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What Are The Best Waterproof Swimming Headphones in 2023?

Aug 29,2023 | David

This comparison of waterproof swimming headphones is based on dozens of hours of analysis and testing of several models. Waterproof headphones are very convenient for listening to music while swimming in the pool. Our top recommendation is the Wissonly Hi Runner, as this new bone conduction swimming headphone delivers excellent audio quality for unparalleled comfort.

Top Waterproof Swimming Headphones:

1. Wissonly Hi Runner: Best swimming headphones

2. Sony NW-WS414B: Sony swimming headphones

3. AGPTEK S07: Waterproof MP3 player


Here is our ranking of swimming headphones and waterproof MP3 players:


1. Wissonly Hi Runner: Best swimming headphones

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 Weight: 27g | Battery Life: 10 hours | Capacity: 32 GB

Waterproof bone conduction headphones


Wissonly Hi Runner

- Sound quality

- Comfort

- Affordable prices

- Small control buttons

- 5.0Bluetooth

$99.99 on official website (Wissonly Hi Runner Buy link)

The Wissonly Hi Runner is a bone conduction swimming headphone. Behind this not well known to the general public name lies the most accomplished product in its category. Lightweight, comfortable, excellent sound quality, ease of use... It is truly the ideal MP3 headphone for swimming in the pool or in the sea.

 The product exudes quality upon unboxing. The presentation is well done. In the box, you'll find the Open ear Swimming headphone, the USB charging, the user manual.

 During the test, I was impressed by the audio quality of the Wissonly Hi Runner swimming headphone. Due to its bone conduction design, the sound is clear and crystal clear. It is even better when you put your head underwater. The listening experience remains excellent even if water enters the ears.

The design is very different from other models. It is comfortable to wear. This lightweight headphone is placed over the temples and above the ears. From the start, it is much less bothersome than in-ear headphones, which can easily cause discomfort or pain in the ears during swimming. It stays securely in place while swimming.

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 This waterproof swimming headphone can be worn with a swimming cap and swimming goggles. The Wissonly Hi Runner is certified IPX8 and can be used up to 20 meters underwater, and the power supply supports ten hours of continuous use. It is also suitable for use in seawater.

 The Wissonly Hi Runner offers 32 GB of storage space. Like other models, it connects to a computer via USB. During the test on a Mac, the connection and file transfer were very simple. The headphone appears as a hard drive on the desktop when connected to the computer.

 You can then copy up to 5000 songs in MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC AUDIO formats to the player.

 The battery life of these swimming headphones is decent, with up to 10 hours of usage time. Charging is by magnetic suction, which is both convenient and hygienic. The volume can be increased using a small volume button.

 In my opinion, the only drawback of this headphone is the small size of its control buttons. You need to have small fingers to turn it on or adjust the volume.

 Overall, I found these swimming headphones to be very successful. It is the model that delivers the best sound quality in the water and is comfortable to wear while swimming. The carrying case is convenient for bringing it to the pool. And the price of this one is quite economical among many other headphones of its type.

2. Sony NW-WS414B: Sony swimming headphones

Weight: 32 g | Battery Life: 12 hours | Capacity: 8 GB

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Swimming MP3 headphones

Sony NW-WS414B

- Audio quality

- Ergonomics

- Not Bluetooth-enabled

- No radio

$130.85 on Amazon

The Sony NW-WS414B is a waterproof swimming headphone that is resistant to saltwater, dust, and sand (IPX65/68). These waterproof headphones can be used for swimming in the sea or pool, as well as for running.

 This waterproof MP3 player offers 8 GB of memory to store music. This is more than enough as it allows you to store approximately 1600 music tracks.

 It comes with 4 different sizes of swimming earbuds and 3 sizes of standard earbuds. The swimming earbuds are covered with a thin film to prevent water from entering. Sony offers a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on these headphones.

 The Sony NW-WS414B functions like a regular MP3 player. To recharge and transfer music to this waterproof walkman, you need to connect it to a computer via USB. This waterproof MP3 player does not have FM radio reception and is not a Bluetooth headphone.

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For transferring music tracks, it is necessary to install the Music Transfer for PC software or Content Transfer on Mac, as explained in the Sony online help. Once this utility is installed and the headphones are connected to the computer, you can drag and drop MP3 files from Windows Explorer or Finder on Mac, or from other sources such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Media Go. It also supports various music formats such as WMA, AAC-LC, or L-PCM.

 Setting up these waterproof headphones is quite simple. It is essential to choose the right size of swimming earbuds for a secure fit in the ears. You may need to choose a different earbud size for each ear, as not all ears are the same size. If the earbuds are properly placed and the right size, water does not enter through the gap between your ears and the headphones.

 Thanks to its ergonomic design with an adjustable neckband, the headphone stays in place quite well even during swimming. You can tighten this walkman around your ears using the supplied adjustment strap. These headphones are relatively lightweight (32g) and comfortable to wear.

 The Sony NW-WS414B offers good audio quality. However, the sound is not very loud due to underwater listening. These swimming headphones provide more of an ambient sound experience.

 The sound can even be muffled during swimming if there is a slight gap between your ears and the headphones. Proper placement of the earbuds is necessary to prevent water from entering.

 The ambient sound mode is useful. It uses the built-in microphones on the left and right sides of the headphones. Activating the ambient noise mode allows you to listen to music safely while remaining aware of the surrounding sounds.

 The controls for the Sony NW-WS414B are located on the right and left sides of the headphone. They require a little adaptation time as they are small and close together. The controls on the right side allow you to skip to the next or previous track or switch to another playlist. A control on the left side allows you to choose between random or loop playback.

 The battery life is more than decent, with 12 hours of listening time. This headphone allows you to have multiple swimming sessions during the week. A light indicator located on the right side of this

 Walkman indicates the battery status.

 To recharge the player, you need to use the provided USB dock. Before charging, make sure the Walkman is not wet. The charging time is relatively short, as it takes only 1.5 hours for a full recharge.

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The Sony NW-WS414B is fully waterproof. It can be immersed up to 2 meters and remain functional for a maximum of 30 minutes, even in saltwater. These aquatic headphones are suitable for swimming in both pools and the sea. After use in saltwater, it is necessary to wash the Walkman according to the provided instructions. These headphones can also be used for running.

 In summary, the Sony NW-WS414B is among the best wireless headphones for swimming in the pool. The headphone stays in place, water does not enter the ears, the battery life is decent, and the sound is good.

 3. AGPTEK S07: Waterproof MP3 player

 Weight: 20g | Battery Life: 8 hours | Capacity: 8 GB

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Waterproof MP3 player



- 8 GB memory

- 18 hours of battery life

- Passable sound quality

- Lack of durability

EUR 54.99 on Amazon

The AGPTEK S07 is a more affordable waterproof MP3 player. It is 100% waterproof and water-resistant (IPX-8 standard). It allows you to listen to music while swimming, even during dives. This compact waterproof MP3 player attaches to swimming goggles at the back of the head.

 This waterproof MP3 player is easy to use. The AGPTEK S07 is compatible with Mac and Windows systems. It functions as a USB flash drive with 8 GB of memory, allowing you to carry up to 2000 songs. You need to connect it to a computer via the USB cable to transfer MP3 or WMA music tracks. It is a swimming music player with a random playback function. It does not have FM radio reception.

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The AGPTEK S07 has good battery life, lasting approximately two weeks between charges (when swimming every day). The average battery life observed is 18 hours. The design is well-conceived for this waterproof MP3 player, with user-friendly buttons.

 This waterproof MP3 player comes with waterproof Swimbuds earphones and additional swimming goggles. The earphones connect to the 3.5mm jack of the MP3 player. They are water-resistant and discreet. In general, they adhere well to the ear and should be inserted properly into the ear canal to prevent water from entering. The earbuds can be changed in size with the four sizes of ear tips provided.


Why buy waterproof swimming headphones?

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Swimming headphones are used underwater and allow you to swim with music. Whether for pool swimming, open water swimming, or aqua fitness, they are a fun accessory for swimming with music.

