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Last minute gift ideas for the runners on your list

Oct 19,2023 | David

It's the best time of the year, the days are getting shorter, the list of Christmas gifts is getting longer and you're running out of time to find everything.

If you still have a few gifts to buy for the runners on your list, we've got some last-minute ideas for you to buy online or locally. From funky clothes, headphones and accessories to stocking stuffer treats, we've thought of everything.

Let’s get a little accessories:


Few people know what runners need to keep running, even in winter. Some expert runners recommend the KAHTOOLA NANO spikes for properly conquering icy and snowy sidewalks. They are easy to use and are made of durable tungsten carbide. They provide superior traction on ice, which reduces the risk of falling.

KAHTOOLA NANOspikes Footwear Traction for Icey Winter Road Running

Price: $49.95

A Impressive gift for runners!

Established in 1999, Kahtoola is on a mission to build exceptional products that make the outdoors more accessible and rewarding. Road running and walking on sidewalks and city streets in hard-packed snow or icy conditions. NANOspikes footwear traction are designed for safely transitioning between dry and slippery pavement, while providing the high-performance road runners demand to train outdoors all year round.

Dual Compound TPU offers wear-resistance and flexibility with a soft outer compound which aids in snow release, while a hard inner compound disperses force against the out-sole of footwear. Upward-facing traction ensures the traction plates stay in place.

10 spikes per foot with embedded tungsten carbide tips grip icy surfaces and are held in place with a lightweight aluminum anchor surrounded by a TPU cleat for maximum traction and shock absorption.

Using a patented eyelet design, tough TPU inserts reinforce key stress points, allowing the elastomer harness to be strong yet lightweight. Constructed from a durable TPE for a secure fit that remains stretchy in cold temperatures, down to -22°F.

Socks and Base Layer

Top recommendations from the magazine are merino wool bottoms and base layer garments. The brands SMARTWOOL and HYLAEA offer very good ones. These products appeal to everyone: they are soft, comfortable, naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and ethical, in addition to retaining their insulating properties even when wet. Is there a better way to keep your loved ones warm?

SMARTWOOL Unisex-Adult Run Zero Cushion Mid Crew Socks

Price: $21

A  very practical gift for runners!

Being successful starts with the right gear. This unisexism Crew offers a great fit, durability, and features like mesh breathability zones and more. For enhanced performance, this sock is sure to be the solution for your next run.

Made with a minimal layer between your foot and shoe, these low-profile wool running socks are ideal when you need a snug fit without any extra bulk. Featuring an over the ankle, quarter-calf crew fit that prevents chafing from your boots, these versatile socks can be worn throughout all seasons and are the perfect pair for mid and high-top running shoes.

Thinner and softer than regular wool, it's easy to wear next to skin. Each fiber transports sweat away as a vapor and regulates body temperature to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Go far, feel good with thoughtful tech to keep you trekking comfortably — a Virtually Seamless Toe offers added comfort while Indestructible wool tech provides enhanced durability.

HYLAEA No Show Running Anti-Blister Wicking Coolmax Socks - 3 pairs

Price: $23.99

A good gift  for runners!

While most socks are manufactured by 96-168 needles machine, we knit the running socks using 200 needles technology. With the number of the needles increases, the advanced socks become softer, denser and more durable. Suitable for most intense exercises. These sporty no show socks are perfect for any of casual or sport sneakers of runners.

No show cushion padded socks can make feet comfort and relaxed to promise no blisters after long time work. Compression arch support keeps runners’ arch stable and secure fit, reducing fascia fatigue while running. Made from high-end moisture control and quick dry CoolMax fiber, These workout socks move perspiration away effectively from skin surface so as to keep feet fresh and dry. Nice anti-Odor and anti-blister short socks help the runners avoid embarrassment.

The stitching of these low cut seamless socks uses hand-lined seamless craft, making sports socks flat on the interior and protecting your toe from yarn chaffing and irritation, preventing blisters. All socks wash well and will not lost elasticity or shrink even after many times washing. A wider range of sizes is suitable not only for adults but also for youth.

Mesh ventilation construction on instep makes sure brethability. Great for many sports or casual wear, such as running, golf, tennis, gym etc. Performance socks with low ankle design feature and light compression match most of your shoes, while high enough to protect the ankle.

SMARTWOOL Men's Merino 250 Base Layer Crew

Price: $115

A thoughtful gift  for runners!

