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【2023】10 Cycling Accessories You Shouldn’t Forget

Oct 28,2023 | David

For tough rides, whether long climbs or long, high-intensity training sessions, these must-have cycling accessories will make every ride easier. The right gear to take with you on every ride includes parts that can help you when needed.

Discover the best gadgets to monitor and improve your performance, but also to stay safe. In this article we have listed the 10 accessories for cycling and recommended some popular products to help you decide if it something that is right for you when out on the bike.

The 10 accessories for cycling

Pump, repair tools and replacement inner tube

Knowing that you can get home safely, even if you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, is at the top of our list. Essential accessories for cycling to ensure safety and security while cycling. Even the best cyclists might miss a piece of glass on the side of the road, forget to check their wheels before the ride, or fall, resulting in a flat tire or some other problem with the bicycle.

Being able to repair your bicycle yourself is part of the passion of cycling and for that you need the right tools. You can't fix a flat tire without a spare tube and a pump, and you can't fix anything without a repair tool. Safety is paramount and that's why the combination of a pump, repair kit and replacement inner tube is a must-have bike accessory.

Phone case

When cycling, it's important to have your phone with you, especially when riding in unfamiliar areas or riding alone. You never know if you will get lost or, in the worst-case scenario, fall and need help. This is why it is imperative to have your phone with you on every outing.

Sweating is normal and healthy when riding a bike, but you don't want to sweat directly on your phone. That's why the must-have is a good bike phone case. Often cyclists just put their phone in a plastic bag or whatever comes up at the start. This is a solution, but not a great one as the bag can tear or trap moisture, exposing your phone to the corrosive effects of sweat. And, let's be honest, plastic bags don't look very good either. 

Water and snack

Proper hydration is essential when cycling. Water is fundamental for optimal performance and, in general, for a well-functioning body. It is therefore obvious that a water bottle is one of our three must-have accessories. We recommend that you drink at least half a liter per hour of cycling.

Food is also essential. Nothing is worse than being really hungry while you're away from home. Especially, when you are planning an extremely long journey, snacks are something you should not neglect. There are many specific snacks created just for cycling, for example gels.

Gels have the advantage of being easy to eat, even when you're cycling hours and hours. The gelatinous consistency allows you to get energy quickly without having to chew. Remember, gels should always be combined with a good amount of water. Keep these tips in mind and you will go all the way.


Cycling accessories good for anti slip.

In addition to snack and drink, gloves are also an indispensable accessory. Gloves for cycling are a valuable piece of cycling equipment that you can wear year-round to improve your ride.

Bicycle gloves vary greatly based on season and intended use. For example, the best winter cycling gloves will keep your hands warm and offer extra protection from water or wind with a full-finger design. Summer cycling gloves, by contrast, are usually finger-less and should be designed to be lightweight and breathable, as well as wick away sweat on hot days.

Bike Computer

A bike computer might be the most luxurious accessory on our list, but it's important. Discovering new places is so much easier with a bike computer, it has built-in maps and can be programmed to show the best cycling routes.

For professional cyclists, bike computers are used to evaluate their training, it can also be extremely useful for non-pros. Everyone has their own goal, whether it's getting in shape, improving their form, or competing in races. Whether you're a professional or not, bike computers can help you achieve these goals.

If you constantly train in your anaerobic zone, you produce too much lactic acid and your oxygen supply no longer functions normally. This will sooner or later inhibit your muscle activity. The best way to train is at the aerobic and anaerobic threshold because it helps you increase your threshold over time. Tracking this progress can only be done via a professional bike computer with a heart rate monitor or power meter.

Leggings and arm warmers

Checking the weather app before you go for a ride is something almost all cyclists do. With this information, we plan what to wear and when to go home. It's good to have this information on our phones, but we all know it's not always correct. Even the most experienced cyclist doesn't always have the right weather and clothing plan.

Leg warmers and arm warmers are the perfect companions to take when you're not sure the weather app is telling the truth. They are lightweight and can be easily stored. Leg warmers and arm warmers are not only useful to pack in case it gets colder on your ride, but they're also useful when you're leaving early and it's still chilly. If the weather warms up, it only takes a minute to remove your accessories and slip them into your jersey pocket.


