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The Best 7 Wireless Sports headphones in 2023

Aug 28,2023 | David

"I started running because I didn't get enough exercise, I found running too boring."

"I wanted headphones with higher sound quality and a better fit than the ones I usually use for running."

"Except for running , I also want headphones for my daily commute.”

“But there are so many types, I don’t know which one to choose.”

 Do you have such a problem? In the article, I will introduce you to the 7 best headphones for running. Whether you want to start running, exercising or or you’re exercising regularly, we've introduce the best headphones for you, please watch until the end.



How to choose sports headphones

Sports headphone manufacturers and product recommendations



1: How to choose sports headphones

Select by headphones type:

(1). Completely wireless headphones: 

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Completely wireless headphones are left and right separate and independent headphones. Without the hassle of cables such as disconnection, tangling and touch noise, you can enjoy music in a light state.

On the other hand, its weakness is short continuous playback time. You can have a try if you don't mind the hassle of charging. Some models of earbuds can be put back in the box for fast charging, so make sure before buying.

(2): Left and right integrated, neckband headphones:

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Left and right integrated, neckband headphones are connected by a cable or a neckband. The advantage is that it is more stable to wear than completely wireless headphones of the same wireless type, and it is not easy to lose.

In addition, although it is a wireless type, the battery life is relatively long. Maybe the cable can be annoying because it hits the back of your neck and you might feel uncomfortable especially after sweating.

(3): Wired headphones:

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 Wired sports headphones are for listening to music by connecting a cable to a smart phone or music player.

In addition to low latency, there is no need to worry about charging before use or running out of battery during use, and the advantage is that it can be used easily.

On the other hand, its disadvantage is that it is prone to troubles such as cable tangling and fracture. Also, when running or exercising, the cables may move and rub against clothing causing touch noises.

Choose headphones that don’t fall off easily:

When choosing headphones for sport, look for models that don't fall out of your ears easily. Because headphones tend to vibrate and come off during exercise, we recommend products that either have a cable that hangs over the ear or have wingtips.

Attention to waterproof performance:

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Waterproof performance is also an important point when choosing sports headphones. If you wear your headphones while running or exercising, you're likely to get wet with sweat. In addition, it might rain when you are outdoors, so it is recommended to use headphones with excellent waterproof performance.

The waterproof performance of headphones is usually indicated by "IPX", the higher the number behind, the better the waterproof performance, so please inspect it.

Models with external sound capture function are recommended:

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Having external sound capture function is also important when choosing headphones for sports,such as running. While running outside, it can be dangerous if you don't notice the sound of cars, bikes, etc. approaching from behind.

If equipped with external sound capture function, it can capture surrounding sounds so you can listen to music while paying attention to the surrounding. Especially for headphones that cover the ears, please check for the external sound capture function.

Check continuous playback time:

When choosing sports headphones, pay attention to continuous playback time. Wireless headphones, such as all-wireless headphones and left-right integrated headphones are run on batteries, so the playing time is limited.

Generally speaking, left and right integrated headphones have larger batteries and longer continuous playback time than fully wireless headphones. If you want to listen to music outdoors for a long time or want to reduce the hassle of charging, please choose headphones with a long continuous playback time.

Whether it can be used with glasses:

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This is also important when choosing sports headphones. Because many people need to wear glasses, sunglasses, hats and so on in their daily life. When you choose and buy, try to pick headphones that are compatible with your glasses and hats.

Choose "bone conduction headphones" that don't block your ears:

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One type of headphone suitable for running and exercising is the sports bone conduction headphone. As implied in the name, bone conduction headphones are headphones that use bone conduction to listen to sound. You can listen to music without covering your ears, so you can exercise while paying attention to your surroundings.

Most bone conduction headphones are left and right integrated. While there aren't many styles, there are also fully wireless models, so check them out if you're interested.


2.Sports headphones recommendation

No.1: Wissonly Hi Runner Sports Bone Conduction headphones Price: 99.99 USD

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Integrate Score: 4.5 ★★★★★

Sound quality: 4.5 Comfort: 4.3 Function: 4.8

Waterproof No.1, comfort No.1, powerful function, High cost-effectiveness

Wissonly sports bone conduction headphones insist on technology priority, and the team is composed of senior experts in bone conduction technology. They have more than 10 years of technical accumulation in the field of bone conduction, which also makes Wissonly Hi Runner called "the healthiest Bluetooth headphones" by many professionals.

