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How Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work and How about Their Features

Dec 16,2022 | Sylvia

We all know that sound can be transmitted through three mediums: liquid, air, and solid. For the human body, the two most common ways to transmit sound are air conduction and bone conduction. Common headphones transmit sounds through air, while bone conduction headphones transmit sounds through bones (skull).

Everyone knows that the great musician Beethoven was deaf in both ears in his later years. But at that time Beethoven tried a technique invented by Giovanni. When he was playing, he bit a stick connected to the piano, so that he experienced the beauty of music. This is the earliest application of bone conduction.

How do bone conduction headphones work?

Bone conduction headphone is the application of bone conduction in headphone field. It transmits sound through the skull, not through the external auditory canal and eardrum, which is completely harmless to the eardrum. The sound transmission path of bone conduction headphones is: "sound wave - skull - bone labyrinth - inner ear lymph - spiral organ- auditory nerve - cerebral cortex auditory center".

You can use some small experiments to understand more directly about how bone conduction works. Plug the ears with two cotton balls, take a tuning fork and hit it several times with a rubber hammer to make the tuning fork vibrate. But its vibration is so soft that your ears can't hear sound. Holding the end of the tuning fork handle against your forehead, skull, and cheekbones allows you to clearly hear the vibration of the tuning fork, and once the tuning fork handle is disengaged, the sound disappears immediately.

Knowing the working principle of bone conduction headphones, it is not difficult to conclude that they do not need to use eardrums to transmit sound, therefore they have no damage to the eardrums at all. They do not harm hearing, do not block both ears, so they do not put pressure on the ears. There is no pain in long-term wearing, which makes them the healthiest headphones.

Features of bone conduction headphones:

1.The wearing method is very different, bone conduction earphones generally use hanging ear and rear hanging designs. When worn their left and right vibration units are located near the temples, so the ears are completely open. They also do not touch our ears at all, only transmit sound with the vibration of the head bones. So there is no discomfort in wearing them for a long time, and they can also protect our eardrums.

2. Bone conduction headphones directly conduct sound into the nerves inside ear through the skull, minimize the impact on ear hearing, so many otologists recommended them.

3. Bone conduction headphones do not affect the normal communication with others. Whether in running, cycling or commuting, etc. you can still hear the surrounding sounds when wearing headphones to listen to songs. So you can effectively avoid the danger caused by not hearing the outside sound.

4, Bone conduction headphones also have a high degree of comfort and hygiene, because they do not enter the ear. There won’t have a large number of bacteria deposited in the wet ear canals caused by blocking the ears for a long time while wearing headphones.  They are generally fixed on the head, not easy to fall off nor cause ear pain because of long-term wearing. So they are very comfortable and hygienic.

Bone conduction headphones have so many advantages, so how can you find the most suitable one of them? Let me recommend a few headphones.

1, Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:

Wissonly is a bone conduction headphones brand known for its technology, and its team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of bone conduction. Teams with technical strength is generally worth recommending.

Due to the particularity of the technical principle, it is more difficult to improve sound quality of bone conduction headphones. Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones subvert the traditional sound quality scheme, it adopt directional vibration units. Through structural optimization, the effective area of the vibration unit is increased by 35%. The sound is made more shocking and powerful, the direction of sound transmission is optimized, sound leakage during sound transmission is reduced.

Hi Runner headphones have another impressive feature, they support IPX8 waterproof, can be used for swimming and diving, and can be used in 20 meters of water, which is crazy. They also have 32GB built-in memory which can store 5,000 songs,they are a completely powerful MP3 player.Other configurations are also good, such as 10 hours of battery life, Bluetooth 5.0 chip, etc., not to be repeated.

2, Aftershokz Openmove bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:

The frame of Openmove is made of titanium alloy, which makes the entire headphones light and burden-free. The volume key is merged with the switch button, which uses reasonably the equipment design space, so that the overall body will not look too cumbersome. A new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 triple-core chip is used to realize the function of connecting the machine in 1 second.

The highlight is that it adopts the Type-C charging interface, which can use the same data cable as Android mobile phones, battery life for 6 hours, IP55 dustproof and waterproof level, which can effectively resist rain and sweat.

3. Philips A6606 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:

A6606 has a skin-friendly material on its surface, which greatly increases the comfort of wearing experience. It uses a 15mm sound unit which produces better sound effects and is more adaptable to noisy environments, and its bass effect has also been improved. The waterproof level of the A6606 reaches IP67 level, not to mention being in rain, even  being directly rinsed is no problem.

4. Lenovo X4 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:

The body of Lenovo X4 is made of titanium alloy, will not deform after being bent.Its weight is only 27G, and there will no feeling of weight during sports.All operations can be done with a single keystroke,such as boot, pause, play, activate Siri and . 8H long battery life could meet your sports needs. Lenove X4 reach IP56 waterproof grade, its sweatprof and rainproof performance is also OK.

5, NANK Runner CC2 bone conduction headphones

Reason for recommendation:

The body of Runner cc2 headphones is a fully enclosed design, and the waterproof ability is greatly improved that reaches the level of LPX6, and there is no problem in resisting daily rain and sweat. They have a built-in low-energy Bluetooth 5.0 chip that has fast connection and stable signal. In terms of preventing sound leakage,   the sound leakage of the Runner CC 2 is still relatively small. The sound quality is also OK, Runner cc2 are  a good entry-level bone conduction headphones.