Overshoes are another essential accessory for road cycling and are the perfect defense against rain, wind and cold. If you've never tried overshoes on a wet and cold bike ride, you might be able to. Cold and wet feet in inclement weather can take away from the fun of cycling, but there are now many brands that do a good job of windproof and waterproof with comfortable fabrics and waterproof coatings.

With overshoes to protect them, you can even ride in them all winter. In addition to keeping your toes warm, they also help protect your expensive shoes from the mud, salt, and grime of the road.


Cycling caps are also an essential road bicycle accessory and have a variety of uses. In winter or bad weather, caps can protect you from rain and cold. They can also save you from getting a sunburn on your head in the summer. Extremely light, the caps can be stored in the back pocket of your jersey.

More and more brands now offer a wide variety of hats, with different designs for different occasions. Whether it's solid colors or patterns, you can find anything to suit your mood and needs. Some brands even sell hats specifically designed to keep out the rain. It features a larger than normal front visor as well as rear visor to help you stay dry while cycling.

Apart from their practical functions, cycling caps also attract attention; especially when you combine them with your bike, your jersey, or your socks, you bring an extra touch of fashion to your ride!


Being safe on the road is imperative, so lights are a key accessory. When you're planning on a really long ride, an afternoon ride, or even if you're just not sure if there are any tunnels in your route, with lights on your handlebars and seat post, you will ride safely. Your lighting is useful because it draws attention to you in traffic, even during the day.

So, with that information in mind, it's time to stock up on website for essential road bike accessories and hit the road, fully equipped.


Finding the most suitable headphones for cycling is a challenge faced by almost every cyclist. For many cyclists, as long and lonely outdoor cycling distances pass, music is everything. You need something to help you stop obsessing about to how far you have gone and help you get through the long hours.So headphones is good cycling accessories to make cycling fun.

At the same time, you also want to ensure that you do not lose your headphones and that they do not damage your hearing, and you need to maintain spatial awareness. If you are looking for the best headphones for cycling, I recommend you to use bone conduction headphones. No matter what your needs are, bone conduction headphones may be what you want, which can bring you great convenience and make using them safer and more hygienic.

Bone conduction headphones transmit sound by vibrating through the top of your cheekbones before reaching the cochlea, rather than moving the hairs on your eardrum through the air. The result of auditory noise is the same, but the benefits of using bones to transmit vibrations mean that not only does your ear canal stay healthy, but you also have more vitality and you sweat less while cycling.


BV Bike Ergonomic Floor Pump

For the price, you can't go wrong with BV's Ergonomic Floor Pump, which costs just $39. The highlight of this pump is the dual-sided pump head.

It works with Schrader valves on one side and Presta and Dunlop valves on the other. When you remove the head, the head provides a secure, tight seal and minimizes air loss, so the psi you read on the gauge is what you’ll have in the tire when you ride.

Steel tubing is durable and features a 34-inch hose. The pump also comes with a needle for filling sports balls and an attachment for inflatable devices. Both are connected to the hose. This allows for easy access and helps prevent those widgets from being misplaced.

However, the low price also comes with some drawbacks. The small pressure gauge on this floor pump is difficult to read with small print. Therefore, it is more eye-catching to look at the pressure gauge.



Equipped with dual-frequency GPS, it knows exactly where you are so you can explore with confidence. The ELEMNT ROAM V2's dual-frequency GPS provides greater accuracy for increased confidence in challenging environments where signals are obstructed by dense forest and urban density.

ELEMNT ROAM will automatically generate turn-by-turn prompts and file types. With public route sharing, just by opening the ELEMNT app, anyone with an ELEMNT nearby can view the route and load it into their device.

A location directly on the ELEMNT ROAM map page by simply selecting, using its pan and zoom features, or choosing from one of your saved locations to create a route with turn-by-turn navigation. When syncing with a compatible account, your saved routes are automatically and wirelessly downloaded to ELEMNT ROAM. Completed rides will automatically upload to all authorized third-party accounts.

