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Headphone for workout:Beats studio 3 wireless headphone review

Oct 24,2023 | David

When it comes to the audio brand Beats, many people should know it. The brand Beats was developed by Apple, so its products are still guaranteed in quality and technology. The protagonist of this review article is Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphone, which uses the Apple W1 chip that was once evaluated by Apple as “reinventing the wireless headphone”. This can bring a great seamless Bluetooth audio experience to ios users!

Parameter of Beats studio 3 wireless headphone:


r/HeyNewGadget - Headphone for workout:Beats studio 3 wireless headphone review

Product Dimensions:6.3 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches

Item Weight:9.2 ounces

Fit Type:Over-Ear


Item model number:MQCY2LL/A

Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.


Item Weight:9.17 Ounces

Units:1.0 Count

Number Of Items:1


Beats studio 3 wireless headphone: review from users:

Product name: Beats studio3 Price: $$174–185

Rating: 4.6 Where to buy: Amazon or official website.

User review 1:

User:Meagan Nation:United States

“I was honestly so nervous about ordering these. But I’m SO happy I did. I just received them today so I can’t speak for their long term quality but so far they look brand new, the sound is perfect and I tested out the noice cancelling and I couldn’t hear my neighbor mowing his lawn right outside while the noice cancelling was on but when I took the headphones off or turned the noice cancelling off I could hear my neighbor clear as day. They work really well and connecting was super easy! I am so happy I took a chance and save a nearly a $100! I will also say that they are soooo comfortable on the ears during my workouts, I have my cartilage pierced so many headphones end up sitting right on the earring making them very uncomfortable to wear but these are PERFECT. I HIGHLY recommend these, I’m VERY happy with my beats.”

User review 2:

User:Monique Nation:United States

“I am in love with these headphones. They look brand spanking new, work beautifully, and I am SO happy with this purchase. It did come with original case and packaging (package did have some wear/tear but the headphones were flawless so I don’t care). It didn’t include a charging cord (not worried about that either because I already have one) but it did include two of the talking cords which made me laugh because that was just so silly. I had Beats Solo3 before these but was tired of having the headphones constantly on my ears which gets very uncomfortable after awhile of use. So I decided to try Studio3 and I am sooo much happier with these. The sound is definitely an improvement from the Solo3, in terms of quality and the bass as well, not to mention so much more comfortable on my head longterm. The noise cancellation is definitely not the greatest, I’ve had $40 headphones that do better with noise cancellation but I wasn’t really concerned about that. The quality of the music is what I look for the most and these headphones definitely nailed that. I love love love them.”

r/HeyNewGadget - Headphone for workout:Beats studio 3 wireless headphone review

User review 3:

User:Panda Nation:United States

“I honestly can’t tell they’re refurbished. Came in original packaging with all papers. So. Freakin. Comfy! …Like a tempurpedic for my ears. I have gauges in my ears and wanted something that wouldn’t give me a headache during a workout. This is it. I recommend this product to anyone.”

User review 4:

User:Big T. Nation:United States

“I got these new/no box elsewhere at much less the cost. I own the Sony WH1000 XM 3’s and those are the best I’ve heard in every category. I wanted these for outside work, mainly lawn cutting but did not want to use the Sony’s….they are too good. I got these and when I first listened to them, was very impressed! For the price, they sound excellent! The day I got them, I cut the lawn and was very very impressed with both the sound quality and noise cancellation. I could barely hear the lawnmower and was able to enjoy my music while I workout. I found them to be comfortable and they fit percent even while wearing my hat. A couple days later, I did 4 hours of work at our business and wore these the entire time. They never cut out and were fairly comfortable the entire time. I had download the app but did not get notification of my first update till that night. After the update, I think they sounded even better. For what I paid, these were a steal and am quite happy I got them. I want to take care of them carefully since I will be sweating a lot while using them. I clean them with Car Guys Super Cleaner which cleans and conditions quite nicely. I am hoping I will get a lot of use out of them before I have to start replacing the pads which is inevitable. I will continue to wipe down after every use with this cleaner which contains NO alcohol. The battery is still at about 70% after a good 5 hours of use so I am impressed. I sure don’t understand the negative reviews that complain about lack of bass and or noise cancelling…they have a very strong bass and very good noise cancelling….make sure you download the app and you can turn the noise cancellation on or off.”

User review 5:

User:richiefishie Nation:United States

“THESE DO NOT WORK. I started charging the beats as soon as I got them and when I went to touch them after about an hour of slowly charging they were so hot they burnt my finger. They were almost fully charged so I unplugged them and let them cool. I tried to connect them to my phone through bluetooth per the instruction manual but the little lights wouldn’t even show up. I then tried to use the cord to listen to them and no music came throught the headphones. My phone works with every other headphones. EXTREMELY dissappointed, especially with my burnt fingertip!”

