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【2023】15 Things to Get for Complete Cycling Gear

Oct 28,2023 | David

Planning to take up mountain cycling or road cycling? Besides a good bicycle, the right tires and wheels, there are other items that are important to have. Here are 15 things you should think about getting before you start your cycling to have complete gear. We've also recommended 5 more worthwhile pieces of gear to buy for cycling.

What you need for complete cycling gear:

Head protection gear for cycling

As you might expect, having a helmet on a road or mountain bicycle is of paramount importance these days. And we can't repeat it enough.

There are several deaths that are related to cycling each year, for both children and adults, even if in some cases cyclists were wearing a helmet at the time of the fall.

Although having a helmet at the time of a fall is not a guarantee of 100% protection, you will be happy to have it if one day you fall. Take the time to choose yours. Find a model that is comfortable and specific to your driving style.

Are you familiar with the new technology popular with the majority of helmet manufacturers, MIPS? This greatly reduces the risk of concussions in the event of a fall or accident while cycling.

Body protection gear for cycling

Mountain cycling is a sport that can carry some risks. Know that the necessary protections are relative to the type of bicycle you practice.

The more extreme the conditions, the greater the protections. However, it should be noted that these have greatly evolved in recent years. They are now much more flexible and comfortable than before.

So take a moment to evaluate your type of practice and you will know if, for example, it would be good to have breastplates and leggings in your gear.

If you want to practice cycling for a long time and stay in one piece, this is a great idea to ask yourself the question! They will protect your body and may even save your life in the event of a serious fall. Think about it!

Glasses |eyes protection gear for cycling

Sunglasses or goggles are essential when cycling in broad daylight. Certainly, the latter will act against UV rays and reflections of the sun. However, they will also protect your eyes from aerial debris that could damage your vision. A tiny rock can quickly cause vision problems or irreparable damage to your eyes.

What's more, if you've ever cycled along the edge of a waterway, you know that clouds of small insects can be very problematic when cycling!

Gloves | hand protection gear for cycling

Complete cycling gear also includes the use of several pairs of gloves. Usually, gloves are used to absorb shocks and protect the hands. Moreover, when it is warmer, some of them are composed of a fabric that can absorb heat from the forehead.

Finally, if you are a real sportsman and like to go on winter bike cyclists, a good pair of warm gloves is an investment! Option for quality gloves that will be warm and let your hands breathe.

Cycling gear to be clearly visible

It is very important to remain visible when cycling a bike. Just like the helmet that protects our heads, headlights and lights make us visible to other road users, day and night. Indeed, we should no longer only worry about being noticed by others when it is dark. All it takes is a wrong maneuver or a poorly performed blind spot for an accident to occur.

Want to plan ahead and make sure you're fully visible at all times of the day?

Reflective strips are sometimes not enough to get you noticed and to avoid an accident in broad daylight. That's why we recommend people option for neon yellow bike accessories. This is the color that will allow you to stand out in broad daylight.

In addition, there are excellent lights with a wide range of light even in broad daylight, such as the Bontrager Flare R and Bontrager Flare R City. You will see, you will be very visible equipped with this type of bike lights.

Also, an element that is important to mention is the usefulness of having good light before when you want to ride a bike in the evening. Indeed, a light installed at the front of his bike avoids holes in the road that could cause the breakage of a wheel.

In mountain cycling, wearing such a light also brings its share of benefits! You'll notice that adrenaline is totally different when your field of vision is illuminated by a powerful light ray like that provided by Light & Motion light models.

Emergency kit |cycling gear for maintenance

Obviously, it's best to always have a toolkit with you. After all, you never know when you'll actually need it, do you?

A good kit should contain tools, repair parts, hexagonal keys and a few other must-have items that could be very useful in case of a puncture. This will prevent you from getting stuck somewhere or having to walk several miles if something goes wrong.

Cycling bib shorts |cycling gear to avoid friction the skin

If you ride a road bike:

Bib shorts are very important to avoid friction between clothing and the skin of the pelvic area. This type of clothing is specially designed for cyclists with lightweight materials that dry very quickly. In addition, the inside of a road bike bib shorts is designed with a foam thickness to ensure some comfort. A popular element for cyclists who like to indulge in long bike rides.

If you go mountain biking:

In addition to wearing bib shorts, bike shorts are also a possible option if you do more mountain biking. Some people prefer them to bib shorts for aesthetic appearance, but be aware that both options are similar in terms of comfort.

The bike jersey |Cycling gear for reducing wind resistance


A bit like the bib shorts, the jersey avoids friction or friction when you pedal thanks to its more adjusted and specialized cut compared to the position of the body on the bike. Also, such a garment helps to release the moisture that the body releases.

