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Sennheiser sport true wireless earbuds review

Nov 06,2023 | David

Sennheiser introduced the new Sport True Wireless earbuds in 2022, which is specially designed for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. It is equipped with a 7mm moving coil unit, which can bring better bass performance. Two kinds of earbuds are brought for different sports scenes, which not only fit the ears better, but also bring immersive audio experience.Are they really worth buying? This article collects some real reviews from users to answer this question.

Product parameter:


Product Dimensions:5.3 x 7 x 1.9 inches

Item Weight:7.4 ounces

Dust,Splash&Sweat Resistance: IP54

Form Factor:In Ear


Item model number:509299

Batteries:1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Manufacturer:Sennheiser Electronic Corporation

Charging Time:1.5 Hour

Item Weight:0.46 Pounds

Units:1 Count

Number Of Items:3

Sennheiser sport true wireless earbuds review from users:

Product name: Sennheiser sport Price: $99.95

Rating:3.8 Where to buy: Amazon or official website.

User review 1:

User:Just Like You Nation:United States

“These earbuds are certainly not among the most expensive ones but they are certainly higher in price than the $30 to $70 units. I wanted earbuds that would stay in place while exercising, had good battery life and didn’t compromise on sound quality. These Sennheiser Sport earbuds do all of that and more.

Right out of the box, they fit my ears but there are several ways to customize the fit, if needed. Plus, the sounds is great, even without activating the app on my phone.

I told myself I could purchase cheap earbuds, from companies I’ve never heard of, or go with a trusted name in “listening devices” for a little more money. Glad I did the later.”

User review 2:

User:Ernest Stalnaker Nation:United States

“Sennheiser has been known for producing headphones and earphones with great sound quality for years. These Sport True Wireless Earbuds are no exception. If you want earphones that both sound great and also won’t fall out of your ears while exercising, these are a great choice. When listing to my favorite music, the sound quality is at least as good as my Apple AirPods Pro. However, the AirPods Pro supports wireless charging, and it also has ANC (active noise cancellation), which works quite well. These Sennheiser earphones have neither. Plus, if you are an Apple user, you have additional features you can take advantage of with the AirPods Pro, such as Spatial Audio. Considering these earphones sell for about $130 and you can get the AirPods Pro on sale for as low as $175, I think it’s definitely worth the extra $45 to add those additional features. I think Sennheiser either needs to lower the price on these earphones or update them to include these features that competitors are offering, so that they are a better value. But if you’re a Sennheiser fan and you’re mainly concerned about sound quality, you can’t go wrong with these earphones.”

User review 3:

User:Eddie Nation:United States

Love them! They sound great and don’t amplify body-borne noise. That’s what I love the most, being able to do sport and listen to music without hearing my footsteps or breathing intensified by the earbuds. The only problem I have is that when I have the hood of my jacket on and it hits and press the earbuds they make the typical pressing sound; even after I had disabled the touch controls, they still make the sound. I hope it gets fixed. Love your quality but there is always space to improve

User review 4:

User:Aydin Nation:United States

“I guess now Sennheiser also started to produce low quality products and forgot about its status as high quality production company. Starting with box, looks like some non branded 20$ fake. Materials of the earbuds and its case are also cheap with badly look in real. And the main, the sound. When you listen the music in these, you understand that you were deceived by marketers, cause the quality of the sound is near to low budget Chinas brands. Moreover, fitting is not thought out. They fall from ears with all size of the wings and buds.”

User review 5:

User:Darren W. Miller Nation:United States

“I have always found Sennheiser products to be some of the best in sound quality. I prefer them over Sony or even Bose in some cases. These particular wireless earbuds hit the mark, especially with bass. There are only two things I would ask for Sennheiser to improve. First, the battery life just seems to be less than what I would expect given the size of the earbuds themselves. Second, is the fact that an application is required to pair these with your smartphone. The app itself is great, with some good features, including keeping the firmware up to date, but requiring it to pair the device is a little more complex than most people will want to deal with. Again, these are great, and I will continue to purchase Sennheiser products and recommend them!!!”

User review 6:

User:David Nation:United States

“I’m a Sennheiser fan, if that matters. For $100 these are fine.

+ Good sound quality, fun bass. Not super detailed, but by no means “muddy.”

+ Comfortable, once you get used to the weight.

+ Stay in place when doing sports like lift weights, run.

+ Good battery life.

- Treble can be a little peaky/sibilant. It’s generally not a problem, though.

- IEMs aren’t magnetized, so they don’t stick together. This might make them a little more susceptible to losing either ear bud.

- I kind of regret not buying the cheaper old stock Momentum, which plugs in with mini USB. Not a fan to have yet another device specific charger.”

