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Gym Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Earbuds Review

Nov 11,2023 | David

For 20 years, Skullcandy has been producing wireless headphones and earbuds for gyms enthusiasts with great results. Its Skullcandy Grind wireless earbuds have become one of the best-selling electronic devices on Amazon, and many professionals have reviewed these earbuds, but there are still users who are considering whether to buy these headphones or not. Therefore, this post aims to help you analyze "how about these earbuds?" by collecting some real reviews from users.

r/HeyNewGadget - Gym Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Earbuds Review
Product Information about Skullcandy Grind:
r/HeyNewGadget - Gym Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Earbuds Review
Skullcandy Grind Reviews from Users

Product name: Skullcandy Grind

Price: $79.99

Rating: 4.1 (out of 5)

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Review 1: ★★★★★

Got these as a Christmas gift and didn't realize how nice they were until I started using them for exercising in the gym. About a year after using them the right earbud fell out of muskets pocket in a parking lot and I thought I'd lost it. Found it a week later, cracked and split open but the crazy thing was it still worked for a couple weeks after that, I decided to get a new pair for gym  because it was awkward dangling from the wires in the ear!

r/HeyNewGadget - Gym Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Earbuds Review

Review 2: ★★★★☆

This seems to be a trend now. I am not sure if it is because of noise cancellation software or what, but this is another set of earbuds with really excellent sound and comfort but when calling, people on the other end have to turn it up to hear you. They are nice, the case is good, the quality is there for working out in the gym. The charge lasted a good length for one charge, over five hours of use. The case is nice. Easy to set up. I swear, I even asked my friends if it was me, and no, the calls are too quiet on the other end. You can hear great, but speak loudly when you want to have a call in the gym.

Review 3: ★★★☆☆

Sometimes they don’t turn off when you put them in the case after exercising at the gym. From time to time they will connect to my phone while in the case. Sometimes they do not charge. I will open the case and see all 4 lights indicating the case is fully charged, but the earbuds will turn on and then say, “Power on, 20%”… or whatever percent they are at. I would say that those three issues occur daily. Maybe 1 out of 15 uses will be proper functionality. Sound is ok, none of the ear pieces fit my ears, but they might fit yours for working out in the gym. They will seat in my ear canals, but slip out at the most inopportune time… usually I will catch it, but don’t have them in while taking a piss.

Review 4: ★★☆☆☆

It's only the second day and I'm starting to see some complaints. Yesterday was fine and dandy but today it's been cutting in and out and already slip out of my ear when I work out in the gym. I like skullcandy's earbuds but if they keep malfunctioning I'll have to return them. Also they shouldve made a bigger deal about having to press your earbuds to turn them off and on, I liked the ones were you only had to tap them for gym.

Review 5: ★★★★☆

Strong bass. Good sound quality but not the best. Bluetooth connects easily. Battery life is good for exercising at the gym but it didn't feel like 9 hours for me. Water resistance seems to be great so far. Eq adjustability works well.

This is a budget model though and doesn't feel very high-end. The sound is not as crisp as some higher-end models from Sony, Bose, and Bang and Olufsen I've tried before but it gets the job done if you are on a budget for a pair headphones for work out in the gym.

Review 6: ★★★★☆

Good headphones and good sound quality for working out in the gym. Nice opportunity with the app to have an equalizer and just as nice the ability to remap the keystroke at will. Lightweight and above average comfort. The only flaw is the missing touch, pressing a physical button is sometimes counterproductive in the sense that it moves in the ear, losing that isolation that I am looking for from the outside while I am in the gym.

r/HeyNewGadget - Gym Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Earbuds Review

Review 7: ★★★★☆

This is a decent pair of relatively affordable true wireless earbuds from Skullcandy, these feature the Skull IQ voice recognition feature that lets you use your voice to control playback and operation of the headphones. This is a solid pair of earbuds for this price point while exercising in the gym if you just want something that will be good enough from a brand that you can pronounce and you know will have a certain level of quality. Being from Skull Candy, you get certain benefits from the brand itself like the built-in option for registering the headphones with the Tile mobile app, this helps you find them when you have temporarily misplaced them after you exercise at the gym. A lot of headphones have a feature similar to this, but the Tile network of users is really large and gives you a better chance of actually locating them.

Review 8: ★★★☆☆

The sound quality on this set is low while workout at the gym. While I don't like extremely loud music, I like a good quality sound. These do not provide that. They so far hold their charge well, and fit my ears. But for the mid-range price, they will do to answer calls at my work out in the gym.

Review 9: ★★★★★

I love these. I lost them so I’m going to buy them again, but I love how I can change the audio settings within the app. I have always had a problem with these type of bluetooth’s going in my ear and actually staying, because they always fall out while I am working out in the gym, but these actually stay in and it’s so good that I forget that they’re in my ear. Although, everyone’s ears are different. For me, it’s comfortable but it might not be for everyone for gym , remember that. If you can, don’t knock until you try.

r/HeyNewGadget - Gym Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Earbuds Review

Review 10: ★☆☆☆☆

So I have used the Skullcandy Hesh over ear headphones in the gym and I love them. But I like the feeling of a earbud in each ear. Connecting to device is such a pain I almost stop trying. Once you actually connect your device your problems don’t stop there. The sound is laggy and cuts in and out unless you’re physically touching the earbuds when you are in the gym.

Judging from the Skullcandy Grind reviews from users above, the earbuds leave users satisfied. However, no earbuds are perfect and there are still some issues such as lack of power, poor sound quality and intermittent audio playback. Therefore, if you expect to find a more functional and cost-effective wireless headphones for gym, bone conduction headphones are recommended, and the WIissonly Hi Runner is a good recommendation!

r/HeyNewGadget - Gym Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Earbuds Review

Best Bone Conduction Headphones for Gym: Wissonly Hi Runner

Reasons for recommendation:

Wissonly is the brand with the best experience among the bone conduction headphones I have used this year for gym. It is one of the best in terms of sound quality, wearing experience, configuration, etc., and performs well in terms of product quality and hearing protection effect.

r/HeyNewGadget - Gym Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Earbuds Review

Wissonly Hi Runner has excellent sound quality, and it adopts directional vibration unit, which can increase the vibration area by 35% compared with common bone conduction headphones, reduce the loss of bone conduction sound transmission, and make the sound more shocking and powerful. Its anti-sound-leakage performance is also excellent. When I am in the gym, I have actual tested shows that when the volume is turned on at 70%, I can't hear its sound at a distance of about 2 meters.

The body of Wissonly Hi Runner is made of high-tech and low-sensitivity silica gel, which contains no chemical components to avoid allergy. Plus, it feels as smooth as baby's skin, even if it is worn for a long time, and it won't be uncomfortable while working out in the gym.

r/HeyNewGadget - Gym Headphones: Skullcandy Grind Wireless Earbuds Review

WIissonly Hi Runner have very high product parameters. It is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip to make the connection more stable for exercising in the gym. It has IPX8 waterproof rating, and it can also be used for diving. It has 32G memory to store 5,000 songs and compatible with IOS and Android.

In addition, it can support Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode dual playback, even if you workout in the gym or outdoor and your  smartphone does not have a signal or when you are not convenient to carry it, you can use it as an MP3 player when exercising in the gym.