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Headphones for Walking: JBL Tour Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds Review

Nov 06,2023 | David

Under the leadership of Apple AirPods, wireless earbuds have now become a trend, and their functions are also becoming more diversified. But in general, everyone has repeatedly made fuss about noise cancelling, sound quality and battery life, and it seems to be less novelty. 

Today, the one I brought these are from the world's acoustic factory JBL, its first full-color LCD touch screen mute noise earbuds - JBL Tour Pro 2 wireless earbuds. These wireless bluetooth earbuds has a touchscreen design that gives them double the value and adds to their utility used for walking. Detailed reviews from users of these earbuds are brought below to help you understand more fully about these earbuds.


Product Information about JBL Tour Pro 2:


JBL Tour Pro 2 Wireless Earbuds Reviews from Users

Product name: JBL Tour Pro 2

Price: $249.95

Rating: 4.7 (out of 5)

Sold by: Amazon.com or Official Website

Review 1: ★★★★★

Reviewed in the United States:

I must have over a dozen different earbuds far too many I wasn't going to buy another pair I did and glad I did these are great for my walking in daily life. I was skeptical about the price and JBL they make good products but not high end until I got these I can go a week without any charging I work 10hrs days at the end of the day I'm still at 55% battery it uses 10% of the case charge for ea day they're extremely great battery's the sound quality is very good the only downside is that high price tag but I think it's worth it I get no ear fatigue which is great for me while walking. I would recommend these over any others out there as of now try them out.

Review 2: ★★★★☆

Reviewed in the United States:

Noise canceling earbuds at a reasonable price. I Listen to my favorite music and podcasts without being bothered when I am walking in the park. Wireless, easy to use. I use them while walking the dog and doing chores. inside or outside, they work great.


Review 3: ★★★☆☆

Reviewed in Japan:

Verification among owners of 10 high-end wireless earphones (6 pierphones, etc.). The first place is the SONY WF-1000XM4 equalizer custom and earpiece replacement with the best sound quality. We are still verifying how it would be to use the equalizer and other functions for walking in the future. It's convenient to be able to operate this or that with a case. Additional note The spatial audio is useless.

Review 4: ★★☆☆☆

Reviewed in the New Zealand:

I've always been bad at noise canceling, and I'm the type of person who feels uncomfortable during walking, but the noise cancellation of the latest headphones that I happened to try while watching wasn't that uncomfortable or uncomfortable, so when I tried this one I was interested in, I felt so uncomfortable while walking that my ears and head hurt right away... I don't recommend it to people who don't like noise cancellation, and no matter what Those who want it should definitely watch it. By the way, the sound quality doesn't seem to get that many rave reviews...

Review 5: ★★★★☆

Reviewed in the United States:

Great battery duration. The case display is a nice touch. Sound quality on talking is good music sound is not as good as iPod pros while walking, the eq will help expand how this sound. I feel like they don’t fit as well as the AirPods.

Review 6: ★★★★☆

Reviewed in the United States:

My frame of reference for noise canceling headphones are my Bose Quiet Comfort 35 OTE headphones and my Apple AirPods Pro used for walking, so that's what I have to compare the JBL Tour Pro 2. You will need to install the JBL Headphones app to be able to configure them fully, though they are usable out of the box. The overall music fidelity is better than the AirPods and on par with the Bose OTE headphones. The volume top end is noticeably lower than both others though. Sometimes I like to crank up some music and just walking, and while these are good, they do fall short of the "blow your eardrums" capabilities of my AirPods and Bose.


Review 7: ★★★☆☆

Reviewed in Japan:

I use these with an iPhone 13 Pro Max and an iPad Pro. The overall sound is great with these. And they're quite comfortable and easy to use while walking. I have not gotten these to work for answering calls at all yet - when I answer a call the person calling can hear me but I can't hear them, despite all possible settings I've tried.

When walking around with these, the sound of my footsteps is amplified into the buds when in ambient aware mode - hopefully they can add some kind of low end roll off to the ambient sound to alleviate this, like the many competitors do. 