User review 7:

User:Steven Nation:United States

“Sennheiser… you know you’re going to love how they sound. Widest range of any buds I’ve tried so far, and the free App allows user setting controls from your phone. Also fantastic feature IMHO is the tender-touch sensitivity of controls: you don’t have to push these halfway down your ear canal to answer a call or change volume. They come with several sets of ear insert options to maximize comfort and sound/noise cancellation. I haven’t had the issues I’ve experienced with other buds of falling out every time I move my head… nice for a change. Call sound is good and people I’m talking to say it’s clear. I really like battery time too. Overall very satisfied with these on every level.”

User review 8:

User:Spikeypup Nation:United States

“They fit me nice and that’s with the stock medium size installed, so that’s great. They sound really good too, good low end and nice silky highs. The noise cancellation works really well and the companion app is quite nice with good control over all the functions as well as details about operation and condition. It’s a good set, with the case that charges and holds a lot of charge, I really like these, when doing sports they are my go to because they handle the damp really well.”

User review 9:

User:doc Nation:United States

“I’m not a professional, just a regular 9–5 guy. I use these during work (I’m outside 6–10 hours a day), and at the gym).

The noice cancelling isn’t perfect, but that’s ok because i like to hear a little bit of whats going on around me. If i positioned them a certain way in my ear i’m sure they could remove most of the normal outside noise.

The sound is very good, zero complaints there. They are easy to clean.

They last about 7.5 hours out of their container. The charging container lasts longer, you can put them back in it and recharge them.

They are comfortable, but will stay in your ear even on the treadmill.

Great purchase and a low price. I’ve had them over 6 months…”

User review 10:

User:mark s. nelson Nation:United States

“I have a set of Sennheiser noise-cancelling headphones which I really like, so though I’d give these a try as well. I first used their headphones when I did studio recording years ago and was always impressed by them. Great audio quality without the huge expense of Bose, or the silly over-driven bass (and not much else) of Beats. Basically, audio quality for people who have a more developed ear.

Like the headphones, the sound quality is what I expect from Sennheiser. However, that is where my positive review ends. I’ve tried every possible combination of inner ear and outer ear attachment I can, but they just don’t work. To get it so that they won’t fall out of my ear, they are very uncomfortable.

Would not buy these again.”

These are some real user reviews of Sennheiser sport true wireless earbuds. Generally speaking, most users are satisfied with its functions. However, it is not without its shortcomings, such as its in-ear wearing way, which makes the earbuds easy to fall off and causes ear discomfort, and the waterproof level is not high enough.Therefore, if you expect to find a comfortable and cost-effective walking headphone,Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphone with open-ear design is recommended.


Wissonly is the brand with the best experience among sports bone conduction headphones. It excels in sound quality, comfort, and product specifications, making it a top performer in both product quality and hearing protection.

The Hi Runner Bone Conduction headphones are designed to be open-ear, sitting directly on your temples, allowing your ear canals to remain fully open. This enables you to easily hear outdoor sounds like cars and traffic lights while running or walking, ensuring a safer experience.

When it comes to fit and comfort, the Wissonly Hi Runner features an adjustable aerospace-grade titanium frame that can accommodate different head sizes, ensuring a stable fit. The headphone surface is made of high-tech, low-sensitivity silicone material, free from any chemical components, to avoid allergic reactions. The overall feel of the headphones is as smooth as a baby’s skin, preventing discomfort during extended wear. Moreover, weighing less than 30g, they are lightweight and won’t feel burdensome. As the flagship outdoor running model of Wissonly, it is currently the most comfortable and cost-effective bone conduction headphone available.

Waterproof performance becomes crucial when you sweat a lot during workouts or get caught in the rain while running outdoors. The Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction headphones, as the flagship model, boasts an IPX8 waterproof rating, surpassing industry standards. This ensures they can function properly even during swimming or diving, not to mention regular sweat and splash protection.

Quipped with 32GB of internal memory, capable of storing 5000 songs, and supporting both Bluetooth and MP3 modes, you can use the Wissonly Hi Runner as a Bluetooth MP3 player for underwater running or scenarios where you don’t have your phone with you.

Bone conduction headphones have greater challenges in terms of improving sound quality due to their unique technological principles. However, the Wissonly Hi Runner revolutionizes the traditional audio solution by ingeniously adopting large diaphragm vibrating units. Through structural optimization, it enhances the effective vibrating area, resulting in excellent performance in both high and low tones. Additionally, their sound leakage prevention technology is more mature, providing better sound leakage prevention compared to typical sports bone conduction headphones.

Its battery life is impressively strong, allowing for 10 hours of continuous music playback and supports fast charge.