On a bike, you will notice that it is much more pleasant to wear a garment that sticks to the skin and will not wobble in the wind. So it's not for the look that the majority of people who ride road bikes are dressed in tight enough clothes!

In addition, this type of sweater often also has small pockets that allow you to have with you the essentials, such as a cell phone, some cards and change.

Shoes |A cycling gear that saving energy

To choose the right shoes for cycling, you inevitably have to go depending on the type of pedals you have on your bike. There are two options: shoes with automatic attachments or the regular option that acts like a normal shoe.

If your bike has clip-on pedals, you will need bike shoes that will fit precisely to the pedal and provide good power transfer. You will be able to push with one leg and pull with the other at the same time to achieve greater efficiency. Thus, a simple pedal stroke can affect your performance and speed.

In addition, opting for clip pedals will allow you to stabilize your foot with each movement made. So no chance of your foot slipping off the pedal on a mountain bike!

Bicycle lock | Cycling gear for anti theft

It is surprising to see bikes sometimes very expensive on the street while its owner has entered a store to make a quick race. Even if it's only for a few minutes, you have to get into the habit of locking your bike. Know that there are a multitude of padlock choices according to your need and level of protection.

A bike bag or backpack | cycling gear for packing

A small hydration backpack can be very useful for slightly longer walks. You can put light and necessary effects, such as food and warm clothes in addition to having water easily accessible by a straw that runs along one of the shoulder straps. It is also the most suitable option for mountain hikes.

If you plan to ride in urban areas, a courier-style bag or a bag that hangs on the bike and then turns into a backpack are two great options.

The mudguard

If you use your bike to get to work or get to nearby places, a mudguard would be a great addition to your bike. This simple element could prevent you from soiling your clothes and ensure you stay dry if the ground is less moist.

Phone holder

One of the accessories that is becoming more and more popular in cycling nowadays is the phone holder. With the functions of GPS, music or calls, it is normal to want to take it with us during training or bike rides.

However, it is better to stay safe and keep both hands on the handlebars!

The bike bases

In the event of severe weather, a cyclist can see their wonderful workout fall into the water. However, an indoor bicycle base can remedy the situation and offer you the chance to continue exercising from the comfort of your home.

Now that you know what you need to have complete cycling gear, it's time to evaluate what you're missing. You'll be ready to ride a bike hassle-free!

Bone Conduction Headphones |Cycling gear for enjoying music

For many people, cycling and listening to a favorite album, go hand in hand. Listening to music while cycling can improve the performance by increasing endurance and reducing physical strain. When cycling for fitness, sound can help speed up the pace and music also helps keep your mind active during long solo rides.

Additionally, for podcast listeners, a pair of cycling headphones may be all you need to make your cycling experience more productive. Gone are the days of tugging a cable from your ear to your MP3 player, there are now several ways to listen to certified pop music while cycling, bone conduction headphones being one of them. Bone conduction headphones don't need to be in your ears when you wear them, so you can hear what's going on around you while you're cycling, giving you a measure of security for your life.

In addition, there are excellent bone conduction headphones with a wide range of headphones, such as the Wissonly Hi Runner, you will see. You will be very practical equipped with this type of bone conduction headphones for cycling.

Some recommended gear for cycling:

Trek Ballista Mips Road Bike Helmet

When speed is your top priority and every watt counts, reach for the helmet that'll cut through the wind to save you seconds. Ballista is Trek's fastest, most aerodynamically-advanced helmet. Ballista is light, cool, comfortable, and engineered with a fully-integrated Mips Air safety system that's designed to help keep you safer.

Trek Ballista Mips is a lightweight aerodynamic road helmet that offers impressive heat dissipation for such a small amount of ventilation. The retention system of the helmet is easily adjustable and comfortable to wear, with the added benefit of Mips technology. As with most aerodynamic helmets, this one doesn't come cheap, but it's still competitively priced compared to some of its main competitors.

If you enjoy cycling then you should look for an aerodynamic helmet that will work well with your glasses and helmet that you use for cycling. Mips helmets allow you to be more comfortable and dissipate heat better while cycling, and you need a helmet like the Ballista that brings all the elements together.

Oakley Oo9471 Encoder Rectangular Sunglasses

There's little to fault with the Encoders, apart from the nose-rests which slightly interferes with peripheral vision. These sunglasses combine excellent optics, good retention, comfort and wind protection, making them a great choice for cycling. Although you can't replace the lenses, the Prizm Road lenses have performed so well in all conditions that I've never felt the need to replace them.

These sunglasses aren't perfect, but they hit the golden mean, offering incredible optics, a gorgeous field of view, and excellent hold without being uncomfortable. It's also the only pair of rimless sunglasses for cycling that holds up this well, thanks to the prongs on the top edge of the lenses, much better than any lightweight sunglasses.

Although the lenses aren't the biggest, the wraparound edges are moderate, so the field of view is excellent. The Prizm Road lenses are among the best on the market in terms of clarity and contrast. However, as the lenses are not replaceable, it may not work in a wide range of light conditions. The nosepiece and arm clips ensure that the whole kit is secured in place and are as sturdy as any other product.

Bontrager Ion Comp R/Flare R City Bike Light Set

The front light produces a single CREE LED and are up to 100 lumens bright, while the clever optics used in the Bontrager mean that it can be seen from 500 meters away. When night falls, the little Ion 100 R does an admirable job of mimicking high-powered headlights. The lights can be switched between four lighting modes, and thanks to a clever built-in sensor, it can adjust its output to suit its surroundings.

Utilizing the same technology as the auto-display on your smartphone, the illuminator will boost its output in both static and flashing modes during the day time. Many users prefer the Ion’s irregular flashing mode, which uses a series of fast and slow flashes for maximum visibility. In this mode, Bontrager claims five hours of daytime use and seven hours of nighttime use.

The rear light is very similar to the front light, but there are some differences. The Flare uses a single red LED with a maximum output of 35 lumens, while the specific wide-angle optics are designed to work perfectly in urban environments. Like the front light, the Flare has four modes, specifically a static mode for day and night.

The same ambient light sensor as the Ion is used internally to control the power level of the light, which, combined with the lower overall output of the light that results in significantly better battery life than the front light. Plus, charging is simple with the included mini-USB cable. As a special highlight, if you don't need the lights in the kit, both units can be purchased separately from the TREK website.

SPECIALIZED Team SD Worx Women's Short Sleeve Jersey

The Team SD Worx Replica Collection celebrates the newly formed Team SD Worx Women's World Tour team. The material used in this SD Worx team jersey is incredibly soft and flattering to the skin, so you'll feel comfortable all day long on the road. Of course, you'll also find handy features like three rear pockets and a full-length front zipper. The three standard pockets give you ample space to securely store all of your cycling essentials, and the full-length front zipper keeps you ventilated on hard efforts or chilly descents.

The Team SD Worx Replica colors and logos celebrate our partnership with the Team SD Worx Women's World Tour team to celebrate these amazing women in their 2021 season. The use of jersey fabric helps address moisture management issues while remaining soft against the skin and providing plenty of support.

Additionally, the slim fit of this garment provides a precise and flattering silhouette, allowing this jersey to hug your skin without being too tight. This detail ensures that the jersey stays close to all your movements in the saddle while riding, without allowing any of the material to knot or flap in the wind and perfect for tough outdoor activities and top-level racing.

WISSONLY Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

My first impression of the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones was satisfactory, as they were in good shape. The design was snug and fit well with what I wanted for my cycling routine. The adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel frame was lightweight and comfortable, which is resistant to bending and make it easy to wear for extended periods when cycling. These are more relaxing and compatible with helmets and sunglasses for cycling than many expensive bone conduction headphones.

However, it's worth considering that additional waterproofing options can improve the bike's optimal performance in heavy rain. As we all know, cycling in the rain can be a lot of fun. These headphones have an IPX8 waterproof rating, so you can ride in the rain or when you're sweating without worrying about your headphones failing. If you're looking for an excellent battery backup of around 10 hours, you might want to consider exploring the Wissonly Hi Runner, which offers a number of admirable features and it is suitable for hours and hours outdoor cycling. 

As the wireless ear-hanging bone conduction headphones, which supports dual playback in Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode. If your smartphone can’t receive the signal or you are not convenient to carry it, you can enjoy music in the MP3 mode while cycling. The weight of the headphones is only 28 grams, so you won't feel burdened when you wear it. And its surface is made of soft skin-friendly silicone material, which is a very safe comfortable to wear.

With a powerful performance, it equips with a huge 32G internal memory with a very powerful performance, storing up to 5000 songs. The open-ear design of these headphones allows you to hear the sounds around you while cycling, making them safer and more hygienic. The only drawback is that it is easy to hear wind noise during cycling, but many users evaluate that these headphones are of good quality and low price, so it may be the best choice for you to buy if you appreciate the unique aspects of the design of the Wissonly Hi Runner.


That's the subject of the article. If you're in the process of picking out gear for cycling, then this article will certainly come in handy. Maybe you're struggling with choosing the right gear for cycling, then you can check out our recommended products, especially if you're someone who likes to listen to music while cycling, the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones will suit you perfectly.