This computer configures your ELEMNT ROAM to display reminders or motivational messages based on workout time, distance intervals or calories burned. Create virtual points of interest by setting distance-based reminders to remind you of specific locations on your route. Get on-screen pop-up alerts and LED indicators on iOS and Android to notify you of incoming calls, text messages, emails. Once you've chosen your route, the vibrant color of ROAM previews the difficulty and duration of the climb ahead, allowing you to manage energy and power output as the grade changes.

BONTRAGER Ion 200 Flare RT Light Set

For such a compact light, the 200-lumen Ion 200 RT (front) and Flare RT (rear) daytime lights pack a lot of power - Bontrager says they're visible from 1.25 miles away. With multiple stabilization and flash modes, as well as the ability to be controlled via the ride computer, they are the most user-friendly lights.It is good cycling accessories for night riding.

The rubber straps on the Ion can be secured tool-free to virtually any handlebar, making it easy to remove or replace them on a different bike. The light also swivels for better orientation depending on where you decide to mount it.

The taillight clip is angled to match the angle of your seat post to direct light straight back rather than slightly downward, and the USB charging port is IPX7 rated, meaning it can be submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. When removing the light from the charger, be sure to push the rubber charging port cover back into place. If you forget, water spray from the road could get into the USB port and short out the light. This is an expensive set, but it will stand the test of time.


WISSONLY Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

Usually, opting for bone conduction headphones means compromising on sound quality, but thanks to the Wissonly Hi Runner, that's no longer the case. It equips with a huge 32G internal memory with a very powerful performance, storing up to 5000 songs. It also has a great battery life that allows you to listen to music for 8 to 10 hours continuously, making it a good accessories for cycling. 

This is the wireless ear-hanging bone conduction headphones, and it supports dual playback in Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode. If your smartphone can’t receive the signal or you are not convenient to carry it, you can enjoy music in the MP3 mode while cycling. The weight of the headphones is only 28 grams, so you won't feel burdened when you wear it, and its surface is made of soft skin-friendly silicone material, which is a very safe comfortable to wear.

Its overall frame is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel material, which is resistant to bending, firm to wear, and it won't fall off easily when cycling, and can work well with glasses and helmets for cycling, and costs only $99.99. The headphones have an IPX8 water-resistance rating, so they're an excellent option for exercise and use in the rain or sweat. It allows you to have a better experience while cycling as the headphones won't malfunction due to sweat.

The open-ear design of these headphones allows you to hear the sounds around you while cycling, making them safer and more hygienic. The only drawback is that it is easy to hear wind noise during cycling, but many users say that these headphones are of good quality and not expensive, so the overall advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It’s a better value option for most people.

GORE WEAR C7 Unisex Cycling Cap Gore-TEX

Perfect for professional level sports, this unisex cap can be used all year round. Thanks to Gore-Tex technology, this hat is waterproof, breathable, and windproof.

The GORE BIKE WEAR and GORE RUNNING WEAR brands have now merged into a single brand, GORE WEAR. Despite the name change, GORE remains focused on functional apparel designed for cyclists and runners. GORE Wear offers a wide range of products to meet the needs of not only cyclists and runners, but also the interests of athletes of wide varieties. The goal of GORE is to inspire its customers with more and more innovative products, regardless of their main sport. All athletes have one thing in common: a strong need to wear functional garments to fully realize their passions. That's what the new GORE Wear brand represents.

The foundation of all Gore-Tex fabrics is a very thin membrane that is characterized by breathability and wind resistance. It contains more than 1.4 billion micropores per square centimeter. These pores are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, which makes the Gore-Tex film completely waterproof. The micropores of the Gore-Tex film are 700 times larger than water vapor molecules, thus allowing water vapor to escape. This makes the film perfectly breathable. In addition, the film is fully windproof and protects against hypothermia.


These are just 10 items of cycling accessories you shouldn't forget and some popular product recommendations that will help you on your ride. If you like to listen to music while cycling, then headphones are a must for you. Recommended bone conduction headphones will allow you to hear the sounds around you while cycling. You are surprised that the above recommendation of Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones will fulfil your needs.