This base layer have updated the fan-favorite with new colors and a new fit to improve functionality while enhancing aesthetics. Add this cold weather base layer to your winter wardrobe and experience the difference on the next adventure of runners.

Designed to meet the demands of outdoor adventuring, this slim fit crew neck shows off a slimming silhouette while offering unrestricted movement through the arms and chest.

Ideal for cold-weather activities where warmth and breathability are crucial, this mid-weight fabric used a 100% merino wool construction that helps move moisture away from skin to keep you warm and dry.

Go far and feel good with thoughtful tech to keep you trekking comfortably, with interlock knitting enhances thermoregulation and moisture-wicking while flat-lock seams minimize chafing for greater comfort.

From wool socks to base layers for men, women and kids, they aim to provide the highest quality apparel for the outdoor adventures of runners with a commitment to environmental sustainability, racial equity and inclusivity.


People who need quality sunglasses during their long-distance run will definitely like the ones from Oakley. Sunglasses that slip on the nose, lenses that fog up and the specific needs of high-level athletes… Everything has been taken into consideration when designing these elegant and technical sunglasses.

Oakley Men's Sutro Rectangular Sunglasses

Price: $172.47

A very creative gift  for runners!

Oakley Plutonite Lenses offer 100 percent UV Protection filtering of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400mm. Oakley’s lightweight Plutonite lens material offers superior comfort, clarity and protection against impact and ultraviolet radiation.

PRIZM Lens Technology designed to enhance color, contrast and detail so runners can make the most of any activity. Prizm Road sport lenses designed to help runners see subtle changes in road texture and quickly spot hazards like rocks and potholes in medium to bright light conditions. Ideal for running and cycling.

Patented High Definition Optics provides superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision at every angle. O Matter stress-resistant frame is lightweight & durable for all-day comfort and protection. Oakley’s injection molded thermoplastic O-Matter frame provides improved strength and flexibility over traditional acetate, and it  is built to withstand shifting or deforming over time.

Comfort and performance that holds lenses in precise optical alignment. Contact only happens at the bridge of the nose and behind the temples. No slip Unobtainable nose pads for better grip when wet and a secure fit. Your partner will be very pleased if he receives these sunglasses from you.


For gadget lovers, consider buying some bone conduction headphones by Wissonly. They weigh less than 30 grams, connect to your smartphone wirelessly and allow you to listen to music or podcast through your cheekbones and not directly in your ear! The most beautiful? Runners hear ambient sounds while still being able to listen to the music that motivates them.

WISSONLY Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

Price: $99.99

A meaningful gift for runners!

You may have heard that headphones and earbuds are not good for your hearing health. And while they might be great for eliminating unwanted sounds, in-ear headphones may not be the safest option for when you're embarking on outdoor pursuits. However, bone conduction headphones feature a non-traditional form factor, which may make them the best option for both your hearing health and safety.

Unlike earlier iterations of bone conduction headphones, the Wissonly Hi Runner skips the in-ear buds design without sacrificing sound quality and clarity. Thanks to the engineered bone conduction technology of Wissonly, our recommendation concluded that with these headphones, running safety no longer has to be a trade-off for sound quality.

Wissonly Hi Runner is the wireless and ear-hanging bone conduction headphones, which is equipped with a large internal memory of 32G and can store 5000 songs. The weight of the headset is only 28 grams, you won't feel burdened when you are fitting it. Besides, it is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material on the surface, and the material is very safe and comfortable to fit.

Along with a strong battery life, you can listen to music for 8 to 10 continuous hours off a single charge. The headphones can also support dual playback in Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode. If your smartphone cannot receive a signal when running or you are inconvenient to carry it, you are allow to enjoy music in MP3 mode while running. Its overall frame is made of adjustable aerospace-grade titanium steel material, which is resistant to bending and wear firmly, and it won't fall off easily when running and it also can work well with sunglasses and sun cap used for running.

If you're looking for a more water-resistant, yet no-frills bone conduction pair of headphones, you may want to option for the Wissonly Hi Runner. These open-ear headphones skip the in-ear buds and incorporate excellent IPX8 waterproofing, so these are ideal for running or other water activities. You can use it normally in the rainy day or when you are sweating, but without worrying about the headphones malfunctioning because they are not waterproof.

The open-ear design of these headphones allows you to hear the sounds around you while running, making them safer and more hygienic for you. The only drawback is that it's easy to hear the wind noise while running, but for runners, safety is the most important factor, so I recommend the WIissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones.