In terms of comfort, the overall frame of Wissonly Hi Runner is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel, which can adapt to different sizes of head circumference and ensure the stability of wearing. The surface of its headphones is made of high-tech low-sensitivity silicone material, which does not contain chemical ingredients to avoid allergies. The overall touch of the headphones is as silky as a baby's skin, avoiding discomfort when worn for a long time. And its weight is very light, less than 30g, it will not feel heavy when worn. From the time I started running after wearing headphones to the time I took it off at the end of running, this Hi Runner didn't let me have any extra adjustment. As the flagship outdoor sports model of the Wissonly brand, it is the most comfortable and cost-effective model among all the current sports bone conduction headphones.

Wissonly Hi Runner also has an IPX8 waterproof rating higher than the industry standard, which allows it to work normally during swimming and diving, not to mention sweat-proof during normal sports.This is one of its great advantages.

Wissonly Hi Runner sports bone conduction headphones are open-ear design, worn directly on the temple, so your ear canal is completely open, which allows you to easily hear the sound of cars and traffic lights when you are running, walking and other sports scenes outdoors.It makes you safer when using it.

It is also equipped with 32G built in -memory, which can store 5000 songs, supports two working modes of Bluetooth and MP3. In the scene of underwater sports or without a mobile phone, you can completely use it as a Bluetooth MP3 player.

In order to solve the sound quality distortion problem of ordinary bone conduction headphones, Wissonly adopts a new generation of bone conduction technology, and uses the best acoustic laboratory in the world to customize an exclusive sound quality output solution for the unique bone conduction sound transmission method. After 3051 hours of tens of thousands of adjustments by 21 audiologists, it brings users the best sound in the field of bone conduction headphones.

 No.2: Earsopen PEACE TW-1 Bone Conduction headphones Price: 150 USD

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Integrate Score: 4.1 ★★★★

Sound quality: 4.2 Comfort: 4.2 Function: 3.8

The sports bone conduction headphone "Earsopen PEACE TW-1" comes from the Japanese bone conduction professional manufacturer BoCo--- the manufacturer of the first completely wireless bone conduction headphone in the world. It is worn like earrings and transmits sound by vibrating cartilage.

In terms of sound quality, the mid and high-pitched performance are good, and the melody of the music can be heard clearly, which can be scored high. The only disappointment is that the bass is a bit weak, but it does a great job of realistically playing out whispers and intonations of songs. It allows you to enjoy extremely high-resolution sound by breaking down the sound of each instrument.

As for the wearing comfort, it is a wearing method that clips to the ear, and it does not come off even if it shakes, and the fit is very high, which left a deep impression on me. Although it is a clip-ear wearing method, it is not painful to wear for a long time, and it is extremely comfortable to wear. Of course, some people may feel tired after wearing it for a long time, which may be due to individual differences.

In terms of function, the battery can only support less than 5 hours of playback time, which is not highly rated. But it supports fast charging, and it can be fully charged in an hour and a half, which can score high. It can be said that this product is a comfortable sports headphone that does not shock the eardrum, does not cause hearing fatigue or wear fatigue.

 No.3: Shokz OpenRun Pro Sports Bone Conduction headphones Price: 139 USD

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Integrate Score: 4.1 ★★★★

Sound quality: 3.9 Comfort: 4.2 Function: 4.2

Shokz was established in 2011 and is a representative manufacturer of sports bone conduction headphones. The "OpenRun Pro" is Shokz's high-end model with stronger bass than traditional products.

The Shokz sound quality is pretty good, with a good mid-bass presence and songs with a sense of depth compared to the Aeropex of their company. The audio resolution is also the best among bone conduction headphones, even the tiniest sounds can be heard.

The fit is great when worn it, without pain and discomfort. Women from 150cm tall to men up to 180cm tall can wear it without any problem. It is less likely to slip or fall if moved lightly. But unfortunately, with the strengthening of the bass, the vibration of the headphone body is greater.

Under normal volume, it can be played continuously for 10 hours, which means there is no problem even if it is used all the time at work. It also supports fast charging, it only takes 1 hour to fully charge, and it can play for 1.5 hours after charging for 5 minutes. But it has no built-in memory, and the waterproof rating is not high, which are its disadvantages. From a functional point of view, the price-performance ratio is not high.

  No.4: Sony WF-SP800N Wireless Noise Canceling Stereo sports headphones Price: 135 USD

No alt text provided for this image

Integrate Score: 4.1 ★★★

Sound quality: 4.3 Comfort: 4.1 Function: 3.8

Sony is Japan's leading electronics manufacturer, and headphones are one of its many products. Sony's sports headphones are attractive because of their high sound quality.

This is a completely wireless headphones that pursues sound quality and ease of use. It has IP55 waterproof and dust resistance, which is attractive. Even if you get wet from sweat or rain, you can use it safely. Another point is that when the headphones get dirty, you can wash them off with water. It's equipped with "arc supports" that fit easily into the grooves of your ears, providing a stable fit even during strenuous exercise.

Equipped with noise canceling function and external sound capture mode. You can use it depending on the situation, such as noise cancellation for indoor workouts and external sound capture mode for outdoor sports.

This headphone uses a touch sensor. Just touch the main engine to control music play, pause, etc. You don't have to take out your phone, and it won't interfere with your workout.

 No.5: Jabra Elite 7 Completely Wireless sports headphones Price: 125 USD

No alt text provided for this image

Integrate Score: 4.0 ★★★

Sound quality: 4.2 Comfort: 4.2 Function: 3.8

Jabra is a manufacturer of headphones and speakerphones. Jabra in-ear headphones are characterized by sound performance and wearing comfort. Ergonomically designed ear tips keep you comfortable even during long workouts.

They also include products equipped with "active noise cancellation," which reduces ambient noise and cancels out noise so you can train in a focused environment.

Jabra's Elite 7 completely wireless sports headphones, featuring "Shake Grip Technology" to provide a comfortable fit. Coated with special liquid silicone rubber, it fits snugly in your ears even without wings. The part that touches the ear is soft to the touch, so you can reduce the burden when wearing it.

 The Jabra Elite 7 clearly reproduces everything from deep bass to detailed, clear highs, with custom-designed 6mm speakers designed to provide high-quality sound even during strenuous exercise.

In addition, if you install the dedicated app "Jabra Sound+", you can link with your smartphone. You can customize sound quality with equalizer.

Up to 1 hour of continuous playback on a single charge. An 8-minute quick charge will give you about 5 hours of battery, even when the battery is low.

 No.6: JVC Wireless Stereo sports headphone HA-EC25WB Price: 32 USD

No alt text provided for this image


Integrate Score: 3.5 ★★★

Sound quality: 3.5 Comfort: 3.9 Function: 3.3

Jvc is a Japanese company that has been established for a long time. Because it already existed in 1927.

The HA-EC25WB is a left-right one-piece sports headphone that uses a "pivot motion earhook" that provides stable wearing comfort. Since it is hooked on the ear, it is hard to come off even during strenuous exercise You can enjoy music while running or exercising. It is equipped with a "high magnetic neodymium driver unit" that can provide a louder sound.

It comes with a standard earpiece with excellent noise isolation and a low-isolation earpiece, making it easy to hear your surroundings. When you want to focus on exercising, you can use it according to your application, for example with a standard earpiece. The earpieces come in three sizes: S, M and L. You can choose according to the size of your ears.

But its sound quality is average, the audio resolution is not high, and the sound reproduction is not very good.

 No.7: Vidonn F3 Sports Bone Conduction Headphones Price: 59.99 USD

No alt text provided for this image

Integrate Score: 3.5 ★★★

Sound quality: 3.5 Comfort: 3.8 Function: 3.2

Vidonn is a professional bone conduction headphone manufacturer based in China. Vidonn F3, with a light weight design of only 25g, is also equipped with IP65 waterproof and dust-proof functions.

In terms of sound quality, the sound of music lacks elasticity, the sound is slightly dull, and the sound quality evaluation is average.Because it vibrates the bones so that the listener can hear the sound, when listening to the bass, there is a sense of vibration every time it is played, but the bass sound is very weak and lacks impact. In addition, when the sound of music and instruments is mixed, it feels that the sound balance is not good.

The fit is moderately comfortable, with not too much side pressure, and they fit nicely in the hollows near my ears without any sliding sensation.

In terms of features, it can play for 8 hours, which is above average, and the charging time is 2 hours, which is reasonable.


3: Summary

The 7 models recommended above are all headphones suitable for wearing during sports. You can choose the appropriate sports bone conduction headphones according to your needs. If you do not have high requirements for sound quality and wearing experience, then some entry-level headphones can meet the requirements. And if you have requirements for sound quality and wearing experience, as well as special requirements for waterproof level, built-in storage, etc., then you must choose those products with powerful functions and high cost performance. For example, Wissonly Hi Runner is a good choice. Many Youtube channels and ear doctors recommend this product.