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The Best Gifts for Runners! 7 Popular Equipment Recommendations for Running

Oct 19,2023 | David

Though you are not familiar with running, do you need looking for running gear as a gift for family, friends, bosses, or colleagues? If so, you may be in trouble. This is because each runner has surprisingly different needs for running gear.

So far, I have a lot of running gear and tried them one by one. However, even for someone like me, when giving running gear as a gift, I have to think about it myself.

But anyway, if I am going to give a gift, I want it to be something that really makes me happy and is also a surprise for the runner. I understand your feelings, so let’s find the best running equipment that will satisfy the runner on your list based on different information!

Here you can find running equipment that will satisfy runners!

Whether or not a gift is needed depends on the recipient, and knowing more about the runner will make it easier for you to choose running gear as a gift. But if you have no experience with running, it can be difficult to know what information you need to know.

Therefore, if possible, please confirm the following items with them, including the gender, age and body shape, the running style and experience level of the runner. Depending on these factors, the running gear you need will vary greatly.

The gender, age, and body shape of the runner

You may already know this information.


If the runner on your list is female, there is a sportswear brand called CW-X by Wacoal that is famous for producing women’s underwear. CW-X’s most famous product is compression tights. These tights are very close-fitting and are said to provide support for the knees and hips, reducing fatigue by reducing muscle vibration. Wearing shorts over tights will not highlight your lines and will also give you a fashionable look.

Recommendation: CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Joint Support Compression Tight Pants Black

CW-X Stabilyx compression tights are designed to support joints during high-intensity exercise. It uses a patented EXO-WEB support panel to contour the joints, providing support and stability without restricting the range of motion. These tights combine the benefits of compression and kinesiology tape.

CW-X EXO-WEB technology mimics the kinesiology taping techniques used by trainers for injured joints and muscles. When applied to muscles and joints, it creates an exoskeleton support system that improves biomechanics during exercise. Made from 80% Coolmax and 20% Lycra fabric, it helps keep the body dry by wicking moisture away from the body and onto the outside of the tights. It costs $84.38.


If you’re a smartphone user, you may appreciate music while running, and completely wireless headphones are popular with runners. There are several types of wireless headphones, including completely independent left and right earbuds, wired earbuds, and earbuds that don’t block your ears.

If choosing headphones for running, you’ll need to choose a model that won’t fail even in the rain. You should check the IP rating of the headphones, which is a measure of their water resistance. For runners, at least an IPX6 level of water resistance is required. Even if you already have a pair of headphones, I still recommend that you have a pair of bone conduction headphones that let you hear sound through bone vibrations without blocking your ears.

Recommendation: WISSONLY Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

Wissonly Hi Runner is the bone conduction headphones with an ear-hanging design that weighs only 28 grams and does not feel heavy when worn while running. Its surface is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material that is very safe and comfortable to wear. In addition, its overall frame is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel material, which is strong in bending resistance, firmly worn, and will not easily fall off when running, and can be well matched with sunglasses and sun hats for running.

This headset also supports dual playback of Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode. If you have no signal on your smartphone or if it is inconvenient for you to carry it while running outdoors, you can use its MP3 mode to still enjoy music. It has a very powerful performance, with 32GB of large memory, which can store 5000 songs and is compatible with IOS and Android systems.

It also has an IPX8 waterproof rating and can be used normally during exercise when it rains or sweats. This allows you to run without the headphones being unusable due to sweat erosion, giving you a better experience. If you are looking for a headset with strong battery life, the Wissonly Hi Runner is a good choice for you as it can listen to music continuously for 8 to 10 hours and is suitable for hours to hours outdoor running.

Besides, the open-ear design of this headphone allows you to hear the surrounding sound while running outdoors, making it safer and more hygienic. The only downside is that it is easy to hear wind noise while running. However, safety is the most important factor for runners, and bone conduction headphones do that very well. Compared to other brands of headphones, this headphone is good value for money and worth buying at only $99.99.

The most important thing to pay attention to when choosing a gift is body type. If it’s a standard body type, that’s fine.But if it’s very thin or very fat, it’s difficult to choose the size of clothes, pants, and hats. In this case, it’s best to avoid choosing small-sized running gear as a gift.

Especially when choosing running shoes, because the shape and width of the feet are different, the recipient may not have tried them on and may result in the wrong shoe size. This is why it is not recommended to give running shoes as a surprise gift. However, if you know their favorite shoes and size, they are likely to be very happy when you show them the same or new styles.

