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Run Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Earbuds Review

Nov 10,2023 | David

In the field of wireless earbuds, the Skullcandy brand should be considered very outstanding. The classic Skullcandy Grind model has been well received by many users since its release. It has also attracted many professionals and third-party partner brands to review these earbuds. I believe that many people may have read related review articles online, and in this post, we will analyze whether these earbuds are worth buying from a new perspective - the real reviews of users.


Product Information about Skullcandy Grind:


Skullcandy Grind Reviews from Users

Product name: Skullcandy Grind

Price: $79.99

Rating: 4.1 (out of 5)

Where to buy:

Review 1: ★★★★★

This is the THIRD pair of wireless headphones I’ve bought on my search for ones that don’t destroy songs with heavy bass when I run. My first pair fell out constantly, the second pair made the bass sound like a chainsaw (and fell out), so I finally caved and bought these — and I’m so happy I did. These not only stay in even when I’m at work opening or closing the store, but they also don’t destroy my bass heavy music! The noise canceling is great, they fit great (which is hard for me to find because I have small ears), and the sound quality is great. I can’t recommend these enough and I’m so happy I don’t have to spend even more money hunting for good headphones! I feel like I don’t even want to save up for AirPods for my run or work now.

Review 2: ★★★★☆

The charger wire is only two inches long should be at least 6”. The charging light is poorly located. Problematic to open, slippery and all over the place. The “ location” service is not properly represented, it’s an app and not a feature. The sound cuts out frequently when I run and comes back on like it looses connection.

I wear the product 8 hours a day 5 days a week and have owned at least 10 sets of Skullcandy product for my daily runs. The average life span is six months. Over all this is a good product for the price for me while I run, but could use some common sense design and practability.


Review 3: ★★★☆☆

The sound quality is really good however I noticed when I'm running or jogging with my phone in my hand, the left-side audio cuts out sometimes. I'm not sure if it is a connection issue. But it resolves itself most times when I run. Other than that, it is a good set for the price point.

Review 4: ★★☆☆☆

These were a Christmas gift. I intended them to be used for run and such, so had not immediate use until March. They worked fine the first few uses, then the left ear bud speaker died. Cant seem to find any product support for this issue except thru Reddit, but no help there. Disappointed! Never had issues with wired products, thought these would work great too for runs!

Review 5: ★★★★☆

Has good bass for run but weren’t the ones I ordered it came in the box but wasn’t the color it was on the box but I’ll let it slide. Still a good product for run would recommend for people who likes bass a little bit uncomfortable, at first but I did get used to the previous ones I had and after getting used to the previous ones fit like a glove 10/9 would recommend.

Review 6: ★★★★☆

They work exactly as they are supposed to when I run! With one tiny mishap, when I moved my phone to put it in my pocket they lost signal and "skipped" mid-listening but it only did it once and has not done it since. It could be a fluke.

For being on the more affordable end, I think they work just fine for casual wear. Casual being we just wear them around the house doing a chore, before bed, or walking in the grocery store. Which the grocery store is where I had some minor connectivity issues when the phone moved.


Review 7: ★★★★☆

So I used this brand long ago when I was younger and had a good experience with them for run. So I thought why not give them a try since I don't want to spend 100 or more on them so I tried them and let me tell you they better that I expected they fit well there batery is good for my hours and hours run and they look nice so for the price I say yeah, good!

Review 8: ★★★☆☆

While the battery life is good for my run and the sound quality is about what I expected, considering this was purchased to listen to podcasts. They work well in the rain and shower. Now for the drawbacks. The voice command only works with the skullcandy app which drained the battery on my android so I do without it for my hours and hours run. It didn't work half the time anyways and it looked goofy to my wife. So keep this in mind. It's good for a plug n play set, but don't buy into the bells and whistles.

Review 9: ★★★★★

I have long time loved Skullcandy ear buds and these take the cake for my run! They have amazing sound quality and noise blocking, I love the app features and the ability to adjust how you hear your music. If you like more bass, you can set it to be more bass, if you like monotone we’ll you can do that too! It’s really nice for me when I run.


Review 10: ★☆☆☆☆

I’m so sick of any version of Skullcandy I get one will quit syncing or just never receive a signal anymore after I run. For this one, besides having the worst sound quality of any set I’ve owned, the right earbud has a friggin lose connection inside after being babied for 6 weeks to prevent loss or damage. If I tilt it in my ear the circuit closes and transmits sound but it’s rendered itself completely nonfunctional when I run. I’m 110% done washing my money. I’ve spent as much as a pair of air pods over the last year at this point.

Overall, most of the users have positive reviews about the Skullcandy Grind wireless earbuds, but these earbuds do have their drawbacks: bad sound quality, relatively poor quality, and easy to break while running. There are a lot of wireless headphones on the electronic market, and we can find cost-effective and practical headphones for various scenarios as an alternative to these earbuds, among which bone conduction headphones, such as the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones, are highly recommended.


Best Run Bone Conduction Headphones: Wissonly Hi Runner

Unlike earlier iterations of bone conduction headphones, the Wissonly Hi Runner skips the in-ear buds design without sacrificing sound quality and clarity. Thanks to the engineered bone conduction technology of Wissonly, our recommendation concluded that with these headphones, run safety no longer has to be a trade-off for sound quality.

Wissonly Hi Runner is the wireless and ear-hanging bone conduction headphones, which is equipped with a large internal memory of 32G and can store 5000 songs. The weight of the headset is only 28 grams, you won't feel burdened when you are fitting it for runs. Besides, it is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material on the surface, and the material is very safe and comfortable to fit. 


If you're looking for a more water-resistant, yet no-frills bone conduction pair of headphones, you may want to option for the Wissonly Hi Runner. These open-ear headphones skip the in-ear buds and incorporate excellent IPX8 waterproofing, so these are ideal for runs or other water activities. You can use it normally in the situation of rain and sweat, but without worrying about the headphones malfunctioning because they are not waterproof.

With a strong battery life, you can listen to music for 8 to 10 continuous hours off a single charge. The headphones can also support dual playback in Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode. If your smartphone cannot receive a signal when you run or you are inconvenient to carry it, you are allow to enjoy music in MP3 mode while running. Plus, its overall frame is made of adjustable aerospace-grade titanium steel material, which is resistant to bending and wear firmly, and it won't fall off easily when you run and it also can work well with sunglasses and sun cap used for running. 


The open-ear design of these headphones allows you to hear the sounds around you when you run, making them safer and more hygienic for you. The only drawback is that it's easy to hear the wind noise while running, but for runners, safety is the most important factor, so I recommend the WIissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones.