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Honest Review: Wissonly Bone Conduction Headphones Perfect for Running, Swimming

Jul 17,2023 | David

In the past two years, bone conduction headphones have become popular at an astonishing rate. Whether it is a sports scene or a remote office scene, many people use them. This new type of healthy and safe headphones has almost become the best seller in the headphone market.
In the past year, Wissonly bone conduction headphones are the fastest-growing brand. They are fast becoming mainstream in the market, and are very popular among people who run, swim, bike and telecommute..Below I will introduce their flagship product in detail: Wissonly Hi Runner.


A brief introduction to bone conduction headphones



What exactly are bone conduction headphones? As the name suggests, they are headphones with bone conduction technology. They vibrate bones through vibrators that come into contact with the periphery of the ear, the vibrations are perceived as sound. That is to say, arguably their greatest feature is that they don't block the ear canal. This principle of sound is different from the general headphones inserted into the ear canal. Traditional headphones transmit vibrations through the air and cause the eardrum to vibrate, allowing the ear to perceive sound.
Bone conduction headphones do not block the ear canal, which brings many benefits. The first benefit is that the wearer can hear outside sounds while wearing the headphone. For example, using a bone conduction headphone while working in the office, when a colleague talks to you, you can respond as usual, so there is no problem blocking communication. In the days of telecommuting at home, when you wear bone conduction headphones to communicate with colleagues or customers, you can also accurately notice if there are visitors such as delivery people. More importantly, when you wear bone conduction headphones to exercise outdoors, these kinds of headphones that don't go into your ears can help you notice the sound of the surrounding environment and provide you with higher security.


A second benefit is keeping your ears healthy. Many people may have heard that wearing headphones inserted into the ear canal for a long time can cause inflammation inside the ear canal and even lead to hearing loss. However, bone conduction headphones are all about keeping your ears open. Even if you often wear them for long online meetings, or listen to music while working, they will not damage your hearing health. They also keep the ear canal clean for a long time, ensuring a clean and hygienic ear canal. For this reason, many ear doctors recommend bone conduction headphones.

Wissonly Bone Conduction Headphones with Excellent Sound Quality

Wissonly is a brand founded by senior engineers and designers in the field of bone conduction. Their team has been engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of bone conduction products for the past 10 years and has designed and manufactured bone conduction headphones for many first-tier brands. Wissonly's team has been involved in R&D and manufacturing, and their bone conduction headphones are the most well-known products on the market today.
Good sound quality is the most prominent feature of Wissonly. In order to solve the problem of sound quality distortion of traditional bone conduction headphones, they adopted a new generation of bone conduction technology and called the best acoustic laboratory in the world to design an exclusive sound quality output solution for the unique bone conduction sound transmission. They convened more than 20 listeners and after thousands of hours and tens of thousands of adjustments, they brought users the best sound in the field of bone conduction headphones. As advertised on their official website, the attitude of "never compromise" on sound quality is very worthy of recognition and support.


Best of all, Wissonly's bone conduction headphones are wireless with Bluetooth connectivity. You simply place them over the pinna, with the bone conduction vibrator near the temple in front of the ear canal, and they're ready to go. Their frames are made of titanium so they have good support without excessive pressure, and they are also flexible to adjust to the size of the head circumference for a higher fit that allows more people to can use them. They weigh about 30g, they don't feel heavy when worn, and you won't feel uncomfortable even if you wear them for a long time.


The Wissonly headphones are sports headphones, so they can be used not only for office work and telecommuting but also for commuting or school, running, or walking.
When using wissonly bone conduction headphones, since the ear holes are not blocked, you can walk around safely while listening to music, and feel the surrounding environment at any time. From waking up in the morning to going to work and going to bed at night, this pair of headphones can accompany you. Just using bone conduction headphones can keep your life from being boring.


In recent years, due to well-known reasons, there have been more and more online conferences. Not only when working from home, but also when working in the office. If the audio of the web conference is output from the computer speakers, it will disturb the people around. So, Wissonly bone conduction headphones come in handy. They have built-in microphones and bone conduction sound units, allowing you to complete online meetings without disturbing others. And, since they don't clog the ear canal, they're comfortable to listen to over time, which is great for those who need to be in long meetings or communicating with a partner.

The flagship "Wissonly Hi Runner", which can be used all-weather, has high sound quality and high water resistance


If you have relatively high requirements for the sound quality and performance of headphones and want to pursue a comfortable experience during a day of sports, work, and exercise, I recommend you to use Wissonly's flagship model "Wissonly Hi Runner" (direct sale price: USD99.99).

Due to the special technical principle of bone conduction headphones, it is more difficult to improve the sound quality. For this reason, Wissonly Hi Runner subverts the traditional sound quality improvement scheme. They use a breakthrough large-size bone conduction vibrator, and through structural optimization, the effective vibration area of the vibrator is increased by 35%, thereby improving the sound efficiency of the vibrator and making the sound more shocking and powerful. Moreover, they also optimize the transmission direction of the sound, reduce sound loss during the sound transmission process, and make the sound more concentrated.
Their efforts have paid off. The Wissonly Hi Runners are pretty much the best sound quality bone conduction headphones I've come across. During music playback, they are rich in performance from rich bass to delicate treble, and the resolution of each sound is particularly amazing. Sounds like the soft rubbing of a stringed instrument or even a singer's whisper can be vividly reproduced.