 Waterproof headphones allow you to listen to music in a swimming pool, even when submerged in water. They are convenient for swimming and other water sports such as kitesurfing, wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding.

 Compared to regular Bluetooth headphones, waterproof headphones are designed to provide good sound quality even when immersed in water.

 By meeting the IPX8 standard, swimming headphones are particularly suitable for swimming and water sports. They can withstand immersion in water up to 3 meters for 30 minutes.

 Swimming headphones are waterproof. If the pool headphones are dirty or covered in sweat after an intense training session, they can be easily cleaned with water and a little soap. When a waterproof headphone comes into contact with saltwater, it is important to rinse it thoroughly. Even in the pool, it is recommended to clean swimming headphones well after use, as chlorine can damage them quickly.

 Some waterproof headphones come with different sizes of ear tips to fit the ear canal properly. This allows for a better fit and more comfort during swimming.


How to choose waterproof swimming headphones?

 To choose the right waterproof headphones for swimming, consider factors such as sound quality, design comfort, battery life, and additional ear tips. Here are the essential criteria for choosing swimming headphones:

Sound quality

This is one of the most important aspects. Some swimming audio headphones can be submerged in water, allowing you to swim while listening to your music even underwater.

 However, the sound is never very loud with aquatic headphones. It provides more of an ambient sound experience. Due to immersion, the audio quality is not comparable to the best audio headphones.

 With bone conduction swimming headphones, the sound quality is better underwater than on the surface because the sound is channeled and propagates well in the water.


Swimming headphones should be comfortable and stay in place. Some waterproof MP3 players come with multiple sizes of ear tips to ensure a secure fit in the ears.

 Waterproof headphones for swimming have a different design from standard headphones. They often come in the form of a wraparound headband for greater freedom of movement.

 A wraparound headband is more ergonomic and comfortable, and it stays in place more easily during swimming. Wired earphones are not ergonomic and can be very cumbersome for swimming.


Most waterproof headphones for swimming are certified IPX8. This means they can withstand immersion in water for at least one meter (ideally 3 meters if swimming in deeper pools).

 Additionally, the chlorine in the water tends to affect the device's ability to recharge over time. Poor maintenance of the headphones after each swimming session can limit the lifespan of the device.

 Low-quality swimming headphones may become defective after just a few uses. For long-term functionality, it is better to invest in a slightly more expensive model. Low-end models are not very durable and do not last long.

What is a swimming headphone?

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A swimming headphone for listening to music while swimming represents a real technological challenge. It is more complex than simple running headphones. Indeed, wireless waterproof headphones cannot be used in a swimming pool because

 Bluetooth does not work underwater.

 The solution for listening to music while swimming is to use a waterproof MP3 player, which consists of a waterproof player and a pair of waterproof headphones. It can be used for swimming in the water, but its use involves certain complications.

 Like a swimming watch, swimming headphones must comply with the IPX8 standard, which means they can be immersed in water up to at least one meter (ideally 3 meters if swimming in deeper pools).

 Next, the chlorine in the water tends to affect the device's ability to recharge over time. Proper cleaning of the swimming headphones after each swimming session can extend their lifespan.

 A swimming headphone is equivalent to a waterproof MP3 player. This requires transferring music to the device's memory via a computer (in MP3 or WMA format).

 For the sake of lightweight design, the memory capacity of waterproof players is relatively small, typically 4 GB or 8 GB. However, this can be sufficient to carry enough songs. A 4GB player can store approximately 800 songs.Some excellent swimming headphones like Wissonly bone conduction headphones has a 32G built-in memory,that’s amazing.

 The waterproof MP3 player must be securely fastened around the head to prevent it from moving during swimming. Most swimming headphones attach to swimming goggles or under a swim cap, depending on the design.

 Finally, wireless swimming headphones can be uncomfortable. They are often challenging to use because water can enter the ear and affect music playback. For comfort and sound quality, the best solution is to use bone conduction headphones to listen to music while swimming in the pool.