User review 6:

User:Oscar Hurtado Nation:United States

“If you would have told me these were a brand new set of headphones you could have fooled me! Got myself a blue pair and they came completely flawless. A big relief after having bought a fake pair off ebay for 150$.. Never doing that again. The quality difference is immediately noticeable! My favorite feature is the fast charge it, this pair came on low battery charged it up and before I knew it back to full! Noise canceling feels a little weird on the ears but I have yet to test them out in a super noisy area. Easy pairing at the click of a button (iphone). Comfortable on the head. All for a little more than 200$? 11/10”

r/HeyNewGadget - Headphone for workout:Beats studio 3 wireless headphone review

User review 7:

User:Ethan Nation:United States

“My wife purchased these for me for an early Father’s Day gift. She bought the renewed, which are significantly cheaper than brand new. If she wouldn’t have told me they were renewed, I would have never known. The beats were in the original box, with all paperwork and accessories, and even wrapped with plastic. They are perfect and work great! I use them for the gym and they’re perfect for it. Noise cancellation allows me to be undisturbed while workout. Sound is incredible! If you’re thinking about getting a pair, but can’t stomach paying over $350, this is for sure the way to go! She also got the 3-year warranty, as well.”

User review 8:

User:KMLSeattle Nation:United States

“They are every bit as good as you’ve heard. Comfy (I sleep with mine on), the noise cancellation is genius (adaptive), sound quality is great and the folks at Re-Com interviewed with the USPS to get them delivered (as I was having no luck at all with USPS). I would definitely buy from Re-Com again and recommend both them and Beats Studio3.”

User review 9:

User:Marcel68 Nation:United States

“I have had a opportunity to use these on a international flight. The battery lasted the entire flight while watching several movies but an even better Surprise was the noise cancelling. I did not realize how great this feature is until that flight. It worked great and definitely helped to eliminate or at least extremely reduce the sounds of the airplane engines. There was a very distinct difference between having the ANC on vs. off which made the flight that much more enjoyable considering the circumstance. These headphones are great for flying and were very comfortable on my head and ears over the many hours of the flight.

I thought I would test these “Renewed” Blue Studio 3’s after reading the reviews and I am very satisfied. I have been using them for almost a week & I love all of the amazing sounds I now hear when listening to my music at the gym. I have used them doing sit-ups and kettlebell swings and they have stayed on my head throughout every set. The noise cancellation or ANC in my opinion is not a positive feature, I don’t care to hear a white noise type of sound when listening to music. The “Renewed” Studio 3’s are priced to sell, light in weight, stay on my head regardless of my particular workout, very easy to wipe clean and absolutely sound great. They have not missed a BEAT!!!”

User review 10:

User:Wolf Nation:United States

“Just got this today. LOVE the digital print. Turned it on — connected automatically. Sadly, prompt also said it was out of warranty so please keep that in mind. One ear pad is a bit distorted but clean otherwise. Once connected, I opened Apple Music to test Spatial Audio and sound. Noise cancelling is not great. If I turn it up I can’t hear anything — but I shouldn’t have to sacrifice hearing for noise cancelling. Yes — tested with and without ANC…not great either way. (Family tested for a good base result) My daughter bought a brand new pair at another local store. We tested both. Mine sound tinny. I went into Apple Music and set different EQs and I am willing to give it a week before I make a final decision. I bought them for ANC and right now- the sound doesn’t carry the weight of no ANC. will be back in a week to update.

New update — battery is not holding a charge well :(. Slow charging as well.”

Most users have given favorable reviews on Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphone, indicating that it is a good workout headphone. However, it is not without its shortcomings, such as overpriced,and its on-ear design makes it uncomfortable and muggy after wearing for a long time. And it’s waterproof level is not high enough.Therefore, if you expect to find headphones for the workout with more comfortable wearing experience and higher cost performance in the market, Wissonly Hi Runnersports bone conduction headphone are a good recommendation.

r/HeyNewGadget - Headphone for workout:Beats studio 3 wireless headphone review

Wissonly’s core team is a team engaged in the research and development of bone conduction products earlier. They have accumulated 10 years’ technology in this field. They have adopted the best acoustic laboratory in the Eastern Hemisphere for sound adjustment. Wissonly Hi Runner has good technical solutions to the problems of sound leakage, sound quality and waterproof of pseudo-bone conduction headphones.

r/HeyNewGadget - Headphone for workout:Beats studio 3 wireless headphone review

The headphones certainly have to pay attention to comfort and stability. The frame of Wissonly Hi Runner is made of titanium, which can adjust the fit position and can be applied to different head sizes to improve the stability of wearing. Its’ weight is very light, less than 30g, and it doesn’t feel any weight when wearing it, and you don’t even feel like you’re carrying it. Its surface material is soft and skin-friendly silicone material, which feels as smooth as baby skin, and it will not be uncomfortable to wear for a long time, it is very comfortable whether it is in sports or daily use.And it is open-ear design. This means that it can be worn directly on the temple, so your ear canal is completely open and you can hear the surrounding sounds. Let you can rest assured in the outdoor running, walking.This kind of open ear design makes you wear it for a long time without discomfort, which is healthier and cleaner.

The waterproof of Wissonly Hi Runner is very excellent for it reaches to IPX8 rated, which can easily cope with sweat, rain, and it can also be used when swimming, moreover, you can even wear it to dive, it can work normally up to 15 meters underwater, if you accidentally dirty it, you can also wash it directly. In order to adapt to the use needs of underwater scenes such as swimming,Hi Runner also has a built-in memory of 32G.Hi Runner also has a built-in memory of 32G.The Bluetooth connection may be unstable when underwater. The built-in storage of headphones can solve this problem well,you can use the headphones as an MP3 player, and you can enjoy high-quality music underwater.

These characteristics ensure that Wissonly headphones have a good wearing experience and allow more people to wear it.In a word, wissonly hi runner is a product with powerful functions, stable technology and high cost performance.