The sound leakage proof treatment of Wissonly Hi Runner is also very good. In order to solve the sound leakage problem of bone conduction headphones, they have made comprehensive improvements in the vibrator, body design, and software optimization of the headphones. After laboratory tests, the sound leakage problem can be reduced by 90%. After rigorous actual use tests, at a distance of 1.5cm, the audio volume reached 70% and the sound of bone conduction headphones was not heard. This neither disturbs others, but also protects your privacy very well.
The Wissonly Hi Runner frame is made of titanium, and they can self-adjust the fitting position, which can be applied to different sizes of head circumference and improve the stability of wearing. They are very light, less than 30g, and there is no sense of weight when worn, and you don't even feel that you are wearing them. Their surface material is soft and skin-friendly silicone material, which feels as smooth as a baby's skin, and will not be uncomfortable even if worn for a long time. These features ensure that Wissonly headphones have a good wearing experience so that more people can wear them.


The water resistance of the Wissonly Hi Runner is very good, they have reached the IPX8 rating, which can easily handle sweat and rain, and can be used while swimming. You can even wear them for diving, and they can be used normally even at a depth of 15 meters. And if you accidentally get them dirty, you can just wash them with water. In order to meet the needs of underwater scenes such as swimming, Hi Runner also has a built-in memory of 32G, because the Bluetooth connection may be unstable during underwater sports. With built-in storage, you can use the headphones as an MP3 player and enjoy high-quality music underwater.
Wissonly Hi Runner uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which makes the Bluetooth connection more stable. Their battery life is also very good, and they can play continuously for 8-10 hours at normal volume, which is really good for people who like outdoor sports. Even if you mountain climbing for a whole day, you don't have to worry about the battery running out. They also support magnetic fast charging, and it only takes 2 hours to fully charge.


FAQs About Bone Conduction Headphones

1. Are bone conduction headphones safer than traditional headphones?

Traditional headphones are usually in-ear headphones, while bone conduction headphones are open headphones. Bone conduction headphones are safer and healthier than traditional in-ear headphones.
Because bone conduction headphones usually transmit sound to the inner ear through the vibration of the skull, and since the transmission route does not pass through the eardrum, the damage to the eardrum is very small. Moreover, wearing it for a long time will not cause pinna pain, and it is more hygienic to use.
Traditional in-ear headphones are more harmful than bone conduction headphones, mainly because in-ear headphones are relatively close to the eardrum, so they will cause certain irritation to the nerves or eardrums when transmitting sound. If you wear it for a long time, it may cause soreness in the ear canal and damage to the tympanic membrane, which may lead to hearing loss in severe cases.

2. Is the sound quality of bone conduction headphones better than traditional headphones?

The sound quality of bone conduction headphones is slightly worse than that of traditional noise -canceling headphones, but the sound quality is completely fine for normal listening to music.

3. Why other people can hear the sound of bone conduction headphones?

Bone conduction headphones have sound leakage problems, which are determined by the way they work. They generate mechanical vibration through the sounding unit, and the sound is transmitted by the bone. When the headphone is working, the shell of the headphone will be vibrated together by the sounding unit, and the shell will then vibrate the surrounding air, resulting in sound leakage.
Of course, some excellent bone conduction headphones have made more efforts to prevent sound leakage in recent years. For example, Wissonly will use anti-phase sound waves to offset the sound waves of sound leakage or reduce vibration through an integrated body design without holes. The air vibration induced by the driver reduces sound leakage.

4. Are all bone-conduction headphones very waterproof?

Not all bone conduction headphones are waterproof, it depends on the waterproof level of each product. Some headphones have a waterproof rating of only IPX4, which can only support ordinary dustproof and waterproof and cannot be washed or used while swimming. Only headphones with a waterproof rating of IPX8 can be used while swimming or diving.

5. Is it illegal to wear bone conduction headphones while cycling?

It is not illegal to wear bone conduction headphones while cycling in the UK, most states in the US, and most countries in Europe. It depends on the laws of the local government. Of course, even if it is not illegal, you must pay great attention to safety issues.

6. How to wear bone conduction headphones?

There are two ways to wear bone conduction headphones. One is the ear-hanging style. You only need to hang the headphones on the auricle and put the sound unit close to the temple to complete the wearing. The other is the clip-ear wearing method, which clips the headphones to the ears like wearing earrings.
Ear-hanging bone conduction headphones have better sound quality and higher wearing stability, so they have also become mainstream in the market.

FAQs About Wissonly Hi Runner

1. Which is better, Wissonly Hi Runner or Shokz Openrun Pro?

Comparing the technical strength of the teams, the two teams are very close, but Shokz is slightly ahead. In terms of sound quality and sound leakage proof technology, both teams performed very well. The difference is that the Wissonly Hi Runner has slightly better performance and a slightly lower price.

2. Is the sound quality of Wissonly good?

Their sound quality is relatively excellent in bone conduction headphones, and the treble and bass are well restored.
Of course, the sound quality of bone conduction headphones cannot reach the level of traditional noise-canceling headphones, and the same is true for Wissonly.

3. Can Wissonly Hi Runner really be used while diving?

Of course, according to their waterproof level, they can work normally in the water below 15 meters.

4. Is the privacy of Wissonly Hi Runner good?

Their privacy protection is very good. At normal volume (about 70%) and normal social interaction (about 1.5 meters away), others cannot hear the voice in the headphone.

5. Wissonly Hi Runner has built-in memory, isn't this just an MP3 player?

Yes, they have two modes, Bluetooth mode, and MP3 mode. You can easily switch between these two modes while using it. When you switch to MP3 mode, they become an MP3 player.
The MP3 mode is very suitable for use without a mobile phone, especially for underwater sports.