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What is the difference between bone conduction headphones and common headphones and Do They Have Health Risk?

Feb 28,2023 | David

What is the difference between bone conduction headphones and common headphones

Their biggest difference is the way to transmit sound. Bone conduction headphones use bones to transmit sound, while common headphones are air conduction headphones that use air to transmit sound. To understand this difference, I did a test. First put on bone conduction headphones, and then plugged my ears with my fingers, at this time I found that the sound became louder rather, which is amazing! But when I wear the common headphones, when I do the same action, I find the sound becomes smaller.This is the secret of bone conduction transmitting sound!

How does bone conduction headphones work?

Bone conduction headphones are a new application of proven technology, but bone conduction has a long history, with its first applications dating back to the 18th century.

Do bone conduction headphones have health risk?

Some people may worry that bone conduction headphones are harmful to health. This concern is unnecessary, and there is no evidence that this kind of headphones have health risk. We can analyze this problem from several perspectives on the effects of them on the ears, nervous system, bones, and skin.

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