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What is The Difference Between Bone Conduction Headphones and Common Earphones and What are The Benefits of Them?

Dec 16,2022 | Sylvia

The difference between bone conduction headphones and common earphones lies in the way of sound transmission. Common earphones transmit sound through air, while bone conduction headphones transmit sound through bones. The bone conduction headphones transmits sound to the cochlea through the human lower jaw bone and stimulates the auditory hair cells in the cochlea to generate electronic signals so that we can hear the sound. When we eat, we hear clear chewing sound, and when we cover our ears, we hear our own voice clearly. These are caused by “bone conduction”. We can clearly find that the sound transmission mode of bone conduction does not pass through our fragile eardrum, so the impact on hearing is minimal.

common earphones are air conduction earphones, which use air as the transmission medium of sound. It transmits sound to the ear canal, so that we can hear the sound.

Because of the different ways of sound transmission, there is a huge difference between bone conduction headphones and common earphones. Bone conduction headphones are better for hearing protection and ear health. It also has a lot of benefits because of the change in the way it is worn.

What are the benefits of bone conduction headphones?

Safer: It doesn’t block your ears when you wear it, so you can keep your perception of the surrounding environment. It is safer when you exercise outdoors.

Healthier: It uses bones to transmit sound without using eardrums. The sound is directly transmitted to the auditory nerve. It canavoid the damage to the eardrum, which is better for hearing protection .

More hygienic: bone conduction headphones do not need to be worn in the ear. Even if it is worn for a long time, it can ensure that the ear canal is fresh and avoid diseases such as otitis media and eardrum caused by blocked ear canal.

The healthy sound transmission mode of bone conduction headphones is recommended by many otologists and audiologists. They can not only protect hearing, but also keep the ear canal fresh, which is a healthier way to wear headphones. Which one is the best for you? I will recommend some models for you.

1、Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones

Wissonly is a brand specializing in bone conduction technology. Their chief engineer started the research and development of the technology 10 years ago. Their technical accumulation in the field of bone conduction is profound.

Wissonly Hi Runner adopts the latest sound leak reduction technology and bone conduction vibrator technology. It has made great progress in sound quality and reduce sound leakage. Their full closed sound leakage reduction technology can effectively reduce the sound leakage problem by 90% through the fully closed body without holes. The directional bone conduction vibration technology improves the overall sound quality of the headphones. It makes the sound sense of space stronger and the sound quality characteristics of bone conduction more prominent.

Wissonly has collected more than 9000 ear databases to create the headphones most suitable for ear wear. Whether men and women, old and young, short hair and long hair wear glasses, they can get a good wearing experience. In terms of comfort, its body is made of high-tech low sensitive silicone material. Its baby skin like touch makes it more comfortable to wear.

Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones also have two features that need to be highlighted:waterproof and small sound leakage. Its waterproof grade is very high, reaching IPX8. It is suitable for swimming and can work normally even under 20 meters of water. It also has 32G built-in memory, which can store 5000 songs. When there is no mobile phone signal, you can also enjoy music normally.

2、Aftershokz Openrun Pro bone conduction headphones

The Openrun Pro bone conduction headphones is ergonomically designed. It is comfortable to wear. Its body frame is made of high-strength titanium alloy, which has strong flexibility. It is convenient to adjust to suit different head circumference, and also can ensure the stability when you wear it. Openrun Pro also uses their PremiumPitch 2.0+bone conduction technology. This improves the sound quality significantly.

3、Philips A6606 bone conduction headphones

Philips A6606 adopts the latest generation of appearance design. It enhances the waterproof and anti-skid performance during exercising, and is more stable when wearing. It also has a night running indicator which can ensure that cyclists or vehicles behind can see you while running at night, so as to avoid danger. From the configuration point of view, the configuration of this product may not be very high. But Philips’s quality is trustworthy. The disadvantage is that the price may be a little expensive.

4、Moing DG08 bone conduction headphones

The DG08 bone conduction headphones comes with 8GB of memory. It can store about 2000 songs independently. Its battery life reaches 10 hours. So you don’t need to worry about the battery even if you play outdoors all day. The headphones is designed to be out of the ear, making the ear feel more comfortable. It supports life class waterproof and is not afraid of sweat. However, there are still some problems with sound quality and sound leakage. If the budget is not sufficient, you can consider this model.

5、NANK Runner CC2 bone conduction headphones

The Runner CC2 bone conduction headphones has a certain improvement in terms of leak proof sound and sound quality compared with previous products. It is also improved in terms of water resistance. It supports IPX6 water resistance. Generally, there is no problem with rain and sweating. But it can’t be used in swimming. Its battery life is 6 personality hours, which can meet daily use.