The running style of runner 

The difference in running style and necessities or what would be suitable as a gift received has a lot to do with it. What we mean by “running style” here is “under what circumstances do you run?”

Do you run during the day or at night? Do you go running in the rain? Do you run in summer and winter? These are all questions worth paying attention to.

1. Do you run during the day or at night?

If you run in strong daylight, you might consider running gear that protects against UV rays. Hats can be used to prevent UV rays on the face, sunglasses can be used to prevent UV rays on the eyes, and arm sleeves can be used to prevent UV rays on the arms.

I think female runners in particular will appreciate products that can prevent UV rays, as they can cause spots and wrinkles. In addition, there are also some types of hats and clothes that can actively eliminate UV rays. The standard when looking for such products is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor. If a product is labeled “UPF50+”, it can block 95% or more of UV rays.

On the other hand, if you’re running in the dark, the most frightening thing is accidents caused by poor visibility. In this case, these are useful equipment. Headlamps can illuminate in the dark to ensure visibility of the road, while reflective vests can increase your visibility by reflecting incident light, making it easy for you to be noticed by others.

You might also consider items with reflective effects as gifts, such as hats, clothes, pants, shoes, etc. with reflective effects. It’s important to know that the items you need and the items you choose will vary depending on whether you’re running during the day or at night.

2. Do you go running in the rain?

If you want to run in the rain, you’ll need to prepare some equipment. Running hats can ensure visibility in the rain, and waterproof jackets or pants can replace a raincoat so you can still run in the rain.

When wet, the body cools rapidly as heat is carried away by evaporating water vapor. This can lead to colds and other illnesses, so running gear that won’t get wet even in the rain is essential.

In addition, there are also waterproof socks and shoes available, but few people actively use them. Because it’s dark when it rains, having reflective light on clothes or hats makes people feel at ease.

3. Do you run in summer and winter?

If you’re going to run in the summer, it’s essential to take measures to prevent heatstroke and UV rays. Whether you’re an experienced long-distance runner or a novice runner who is not used to running, you’ll likely appreciate a large-capacity water bottle for staying hydrated while running. You can give a waist pack, which is also convenient for carrying a water bottle.

In the city, it’s fine, but when running in places where there aren’t even vending machines, wearing an arm pack or waist pack to carry drinks can be helpful, and it’s also convenient for storing small items. In addition, a hat with a sun visor can completely block direct sunlight on the head and neck, providing sun protection and UV protection in the summer, and is also popular with female runners who are worried about sunburn on their necks.

On the other hand, keeping warm in winter is also important, and the most important point of keeping warm is how to prevent wind. A windbreaker can play this role, and what to pay attention to when buying is the thickness of the windbreaker. Choose according to the location of your run; a thick windbreaker with padding may become too hot when you start running, so we recommend a thin but windproof windbreaker.

Once you’ve taken measures to prevent wind, the next most important thing is not to get wet while running. In addition, many running windbreakers are waterproof and can handle sudden rain. If you set a unique season for your gift such as summer or winter, then you can give this truly useful running gear.

4. Recommendation

JUIBO Fury Running Sunglasses for Men and Women

Julbo Fury is designed to meet the needs of cycling, trail running or any endurance and speed sport. The super breathable lens design maximizes lateral and vertical field of vision, giving you an unobstructed view in any position. Fury is compatible with all types of helmets and can be fitted with Julbo Spectron lenses.

The temple ends of these glasses are made of shock-absorbing rubber, providing perfect comfort and grip, and the fully breathable design provides just the right amount of air flow. The multiple vents on the frame promote air flow to prevent fogging, while the oversized panoramic lens provides an unobstructed view with excellent coverage and protection. In addition, it also uses polycarbonate lenses, suitable for partly cloudy to sunny environments, with a light transmission of 13%, blocking 87% of light and preventing 100% of UV rays. Now available for purchase for only $139.95.

ZENSAH Compression Arm Sleeves for Men and Women

The sun protection arm sleeves from Zensah are the ideal choice for any outdoor sport such as baseball, basketball, golf, running, and soccer, helping to protect against harmful UV rays in the sun and providing support for any activity as a sports compression arm sleeve. Mild compression ensures that the arm sleeves are comfortable to wear, stay in place, promote muscle recovery, and help prevent injury.

These UV arm sleeves and running arm sleeves are unisex, meaning they can be used as men’s arm sleeves or as women’s arm sleeves. They can also be used as unisex sun protection clothing because the sleeves cover the arms and forearms. Sun protection arm sleeves can be used as UV sleeves while running, as they are a UV protective garment with a UPF 50+ sun protection index in the fabric.

The sleeves for the arms and forearms also have sweat-wicking and temperature-regulating properties, making them suitable for all-day wear. The UV sleeves are made of 94% nylon and 6% spandex. If you’re looking for a sports compression arm sleeve or sun protection sleeve as a gift, this running gear for only $29.95 is sure to be loved by your runner.

SLONIK Rechargeable Headlamp for Adults

This upgraded SLONIK 2nd generation mountaineering gear headlamp is equipped with a 1000 lumen CREE LED light that emits a super bright beam up to 60 feet away, providing long-distance illumination for night running with 6 levels of brightness to suit any situation. The bright rechargeable headlamp is always ready when you need it, each lamp comes with a 2200mAh battery that lasts for hours and comes with a convenient micro-USB charging cable.

This dustproof and waterproof adult headlamp is an essential camping accessory and must-have for night running or cycling, featuring an aviation-grade aluminum construction that can withstand extreme conditions. It can also be used as a handheld flashlight by attaching it to the adjustable nylon strap and wearing it comfortably on your head or mounting it as a hard hat light using the provided hook or attaching it to any metal surface using the built-in magnet. Now available for purchase for only $37.54.

BALEAF Women's Running Rain Jackets Waterproof Lightweight Reflective Hooded

This fully seam-sealed running jacket is 100% waterproof, lightweight, and very convenient to carry, as it can be compressed into a small pack and easily stored in a back pocket. It also has 5 practical pockets, including a back pocket, two zippered hand pockets, and two inner pockets, for securely storing a 6.5-inch phone or keys.

The BALEAF women’s windbreaker is made of breathable fabric with a ventilation system on the back to help keep you cool and dry during exercise. In addition, this waterproof running jacket has a hood with a cord adjuster that provides good protection for the face from wind and rain, making it suitable for running, cycling, golfing or other outdoor activities, and is priced at only $51.99.

The experience level of runner

Before giving a gift, you should understand that the gift you need to buy depends on the running level of the runner on your list. The running gear they need will vary depending on their running speed and distance. If they are a runner who can complete 10 kilometers in about an hour, their body temperature will rise rapidly when they start running. Therefore, even if the weather is a bit cold when starting to run, they usually don’t need that much cold protection.

In contrast, slower runners don’t heat up quickly when they start running. As winter gifts for such people, warm neck gaiters, arm warmers and ear warmers with good insulation will be appreciated by them. If living in cold climate conditions, even hard-running runners will appreciate these items. Neck gaiters and arm warmers are easy to put on and take off and are not too bulky to easily remove when it gets hot.

In addition, in cold weather, even experienced runners can’t cope with icy hands. This is because the human limbs have many capillaries that easily lose heat. And this is why most runners wear gloves in the depths of winter. Depending on the gloves, some have a hole for a watch or are processed so that smartphones can be operated while wearing gloves. Glove sizes are generally M and L sizes, so there is no mistake in choosing the right size. They are the first choice for winter gifts.

Recommendation: New Balance Lightweight Touchscreen Warm Running Gloves

This New Balance lightweight running glove is a new product in running gear that is not only technologically innovative but also very stylish. It is made of high-quality 86% polyester and 14% spandex with 150GSM ultra-smooth wool. Its gripper design on the palm allows runners to grip firmly in any weather condition.

The fingers of the Marathon Black and Marathon Heather are printed with the names of New York City’s five boroughs, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. In addition, it is a practical glove at an affordable price of only $18.98 and has anti-odor properties. The fingers of the New Balance running gloves are touch-sensitive, versatile, and allow runners to use their smartphones through the gloves.


These are some methods for choosing running gear based on the running background of different runners and some recommended products that can be used as gifts. After reading the above content, you should know which running gear your recipient needs. If you’re torn between which one to buy, you might try ordering a Wissonly bone conduction headphone as a gift. Most runners enjoy music while running, and your family members or friends are no exception. For added safety while using it, give a bone conduction headphone to a runner!