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Running Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

Nov 10,2023 | David

Are the Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth wireless headphones useful? Are they worth buying for consumers? Some people may have read reviews of these headphones by professionals online, and some people may not know much about these wireless headphones. Below, I will bring you some real reviews of the Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth wireless headphones from users on Amazon. If you also like to enjoy music while running and you also lack a pair of headphones for sports, then read the following post.

r/HeyNewGadget - Running Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review
Product Specifications about Skullcandy Grind:
r/HeyNewGadget - Running Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review
Skullcandy Grind Reviews from Users

Product name: Skullcandy Grind

Price: $287.7

Rating: 4.4 (out of 5)

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Review 1: ★★★★★

I tried and returned multiple pairs of on-ear and over-eat headphones for poor sound quality, poor noise cancellation, inability to use while running. These have been such a pleasant surprise for my running. Great sound quality for the price point; crisp highs and unmuddied low range. Comfortable and don’t squeeze your head at all, while also being secure enough to run or play basketball while wearing. Very impressed by skullcandy after years as a loyal Sony customer.

Review 2: ★★★★☆

These are comfortable headphones and they sound good for running. From what I can see the downsides to them are the Bluetooth and that they don't fold for easy storage. While I haven't had the range problem I've seen others refer to -- I'm generally near my Mac or iPhone when I use my headphones -- the Grind appears to use an older Bluetooth standard. This means that I can't look on my iPhone to see if the Grind is at 15% charge or is fully charged and ready to go. I would just see they're connected. Folding is something I can live without; it would be nice but it's not like I didn't know they didn't fold when I made my purchase for running.

r/HeyNewGadget - Running Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

Review 3: ★★★☆☆

They have good sound and I have had no issues with connection or battery. However, there is almost no air circulation on your ears when wearing, and they are definitely the hottest headphones I've ever had for running. They are unwearable in the summer for running. I'm hoping in the winter they will be dual purpose - sound and cold protection - but if my ears are just as sweaty in the winter, I will downgrade the review.

Review 4: ★★☆☆☆

Much smaller than anticipated. Uncomfortable on my ears because they sit directly on my ears instead of over them and I've been accused of having small ears. Recommended for children, female twileks, and adults with very tiny ears. I can't speak to the sound quality because I immediately hated them upon trying them on for running. I thought maybe it was just me but my wife found them uncomfortable too while running. I don't want to leave without saying something nice... They look good I guess.

Review 5: ★★★★☆

Only reason I gave them 4 stars is because they don't fold up. Had them for a couple months and so far I love them. Look good, comfortable, sound great for my running. Connecting to my phone was easy as well. It seems like some users have had problems with the headphones disconnecting from their device but so far I haven't experienced this. If you wear for long periods of time they do hurt your ears a bit but I think that's the case with most on ear headphones while running. Was going to spend more on a few different pairs for running I looked at but am glad I didn't, this is a great set for the money.

Review 6: ★★★★☆

I didn't want to invest money into another pair of Beats. Which I have been using for the past five years and I LOVE for running! I was gearing towards a brief use of these while on a trip. Well, they are super comfortable, hold a nice long charge and best of all, have really good sound quality. Now, I listen to my music with a ton of bottom, never to much base for me, and these make the everything sound good. Two friends have bought them now for their running, just from testing my pair. I haven't bought my Beats yet. Hmmmmm....

r/HeyNewGadget - Running Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

Review 7: ★★★★☆

These headphones for the price exceeded my expectations. The sound and the build quality are very good. You can also answer calls while running and the people on the other end did not realize I was using a pair of headphones. I highly recommend if you're looking for a budget-friendly headphones for running or other outdoor activities. The only negative for me if you're using for a long period of time they do hurt your ears because they sit right on them.

Review 8: ★★★☆☆

Sound is good and battery life for my long-diatance running. Really don't like how long you have to hold to change tracks. Sometimes you can't change to the previous track because it will first change to the beginning of the current track, and then you can't switch to the previous because it takes too long, just goes back to the beginning.. Maybe my heads too small but they don't stay very well on your head, if you bend forward they are likely to fall off while running. Also, the warning sounds (low battery and such) override anything you are listening to, which is really annoying since it constantly lets you know that the battery is low until it runs out...

Review 9: ★★★★★

I love my new headphones for running outdoos. First of all, they look very expensive and sleek with a nice leather headband and matte black earpieces. The ear cushions are SO soft, a pleasure to wear for running. But it's not just the look and feel, these are also great-sounding headphones with impressive bass. The controls are on the back of the right earpiece which makes it easy to reach. I also appreciate that I can use these wired as well as with Bluetooth so if I'm on a plane and run out of juice I can finish my movie or keep listening to tunes.

r/HeyNewGadget - Running Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

Review 10: ★☆☆☆☆

I wanted to try these out for running. These cups are fairly small but covered most of the ears. The sound was thin and tinny, much inferior to the base, depth and definition of even standard iPhone 6S in ear headphones. A little static noted also. I decided to return them after about 60 seconds each of several genres. Construction seems appropriate to orice except the “pleather” cover for the ear pads are also very thin and even grainy, wrinkling when compressed. I think the covers would last at least a week or two.

Overall, it's a decent product with positive reviews from most users. Its drawbacks are  that the sound quality is relatively poor, the audio is prone to intermittent, and it is a non-foldable wireless headset, which is not convenient for runners to carry around. There are a lot of products in the market that are more powerful features and affordable headphones for sports. We recommend using bone conduction headphones, such as Wissonly Hi Runner, which is a practical and affordable sports headphones.

r/HeyNewGadget - Running Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones for Running

Designed for sport, whether indoors or outdoors, these open-ear headphones from Wissonly are water and sweat resistant, and stay securely in place even during the most intense activities. They charge quickly, deliver exceptional sound quality for open-ear headphones and keep you in touch with your surroundings, a must for sports where staying alert is essential. The best of both worlds.

Wissonly Hi Runner is the wireless and ear-hanging bone conduction headphones with powerful performance for runners. It is equipped with a large internal memory of 32GB, which can store 5000 songs. The weight of the headset is only 28 grams, you won't feel burdened when wearing it for running. It is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material on the surface, and the material is very safe and comfortable to fit.

r/HeyNewGadget - Running Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

With a strong battery life, you can listen to music continuously for 8 to 10 hours, suitable for hours and hours outdoor running. The headphones can also support dual playback in Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode. If your smartphone cannot receive a signal when running outdoors or you are inconvenient to carry it, you can use in MP3 mode, which allows you to enjoy music while running.

Its overall frame is made of adjustable aerospace-grade titanium steel material, which is resistant to bending and wear firmly, and it won't fall off easily when running and it also can work well with sunglasses and sun cap visor used for running. In addition, it has an IPX8 waterproof rating, so you can use it properly when exercising in the situation of rain and sweat. This feature allows you to have a better experience while running as the headphones won't malfunction due to sweat.

r/HeyNewGadget - Running Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Review

The open-ear design of these headphones allows you to hear the sounds around you while running, making them safer and more hygienic. The only drawback is that it's easy to hear the wind noise while running, but safety is the most important opion for runners. In a word, Wissonly Hi Runner is a product with powerful functions, stable technology and high cost performance. So I recommend the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones.