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What Are the pros and cons of Bone Conduction Headphones?

Dec 11,2022 | Wissonly Brand

Since the beginning of this year, bone conduction headphones have become more and more popular. But bone conduction headphone is a new type of headphone and everyone understands it differently. Even because people understood it incorrectly, they eventually purchased inappropriate products. So next, I will write a science popularization article about bone conduction headphones for you.

The first thing to know is that traditional headphones, also known as air conduction headphones, they transmit sound waves to the eardrum through the air in the external auditory canal and then sound waves reach the auditory nerve to form hearing. The bone conduction headphones bypass the external auditory canal and eardrum, and directly transmit sound waves by vibrating the skull to let sound waves reach the auditory nerve of the brain.

How does bone conduction headphones works?

The biggest unique feature of bone conduction headphones is that sound waves do not pass through the air in the external auditory canal and eardrum, but directly use the human bone structure as the sound transmission medium. When using, we need to let the sound source of the bone conduction headphones against the skull behind the ear. When the sound source vibrates, it will drive the skull to vibrate together, so that the sound wave is transmitted into the skull. The sound waves are then transmitted directly through the skull bypassing the external auditory canal and eardrum to the ossicles. The ossicles then transmit sound waves into the bone labyrinth, so that the sound information is transmitted to the cochlea and auditory nerve, and finally the sense of hearing is formed.

Now that you have understood bone conduction headphones, then what are the pros and cons of bone conduction headphones? I'll reveal them all for you.


The benefits of bone conduction headphones:

Bone conduction uses the transmission principle of bone vibration. Sound waves do not pass into the ear, do not need to be transmitted through the eardrum, but directly are transmitted through the skull to the internal nerves of the ear. So it can minimize the ear hearing damage caused by headphones. In addition, bone conduction headphones do not enter the ear, which is very helpful for maintaining the internal hygiene of the ear. this will not accumulate a lot of bacteria due to prolonged sweating during exercise to block the ear canal, which makes the ear more hygienic. Because bone conduction headphones are healthier to wear than common headphones, many doctors in the field of otology also recommend bone conduction headphones.

Bone conduction headphones do not need to enter the ears. So whether in running, cycling, walking or commuting, etc., you can still hear the surrounding sounds and communicate with others normally when you wear headphones to listen to music, which avoids the accident risk caused by not hearing the outside voice, and greatly improves the safety of outdoor sports.Bone conduction headphones are generally fixed to the head by hanging from ears, and generally have a anti-shake design, so they are not easy to fall off. So in the field of sports, there are more people who use bone conduction headphones.

Disadvantages of bone conduction headphones:

Because it is transmitted to the ear ossicles through the skin and skull, the music restoration is definitely worse than by the traditional in-ear type. But from the perspective of sports headphones, in addition to the sound quality, the more important thing is that: the earphone should be fit, and be not easy to fall off, and be light and convenient. The judgment of poor sound quality of bone conduction headphones is only that compared with earphones at the same price. It is not that its sound quality is poor and hard to hear.. At present most of the bone conduction headphones have improved the sound quality by varying degrees.

Bone conduction headphones can clearly transmit sound through the skull to the inner ear. But for wearing comfort, they will not fit completely against the skull, which will cause air vibration and cause sound leakage. This is unavoidable for all bone conduction headphones on the market. But with the development of technical level, bone conduction headphones on the market have reduced sound leakage by varying degrees.

The main positioning of bone conduction headphones is sports headphones. But due to the health and not entering the ear and other advantages of bone conduction headphones, they are also loved by people with small ear, oil ear, otitis media and so on. Now I will recommend several good bone conduction headphones on the market for your reference.


1.Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:

Wissonly bone conduction headphones adheres to technology first. The team is composed of senior experts in bone conduction technology who have more than 10 years experience of technical accumulation in the field of bone conduction. Hi Runner is called "the healthiest Bluetooth headphone" by many professionals.

In order to solve the problem of sound quality distortion of traditional bone conduction headphones, Wissonly adopts a new generation of bone conduction technology, and uses the world's best acoustic laboratory to customize exclusive sound quality output solutions for unique bone conduction sound transmission. After 3,051 hours and ten thousands of adjustments by 21 audiologists,the brand bring users the best sound in the field of bone conduction headphones.

In terms of wearing the headphones, the Wissonly Hi runner has been ergonomically designed to fit the ears to ensure that they do not fall off during exercise. Most importantly, it ensures that there is no pressure and weight bearing while fitting the ears, making it more comfortable to wear.

In terms of configuration, Wissonly Hi Runner is even more impeccable. It’s equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip, that has a stable connection and will not drop off the network. It has a 32G built-in storage and can store 5000 songs. Battery life is also good, and at 50% volume, you can listen to music for up to 10 hours.


2.Aftershokz Openrun Pro bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:

The light body is only weight 29g, it feels nothing in the hand, and there will be no heavy feeling when wearing on both ears. Because of the characteristics of bone conduction headphones, there is no need to stuff into the ears or wrap the ears, and there will be no swelling or squeezing feeling when worn for a long time, keeping the ears fresh and breathable. Openrun Pro’s anti-leakage technology is also good, which can effectively suppress sound leakage and better protect personal privacy. It is a high-strength titanium alloy rear hanger, and before each pair of headphones leaves the factory, the official will carry out repeated tests to ensure the quality. The body has high toughness, and it can be restored to its original shape when bent at will. You can toss it during the exercise, and don't have to worry about the damage caused by bending of the headphones.


3. Philips A6606 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:

In terms of appearance, A6606 adopts a simple and solid color design,there is no extra decoration except for the logo at the end of the ear hook. The wearing feeling is quite good. It does not compress the head and cervical vertebrae, nor does it mess up the hair. Bone conduction headphones do not need to enter the ear, so you can wear them for a long time without hurting the eardrums.When you wear bone conduction headphones for exercise,your ears will not sweat, which is comfortable and breathable for them. In addition,it support IP67 dustproof and waterproof grade, it has 9 hours of battery life, this make the bone conduction headphone a good choice.


4. FMJ B2 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:

It adopts Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection mode, and has built-in 8GB local storage space. The headphones adopts bone conduction sound mode. The protection level is only daily life waterproof rate, It is not enough to deal with corrosive sweat. It has low power consumption design with 8 hours battery life. There are problems of sound leakage and vibration with this product and there are many users on the Internet who feedback these problems. But its price is more advantageous, and it is a good entry-level bone conduction headphone.