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Running earbuds:Jbl endurance peak 2 review

Oct 31,2023 | David

JBL Endurance Peak2 is a true wireless Bluetooth earbuds launched by JBL for sports. It adopts ear-hanging design, and the body supports IPX7 waterproof. TwistLock and FlexSoft technology bring a comfortable and stable wearing experience, so it is loved by many people who love sports.So what about its experience and various functional performances? The following is a compilation of some real user reviews for reference.

Basic information:


r/HeyNewGadget - Running earbuds:Jbl endurance peak 2 review

Product Dimensions:2 x 4 x 6 inches

Item Weight:3.63 ounces

Fit Type:In-Ear

Sweatproof /Waterproof:IPX7



Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Battery Life:6 hours in buds/24 hours in case


Item Weight:3.63 Ounces

Units:1.0 Count

Number Of Items:1


Jbl endurance peak 2 sports earbuds review from users:

Product name:jbl endurance peak2  Price: $99.95

Rating: 4.0 Where to buy: Amazon or official website.

User review 1:

User:    Nation:United States

User review 2:

User:Maliha Nation:United States

“For 150 dollars I feel like it was worth it but I Returned because the little flap felt like a little heavy on my ear it was causing me a headache the mic is very good for working out I definitely recommend but for like school headphones I don’t recommend and the case is abit big for size comparison is the size of say and iPhone 12 mini my opinion and as I mentioned earlier that it is heavy is bigger earbud compared to other headphones”

r/HeyNewGadget - Running earbuds:Jbl endurance peak 2 review

User review 3:

User:Stefanie Nation:United States

“So far so good- I have had these for about 2 weeks now. It takes practice to correctly "lock" into your ears, but once you get it they hold phenomenally (they held up with my 7 mile runs without any movement). As in comfort, once I got use to them, I found I didn't notice them at all. *Note- I only use these for running, so max time worn is about 90-120 minutes.

Sounds quality is great for what I need, I enjoy the touch commands so I can pause, adjust volume, skip, etc. Also great feature I can wear only one for safety during long runs and more aware of my surroundings.

As for battery charging- I noticed that is a popular issue with people- I have not had any issues charging what so ever. I pop them into their cute little charging box and bam it does the job. Nothing to report.

Overall I would highly recommend to everyone, I really like my headphones!!”

User review 4:

User:Lisa Kline Nation:United States

“I had the peak 1 for a long time. Replaced it with these because these were on sale and looked great. They do sound amazing, as do most jbl products. They have a decent battery life for me. I use these every day all day. I've had them almost a year now. They've started pausing for no reason, if my hair touches them, the wind blows, or just because. They hang up my calls constantly. Charging them is the most annoying though. The box stays charged for a good long time. The problem is when I set the headphone in the box, if I don't fiddle with it and push it down, it won't charge at all. If I move the box after I get it charging they will stop charging. There's no reason for this. The peak 1s did not have this issue. I've gone back to the peak 1s for now because I can't handle the constant pausing of my music. Also, the controls are terrible, I can't change tracks at all, I always end up pulling up the stupid Google assistant instead. I can do the volume on them most of the time but I've never been able to change tracks. Other then all of that they are comfortable and really do sound good. It's just frustrating that I paid that much for them and they suck. I'll be saving my money for bone conduction soon so I don't have to deal with this crap anymore. I'll still buy jbl speakers cause they are great.”

User review 5:

User:Hollie Nation:United States

“I have several pairs of jbl headphones. The battery last about 6 hours before you have to charge (my other pair I go weeks without charging). My left ear piece struggles to charge when I put it into the bay. I constantly have to fiddle with it to charge. Besides the charging issue I really like these headphones and they are perfect for runs.”

User review 6:

User:Rodrigo Payés Nation:Canada

“They’re comfy, the sound it’s pretty good, has a good noise cancelling, i bought them to use at work, i work in a construction site and there is a lot noise around, and they don’t fall out so even much better!

They’re look cheap but bruh they’re cheap, if ur looking for something fancy to show off go and get some beats! I mean i used them for work and I don’t really care if they get dirty or destroy, i can buy another ones just for the purpose! “

r/HeyNewGadget - Running earbuds:Jbl endurance peak 2 review

User review 7:

User:Ken Walrath Nation:United States

“This is the first pair of earbuds I can say are truly water resistant. They have held up to the amount I sweat while running during the summer months. Every other pair of water resistant or waterproof ear buds I have tried have tried have failed miserably 1-2 months while working out. I would defiantly recommend. Thank you JBL!”

User review 8:

“I use these for running and work outs. Other ear buds will just fall out of my ear. The hooks made it possible for me to enjoy a wireless ear bud without needing to put a headband over to keep them in place. The finger controls were easy and convenient. Overall, I REALLY liked these.

But.... there were a few times they would suddenly not connect with my watch. Then resetting and pairing would take a bit of time. Very frustrating on your way out the door for a run. Then the left ear bud started to not always charge. I had to adjust it as I out”

User review 9:

User:Nilska L Portnoy Nation:United States

“I have purchase several wireless headsets over the years for work and running. So glad JBL came up with this new earbuds. Love them because they stay in place and are not falling down like your JBL True Wireless Flash. The battery life for JBL products is great. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to do short or distance running, it's a great companion.”

User review 10:

User:tomas Nation:United States

“These headphones are really disappointing. Even though the sound quality is good turning them on is really complicated. It's a magnet system between the earbud and the ear hook that wraps around your ear. When you separate the two it turns on. Sometimes when you have them on the magnet system don't register the ear hook is separated from the ear bud an it turns off. This causes left and right headphones to go off synch. The only way to synch them again is to put earphones back on charging station, and if you're running you'll have to run without any music until you get home to the charging station. The box indicates a 30H Battery life but mine can't handle more than 5 hours. If I could return them I would.”


Judging from the real use review of the above users, jbl endurance peak2 earbuds is good as a whole, but there are still some areas to be improved, such as the left earbuds are easily disconnected from the right earbuds and must be reconnected by placing both headphones in the case.Its in-ear design is also prone to ear discomfort.There are many comparable performance, more comfortable to wear and easy-to-use sports headphones on the market, such as Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphone, which is a good choice.

r/HeyNewGadget - Running earbuds:Jbl endurance peak 2 review

Bone conduction headphones are currently one of the most popular types among people who love sports.Therefore,I'm highl recommend Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphone.It is a versatile headphones for running, swimming and more.

The sound quality of Wissonly Hi Runner is what I am most satisfied with. I am not a professional music lover, but from my personal daily music listening experience, the sound quality of Hi Runner is the best bone conduction headphone I have ever used. They use a large-sized 360-degree bone conduction vibration unit, and through structural optimization, the sound-generating area has been increased by 35%, making the sound range wider and the sound more three-dimensional and shocking.

They have professional anti-sound leakage technology, and the entire headphone is fully sealed. Reduce the contact between the vibration unit and the air. At the same time, there is a cushioning design to reduce the vibration of the headphones to the air and minimize sound leakage.

r/HeyNewGadget - Running earbuds:Jbl endurance peak 2 review

In terms of wearing comfort, they also performed well. The headphone frame is made of adjustable titanium alloy material, which can adjust the size of the frame according to the size of the head circumference to improve the fit. The surface of the headphone is made of soft silicone material, and the fitting part feels very comfortable.It's open-ear design has the feature of being worn for a long time without fatigue. And they fit so well, you'll forget you're wearing them.

Their performance is very powerful, using the Bluetooth 5.0 chip to make the connection more stable.In addition to the Bluetooth mode, there is also an MP3 mode, and they come with 32G of memory. They also support IPX8 waterproof and can be used while swimming. They also have great battery life, allowing you to listen to music for 8-10 hours straight.