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Best 7 Cyclists Gear for Beginner !

Oct 27,2023 | David

Cycling allows you to easily travel to distant places that are usually difficult to reach and enjoy the journey to your destination. Many people may find cycling a difficult thing to do, such as not being able to start without a set of items such as clothes and headphones for cycling. But in reality, riding is an easy sport to pick up. This article will introduce its charms, necessary cyclists gear, things to keep in mind when starting cycling, and equipment recommendations for cycling to those who intend to try cycling.

What is cycling?

Cycling is a sport of riding a bicycle on the road. Originally, bicycles were used as a means of transportation to shop in supermarkets and convenience stores or to get to train stations. However, recently "road biking" have become more popular, and more and more people enjoy the process of going further afield or even reaching their destinations. Cycling allows you to exercise your brain and is good for your physical and mental health.

The charm of cycling

Experience things that cannot be experienced in daily life

The real joy of cycling is to experience things that you can't experience in daily life, such as feeling the breeze while riding, or stretching your legs a little to touch nature that you can't see in the city center. You can have fun with friends or make more friends by riding the bike.

Go to distant places alone

You can also experience the sense of accomplishment that you can go this far on your own. For example, a 10-kilometer walk takes half a day, while cycling takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to reach your destination. Using bikes that are suitable for cycling, such as road bikes or off-road bikes, will allow you to ride more comfortably.

Start with 60 minutes, beginning from 20 km

First, target where you can reach within 30 minutes each way, and return about 10 kilometers away. It is best to avoid places with heavy traffic and gradually adapt around large parks and facilities. Don't aim for a long distance that takes a day, but change locations and increase distance in the process of repetition.

7 cyclists gear you need for cycling

Due to the long distance, it is best to use long-distance bicycles such as road bikes, but the purchase can cost more than $500. Bike maybe the most expensive cyclist gear.You can find out before buying a bike, and some people will recommend buying a bike for city cycling. Usually, there are no other special problems with the city bike being used, but it is not suitable for long journeys because it requires more physical energy than riding a road bike. In addition, its braking performance is also poor, and accidents can occur when riding. As a result, there are more and more services where you can rent bicycles, and if you don't want to spend a fortune on a road bike, then you can take advantage of rental services.

Some stores offer a wide variety of bikes, from beginner-friendly mountain and dirt bikes to bikes with electric assistance. The rent for a day is cheap, and even if you don't buy a bike, you can experience the wonderful feeling of riding at a low price. When renting a car, it's a good idea to tell them how far and how long you need to ride, and then talk to the clerk to decide which bike is better for you.

Helmet | A gear for cyclists’ safety

Some people may think that wearing a helmet while riding is not cool enough, but you may end up in an accident or trouble, and more seriously, endanger your life. In some cases, wearing a helmet can save your life, so be sure to wear it while riding.

If you just want to get a taste of riding, then you might consider renting a helmet that suits you at a bike rental shop. It should be lightweight as well as safe so as not to interfere with your ride.

Sunglasses |Sunscreen and windproof cyclist gear

If you think that bicycles are a very slow means of transportation, then you may realize that your opinion is wrong when riding. Bicycles are faster than you think. You may drive quite a long distance with your eyes closed, such as blinking, and you may be in danger.

Sunglasses are a indispensable item to keep dust out of your eyes and protect your eyes. Try to wear it while riding to make your ride more comfortable.

Headphones | A cyclist gear for cyling fun

From wired to wireless, from in-ear headphones to bone conduction headphones, choosing the ideal pair of headphones for your ride can be complicated. Nowadays, more and more cyclists like to listen to music while cycling, but ordinary in-ear headphones will block the ear canal, and they will not be able to hear the surrounding sounds when riding, which does not guarantee the life safety of the rider.

Each different style of headphones has its pros and cons, and the best cycling headphones play an important role in helping you get the most out of riding, so bone conduction headphones are recommended. However, to be the ideal companion for cycling, bone conduction headphones for cycling must have some important qualities. In addition to the obvious sound clarity requirements, the best headphones for cycling need to be sweat-resistant and maintain a good fit when sweating. The Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones do a good job in these areas.

Gloves | A cyclist gear for anti slip

Riding a bicycle in the city, there is also a risk of falling. To protect your hands, gloves are also essential. Wearing gloves can reduce the danger of sweaty palms and provide some protection in the event of an accidental crash.

If cycling for hours and hours, the grip of the bike may slip due to sweating. The grip usually has an uneven non-slip structure, and wearing gloves can absorb sweat and prevent slipping, which will make our riding experience more comfortable. In addition, it can also serve as a hand warmer in cold weather. We recommend bike gloves with non-slip and shock absorbing pads.

Front lights and rear lights |Cyclist gear for night riding


Cycling safety comes first, and lights are definitely a must-have. Front lights can illuminate the path ahead for you, while rear lights are lights that flash behind the bike to alert the driver to the presence of the bike. When passing through dark roads, it attracts vehicles and protects you from danger.

Regardless of spring, summer, autumn or winter, the best bike lights will also help ensure that you are seen, running during the day and high-intensity flashing patterns. Pairing bike lights with the best road bike, the best commuter bike, or the best mountain bike is never easy. To fully combine your riding style and riding location, choose the most suitable lights for different lighting needs.

Puncture repair tool

When riding a bicycle, the most important thing is to bring a set of tools to repair punctures. You can't predict what kind of trouble will arise while cycling. On the other hand, if you can patch the puncture, you can go wherever you want and don't have to worry about if the bike breaks down and you can't fix it.

Even if you can't fix it by yourself but your friends who ride with you will, they may be able to help you when you blow out your tire, so carry it with you as a must-have for cycling.

What you want to prepare if possible


At first, it doesn’t matter to wear clothes that are easy to move, but for a better ride safety and experience, we recommend that you eventually wear special clothes for riding.So cloth for cycling is also important gear for cyclist.

Recently, there are more and more well-designed clothes for cycling, and many people seem to pay attention to fashion when choosing, but if you are driving in the evening, at night, or through the tunnel, it is better to choose clothing that can reflect materials due to safety concerns. Due to the drag of the wind when cycling, choosing a larger one may affect the ride. We should choose tops and pants for cycling that fit perfectly with the body.

Drinks and food

Cycling consumes more energy than you can imagine, so try to bring some high-calorie food. Many people bring chocolate when riding, but when the temperature rises while riding, the chocolate melts easily. So convenient to carry are easy-to-eat compressed biscuits and energy jellies, as well as easily soluble glucose.

For example, if you want to ride a bike for 60 minutes, bring a 1000ml water bottle and drink every 20 minutes. For reference, eat 2 compressed biscuits or 4 energy jellies. Try not to add extra luggage to yourself so as not to affect your riding speed. If you run out of food, you can refill it at the convenience store on the way.

Beverages and complementary foods can be life-threatening if neglected. If you exercise intensely and for a long time, you may experience a condition called " extreme hunger," which is a state of extreme hypoglycemia. Due to the loss of energy in the body, your thinking ability is weakened and your body temperature will also drop, eventually leading to the inability to move. If you don't drink water for a long time, it may also lead to dehydration in your body. Therefore, when cycling, be sure to bring at least one bottle of ready-to-drink water.


When you start cycling, you can use your existing sneakers as shoes for cycling that are locked to the pedals are difficult to use. And if you are not used to cycling, it may affect your riding speed. You can first let your body slowly adapt to the state of cycling, and then buy a pair of click shoes suitable for you for cycling.

When wearing sneakers, it is recommended to try to choose shoes with hard soles so that your feet do not feel tired. Also, the laces should fit just right, so that your shoes don't get tangled in the bike's chain because the laces are too long.


If you have a waterproof jacket or raincoat for cycling, you can wear it to keep out the wind when the weather is a little colder, such as when you are resting.

When equipping yourself with equipment for cycling, you can consider buying a raincoat that can be compressed into the size of your palm and can be placed in the back pocket of your clothes to make the most of the space of your clothes and bring you more convenience.

Things to keep in mind when starting cycling

Be sure to follow the traffic rules

Bicycles are classified as vehicles, so they drive on the road rather than on the sidewalk, so we should follow the traffic rules when cycling. 

You'll be driving on roads where cars are traveling, so you'll want to be vigilant at all times, watch for traffic around you, and see traffic and pedestrians in the same way as if you were driving a car.

Think of it as a sport

Cycling is a dynamic sport. For many people, cycling is more of a way of life and an externalized expression of love for life. While enjoying the fun of cycling, it also achieves a better interpretation of the value of life.

Cycling will wear out your body for a long time, so be sure to be prepared before the ride starts. Proper warm-up exercises can raise your heart rate and body temperature, relax your muscles, and prevent sports injuries. When we set off, we want to keep our bodies in good shape.

Carry less luggage

When you start cycling, you may feel anxious, so you tend to ride with a lot of luggage. But the more luggage, the greater the impact on the speed of the ride. In addition, bags with large luggage can put a burden on your waist and also stiffen your shoulders. We recommend a top with a back pocket for cycling over a backpack. It can hold food, wallets, compressed raincoats, and your phone.