For the Christmas Stocking Stuffer:

Oranges are delicious fruit and a classic stocking stuffer, but they're not very useful for training for the next race. If you want to help the runners on your list have the energy to perform well, our partners have some great ideas.

NUUN Sport Hydration Tablets are the perfect gift for runners who need a hydration and immunity boost want to stick with the orange concept? The Fruit energy protein bar from AMRITA contains orange and apple flavored bars as well as strawberry. A delicious option for those who love variety. These bars are an absolutely delicious snack, based on a French fruit candy recipe. If you're looking for a more nutritious and high-protein idea for runners, AMRITA bars are a great choice and are appreciated by many runners.

Winter running and holiday celebrations can deplete our electrolyte stores. Why not put a few packets of NUUN Hydration in your loved ones Christmas stocking? These fizzy drinks are a great workout and recovery supplement as well as a good way to boost the immune system. Some expert runners also recommend high visibility lights from NATHAN. The range ranges from 90 lumen mini clamps to 300 lumen headlamps.

NUUN Sport Electrolyte Drink Tablets, Variety Pack - 10 Counts - 6 Packs

Price: $44.94

A Impressive gift for runners!

Nuun Sport is an Electrolyte-Rich Sports Drink Tablet, enhanced with electrolytes and bursting with delicious fruity flavor. Mix with water for a hydrating beverage to keep the runners powering through your next workout. Enhance your workout and your work day naturally through improved hydration. Keep a tube in your backpack for running, car, purse, hiking pack or anywhere you'll want to mix up a healthy, replenishing drink.

The Drink Tablets from Nuun use no artificial flavoring or sweeteners only sweetened with high-quality Stevia and are ketone-friendly. Nuun Sport is designed with optimized electrolytes and Non-GMO ingredients for clean, guilt-free hydration. At first look, you’ll notice Nuun Sport’s snazzy packaging makeover. They hope that their new look will help to better identify the Nuun product that’s right for the runners. Box Contains include the taste of Lemon Lime, Strawberry Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Grape, Tropical and Triple-Berry. Six tubes and 60 servings total.

AMRITA Farmer's Market Variety Bundle Vegan Protein Bars - 36 Bars

Price: $69.99

A thoughtful gift  for runners!

These baes made with no sugar alcohols or artificial colors, just only natural sweeteners. Raw and clean ingredients cold-pressed to preserve nutrients and enzymes. Small batches manufactured in allergen-free equipment by their trained staff, with freshly packaged in eco-friendly materials. Free from allergens, included gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, egg-free, soy-free, sesame-free and non-GMO.

Their farmer’s market bundle lets the runners enjoy a variety of delicious dairy free, plant based flavor combinations. Their protein bars are made only from plant based sources. Satisfy your cravings for a sweet treat and pumped with nutrients from super-foods like sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds.

Nathan Nebula Fire Runner's Headlamp

Price: $75

A  very practical gift for runners!

The first ever headlamp designed specifically for runners, Nebula Fire is packed with features that will make your night runs safer. This lightweight, multi-beam and rechargeable headlamp designed for runners and comes in three exciting colors, and offers over 192 lumen of clean and eye-pleasing light.

Featuring in rechargeable headlamp with IPX4 water resistance and 5 lighting modes Run-Right Light combination of Spotlight and Floodlight Run-Wave technology to adjust settings touch-free Auto-Strobe communicates runner's presence to drivers. There are five lighting modes include low, medium, high, sprint and strobe, with a maximum burn time of 25 hours.

Change light settings touch-free with Nebula Fire's Run-Wave technology,  no more fumbling for buttons. The Nebula Fire also communicates the presence of runners to drivers via Auto-Strobe, as the on-device sensor reacts to cars' headlights and triggers the safety strobe mode.

The breathable mesh strap fits comfortably on your head, while the adjustability of the headlamp allows runners to easily find the perfect light angle for the trail or road. A powerful and customized LED disperses the perfect Run-Right Light for runners, blanketing both distance and proximity, creating a less tenuous night running surface.


This is all about our last minute gift ideas for the runners on your list, so I'm sure you know what kind of gift to give to the runners, such as your families, your friends and your colleagues. If you are worried that he or she will not like your gift, then I suggest that you can make an order in Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones, which to has received unprecedented attention and has been recognized by many sports enthusiasts.