Several times while using these while walking around the music will start skipping around, or the volume will start jumping around, or the ambient setting will start changing - it seems the screen lock on the case sometimes turns off randomly, and whatever screen is up will start changing settings randomly - highly annoying. The lock for the screen needs some work so it doesn't unlock accidentally.

Review 8: ★★★☆☆

Reviewed in Canada:

The battery case's revolutionary display and sound quality were good for walking, and the battery life was excellent, but the only thing that was that the connection was extremely poor. It doesn't happen with other models, but since airplanes are often used, there are quite a few interruptions when walking through the airport, the sound quality changes, and I can't listen to music unless I stop.

Review 9: ★★★★★

Reviewed in the United States:

I am very pleased with my choice as these were purchased as a long-term investment in my ears. The known quantity of JBL products continues to this day. The balance of sound, the depth of field that was re-discovered in music that I am familiar with is amazing and refreshing. I am totally pleased with my purchase which I use for walking.


Review 10: ★☆☆☆☆

Reviewed in the New Zealand:

Disadvantages: It's too hard to remove while walking, the LCD on the case is interesting, only at the beginning, you can't attach a protective case, so after all, it has a disturbing light function, etc., but it's too meaningless what are you aiming for, like changing the wallpaper?

As for the sound that's about 2 times louder than AirPods, it's high-resolution lossless, and since it depends on the song you're listening to while walking, there are a lot of iPhone users that let you download the app for each, right? iPhone users silently said the 2nd generation AirPods Pro was the strongest in the current environment...

From the reviews of users, we can judge that most of the users appreciated the performance of these headphones, but there are still some users who gave negative reviews. Because they feel that the sound quality of these headphones are not good and the smart touchscreen of the charging compartment does not have any anti-light effect. When you go out for a walk in the daytime, you can't see the data on it at all. So, these headphones which cost about $250 makes customers feel disappointed. Plus, we can look for a practical and affordable headphones for daily walks in the electronics market and Wissonly Hi Runner is a good option!


Recommended reasons:

This is the most configured bone conduction headphones on the market.

Wissonly bone conduction headphones are the first brand I started to contact. When they recommended it on the online crowdfunding platform, I noticed it, after saw that many people were recommending, and I bought it. This Hi runner I used for a few months, and the overall performance was better than I expected.

Some bone conduction headphones leak sound, and you know that I take privacy very seriously while walking, so I'm very concerned about anti-sound-leakage technology of the headphones. Wissonly Hi Runner does a very good job in the field. Its body is sealed, and through structural optimization and algorithm adjustment, its sound leakage is minimized. The official claim they can eliminate 90% of sound leakage. 


I do not have professional equipment to test, but I have tried and found that when I am walking at 60%-70% volume of headphones, the sound leakage is completely inaudible at a distance of 1.5 meters, which makes me very satisfied. I have actually compared it with other bone conduction headphones while walking in the quiet place, and the Wissonly Hi Runner has currently the best sound leakage reduction solution in bone conduction headphones.

The Wissonly Hi Runner is particularly comfortable in the wearing experience. Because the material of the whole machine is high-tech hypoallergenic silicone, and it is coupled with the ergonomic design that conforms to the structure of the human ear, so that users will not bring any burden to the ear under long-term wear for walking or running.


Sound quality as the core performance is undoubtedly worth mentioning. Hi Runner uses a large-sized vibration unit, the sound range is wider, the sound is more three-dimensional and deeper, so the sound quality is undoubtedly very good. It is also equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the connection is more stable. And it will not be disconnected when used for walking, which is a good experience.

In terms of appearance, Wissonly Hi Runner adopts classic black color, and its simple appearance involves matching whatever clothes you wear in any scene. Additionally, the Hi Runner headset also comes with 32GB of built-in storage that can store 5,000 songs, so you can use it completely as an MP3 player to enjoy music without your phone when you go out for walking.