In addition, when using a road bike, you can hang a water bottle or a set of puncture repair tools on the bike itself, so that you can enjoy cycling more lightly. If you don't feel that it will affect your travel, you can use a small waist pack with a clean set of clothes for easy replacement.

Recommendations cyclists gear

Trek Velocis Mips Road Bike Helmet

Your right cyclists gear for safety.

Thanks to Trek's insight and feedback, Velocis Mips is now lighter, cooler, and faster than ever. This helmet adds a full suite of pro-grade features, and you'll have a helmet that can win a cycling race. Velocis helmets also prioritize head protection with a fully integrated MIPS Air safety system designed to provide additional rotational force protection.

The Trek's road helmet is lighter than before, weighing only about 270g. To reduce weight, Velocis features a low-profile shape and OCLV carbon fiber inlay instead of a standard nylon or wire frame. The main reason for the weight reduction is that TREK switched from using WaveCel to using MIPS, which provides users with more comfort. By improving ventilation and deflection, the Trek helmet dissipates heat by 38%, keeping you cooler while riding and speeding up.

Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

The cyclist gear to make your cycling fun.

As a wireless and ear-hanging bone conduction headphone from Wissonly, it supports dual playback in Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode. If your smartphone doesn't receive the signal or isn't convenient to carry while cycling, you can enjoy music in its MP3 mode. With a weight of only 28 grams, this headset is not a burden to wear. And its surface is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material, which makes it very comfortable to wear.

It features an adjustable aircraft-grade titanium steel frame, which is lightweight and comfortable. This product is not easy to bend, and easy to wear for hours and hours rides. Compared to many expensive bone conduction headphones, this headset is more relaxing and can be used with helmets and sunglasses for cycling.

When choosing headphones, additional waterproof options can improve their performance in heavy rain. This headset has an IPX8 waterproof rating, so it can be used on rainy days or when sweating, without worrying about the headphones failing. If you need 10 hours or so of excellent battery life, consider the Wissonly Hi Runner headphones, which have a lot of appreciated features for long outdoor cycling.

In addition, it comes with 32GB of ultra-large memory, which is powerful and can store up to 5000 songs. The headphones have an open-ear design that allows you to hear your surroundings while cycling, making them safer and more hygienic. The only downside is that wind noise is easy to hear while cycling, but many users rate this headset as good quality and low price. And if you appreciate the unique design of the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones, it may be the best choice for your purchase.

Giro Strade Dure SG Men's Road Cycling Gloves

Anti-slip and anti-shock cyclist gear!

Giro gloves use a proprietary process of Super Fit Engineering to guide the fit, design, and pattern of each glove for maximum comfort and performance. By carefully customizing the palm, fingers and padding area to match the shape and size of the hand, it reduces the feeling of restraint and discomfort in the palm while enhancing the effectiveness of the glove padding, making you safer while cycling.

The gloves utilize Technogel, a proprietary polyurethane material, as a premium glove liner. As it has excellent pressure distribution characteristics, when pressed between the glove and handlebars, Technogel deforms along three axes to fit the hand. The unique three-piece palm structure of these gloves for cycling provides a better fit in the palm of your hand, allowing your hand to move naturally and provide increased control while riding without compromising the riding experience.

By designing each part of the palm to mimic hand features and joints, Giro gloves enhance grip and provide superior protection throughout the hand. Available in six sizes per color model, almost any cyclist will find the right one for them.

AOFUXTI Bike Tool Repair Kit

Your must have cyclist gear.

Whether you are a beginner in cycling or a professional, these are your indispensable bike tool repair kit, including tire pumps, center wrenches, tire patches, tire levers and other tools to repair your bike, which can meet all your needs for bicycle repair tools.

This bike tool repair kit is sturdy and durable, and the quality of the accessories is even better than other similar products. The AOFUXT Bike Tool Repair Kit can be easily tied to the bike frame with nylon velcro, which is both portable and very safe, so you can ride anywhere without losing it.


Let's start by using clothes, bags, shoes, headphones, etc., and experience cycling near the park or around the city. If you want safe and practical gear for cycling, you can carefully read the products we recommend above.

If you are a person who likes to listen to music with headphones while cycling, it is especially recommended that you use Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones, which can make you enjoy music more enjoyably for cycling.

When we ride on the street, we must remember to obey the traffic rules and stay cautious to avoid traffic accidents. Cycling can bring you extraordinary feelings and will also bring more fun to your current life. First of all, try to challenge yourself by utilizing the things around you!