessories helping to protect the chain and drivetrain of your bikes you use for cycling from running clean and efficiently.

Electronics to prepare as needed

Everyone uses the bike for different reasons. If you mainly bike to and from work or in the city, or if you like to go outdoors on weekends, you need different cycling accessories to make your ride more convenient and comfortable. Let's prepare some supplies for cycling according to your lifestyle to make your ride more enjoyable.

【Computer with GPS function】

Computers for cycling measure speed and distance, and some of them also come with a GPS feature that lets you set your route ahead of time and use it as a navigation system so you can ride in new places without getting lost. You can also use the app to record the distance and route of your rides so you can review your rides and training at any time.

【Bone conduction headphones】

If you enjoy listening music during cycling, but you feel that traditional in-ear headphones do not protect your life safety, or make you feel tired when cycling, then bone conduction headphones are recommended cycling accessories for music.

The sound principle of bone conduction headphones is mainly through the bones of our head for sound transmission. The sound does not need to pass through the eardrum and external auditory canal, directly through vibration can transmit the sound to our inner ear to our brain auditory center. And this transmission method can more protect our ear hair cells from being damaged.

During cycling, if you wear the ear-hanging bone conduction headphones, you will be pleasantly surprised and you can hear the surrounding sounds. By using bone conduction headphones, the ears will not feel tired, and it is more hygienic, as well as protecting your life safety. Bone conduction headphones have been recognized by many cycling enthusiasts.


Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

Reasons for recommendation:

The Wissonly Hi Runner is an ear-hanging bone conduction headset that weighs very lightly, only 28 grams. It doesn't feel weight-bearing when worn. Its surface is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material, which is very safe and comfortable to wear. Its overall frame is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel material and will not fall easily when cycling, which is resistant to bending and firmly worn. This headset works well with sunglasses and helmets used for cycling.

This headset supports Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode dual playback, if your smartphone have no signal or it is not convenient to carry it when cycling outdoors, you can use its MP3 mode, so that you can also enjoy music during cycling. It is very powerful with a large memory of 32G, which can store 5000 songs, and is compatible with IOS and Android.

The battery life of the Wissonly headphones are strong that can listen to songs for 8 to 10 hours continuously, making it suitable for long outdoor riding sessions. It has an IPX8 waterproof rating higher than the industry standard, and it can be used normally in rainy days or when you are sweating. This allows you to avoid the headphones from malfunctioning due to sweat erosion during cycling, and to have a better experience of the headphones. 

The open-ear design of this headset allows you to hear the surrounding sounds while cycling, which is safer and more hygienic. The only downside is that it is easy to hear wind noise during cycling, but the overall advantages of this headset outweigh the disadvantages. Compared with other brands of headphones, the Wissonly headphones are inexpensive and worth buying, only for $99.99.


That's all for the article, hope you can get some useful information from it. We hope you develop a good habit of loving cycling in that it can help us exercise our brains and benefit our physical and mental health. If you like to enjoy music while cycling and don't want to threaten your life, we hope you can use bone conduction headphones, especially our recommended Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones, which can make your cycling trip more energetic.